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The Oelwein Register
Oelwein, Fayette Co., Iowa
Wednesday, 24 Apr 1918
Page Seven

Will Present Themselves at the City Hall at 10 a.m.
42 will be selected.

42 men will (be) selected to go to Camp Dodge, April 28 from Oelwein, contained in the list. They are called to assemble at Oelwein City Hall at 10 a.m. April 28.

F.J. Limback, Clerk.

The following men from whose number the forty-two will be chosen are as follows:

Name Residence Occupation
Lewis John Meska Oelwein laborer
Earl Everette Fayette farmer
Joe Zena Oelwein laborer
Lawrence M. Hughbanks West Union barber
Cole Keeley 948 S. Fred., Oelwein laborer
Abram Hammel 503 9th ave E., Cedar Rapids laborer
Richard T. Wilbur Wes Union laborer
Earl Dixon Oelwein machinist
Albert Seth Hodges Oelwein laborer
Archie Leo Butler West Union laborer
Anestaseos I. Vlahos Green River, Wyoming laborer
Harry J. Iliff West Union auto driver
Joseph Birch 903 3rd ave. E., Oelwein laborer
Edward Wauder 28 4th ave. S., Oelwein laborer
Joseph John Maas 525 W. Chas., Oelwein loc. insp.
Vincenzo Celentano 315 4 1/2 st. W., Oelwein laborer
Benjamin Alvin Rogers Hawkeye painter
Wilbur J. Morrison 628 1st Ave. S., Oelwein laborer
Emil Carl Vandersee Oelwein laborer
Fred Smith Maynard laborer
Ivan Linzie Hanson Oelwein blacksmith
George Edward Riley 218 3rd ave. N., Oelwein R.R. man
Everett D. Finch 240 Maple st., Waterloo laborer
Orrie Harrison Snyder 504 Woodlawn ave., Middletown, Ohio laborer
Bert Ray Hanson Oelwein farmer
Edward Henry Williams Brooten, Minn. veterinarian
Robert Emil Buckholtz Oelwein laborer
Barry W. Schrader Zeeland, N.D. bookkeeper
Merle R. S---xey Kearney, Nebraska clerk
Kyle Kenneth Rathban Fayette farmer
Charles Edwin Conner Hawkeye farmer
Frank Leo 221 8th ave N., Oelwein laborer
Nick Greteman St. Lucas banker
John Wesley Adams Fairbank farmer
Arthur Frank Olds Blackwell, Wis. farmer
Richard Erickson Wadena farmer
George Graham 116 7th ave N., Oelwein Loc. fireman
Math. Perry St. Lucas merchant
John Wm. Armstrong Waucoma laborer
Karl Leroy White Fayette mechanic
Felicie Faziono 133 7th ave, Oelwein laborer
True Manley Ballard 209 2nd st. S., Oelwein butcher
William Hull Brabham Elgin farmer
Richard John Schlegel Hawkeye machinist
Homer Atnip Rogers, Ark. laborer
Albert Henry Heldt 100, 6th ave, S., Oelwein auto driver
Morrill C. Hanson 1104 W. Chas.st., Oelwein R.R. timekeeper
Frankly Glean Lee West Union clerk
Barney P. Blanch Sumner, Iowa .



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