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Government Records
County Government
Proceedings of the
of Fayette County, Iowa
April 1886 Session
The West Union Gazette
West Union, Fayette County Iowa
Wednesday, April 16, 1886
 Page 4
West Union, Iowa, April 16, 1886
April Session.
(Board Members)

Monday, April 5, 1886, 1 P.M.
Board convened in auditor's office. Members all present.
On motion it was agreed to adjourn to visit site and ruins of East Auburn bridge and to hold an evening session.

In session at seven p.m. It was ordered that the road tax of the following named parties be refunded by the treasurer. The same having been paid to road supervisors:
Refund paid to and for year Amount
James Kelley for year 1884 $5.50
Lawrence Carlin (Dover) 1885 $.80
L. Crowther for year 1885 $2.17
Geo. Fritz for year 1885 $3.45
Lewis Wilbur for year 1884 $3.23
Wm. Wilbur for year 1885 $6.86
Lawrence Carline (Dover) 1885 $2.50
On motion the treasurer was authorized to collect tax against James Hartness, in Clermont township, for the year 1885, less $2.50 road poll tax, he having receipt from supervisor Dover township.

Adjourned until to-morrow, April 6, at 2 p.m., the interim to be used in inspecting sites for bridge in Dover township.
APRIL 6, 2 P.M.
Board in session as per adjournment.
Members all present.

As per published notice the application of Boale & Hadsel for permit to sell liquors as by law provided came up for hearing, and there being no objection thereto, on motion said application was granted for the period of one year from this date.

Resolved, That for and in consideration of the sum of Two Hundred Four Dollars and Five Cents in hand paid by A.J. Hensley, the recipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, Fayette county hereby sells, quit-claims and assigns to said A.J. Hensley school fund mortgage No. 493, given by John Gothard to the school fund, on nw nw of sec 13, nd sw sw nd w pt se sw ot sec 13, and sw sw nw pt se sw ot sec 12, all in Twp. ninety-three (93) n, Range eight (8) w, and dated April 8, 1869, and recorded in Book 1, at page 268, of school fund mortgages. The ayes and nays being being called Thompson Stevens and Gunderson voted aye.

Petition of the trustees of Illyria twp for reduction of assessment to G.R. Gage not granted—no jurisdiction.

Petition of trustees of Eden twp for remission of tax against R.S. Brayton for 1885 granted.

The claim of John Thompson for stock killed by dogs came up for hearing and was postponed until to-morrow for evidence.

The claim of C. Stirk for hogs killed by dog came up for hearing and was postponed until to-morrow for evidence.

Bridge petitions referred as follows, to-wit:
For bridge over Volga between Maynard and Randalia, referred to J.A. Stevens.
For bridge on Oelwein and Strawberry Point road referred to J.A. Thompson.

For bridge across little Wapsie in Fremont twp., also for bridge across Volga river at Webb's ford J.A. Stevens.

Petition from Center township for extension of grade and piling laid over until June session, 1886.

County auditor's quarterly report of fees collected received and ordered placed on file. Also report of school fund loans.

Petition of Thos Maxwell for refunding $2.50 road tax for the year 1884 granted.

Petition of F.Y. Whitmore for refunding the sum of 83c for tax of 1884 on s1/2 n12a sl4a w1/2 ne se see 11—95—9 granted, the same having been doubly paid, and treasurer authorized to refund said amount.

It is hereby ordered and declared that the length in miles of the several railroads in Fayette county, Iowa, Dec 31, 18S5, and the assessed value thereof as fixed by the executive council March 1, 1886, in pursuance of the provisions of sections 1317—1320, code of 1873, be as follows, to-wit:
B. C. R&N.Mil div  44.31 m at $2000 pr m
           "     Dec div     .31  " "
C M&St. P, Vol br   16.20  " "
         "   Dav  div    37.02   " "
Board adjourned until to-morrow at 8 a.m.
APRIL 7, 8 A.M.
Board in session. Members all present.
The petition of Mrs. J. Liscum for refunding road tax for the year 1885 laid over for production of road supervisor's receipt.

Petition of Leander George for refunding road tax for the year 1883 laid over for tax receipts.

Petition of Thos McCray for refunding $9.82 road tax for the year 1885 granted, lie having road supervisor's receipt.and the county treasurer is hereby authorized to refund such amount.

Contract for sale of lots 9, 10, 11 and 12, block 8, S.H. Robertson's addition to Fayette, Iowa, approved by the board.

