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Court Docket

Will and Administrations Index

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Deceased Town/Township   Probate Page Number
ALLSPAUGH, Christian Eden Twp 18 May 1874 27 Oct 1874 Pg. 77
  Wife Anna. Wit: Alexr Clyde. Nathan Bevens, Daniel Fallows; Exec: Alexander Clyde, Jr.
ANDRESS, William   09 Jul 1875 25 Oct 1875 Pg. 104
  Wife, Nancy; Ch: Davis (David), Eliza, Samiria E, Nathan, Jane, James, Susan, Emma J, Eliza and Clinton Benedict child of Samaria; 4 ch of David. Wit: John Herriman, N. S. Smith
ARMSTRONG, Mathew Banks Twp. 30 Dec 1869 30 Jan 1872 Pg. 41
  Ch: Rachel and Robert. Wit: Joseph Hobson, William Cowle.
BACON, Horatio T. Center Twp. 20 Jul 1875 25 Oct 1875 Pg. 105
  Wife Eliza. Wit: J M Lewis, John D Dooly, Exec: wife Eliza.
BAKER, Geo W.     26 Feb 1873 Pg 57
  Filed for probate in Circuit Court; set aside 16 Feb 1876
BAKER, James W. Clermont 20 Aug 1873 30 Sept 1874 Pg. 60
  Wife Fannie M. Ch: George H, Mary P. Rower or Bower, Walter D. Grandson James W Barker, (name of one heir illegible). Wit: J B Hough, Geo W Higgins. Exec: son Walter D Barker.
Bassett, Charlotte Smithfield Twp. 08 Jan 1878 03 May 1880 Pg. 190
  Husband, A Bassett. Wit: Fielding Snedigar, Mary J Baker.
BEATON, Alexander   17 May 1875 25 Oct 1875 Pg. 102
  Heir, Helen Beaton. Wit: W C Lewis, A C Tatro. Exec: John Hosford.
BELCHNER, John George Windsor 26 Apr 1880 29 Nov 1880 Pg. 199
  Wife Mary Hellen Belchner; oldest son, William C; remaining eight minor children (not named). Wit: C. F. Parker, J. P. Schmitt, John Schlatter. Exec: Mary Hellen Belchner and William C Belchner.
BILGER, Ignatz Fayette Co. 16 Apr 1878 21 Aug 1878 Pg 164
  Wife, Katherine. Ch: Josephine, Amy, Katherine, George A, Charles F and Elenora. Wit: Wm Cowle, E B Shaw. Exec: Katherine Bilger and Joseph Hobson.
BLACKETT, William Clermont 10 Apr 1879 01 Dec 1879 Pg. 184
  Wife: Sarah E. ch: H S, Elisabeth M Lewis and James P. Wit W A Wickham, G E Dibble, Wm Larrabee. Exec: daughters husb-W C Lewis and H S Blackett
BOALE, John Dover Twp. 31 Aug 1874 16 Oct 1876 Pg 128
  Wf, Martha. Children, unnamed. Wit: Joseph Hobson, William Cowle. Exec: Martha Boale.
BORNICK, Mathias Z. Auburn Twp. 10 Feb 1875 14 May 1875 Pg. 93
  Wf, Rosa Z. Wit: John Pitzenberger, John M Foreman.
BROWN, James Clermont 09 Jul 1869 14 May 1875  
  Wife, Jane; Ch: Anna E. Banks, Ella Keyes, sons George H., James P., and John F. Wit:  C. W. D. Lathrop, Charles F. Wick. Executors: wife, Jane Brown and D. G. Goodrich
BUCK, Daniel DeKalb Co., Ill 24 Feb 1873 15 Sept 1873 Pg. 64
  Wife, Jerusha. Adopted daus, Delia R Heath and Mary E Clayton. Sons: Alfred and George W Buck. Wit: Edward L Mayo, I W Garvin, Isaac Buck.
