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Descendants of Tile Stafford

Contributed by:
Linda Stafford Israel
Wasilla, Alaska.

  • +Damaras Vaughn 1773 - 1853 b: August 1773 in Rhode Island d: July 20, 1853 in Fayette, Iowa Sex: Female
  • .... 2 Mary Stafford 1798 - 1873 b: April 17, 1798 in Palmyra, NY d: April 1873 in Auburn, Ohio (maybe Iowa) Sex: Female
  • .... 2 William Stafford 1800 - 1874 b: January 17, 1800 in Palmyra, New York Wayne Co. d: March 1874 in Fayette, Iowa Sex: Male
  • .. +Ruth Butts 1801 - 1868 b: 1801 in New York d: 1868 in West Union, Iowa Sex: Female m: August 02, 1826 in Palmyra, NY
  • .. 3 Juliette Stafford 1829 - 1916 b: October 14, 1829 in NY d: December 19, 1916 in Wheatland township, Hillsdale, Michigan Sex: Female
  • ................ +William Stafford 1829 - 1907 b: February 18, 1829 in Manchester, NY d: July 1907 in Wheatland Township, Hillsdale Cnty, Mich. Sex: Male m: April 10, 1851 in Geauga County, Ohio
  • ............ 3 Russell M. Stafford Abt. 1831 - b: Abt. 1831 in NY Sex: Male
  • ................ +Maria Townsend Abt. 1838 - Bef. 1879 b: Abt. 1838 in Pennsylvania (maybe IL) d: Bef. 1879 in probably Kansas Sex: Female m: Abt. 1860 in Fayette Co, Iowa
  • ............ *2nd Wife of Russell M. Stafford:
  • ................ +Mary Wells Barker 1845 - b: 1845 in Polk County, Missouri Sex: Female m: February 09, 1879 in Leroy, Barton County Missouri
  • ............ 3 Joel Otis Stafford 1834 - 1906 b: 1834 in Geauga Co, Ohio d: February 24, 1906 in McGregor, Clayton Co, Iowa Sex: Male
  • ................ +Martha Kimball Sex: Female
  • ............ *2nd Wife of Joel Otis Stafford:
  • ................ +Mary Jane Ivey Sex: Female m: November 14, 1861 in Lynxville, Clayton Co, Iowa
  • ............ 3 Myron Stafford 1834 - 1914 b: August 19, 1834 in Geuga Co, Ohio d: February 07, 1914 in West Union, Iowa Sex: Male
  • ................ +Margaret Chocrane 1824 - 1906 b: 1824 in Caven County, Ireland d: November 1906 in Fayette County, Iowa Sex: Female m: January 20, 1860 in Fayette County, Iowa
  • ............ 3 Newton O. Stafford 1839 - 1925 b: 1839 in Geauga Co, Ohio d: June 1925 in Chardon, Geauga County, Ohio Sex: Male
  • ................ +Anna "Emily" Davis 1856 - b: 1856 Sex: Female
  • ............ *2nd Wife of Newton O. Stafford:
  • ................ +Mary S Sex: Female
  • ............ *3rd Wife of Newton O. Stafford:
  • ................ +Alice Escue Sex: Female m: December 22, 1877
  • ............ 3 Celestia Stafford 1840 - 1881 b: 1840 in Geauga Co, Ohio d: April 15, 1881 in Marion, Iowa Sex: Female
  • ................ +James David Staddon 1822 - 1904 b: April 10, 1822 in England d: March 10, 1904 in Iowa Sex: Male m: Abt. 1861
  • ............ 3 Lorenzo Stafford 1844 - 1906 b: November 23, 1844 in Ohio d: October 08, 1906 in Lemont, IL Sex: Male