The matter of claim of C. Stirk for hogs lulled again up for hearing and after hearing the evidence produced, the claim was allowed as by law provided, and the auditor is authorized to draw a warrant on the Domestic Animal fund in the sum of S13.12 in full payment therefor.

Claim of John Thompson for stock killed again up for hearing and claimant failing to produce evidence, it is ordered that it be laid over until the June session, 1J86.

Ordered that the following criminal claims be allowed as per amounts in right hand column, and the auditor is hereby authorized to draw warrants on the treasurer in payment of same:
Hagerman, R.M. Witness 60
Hagerman, R. Witness 60
Hanlan, J.E. Witness 60
Appleman, L. Witness 1 75
Cook, John Witness 1 35
Johnson, V.L. Witness 60
Rogers, S.C. Witness 2 65
Fritz, Geo. Witness 1 35
Lowers, J.P. Witness 60
Ballmeyer, E. Witness 1 35
McEnany, Jas. Witness 90
Brown, C. Witness 60
Billmeyer, E. Witness 1 35
Walls, John B. Witness 1 75
Bassett, Sarah C. Witness 2 85
Bassett, S.M. Witness 5 35
Brannon, John T. Witness 3 10
Weber, P. Witness 3 10
Crowe, Thomas Witness 1 75
Hamlin, Lime Witness 1 6O
Howell, Orris Witness 1 10
Hough, B.E. Witness 2 10
Robinson, F. Witness 6O
Robinson, C.B. Witness 1 60
Patterson, I. Witness 1 60
Robinson, Frank H. Witness 1 60
Patterson, I. Witness 60
Armstrong, Eddie Witness 1 60
Hough, B.E. Witness 3 45
Cozeus, F.J. Witness 1 60
Mosure, Emma Witness 1 10
Nute, F.B. Witness 2 10
Welsh, John Witness 60 no trans
Patterson, Allis Witness 50
Thompson, G. Witness 2 45
Martin, Henry R. Witness 1 60
Law, V.M. Witness 28 00
Campbell, Geo. Witness 60
Herriman, S.K. Witness 1 20
Herriman, S.K. Witness .60
Herriman, S.K. Witness .60
Herriman, S.K. Witness 1 20
Herriman, S.K. Witness .60
Blunt, J.W. Witness 7 25
Sanderson. Wm Witness 1 00
Marvin. J.H. Witness .60
Heiserman, Wm. Witness 1 35
DeJean, M.T. Witness 60
DeJean, M. Witness 60
Blunt John Witness 1 65
Blunt, John Witness 5 40
Hinkley, B.H. Witness 2 25
Erlick, C.W. Witness 2 25
McKinley, Alex Witness 2 25
Dibble, G.E Witness 2 25
Becker, Fred Witness 2 25
Becker, Carl Witness 2 15
Ford, Alfred Witness 2 25
Dickinson, Giles Witness 2 25
Bigler, Fred Witness 2 22
Fox, Charles Witness 2 15
Stevenson, J.M. Witness 2 75
Cronk, Martin Witness 2 S5
Cronk, B.F. Witness 2 85
Boyce, W.F. Witness 2 25
Butts, E.C. Witness 9 00
Butts, E.C. Witness 5 25
Brackin, John Witness 1 85
Crawford, John Witness 60
Crawford, James Witness 60
Shippy, A.A. Witness 3 50
Fockler, John T. Witness 2 65
Kennedy, James Witness 1 55
Anders, C.A. Witness 2 10
Merritt, F.D. Witness 20 30
Dragg, Thos winess 2 85
Fitzgerald, Danl Witness 60
Bailey, John Witness 12 60
Crane, Nelson Witness 1 75
Nichols, Jason Witness 9 10
Brown, Geo. A. Witness 11 80
Hough, J.W. 8 10
Cadwell, Chas 9 10
Bently, Wm. 9 10
Wing, M. 6 40
Smillen, Thomas 6 70
Hough, B.E. 8 60
Robinsen, C. 9 10
Todd, George 1 10
Shippy, E. 1 60
McFarlane, John 1 80
McFarlane, John 5 45
Hennings, L. 4 20
Butts, Arthur 2 00
Feriday, Isaac 5 55
Brooks, Savelia 5 45
Slocum, W.W. 9 20
Slocum, W.W. 2 70
Shippy, Ed 13 00
Stark, George 9 10
