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Court Docket

Will and Administrations Index

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Deceased Town/Township   Probate Page Number
O'BRIEN, Bridget Clermont 23 Jul 1874 28 Oct 1874 Pg. 81
  Ch: Mary Mackley and children; Mary Mulcahy and children; Bridgett Powers, Allice Sullivan. Wit: John Crowe, Daniel Fitzgerald. Exec: Timothy Leehey.
OSTRANDER, Josiah F.     03 May 1880 Pg. 152
  Wife, Louisa. Ch: Marinas L, Marian L Melins, Sarah E Knapp, Ellen L Holbrook, Hiram A. Wit: Irving Beach, J B Burger. Exec: wf, Louisa.
PARSONS, Adelia   11 Nov 1873 24 Feb 1876 Pg. 82
  Ch: Wallace, Lucretia and Mary. Gr ch: Lyle C and Lotta L Waterbury. Wit: Chas Hoty, Mrs Harriet Butler. Exec: Lutho W. Waterbury.
PERKINS, Catherine       Pg. 151
  Letter of Adm requested at Term of Court 6 May 1878.
PERRY, Alden Greeley, Elk Twp, Delaware Co, Iowa 24 Apr 1873 27 Oct 1874 Pg. 84

Wf, Hannah C. Older dau, Lueza Mari Mackkey; heirs of son Harrison W Perry, dec; younger dau, Olivea A Tallcott. Wit: A C Hunter, Samuel Brasleton.

PHILLIPS, Charles F. Jefferson 26 Sept 1876 17 May 1877 Pg 133
  died: 29 Sep 1876.  Heirs: sister, Mary Hager; Minta Wilson. Wit: Dr I Pattison, F L Hanson, B Davis, maker. Exec: sister, Mary Hager View Message Type: Listed By:
PREBBLE, Alexander Fayette Co. 26 Oct 1872 11 Feb 1873 Pg. 47
  Wife but name not given. Ch: Smith Prebble, Manirva Cole. Wit: J H Ross, Isaac C Hubbart. Exec: Melton Wilson, J H Ross.
RAISLEY, L. H Fayette Co. 06 May 1874 27 Oct 1874 Pg.76

Wf, Eliza A. Son, Evon b. Wit: W A Hoyt, J R Snyder. Exec: George F Lyman and Eliza A Raisley.

RAWSON, Joseph Talcott Fairfield Twp. 02 Nov 1873 15 May 1874 Pg. 69

Wf, Mary Delia. Wit: Orson S Blackmon, Sarah G Blackmon.

REDFIELD, William West Union 02 Mar 1872 12 Feb 1873 Pg 54

Son, Daniel Webster Redfield. Wit: Henry B Fox, Lewis Berkey. Exec: Silas Beatie

REISNER, John Christian Dover Twp.   17 Aug 1874 Pg. 68

Wife, Catharine. Adopted son, John C R; son, John Henry Allan, dau, Hannah Middleton; dau, Catharine Bourst, now in Europe. Wit: L E Robinson, John H Donald. Exec: bro, Allan; dau Mary Engh.

ROSIER, Lawrence   18 Feb 1874 28 Oct 1874 Pg. 83
  Wf, Esther. Ch: Jacob K, George N, Frank P and Asa S. Wit: James W Dickey, Joseph Hobson. Exec: Geo A Rosier, Asa S Rosier.
SAYLES, Pliny Fremont 20 Dec 1870 17 Oct 1871 Pg. 38
  Dau, Sophronia. Heirs: Silas D Sayles, Daniel P Sayles, Benj P Sayles, William O Sayles, Elicta Stowe. Mentioned, Elizabeth Maxwell, Lydia Barnes, Catharine Farley, Aby Carpenter, Emma M Burns. Wit: A W Spears, Frank M Spears. Exec: Andrew J Farley, Benj P Sayles.
SCHLATTER, Simon Eindsor 13 May 1873 17 Jul 1874 Pg. 58
  Wf, Susan. Mother, Anna Maria Schlatter. Son, George M; minor ch: Emma H and Phillip M. Wit: F I Ginger, J G Belchner, J P Dietel, James Graham. Exec: wf, Susan
SCOTT, James Smithfield Twp. 06 Jul 1876 12 Feb 1877 Pg. 132

Died 12 Sep 1876. Wife, Melissa. Ch: William Alonzo, John G, Frank E and adopted dau Clara Ann. Wit: E P Lawrence, B J Lynch, Lyman E Mitchell, Exec: wf Melissa, son, John G.

SEEBER, Nicholas Smithfield Twp. 23 Apr 1874 25 Oct 1875 Pg. 73

Wife, Lany. Wit: J K Servass, Eliza Servass, E C Butts, Exec: L M Stranahan.

SHERMAN, Eli West Union 16 Sept 1872 26 Aug 1878  

Wife unnamed. Son, Ebenezer L. Wit: W N Hodgkinson, O W Rogers.

SHIPTON, Thomas Pleasant Valley Twp. 24 Mar 1880 03 May 1880 Pg. 181

Wife, Betsey. Thomas Shipton, son of dec bro William. Martha Ann, Frank, Mary, and Addie Shipton all ch of bro Joseph Shipton. Wit: W C Lewis, W H Harold. Exec: bro, Joseph Shipton.

SINN, George Banks Twp. 10 Oct 1868 07 Dec 1868 Pg. 18

Heirs: Adaline; children: George Percy, age 19; David Clarence, age 16; Charles Sumner, age 10; Lillian May, age 6. Wit: Epraim M Roberts, Jameson J Berkey.

SLITER, James D. West Union 06 Apr 1878 21 Aug 1878 Pg. 163

Wf, Julia. Dau, Julia M. Wit: L L Ainsworth, J H Welsh. Adm: dau, Julia M.

SMITH, Aamuel (Samuel) Windsor 29 Dec 1862 05 Nov 1866 Pg. 7

Ch: Betsey Johnson, wf of James; Jane Guist, wf of Jacob. Exec: F B Alexander.

SMITH, William Decorah, Winnesheik Co, Iowa 30 Jun 1873 Sept term 1875 Pg.12e

Wife, Harriet. Wit: B Holcomb, Emma Cobb. Exec: wf, Harriet. Son, Samuel G.

SOWARD, David F Dover Twp. 01 Aug 1879 01 Dec 1879 Pg. 183

Wife, Catharine. ch: Emeline K, William J, Charles R, Mary B Coleman, Grant G, Oren J. Wit: Jacob W Rogers, Abram Shaw. Exec: wf Catharine, son, Charles R.

[Contributed by Mary Stohr Aldrich]

STEDMAN, Mrs N. B.   04 Sept 1871 26 Jun 1872 Pg. 40
TAYLOR, Silas Soule Westfiled 23 Jan 1868 23 Jan 1868  

Wife Esther A. Taylor. I hereby appoint Job Ashby, sole executor of this my last Will.

THORPE, Henry W. Cecil Co, Md 11 Jul 1851 17 Oct 1853 Pg. 1
  Wf, Charlotte. Wit: John H Crawford, Levi D Leffman. Exec: wf, Charlotte.
VAN HORN, Emanuel Fayette Co. 12 Apr 1874 27 Oct 1874 Pg. 72
  Son, George K or R; other children. Wit: John Herriman, W B Herriman, Daniel Corbin. Adm: son, George, if old enough; H A Holester. [Contributed by Mary Stohr Aldrich]
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