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The West Union Argo-Gazette
West Union, Fayette Co., Iowa
Wednesday, June 27, 1919
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Partial List of Fayette County Boys 
Enlisted For Service in the War
-- Know of Any Others?
Fayette county's "Roll of Honor" consists of the young men who are enlisted to serve the United States in any capacity connected with its fighting forces during the present war. No compilation of this list for the county as a whole has been attempted before, but in order to have the names of the Fayette county soldiers before the big audience at the fair ground Sunday afternoon such a list was prepared, and while it may contain inaccuracies and have omitted some names, still it will do as a starter. If anyone anywhere in the county detects errors or omissions in this list we shall be glad to have the correct information. The list by townships as it appeared on the big bulletin board Sunday afternoon was as follows:

West Union

Alfred Clapp, Jay Chapman, Leo Dwyer, Ronald Finch, Leon Layton, Reed McIlree, Merrill Probert, Clarence Richards, Archie Roberts, Horace. Schwestka, E.A. Schatz, Karl Schatz, Glen Johnson, Lyle Borland, Rob Riedel, Obbie Jobe, Harley Hills:

Earl Wolgamot, Ray A. Hague, Irwin Edie, Harold Simar, Lloyd Hurmence, Paul E. Davis, Harold Littelle, Hadwin McCann, Charles Parker, Edward Robbins, Emerald Robbins, Robert Tann

Lou Busch, George Schultz, Theo Lenz, Ralph Sorg, Ed Rogers, Arrie Westpfahl, Anson Dooley.

Arthur Silka, Floyd Simpson, Walter Thiele, Howard Payne, George Warnke, Stephen Journett, Roy V. Smith.

Weldon Burns, Harold Dunn, Mark Antweine, Charles Crow, Lloyd. Frederick, Forest Powell, Clar.ence Sackett, Russell Stokes,. F.A. Wright, Leslie Welch, James Wilson, Hoyt Young.

Lerry Hinkle, Arthur Walters. x

Ray Fels.

Pleasant Valley
Boies Capper, Robert Gehring, Walter Kohls, Ernest WhiteI.

Bud Finch, Fred Thalman, Jr., Dan West, George West.

Harold Ashby, Carl Ashby, James Bittle, Henry Jach, Ed Tripp, Kenneth Wilder.

John D. Shipton, Millard Johnson, Bert Cahalan, Orville Coffman, Olaf Hanson, Charles Gruver, Stewart Buchanan, Francis Smith.

Hiram Lovrien, La Verne Belding, Dewey Lovrien, Othmar Luce, Ronald Roberts, Othie Finch.

H. Wimmer, S.A. Wolf, Robert Wolf, A.E. Van Arsdale, R.S. Stephenson, Charles Strand, Fred Smith, William Smith, Milo Schneider, Edward Serar, Bernard Schatz, Ahthur Robinson, Leon Robinson, Logan A. Sleak, H.E. Rickey, William Peterson, L.A. Merker, Paul La Vallette, George Mealey, Lyle Larghe, Frank Larson, Bernara Little, Sabin Kelley, Sidney Loeb, Ben King. S.A. Jones, R. Jennings, A. Graham, H. Hailperm, Charles Howell, Frank Hanson, L. Hilsabek, Arthur Hillinger, Frank Higgins, C. Ferguson, J.C. Giles, H. Gustafson, Allen Edwards, J.L. Dearhammer, M.S. Clark, E.E. Deyo, R.E. Doty, A.B. Cameroon, J.A. Christenson, Henry Cleming, Ray Cassidy, Max Crane, A.M. Bruce, C.H. Barnes, Martin Brinkman, Lewis Barnes, T. Basten, N.A. Bruner, Ray Beck, Percy M. Allen


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