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Court Docket

Will and Administrations Index

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Deceased Town/Township   Probate Page Number
EARLE, Richard   filed 23 Sept 1879 01 Dec 1879 Pg. 187
  Wife, Catharine. Ch: Joseph J, Minnie O, and Edwin B. Mentions four daughters but not by name. Wit: John P Oelberg, Simon Nefzger. Exec: wf, Catharine and D. W. Twitchell. Codicil on p 189, dtd 1 Jan 1879, mentions son George R.
EDDINGTON, Elizabeth   10 Dec 1869 17 Oct 1870 Pg. 24
  Husband, James. Ch: Lydia Ann, Nancy M, William H, George R, Louisa H, Sarah C, Ruhama E and Mary P. Wit: Dr J P Marsh, Louisa H Roe and Alexander Marshall. Exec: Dr J P Marsh
EDGERTON, B. E.   on file 19 Feb 1875 14 May 1875 Pg. 94
FARLEY, Nancy Washington Twp. 05 Jan 1867 25 May 1868 Pg. 15
  Husband, James M.; mentions estate of her father R M Carson. Wit: Wm A Chase, J J Berkey
FARR, James Fayette 12 Apr 1873 20 Sept 1873 Pg 62
  Wf, unnamed. Son: Levi. Wit:: J A Aldrich, A F Callandar. Exec: son, Levi
FINN, Catharine Clermont 26 Feb 1872 16 May 1873  
  Heirs: Thomas Flynn; Clermont Catholic Chuurch. Wit: John Hosford, Edward Gilbert.
FLANAGAN, Michael Oran Twp. wrote will 03 Apr 1876 06 May 1878  
  Wife, Elizabeth and children, Peter and Elizabeth. Witnesses were Thomas Cannon and James Quinn.
FOWLER, Addison Auburn 04 Sept 1871 01 Oct 1872 Pg. 43

Wife, Mary L Ch: Addison P, Marie N (wf of E C Crowe?), Mary E (wf of O P Miller). Wit: J A Green, Henry J Blackett, Addison Fowler. Exec: wf, Mary L.

FUSSEL, Jefferson Fairfield Twp. 29 Apr 1874 28 Oct 1874 Pg. 74
  Wf, Caroline. Children $1.00 each. Wit: M F Little, Andrew Arnsworth. Exec: H L Babcock.
GARVEY, John Clermont 02 Oct 1874 09 Jul 1875 Pg. 90
  Wf, Catherine, Ch: John, Bridgett, Mary, Patrick and Timothy. Wit: John Hosford, Maurice Cavanaugh. Exec: M Carroll, Catholic Priest.
GARZEE, George S, Eden Twp. 23 Dec 1876 17 May 1877 Pg 138
  died: 11 Feb 1877. Wf, Emily. dau, Martha M. "Custodian" of will, Elihu Northrop. Wit: Daniel Stanard, Mary E Stanard, Martha M Nourse. Exec: wf, Emily
GILBERT, Edward Clermont 18 Sept 1871 11 Feb 1873 Pg. 55
  Wf, Sarah C Gilbert. Son, Edward L. Wit: John Hosford, Geo W Irwin. Exec: Lyman Goodrich
GILL, John   02 May 1875 25 Oct 1875  
  Children, Marvin, Sherman,, Allen, Thomas, Rose Burch and Mary Ann Bishop, and a granddaughter Mary D. Dennis. Witnesses were Samuel Holms, John M. Proctor and J. C. Vaught. Executors were his sons Thomas and Allen.
GILLMORE, Calvin Elgin 03 Oct 1866 03 Dec 1866 Pg. 6
  Wit: David Hurd, J W Knight. Exec: wf, Lucy
GRIFFITH, Hiram Fayette   25 Oct 1875 Pg. 97
  Sister, Huldah McIntire of Rock Co, Wisc. Nancy Montgomery, wf of Morgan Montgomery; Emma, Edwin, and Fred Montgomery, ch of Nancy and Morgan Montogomery. Wit: Jacob West, James Montgomery. Exec: Morgan Montgomery, J E Budd.
HALE, Samuel   will dated 03 Apr 1874 01 Dec 1879  
  Died 15 May 1879.  Mentioned are his wife, Sarah and children: George Edward, Cornelia Hanan, William Warren, Emily House, and George Edward. Witnesses were Charles H. Millar and A. N. Hobson; Executor was wife Sarah.
HALE, Maria West Union 26 May 1873 20 Sept 1873 Pg. 63
  Children: Ella G and Chas L. Wit: L L Ainsworth, J Oakley. Exec: William Riley
HAMILTON, Thomas Manchester, Hillsborough, N.H. 17 Oct 1865 10 Apr 1869 Pg. 19
  Sister, Ann Jane Trumbull, wf of Thos; bro, William; mother, Eliza Hamilton and sis, Fanny, both of Newton, Stewart Co. Terone, Ire. Wit: Lewis W Clark. Exec: Eliza J Currier. p 19.
HANCOCK, George Fairfield Twp. 22 Oct 1875 02 Dec 1878  
  Died 01 Sept 1878; It mentions his wife, Caroline; witnesses were B. F. Little and C. A. Bond.
HARPER, William     29 Nov 1880 Pg. 197
  Died 1 June 1880.  Wife, Elizabeth. Ch: John, George W, James T, William H, Joseph R, Charles B, Nancy Jane, Hannah Smith, Mary Elizabeth Barnhouse, Charlotte B, and Sarah Catherine. Wit: W B Lakin, J B Gre. [see Will Rec.#2, pg. 13]
HASSLER, Jacob Pleasant Valley Twp. 20 Jun 1874 27 Nov 1874 Pg. 80
  Children: Susanna Scott, Catharine Garlach, Mary M Garlach, Sarah Ann Rose, Mary Ann Bomgardner, Henry, John and David. Wit: Joseph Shipton, L W Underwood. Exec: son, Henry Hassler and friend, Joseph Patterson.
HERRIMAN, David B Illyria Twp. 13 Nov 1875 14 Feb 1876 Pg. 107
  Wife, Elizabeth. Ch: John, Charles, Warren B, Samuel K, Jessie Bright, Mary Ann (now Judy) and Ella. Also mentions eldest son of John Herriman-grandson, David B Herriman. Exec: Joseph Hobson, J J Berkey.
HILL, James J.   18 Oct 1878 27 Jun 1871 Pg. 28
  Wf, Sarah W Hill; desire as to children stated. Wit; F M Aylesworth. Exec: wf, Sarah W.
HOLBROOK, Patty W West Union d. 27 Apr 1877 15 Oct 1877 Pg. 141
  Sons: William J and Francis E. Wit: Wm and Henry W Ash. Exec: William H Holbrook.
HOWARD, Elizabeth   01 Oct 1866   Pg. 5
  Court refused to admit said Will to Probate upon objections of husband, Thomas Howard. John Ecker, Co, Judge
HOWARD, Elizabeth Center 30 May 1866 04 May 1868 Pg.14
  Husband, Thomas Howard. Heirs: Horace Howard and children Thomas Wilson Clark and Marilla Clark; daughters: Sally A Brott and Mary A Setch?; sons Merrit Y and William A Howard. Wit: Elmer Allyn, Exec: Thomas Howard.
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