Woodard, John 3 60
Metlin, John L. 8 60
Metlin, John L. 12 60
Wood, Frank 9 10
Johnson, Anna 70
Johnson, Anna 70
Johnson, Anna 70
Wells, V 60
Young, Jas 70
Young, Maggie 3 10
Young, Jas 3 10
Young, Jas 70
Young, Maggie 70
Young, Maggie 70
Johnson, D.T. 70
Johnson, D.T. 70
Shaffer, C.S. 60
Wells, V. 60
Johnson, D.T Witness 70
Young, Jas Witness 3 60 no trans
Young, Jas Witness 3 10 no trans
Johnson, D.T Witness 1 20
Dye, C. Witness 60
Hanlon, L.C. J.P. 2 00
Hanlon, L.C. J.P.
Hanlon, L.C. J.P.
Hanlon, L.C. J.P.
Hanlon, L.C. J.P.
Hanlon, L.C. J.P.
Hanlon, L.C. J.P.
Hanlon, L.C. J.P.
Hanlon, L.C. J.P.
Herriman, S.K. J.P.
Herriman, S.K. J.P.
Herriman, S.K. J.P.
Ronayne, John T. J.P.
Paign, M. J.P.
Scalley, Jas J.P.
Baker, D.E. J.P.
Brewer, A.M. J.P.
Douglass, N.J. J.P.
Bently, Wm. J.P.
Parrott, E.L. Juror
Ash, H.W. Juror
Sturgis Juror
Liaues, S.R. Juror
Heiserman, Wm. Juror
McDonald, Rich Juror
Rathbun, G.D. Juror
Rounds, J.S Const.
DeJean, B.B Const
Chase, Myron Const
DeJean, B.B. Const 4 95 not alld
West, J.A. Const 4 50 2 90
Proctor, John Const
Brannon John E. Const
Iliff, J.A. Const
Iliff, J.A. Const
Iliff, J.A. Const
Iliff, J.A. Const 3 00 no trans
Eller, S.H. Const
Eller, S.H. Const
Eller, S.H. Const
Cammack, F.M. Const
Cammack, F.M. Const
Twelvetree, B. Const
Twelvetree, B. Const
Twelvetree, B. Const
Twelvetree, B. Const
Twelvetree, B. Const
Cleary Con. Const
Cleary Con. Const
Cleary Con. Const
Cleary Con. Const
Cleary Con. Const
Cleary Con. Const 285 not alld
Brown, Ed Boardg Prisoners 6 65 4 75
Willington, Cyrus Dist Atty 20 00
Phillips, G.H. Atty Fees 5 00 not alld
Bemiss, J.N. J.P. 3 00
Stansbury, I J.P. 5 00
Stansbury, I J.P. 13 00
Fowells, Thomas J.P. 3 25
Colby, Wm. J.P. 9 75
Eiler, S.H. Const 13 13 5 45
Eiler, S.H. Const 1840
Aylesworth, W.B. Const 31 35
Davis, J.L Witness
Pitts, J H Witness
Bemiss, G W Witness
Musser Josie
Morris A.J.
Fennell Julia
Pronty M M
Hertig Fred
Strickland Will
Hertig Mrs M A
Beaver Henry
Butts Arthur
Cook Martin Witness
Wescott Everett Witness
Taylor, O.E. Sunds Jail
Taylor, O.E. Summoning Jurors
Taylor, O.E. Bdg & Pris
Delamore, T.E. Atty Fees
Delamore, T.E. Atty Fees
Delamore, T.E. Atty Fees
Delamore, T.E. Atty Fees
Delamore, T.E. Atty Fees
McKcllar P Juror
Sutherland A J.P.
Sutherland A J.P.
Colby Wm J.P.
Riley Jas Marshall 4 20 not alld
Riley Jas Marshall 2 15
Dorland C A constable 1 85
Dorland C A constable 6 40
Dorland C A constable 1 80
Dorland C A constable 7 60
Smith E A constable 5 35
Smith E A constable 3 50
Deckard, W.H. constable 1 60
Godfrey, E.D. J.P. 4 25
Owens, John rent of jury rooms 25 00
Lem, Davis witness 1 80
Delamore, T.E. attorney 5 00
Deckard W H constable 6 65
Deckard W H constable 8 50
Colby, Wm JP 1 50
Dorland C.A. constable 2 00
Robinson, Mrs. C. witness 60
Luther, Wyman witness 2 00
Carpenter, L.H. witness 2 80 1 90
Palmer, H.S. witness 3 00
O'Connor, John witness 60
Davis, Lem witness 1 40 90
Bassett, Allen witness 2 85
Farr, L.L. witness 1 30
Lisher, J.M. boarding jurors 13 65
Selder, Hattie witness 60
Campbell, Emma witness 2 10 1 10

Board adjourned till April 8th at 8 A.M.
April 8, 1886, --- 8 A.M.

