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Government Records
Government records include all types of records to do with the county, state or federal government in Fayette County, such as elections, pensions, naturalization, taxes, etc.  If you have any type of government record or index and would like to share them please email me for easy directions on how to have them posted here. 
Board of Supervisors Meeting, 1-3 September 1873
Board of Supervisors Meeting, April 8-9, 1886
Many Ask for Citizenship, 12 Feb 1919
Old Age Assistance Tax File, 1934
Iowa Inventor Patentss, 1843-2009
  Page 1 Alpha, Arlington, Brush Creek, Clermont, Douglas, Eden, El Dorado, Elgin, Fayette
Page 2 Hawkeye, Illyria, Jefferson Twp., Lima, Maynard, Oelwein
  Page 3 Old Mission, Oran, Randalia, Richfield, Sait Lucas, Seaton, Wadena, Wacoma, Westgate, West Union
Tax Lists, 1865 - 1890

Naturalization Index, First Papers, 1859 - 1929

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Naturalization Index, Second Papers, 1859 - 1929
Misc. Naturalization Index and Papers  1877-1929