  • ................ +Esther Bunce 1851 - 1918 b: April 30, 1851 in Beloit, Wisconsin d: April 22, 1918 in West Union, Fayette Co, Iowa Sex: Female m: July 02, 1869 in Fayette Co, Iowa
  • ............ 3 Harvey Stafford 1845 - 1862 b: 1845 in Geuga Co, Ohio d: October 1862 in Sedalia, Pelllis, Missouri Sex: Male
  • .... 2 Joseph H. MD Stafford 1810 - 1896 b: August 30, 1810 in Palmyra, NY d: May 07, 1896 in Fayette, Iowa Sex: Male
  • ........ +Susan A. Smith 1814 - 1888 b: 1814 in Milton, Saratoga County, NY d: July 27, 1888 in West Union, Iowa Sex: Female m: 1833 in Wayne County, NY
  • ............ 3 Sarah Stafford b: in Auburn, Ohio d: in West Union, Iowa Sex: Female
  • ................ +Myron Peck Sex: Male
  • ............ 3 Emily Stafford b: in Auburn, Ohio d: in West Union, Iowa Sex: Female
  • ................ +Charles Z. Crane Sex: Male
  • ............ 3 DeWitt Stafford 1838 - 1917 b: November 18, 1838 d: June 29, 1917 Sex: Male
  • ................ +Martha McMasters 1839 - 1925 b: May 08, 1839 in Penndylvania d: May 24, 1925 Sex: Female m: September 24, 1861 in Hawkins County
  • .... 2 Charles Stafford 1813 - 1871 b: April 05, 1813 in New York d: June 04, 1871 in Auborn, Ohio Sex: Male
  • ........ +Eunice Ann Marble - Abt. 1835 d: Abt. 1835 in Auburn Township, Geauga Cnty. Sex: Female m: August 04, 1834 in Geauga County, Ohio
  • .... *2nd Wife of Charles Stafford:
  • ........ +Martha Smith Abt. 1816 - b: Abt. 1816 in New York Sex: Female m: Abt. 1836
  • ............ 3 Helen Stafford Abt. 1838 - b: Abt. 1838 in Ohio d: in Cleveland, Ohio Sex: Female
  • ................ +Linaeus C. Ludlow b: in Newbury, Ohio Sex: Male
  • ............ 3 Louisa Stafford Abt. 1840 - b: Abt. 1840 in Ohio Sex: Female
  • ................ +George Monroe Mayhew Sex: Male m: July 06, 1863 in Auburn, Geauga Co, Ohio
  • .... 2 Thomas Stafford 1819 - 1885 b: March 17, 1819 d: April 10, 1885 Sex: Male
  • .... 2 David Stafford 1803 - 1851 b: September 11, 1803 in ny d: June 23, 1851 in West Union, Fayette Co, Iowa Sex: Male
  • ........ +Lucinda Stafford 1812 - 1885 b: February 24, 1812 in Manchester, NY d: March 02, 1885 in Fayette, Iowa Sex: Female
  • ............ 3 Gideon P. Stafford 1834 - 1863 b: 1834 in Ohio d: June 05, 1863 in Springfield, Missouri Sex: Male
  • ................ +Cecilia C. Morse 1839 - b: 1839 in NY Sex: Female m: April 05, 1859 in Fayette County, Iowa
  • ............ 3 Warren D Stafford 1835 - 1911 b: October 23, 1835 in Geauga County, Oho d: July 22, 1911 in Fayette, Iowa Sex: Male
  • ................ +Harriet Emily Utter 1838 - 1924 b: December 19, 1838 in NY d: April 24, 1924 Sex: Female m: February 22, 1858 in Fayette County, Iowa
  • ............ 3 Melissa Stafford Abt. 1836 - b: Abt. 1836 Sex: Female
  • ............ 3 Melinda Stafford Abt. 1838 - b: Abt. 1838 Sex: Female