Board in session. Members all present.
Resolved, That, at the request of Lester Gilford, and for and in consideration of the sum of fifty (50) dollars in hand paid by said Lester Gilford, there be and is hereby released from S.F. mortgage No 919, given for the sum of $750, bearing date Nov. 4, 1880, and recorded in Book 2 at page 67 of School Fund mortgages, the following described lands, to-wit: The s1/2 se1/4 nw1/4 and the n1/2 se1/4 sw1/4 of Sec 20 T 95 R 9 west, the sureties in said mortgage having duly executed their agreement to the release of said land, and the County Auditor is hereby authorized to make the proper release.

The ayes and nays being called. Thompson, Stevens and Gunderson voted aye.

Contract made by J. A. Stevens, as committee on lining jail, between "The Clinton Bridge & Iron Works" and Fayette County, Iowa, for the lining of county jail, presented to and accepted by the Board of Supervisors.

Ordered that the following General and Bridge claims be allowed as per amounts indicated in right hand column and the auditor is hereby authorized to draw warrants on the Treasurer in payment of the same.
Graham & Schanck lumber p.f.
Cobb Mrs D merchandise p.f.
Stam T R merchandise p.f.
Union Manfg Co merchandise p.f.
Barr R A merchandise p.f.
Biglow H-N oats p f
Mortz & - o merchandise p f
Thomas Clinton work p f
Sampson J S merchandise p f
Jones Win medical att poor
Jones, Win med att Mrs. Wilson
Dodd O B med Miss Krnger
Horton W N. med Mrs. Holmes 62 50 41 65
Mattoon L B med Daniels et al 50 34
McEnaney Dr med Demings 6 00 4 00
Dewey W H med Rosier 81 63
Robinson S E med Mrs. Horn 10 00
Boalcs & Badsel med Mrs. Horn & child 64 00
McLean J W med Beiggs et al 5 00
McLean J W med Mrs Tripp 21 00
Ainsworth E A med Detricks
Ainsworth E A med Jacobia fam 33 67
Jewell P M med M.A. Kloster 16 50 11 00
Ainsworth E A med poor fm & 20 50
Jones Wm Trustee 10 00
Housner Chas 22 50
Smith Finley 10 00
Smith Finley 12 00
Dewey Wm 14 00
Lynch Thomas 12 25
Seedorf Fred Trustee 8 00
Home Sol Orph care of children 100 00
Mupsclman A wolf bounty 3 00
Foreman R " 3 00
Havenstrite Walter " 3 00
Garing Robert " 6 00 ld over
Hanlon J " 3 00 ld over
Foste J D " 9 00 ld over
Hanlon J " 12 00 ld over
Wright J S sup Treas office 6 75
Talmadge C H pub proceedings 24 15
Iowa Printing Co records 40 51
Mills & Co " 181 81
Haines S R mdse Co Snpt 1 50
Scofield P D mdse Co offices 9 10
Dersban Wm night watch 2 00
Quackenbush A " 2 00
Kraft Peter clk election 4 00
Paul, Eugene " 5 00
Cooney J atty county vs Bartlett 30 00 20 00
Budd & Montgomery room elcn 3 00
Hendrickson Saml " 3 00
Bailey H M appr on road 2 70
Donohue & Henncbery mdse c s 12 10
Lakin J H espr postage etc 13 24
Telephone Co rental etc 7 50
Nandell & Nye mdse C H & jail 14 55
Livcrmore John cut wood poor f 39 00
Nandell & Nye mdse poor farm 17 40
Goodrich D K salary janitor 28 00
Goodrich D K salary janitor 31 00
Lakin J H salary 200 00
Mcrritt F D " 204 00
Jamison John bal Treas " 58 33
Gleason E p I steward " 175 00
Neff C G " 100 00
Wright J S " 250 00
Krenmer Ed A " 100 00
Wright W W " 100 00
Lakin J H R R fare for poor 39 00
Cofilnger J M digging grave for poor 3 00
Gould .Mrs O boarding tramp 1 00
Kennedy J J mdse Brown fam 5 25
Burnside & Husband mdse pr 4 25
Craig F F mdse Holmes 5 66
Smith J A mdss poor 16 49
Thompson & Bailey mdse poor 5 00
Thompson & Bailey mdse Rolf 1 50
Thompson & Bailey mdse Fortney 21 01
Thompson & Bailey mdse Budlong 59 44
Bingham Thankfnl bd children
Brown Cunningham bd poor
Kennedy J J mdse Kel'ogg fam
Kennedy JJ mdse Warner fam
Schricker J H mdse Wm Deal
Sible A J mdse Han kins fam
Sible, A.J mdse Romain fam
Sible, A.J. mdse Tratow fam
Campbell Geo boarding Martin
Lein & Thoma mdsc Bailey &c
Barr R A mdse Jacobia et al
Mortz & Co mdse Wm Deal
Mortz & Co " Detrick
Mortz & Co " Jacobia
Lane, Frank bd & care Kinsel
Lane, Frank bdg tramps
Lane, Frank bd & c D Hart
Itner, Fred mdse Hankixs fam
