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If you have a family web site or a family history you would like to share with the Family Connections Page, please email them to me and I will add them here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you change your family website home address please let me know so I can change it here.  If your family link is broken and you do not notify me of the change and I can not locate the new address the link will be removed.

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~ ~ Off-site Family pages with Fayette Family Connections ~ ~

  • Gardner & Tipton Genealogy
    Samuel GARDNER, ( from Howard, Centre Co PA, and Auburn, Fayette Co IA) and descendants

  • AllFam Web Site
    Richard Smith's Home Page - Large searchable genealogy database. Fayette County and Oelwein area surnames are: Alsip, Ames, Andre, Baker, Ball, Basten, Bennett, Birchard, Brownell, Burch, Carr, Copeland, Dahl, Damon, Davis, Day, Dean, Farr, Fellars, Fraas, Gillingham, Gregory, Hadley, Hanson, Heckard, Heil, Heldt, Heying, Hough, Howard, Huber, Hughson, Huntington, Hurst, Irvine, Jenkins, Jipson, Jones, Kammerman, Kauten, Keniston, Kester, Kiefer, Kraft, Lau, Leaton, Martin, McCauley, McLaughlin, McSweeney, Mettlin, Miller, Morse, Mundt, Neff, Olson, Palmer, Paul, Peterson, Pond, Potvin, Ray, Richmond, Ridler, Robertson, Sackville, Schneider, Shelton, Shipton, Short, Sinram, Smith, Spence, Sprague, Stempfle, Storms, Todd, Vandenover, Vibber, and Wood.


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