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Letter from William Nolan to his son John Nolan (and wife Julia)

Transcribed and contributed by GEORGE NOLAN [gnolan134@msn.com]


[William Nolan is the Great Grandfather of George Nolan. This letter was written to his son John Henry Nolan.

  William brought his family to Fayette sometime after 1866.  He was a watchmaker and ran a jewelry store.]


Fayette, Iowa

Feb. 23, 1886


I suppose you think it is about time I wrote you and let you know we are not dead yet. Joe has received your letter and was glad to hear you had been down to see Annie. You only said you surprised her. We expected that. You did not say how she looked. Nor how you liked your little nephew. You did not even say how you liked the looks of your brother.


We have had a splendid rain - not much real cold weather. We had considerable snow. Today is bright and warm showing indications of an early spring. Business has been terrible all this winter and everyone is complaining of the want of money. We had a revival running here for about three weeks and several of the boys claim to have got religion among whosever are Burt Wane, George Humvedont (?) Frank Francisco, Ed Hame, Charley Crim and (?). Its to be hoped it do them good. They still keep dying off here. Old Mr. Harison has gone to his rest. Old Mrs. Bowen has gone to join the great majority. Mr. Edmunds has been sick for almost a year and not expected to get better, and in all probability before this reaches you Mrs. Berkholder will have passed away. There are more deaths I know but I cant think of them now. Jennifer Russel and Hank Noble was married a short time ago. She got a noble fellow. Lizzie Edmunds and Charley Torry was married much against her people’s wishes. She married in haste and most people think she will relent at her leisure. Henry Harrison (?) and his wife is busted. War for the post office is ended. Old Allan Holmes is declared the victor. Mr. Scohoy (?) steps down and out.


Well John what about George going out to Dakota this summer. You say you want him. Annie says she wants him. I will certainly send him somewhere this summer it will do him good. Mr. Thompson for your part was in last week he said you were all sick, he says he is not going back this summer that he has rented his land