Stohr Bros Daniels et al
Kelley, Ed Humphrey
Bullock & Walker Restig & Humphrey
onrad Mrs Geo care Mrs Howe
Daniels Harriet washing Martin
James J T & J R mdse Briggs
James J T & J R Spatcher et al
Witchie Ben bd care J Witohie
Sherwood & Co mdse Bailey etal
Sherwood & Co Mrs Christ
Bullock & W Bailey e t a l
Gaynor E W&Co Harrison e t a l
Hunt W E Harrison e t a l
Peebles W W Briggs
Montgomery & Son VanVrankm
Farraud G L bd care tramps
Hill & Scobcy mdse Harrison ct al
Pooler & Co Underwood et al
Hijrbee Chas care Caughlin
Welsh John serv not Weed fam
Tripp G W care Mrs Bassford
Buehrer&JP mdse Mrs Olson
Buehrer&JP Carrie Shaw
Talcott C A bal room rent nlectn
Benson & Bro mdse Baiiey et al
Brown Ed bdg tramps
Talmadge C H env and cards
Whitiny T H assessor
Holton S mdse Marr bhoup
Armstrong & Co Detrick et al
McClintock Wm pub procd
Cobb Mrs D mdse poor farm
Owens, John mdse poor farm
White A K mdse poor farm
McMasters & G mdse poor farm
McMasters & G Mrs. Thompson
McMasters & G Detrick
White, A.K. Kinsell
White, A.K. Detrick
White, A.K. Jacobia Fam
Owens, John Mrs. Sheehan et al
Archer, A.J. RR fare paupers
Archer, A.J. trustee
Owens John mdse jail
Owens, John rent supt office et al
White A K mdse co office
Neff H M salary
Murphy J H med attd poor
Murphy, J.H. med attd poor
Scott Geo G mdse Jas Cline
Scott, Geo G Applebee fam
Brown C S med at Mrs Talcott
White F W supplies for co
White F W mdse Kaylor
White F W mdse D Hart
Kibbe G W Hankins fam
Kibbie G.W., trustee
Lynch Thos care of poor
Hobson Bros blanks
Merritt F D stamps etc
Bevan S J trustee
Ainsworth K A med at Edwards
White F W mdse Weentw'h et al
Montgomery J C assessor 56 00 ld over
Ellngs Paul mdse Mrs Leahy
Ellngs Paul Con Ryan
Ellngs Paul Mrs Whippart
Ellngs Paul Ellen Shay
Ellngs Paul Mrs Foley
Ellngs Paul M Fitzgerald
Ellngs Paul Wm West
Ellngs Paul P Manning
Ellngs Paul Mr* McNumara
Ellngs Paul Mrs Wentworth
Ellngs Paul Mrs Oarvey
Miller J C bd blind man
McClintock Frank com road
Park C C med at Humphrey etal
Ayer O O Mrs Holmes et al
Oviitt S T coffins for poor
Smith W.H.H. rent for pauper
Thomas & Sons mdse Martin
Stone Emery dig grave pauper
Edmonds G R mdse Harrison ate
Edmonds G.R. Mrs Humphrey
Deukaid W H Mrs. Dunbar
Horn Wm coffin Mrs Horn
Beattie W B mdse Dunbar
Beattie W.B. S. Horn
Bedell H C Humphrey
Bedell H C Humphrey
Owens John wood ett ch
Alexander D med attd poor 32 00 ld over
Patterson & C livery for co
Pitts J H serv not poor
McLean J W coroners fees
McCleery J A & W C mdse poor
Knippling Frank Blanchard
Henderson O C bd Reed
Terry & Shaw mdse Olson
Billmeyer C Shales et al
Bemis G W Burroughs
Haege C E Mrs. Shales
Rolf Chas Budlong
Cloyer S Olson et al
Robertson Geo bd Mrs B and chd
Pomeroy D B bdg poor
Bowers & C mdse Van Buskirk
Bowers & C Demings
Bowers & C Ida Van Buskirk
Jamison Bros J.B. Burch
Jamison Bros C.W. Voorhees
Jamison Bros F. Musey
Minchin C B for jail
Davis E A wolf bty
Stahl Mary bd & F Stahl
Marr E O Griffin
Lickiss Perry juror co vs Bart
Stevens J A use of horse pf
Kreamer E A copying records
Gunderson A E sess & com wk
Thompson J A sess & com wk
Stevens J A sess & com wk
Taylor O E fees insane
Liun W B wit insane
Finch C.C. wit insane
Wolfs Peter wit insane
Anlinson L A wit insane
Wolfs Joseph wit insane
Kohler Jacob planks etc
Halton Miles caps for bi idge
West J A wk bridge E Auburn
Walls J B wk Otter crees
Vough, C J unloading piling
Drake L W nails for bridge
Ober Calvin mov E Auburn brdg
Ba-sitt S M piling
Roberts Richard piling etc
Wickham Frank w k pile driver
Lakin J H freight on piling
Budd & M spikes
Hunt, R mov derrick etc
Coolidge lumber for bridge
Roberts Richard piling
Chapman John bal on piling
Wood M M wk E Auburn bridge
Bemis G W mov E Auburn bridge
Davis Almon wk on bridges
Aylesworth W use of screws
Newton & F lumber for bridge
Thompson & B pd for piling
Board adjourned till to-morrow 8 A.M.
April 9, 8 A.M.
Board in session. Members all present.