Mary Stafford Obituary

In New Hampton, Iowa September 30, Mary Stafford, aged-seventy five. She was born in Washington County, N. Y., and in early childhood moved to Wayne county in the same state, where she experience religion in the fifteenth year of her age. In the year of 1832 she moved to Granger County (Note: should be Geauga), Ohio where she lived eighteen years. In 1850 she moved to Fayette County, Iowa where she resided until three years ago, when she came to this place. Sister Stafford, at the time of her death, had been a member in good standing in the M. E. Church sixty years. Wherever she lived, the amiableness of her character and the activity and consistency of her Christian life commanded the respect of all who knew her in life. In life she was blessed. In death she was triumphant.

Dr. Joseph H. Stafford
5-8-96 Newspaper Clipping, West Union, Iowa
from the Fayette Co Historical Society

"Dr. Joseph H. Stafford died at his home in this city yesterday forenoon, May 7. This event was not unexpected, as the Dr. has been lying very ill for a long time.

Dr. Stafford was the pioneer physician of Fayette county, having settled at West Union in 1850. He built the first hotel here, the West Union House, and this was with his practice gave him the foundation of a competency that has made his declining years comfortable. The doctor was born in Palmyra, Wayne Co., NY August 30, 1810, making his age nearly 86. He was married to Susan A. Smith in 1833, and they had three children, De Witt being the only survivor. Mrs. Stafford died in 1888. In al the long years of Dr. Stafford's residence in West Union he has proved himself an honest, honorable, public spirited citizen, a good neighbor and a true friend. Peace to his ashes.

The funeral will be held at the house tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock."

From the West Union Historical Society article of unknown origin (unknown to me)

"Registerland pioneer Joseph H. Stafford was West Union's first physician. He settled in the county seat town in 1850. That year the town had just been laid out. Dr. Stafford built and maintained the first public house in West Union known as West Union House. His early practice, historians relate, involved much hardship. He was often required to make long rides over sparsely settled country, frequently devoid of roads or bridges. He continued in active practice until 1878. (This is the picture's caption.)

Article: Joseph H. Stafford M.D.

Joseph H. Stafford M.D., a pioneer physician of Fayette County, was the first of his profession to settle in West Union. Since 1850 he has engaged in the practice of medicine at that place, and in both business and social circles has gained a front rank amid the county's best and most honored citizens. He is a native of New York. On the 30th of August, 1810, in Palmyra, Wayne County, he was born, his parents being Tyle and Damarias (Vaughan) Stafford. His father was born in Rhode Island and was of English descent, while his mother, a native of Chenango County, was descended from Welsh ancestry.

The early life of Dr. Stafford was unmarked by any event of special importance. Having determined to make the medical profession his life work he attended several different schools of medicine, the last being the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati, after which he entered upon practice in Auburn, Geauga County, Ohio, in 1845. He married in Wayne County, N. Y., in the autumn of 1833 to Miss Susan A. Smith, daughter of Jerry and Ruth Smith, and a native of Milton, Saratoga County, N.Y, born in 1814. They became parents of three children, a son and two daughters, but the former is the only survivor. Sarah was the wife of Myron Peck and now deceased; DeWitt married Martha McMasters, is a farmer and resides in West Union, and Emily became the wife of Charles Z. Crane, and is also deceased.

The Doctor removed with his family to Ohio in 1845 and after five years spent in the Buckeye State, continued his westward journey. Crossing the Mississippi, he took up his residence in 1850. The town had been but just laid out and the Doctor built and kept the first public house at this place--West Union House. He at once entered upon the practice of his profession, being the first physician in the county. His early practice involved much hardship and hard work as he was often required to make long rides over a sparsely settled country, frequently devoid of road and bridges. He continued in active practice until about 1878, since which time has practically lived a retired life. His skill and ability have won for him a liberal patronage and thereby acquiring a comfortable competence he is now enabled to spend his declining years in rest from business cares. He lost his wife July 27, 1888, after a companionship of of fifty-five years, in which they had faithfully shared with each other the joys and sorrows, adversity and prosperity which checker the lives of all. The Doctor is liberal in his religious views and does not affiliate with any church or creed. In politics he is a Republican.

His son, DeWitt C. Stafford follows farming as a means of livelihood and has a good farm near the city of West Union, also owning land in Minnesota. By his marriage with Miss McMasters, he has two children, a son and a daughter--Harry and Gertie.

