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Military Records

Great War (World War I)

 United We Stand

"We will not waver,

We will not tire,

We will not falter,

Peace and Freedom Will Prevail!"

                                                         President George W. Bush, 2001 


 Fayette County Soldier's Discharges, 1919 - 1945

Recorded in the Fayette County Clerk's office.

Only WWI discharges will be listed in this directory

all others will be listed under the military action which the soldier served.

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Soldier's born in Fayette County, discharge is recorded in Clayton County:


Otto Schatz Trip from Iowa to Florida, 17 Nov 1918

Arthur Johnson Learning to Fly 17 Nov 1918

YMCA Fund 27 Jun 1917

Soldiers Roll of Honor 27 Jun 1917

War Fund Excess $350.00 27 Jun 1917

Martin Brinkman Letter Home from France  24 Apr 1918

  News items, 04 Aug 1918

Barney Ladd Passes Grenade Exam, 1918

42 Men called to Report at Oelwein, 1918

Earl Dummermuth Enlists, 1917

Men Drafted from Pleasant Valley & Illyria Townships, 1917

Iowa Boys Who Have Sacrificed Their Lives That Democracy Might Live

Roster of Men & Women born in Fayette County Serving from North Dakota

Men who Served in the Great War from Wadena

Casualties 1918

War News of Frank Poor, 07 Nov 1918

Leslie Ernest Klink Discharge

Gold Start Mother Pilgrimages


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