On motion the allowance to Mary Stahl for board and care of Frank Stabl was reduced to one dollar per week.

In the matter of Halroyd road No. 545 it is hereby ordered that the action taken at January session 1886 in establishment of said road be and is hereby reconsidered.

Joyce Relocation No 541, laid over from January session 1886 taken up for action and on motion was laid over until June session 1886.

Sale of lot 8 block 84 in the village of Clermont referred to A. E. Gunderson.

The treasurer is hereby ordered to redeem in the name of Fayette County Iowa the following lands and lots, towit:
Fayette J.E. R's add. lut 7, blocK 6,sale Oct. 6, '84, no such lot.

N. Waucoma lots 4 ana 5, block 4, sale Dec. 7, '85, double assessed

Wells don. to Fayette co., w 65 ft, lot 1, sale Dec. 7, '85, double assessed.

N. Waucoma lots 6 and 7, block 2, sale Oct. 6, '84, tax paid.

Com. 25 ft n of stake 60 ft s of n e cor of Wells don th w 110 ft th s 150 ft th e 110 ft th n 150 ft to beg in Wells don, sale Dec 7, '85, double assessed

4 1/2 a nw pt sw nw 14-93—8, sale Oct 4, '80, double assessed.

E 4 a s 5 a e 1/2 w 1/2 se nw 33—95—10,sale Nov 3, '79, tax paid

(Ex s 1 a w 1 1/2 a e 1/4, w 1/2 se n w) e 1/4 w1/2 se nw 33—95—10, sale Dec 7, '85, tax paid.

Petition of Trustees of Pleasant Valley Twp. for rebate of tax against Mrs. Hammond for 1885 and exemption from taxation for 1886, granted.

Petition of Jacob Younker, which was laid over from January session 1886, not granted.

Petition of the trustees of Illyria twp. for correction of assessment on sw sw sec 26—93—7, laid over until June session 1886.

Petition of A W Peters for refunding road tax laid over for road supervisor's receipt.

Resolved. That there be and is hereby appropriated from the bridge fund the sum of $355.54 in payment of bridge warrants issued from January 4, 1886, to January 13, 1886, inclusive. The ayes and naves being called Thompson, Stevens and Gunderson voted aye.

Resolved, That the action of the Board of Supervisors now. in force in reference to allowance or bounty on wolf scalps be and the same is hereby amended as follows, viz; No such bounty on wolf scalps to be allowed, due or payable until the scalps, with the ears thereon, have been presented to the county auditor and by him destroyed so as to prevent the use of the same the second time. The ayes and nays being called Thompson, Stevens and Gunderson voted aye.

Minutes of the session read and approved and on motion the Board adjourned until Wednesday, April 21, 1886, at one o'clock p.m.
J. A. THOMPSON, Chairman.
J. H. LAKIN, County Auditor.

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