Mr. and Mrs. D.C. Stafford Observe Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of Marriage

Sept 7, 1911 Newspaper

-Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Stafford passed their golden wedding anniversary on Sunday, and a dinner party was given at their home in honor of the occasion Saturday evening by Mrs. H.M. Stafford and Miss Gertrude. Those present were about thirty, all relatives of the Stafford, McMasters, Gilbert and McGlatiery families and included the following from a distance: Mrs. Phillip Housy of Rockford, Ill, Ernest Moore of Turkey River Junction, and Master Edward Swartz, of Dubuqe. The place cards were wedding bells, and the dining room flowers were red and white. The parlors were decorated in yellow and lighted with candles. Mr. and Mrs. Stafford were given a beautiful anniversary clock by their friends.

Dewitt C. Stafford and Miss Martha McMasters, both of families who were among the earliest settlers of West Union, having come here in 1855, were united in marriage here Sept 24, 1861 by a Methodist minister, Rev. Mr. Welister. They have lived in West Union for the half century since enjoying the respect and esteem of a wide circle of friends, who wish that they may continue to enjoy life of many years to come."

DeWitt C. Stafford Obituary

West Union Paper, July 4, 1917
from the Fayette Co Historical Society,
West Union, Iowa

The death of D.C. Stafford, a pioneer resident of West union, occurred Friday afternoon at the home, after a painful illness of about two months. Mr. Stafford was past seventy-eight years of age. The funeral was held at 2 o'clock Monday from the home, conducted by Rev. H. C. Culver.

DeWitt Clinton Stafford was born Oct 18, 1838 in Auburn, Geauga County, Ohio and passed to his rest June 29, 1917.

He came with his parents to West Union in 1850. The town had just been laid out, and his father, Dr. Stafford, built and kept the first public house at this place,--the West Union House. Dr. Stafford was the first physician in Fayette County.

On September 15, 1862, DeWitt was united in marriage with Miss Martha McMasters. To them were born two children, a son Harry M. Stafford and a daughter, Miss Gertrude, both of West Union.

After his marriage Mr. Stafford taught school for a while. He attended school at Fayette in the early sixties, talking a business course. Later he engaged in the lumber business in West Union, and later still in the grocery business. He also followed farming as a means of livelihood, and had a good farm near the city of West Union.

Mr. Stafford has been an invalid for a number of years, and during his sickness was a great sufferer. He bore up bravely during his last sickness, and was patient and cheerful.

Only those who knew Mr. Stafford well could do justice to his many excellent traits of character. He was quiet and retiring in his disposition and habits, and was a great lover of his home. He was a particularly well read man, being versed in the best literature of his day. He was a man of integrity, and his kindly deed were many, but they were all done so quietly and unostentially that only his closest friends and those whom he helped ever knew of them. People in trouble came to him for his kindly advice, and never went away disappointed or unhelped. He was a good husband and a loving parent. One trait of character that bespeaks a kindly soul was his interest in flowers. he was a lover of nature in all her forms. He leaves to mourn his loss his wife and two children and many friends.

H. M. Stafford
Unknown Newspaper and Date
From the Fayette Co, Iowa historical society:

H. M. Stafford, who recently sold his farm at the northwest edge of the city, is the purchaser through McMasters Bros. of John Edison's two-story brick block just north of the city hall, and will get possession on Nov. 1. The down stairs rooms are occupied by L.C. Beamer's tire shop and Miss Addie Butler's tailor shop, while upstairs Mr. and Mrs. Edison now occupy the rooms, which Mr. and Mrs. Stafford will move into for the winter, not erecting their new dwelling on their recently purchased lot until next year's building season. October 1, 1919

Harry Stafford went to Chicago yesterday via Postville and the C.M. &St. P. March 5, 9,1906

Elizabeth Getrude Stafford Obituary

Funeral service was conducted Sunday July 25 at 3:30 p.m. for Miss Elizabeth Gertrude Stafford in the home of her cousin, Dr. E. H.. McMasters, at Freeport. Rev. Lloyd H. Weed conducted the service. Pallbearers were John Jackson, Walter J. Headington, John Weaver, Gordon Weaver, Harvey Houck, William Ronan and Alvin Renaas. Burial was made in Phelps cemetery, at Decorah.