BURBANK, Ira West Union 05 Sept 1871 20 Oct 1877 Pg 143
  died 02 Jul 1877; Wf, Silenda. Sister, Almira Burbank; bro, Ansel (or his son Eleazor); nephew, Dana Burbank (son of Alvin). Wit: Samuel Holton, Oscar W Rogers. Exec: wf, Silenda, Jacob W Rogers, George W Chamberlain, A Bassett.
CANNON, Martin Oran Twp. 13 Nov 1866 27 May 1867 Pg 10
  Wf, Mary. Ch: Thomas, Patrick, James, Mary Consadine and Martin. Wit: George W Lewis, Martin Garvy, Exec: son, Martin
CAVANAUGH, James Fayette Co. 14 Mar 1880 03 May 1880 Pg. 119
  Ch: Catherine, Allice and Dominic. Wit: George Whitley, John Roades. Exec: Dominic.
CAYWOOD, Mary M. Brush Creek 14 Mar 1871 11 Feb 1873 Pg. 49
  Heirs: son, William Caywood, Jr, his wf, if he is m and has ch: otherwise, bros Charles Stevens, Silas H Stevens, Judson D Stevens; also any other child of brothers named Mary after her. Wit: B F Little, Samantha Rickard.
CONNELL, James Harlan Twp. 01 Jun 1868 07 Sept 1868 Pg. 16
  Wf, Joanna, states he knows she will provide for children. Wit: James Archer, John Smith. Exec: wf, Joanna.
CONWAY, Michael Oran 27 Oct 1874 03 May 1875 Pg. 88
  Wf, Nancy; son, John, Wit: Michael Garvy, John Ryan. Exec: Wf, Nancy.
COOK, Maria Eden 02 Oct 1873 05 May 1879 Pg. 171
  Died: 14 Mar 1879; Husband, George, Wit: Charles and Celia B Stowell. Exec: husb, George.
COOLEY, John W. Pleasant Valley 28 May 1866 01 Oct 1866 Pg. 3
  Wf, Sarah M. Ch: James, Charles, Martha E, Ester A and Sarah J. Wit: E R Carpenter, Philip Dowse. Exec: wf, Sarah M.
CRANDALL, H. Fayette 05 Mar 1873 14 May 1873 Pg. 61
  Wf, Rhoda, dcd. Heirs: Carrie M and H A Evarts. Wit: Geo A Smith, D C Shoemaker. Exec: W A Hoyt.
CROOKS, George Illyria Twp. 09 Sept 1874 25 Oct 1875 Pg. 91
  Dau, Ann; gr son and gr dau, Frank and Eliza Crooks. Wit: A Stansbury, H Stansbury.
CROWE, Edward West Union Twp. 04 Aug 1871 18 Oct 1871 Pg. 36
  Ch: Anna Myers, Edward William, John Joseph, Emma Walter?, Julia, Georgeana, Eliza, Minnetta, Lydia and Belle. Wit: H H Carmichael, W H Bishop. Adm: dau Anna Myers.
CUMMINGS, Peter Clermont 06 Jun 1872 13 Feb 1873 Pg. 44
  Wf, Mary. Son, Patrick and minor children. Wit: Rev Martin Carroll, G W Irwin, Eugene Hurlihie. Exec: wf, Mary and John Crowe of Clermont
DAVIS, Jennie West Union 01 Sept 1875 06 Nov 1875 Pg 103
  Heirs: Clara M, Jessee, Jane and John E Berkey. Wit: A H Fox, L W W Waterbury.
DOUD, Lester Richaland Twp. 13 May 1867 Jul 1867 Pg. 11
  Wf, Esther Jane Doud, Mentions estate of Samuel L and Mary Doud in New York State. Wit: G L Descent, R F Rogers. Exec: wf, Esther Jane.
DUTCHER, Robert Windsor Twp. 08 Nov 1879 16 Mar 1880 Pg. 118
  Wf, Olive Ann. Ch: Elizabeth Deppe, and George O. Wit: Arthur Crawford, S E Robinson.
DYLINS, E. L. Auburn 17 Feb 1869 17 Oct 1871 Pg. 34
  Dau, Margurett Shepard, her heirs and assigns. Wit: G W Clu____, W H Austin.
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