Elizabeth Gertrude Stafford, daughter of DeWitt and Martha Stafford was born Dec 24, 1879, in West Union. She was educated in the West Union High school and at the Upper Iowa University, at Fayette.

She chose social work as her life occupation, and for many years was a social welfare worker in charge of the community budget at Henderson, Texas. Four years ago, she moved to Decorah, where she made hr home with her cousin, Dr. E. H. McMasters.

She was a member of the Presbyterian Church, and after moving to Decorah, she joined the professional women's club.

Miss Stafford died at noon Wednesday, July 20, following an illness of 12 hours from a cerebral hemorrhage.

She is survived by several cousins.

Myron Stafford Obituary

1948, from the Fayette Co, West Union Historical Society

Myron Stafford, who had been ill for several weeks, gradually losing strength, died Saturday Feb. 7, at the home of his daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Swain. He had never fully recovered from a stroke of paralysis, which he suffered Sept 2, 1912, and his last weeks have been full of suffering of which he made no complaint. The funeral services were held Monday at 2 o'clock from the Methodist church, Rev. W. E. Van Buren officiating. Burial was made in the West Union Cemetery.

Myron Stafford was born Aug 19, 1834 in Geauga County, Ohio and died Feb 7, 1914 at the age of seventy-nine years, five months and nineteen days. He came from Ohio to West Union with his parents in 1852 and has made this county his home ever since. He was married Jan 20, 1860 to Miss Margaret Chochran, who preceded him in death Nov 18, 1906. They were the parents of of four children, two of whom, Mrs. H. M. Carmichael and Mrs. R. C. Swain, with one sister, and brother, seven grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren survive him. Mr. Stafford was a member of the Methodist church, also of the I.O.O.F, and the members of the local Odd Fellows' lodge attended the funeral in a body. Mr. Stafford was a man of the kindest and most cheerful disposition, enjoying life to the fullest, and making it brighter for all the people within range of his kind and his sunny nature. A large circle of of friends, who he maintained even in his later and less active years will deeply regret his death. (West Union Newspaper, from the Fayette Co. Historical Society, West Union, Iowa)

Another paper excerpt:

"Myron Stafford has been pretty tired and sore since Monday. On Monday he was mowing the field east of his house. The team became frightened at a passing train of cars, ran away, broke the machine all to pieces, and threw him off. It was a narrow escape. " Sept 1896

Another paper excerpt: August 28, 1901

"Thursday afternoon at one o'clock the waterworks whistle called the fire boys to Myron Stafford's residence in the south western part of the city. When the fireman reached the scene the house was beyond saving, and it was totally destroyed with nearly all its contents. Mr. Stafford and the wife and Mr. R. C. Swain were away from home and Mrs. Swain was in the cellar caring for the milk when a neighbor informed her that the house was on fire. By the time the department was notified the dwelling was beyond saving. The house and most of the contents were a total loss, aggregating $1,500, with and insurance of $800 on the dwelling and $200 on contents. The fire no doubt started from the kitchen flue, as Mrs. Swain had started a brisk fire before going to the cellar."

"Myron Stafford was able to be up town Saturday, and that is not the first time. In spite of his seventy-eight years and his stroke of paralysis, Mr. Stafford has much better health than his friends ever expected to see him enjoy again." March, 1913

Myron Stafford has sold his farm to Tom Meskel who pays $4000. 1893

Margaret Chochrane Obituary

from the West Union paper via the Fayette Co, historical Society

Margaret Cochrane, the subject of this sketch, was born in Caven County, Ireland in 1824, and died after an illness of a few weeks, Nov, 1906 aged eighty-two years. She came from Ireland to America in 1848, and settled at Albany, N.Y. where she lived with an aunt until she came to West Union, Iowa in 1854. For the past fifty-two years she has lived in Fayette county; January 20, 1850, she was united in marriage to Myron Stafford, and for the past forty-six years she has been a true helpmeet, one who was always an affectionate wife and devoted mother, and who counted no sacrifice great if it would only add to the comfort and happiness of her family. She was the mother of four children, two of whom, together with her aged husband, three sisters, seven grand children and three great grand children, still survive her.

Mrs. Stafford was a woman of remarkable endurance and possessed what might well be called an iron constitution. Born amidst the salaubrious and invigorating climate of Ireland, simple in her life, and regular in her habits, she grew to womanhood a true type of perfect health and during the whole eight-two years of her life, she never had any serious sickness until within the past few weeks. In early childhood, she became a Christian and united with the old Presbyterian Church in Ireland. She never swerved from the faith of her childhood. Being of a quiet and retiring disposition, and a lover of her home she made very little demonstration in religious affairs, yet she always had a peaceful trust in Christ which became stronger as the day of life neared its close. During the last weeks of her life, although she knew the end was near, her faith in God did not waver. She frequently said she was ready to go, and would be glad when the last struggle was over and she could be at home with Jesus. We do not claim that she had no fault, neither do we say she lived a perfect life, because perfection, in the broadest meaning of the term, is not within the reach of man; but we do claim, that she was living a devoted Christian life, such as gave her the assurance that it was well with her soul; and that when her life neared its close, there was no dark valley, because Jesus was there to light the way.

It is true we shall miss her, and we would gladly have kept her if we could: but we do not sorrow as those who have no hope. She has left a good testimony and some day we shall meet her in that home beyond the skies. In this hour of sore bereavement, may the sustaining grace of Jesus who has passed through all the trying experiences possible to man, keep us until our race is finished and our work is done. While as friends and neighbors we extend to the bereft our deep felt sympathy, we also commend them to the kind care of Him who was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, and thereby becomes able to assuage our sorrow and lighten our burden.

Lorenzo Stafford Obituary

10/19/1906 obituary West Union paper from the West Union Historical Society

"Lorenzo Stafford, who died at his home in Lemont, Ill., Oct 8, and whose funeral and burial occurred here Friday of last week, was born in Geauga county, Ohio Nov 23, 1844. In the spring of 1852 he removed with his parents to West Union. He served his country with credit in the war of the rebellion, losing his eyesight through an attack of measles contracted while in the service. For twenty-five years he has been a great suffer with his eyes. He was married in 1869 to Esther Bunce, who with three children--Gideon, Livonia, and Annie, all residents of Chicago, survive him."

"L. Stafford and wife expect to return to their Chicago home tomorrow. They have had a good visit among their scores of West Union friends, although Lorenzo has not been able to see them. His eyes do not pain him as they did for years, and he finds life well worth living." (Date unknown)


Dec 28, 1888 (I think)

About 10 o'clock Saturday night the new fire bell was heard for the first time sounding its notes of alarm. The fire was located at the old McMasters place, in the extreme northwestern part of town, owned and occupied by Lorenzo Stafford. The department turned out promptly and made the run as quickly as could be expected without the aid of horses, but the flames were too far advanced when they arrived on the groups to admit of the possibility of extinguishing them. With the assistance of the neighbors the family and most of the contents and most of the contents of the burning house had been removed, and all the firemen could do was to watch that the sparks did not ignite the barns and hay stacks. Luckily the wind, which was quite strong, was far enough in the west to carry these to one side of the outbuildings. The house and contents were both fully insured, so the loss does not fall so heavily on Mr. Stafford as it otherwise would. From the location of the flames when first discovered, it is evident that the fire originated either from the kitchen stove or chimney, in the southwest corner. Had it occurred several hours later there might have been loss of life, as Mr. Stafford is blind and Mrs. Stafford was sick in bed. The family have moved into the old Waterbury house, on Elm Street.

Marriage - Lovica I. Stafford & Mr. Wm. D. Phile

from the West Union, Iowa paper (11/13/1903)

"The marriage of Lovica I. Stafford, a former West Union girl, to Mr. Wm. D. Phile, took place on Wednesday evening, Nov 11, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Stafford, 321 Fulton Street, Chicago, Ill. The bride was attired in a gown of white peau de soie and wore white carnations in her hair. After the ceremony the guests retired to the dining room where Mrs. Stafford had prepared a bounteous repast. Many beautiful presents were received. May these young people live to enjoy many years of happiness and prosperity."

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