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Will and Administrations Index

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Deceased Town/Township   Probate Page Number
KING, Thomas Scott Twp. 23 Nov 1877   Pg. 206
  Wife. Barbara King. Ch: Thomas, John, Anna Anderson, Joan McAlister, James, William. Wit: Rondal McAlister, I Pattison, MD. Exec: wife, Barbara.
KINSEY, Thomas J. Illyria 12 Mar 1879 03 May 1880 Pg. 192
  Heirs: Hassenah Lewis and Rosella Lewis-ch of deceased dau, Elizabeth; remainder to his four ch: Mary Ann Stephens, Jane White, William and Thomas V. Wit: John Sargeant, William Evan Jones. Exec: T R Talbot, Mary Ann Stephens.
KNOWLTON, Daniel T.   30 Mar 1869 13 Oct 1869 Pg. 20
  Wife, Nancy. ch: Ozias L, Charles, Olive Robeson, Jonathan R, Aquilla N, Hiram M, Samuel R. Wit: Ruel O. Neil, James Hubbartt, Samuel A K Ross. Exec: Ruel O. Neil.
KOLB, Katherine  (Besher)   died 06 Feb 1916    
  I, Katherine Kolb, of Oelwein, Fayette County, Iowa, being of sound and disposing mind, do make, publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all wills by me at any time heretofore made. FIRST: I direct that all my just debts, including expenses of my last sickness and funeral, be first paid out of my estate. SECOND: I direct that all my property, real, personal or mixed of any kind whatsoever be sold and the money divided equally among my children, share and share alike. Their names being as follows; John J. Kolb, J. N. Kolb (inserted by hand), Wilson H. Kolb, Christian Kolb, Carl Kolb and Albert Kolb. THIRD: I further direct that my son John J. Kolb's share be placed on interest for five years and to be paid to him after that time, and in case he shall not be heard from at that time his share shall be left on interest for twenty years, or until his return, and if he does not return or is heard from during or at the end of that time, then his share shall be divided equally among the other heirs. FOURTH: I hereby noninate J. C. Becher of Oelwein, Iowa, Executor of this my last Will and Testament. Katherine Kolb On this 11th day of May A.D. 1909. the foregoing instrument was in our presence signed and executed by Katherine Kolb, and by her declared to us to be her last Will and Testament, and at her request, and in her presence, and in the presence of each other we have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto. L. A. Zoller, G. A. Oelwein, Jr.
(Note - Katherine Kolb died 6 Feb 1916 with burial in Oran Township Cemetery.)
Contributed by Dorothy Gosse
KRAFT, John Peter   25 Aug 1880 29 Nov 1880 Pg. 205
  Died 1 Sep 1880. Wife, Anna Maria. Sons: Peter, William, Charlie and Jacob. Wit: Fred Wolf, I Pattison. Exec: wf, Anna Maria. [see Will Rec. #2, p 11]
LEIDY, Ruth Ann of Memphis, Shelby Co. Tenn   21 Dec 1870 Pg. 95
  Recorded 3 Sep 1867. Will Rec. "B" pp 54, 55, probated 21 Dec 1870, p 95. Dau, Sarah Clark. Wit: Jas McWilliams, John McWilliams and D Nolton. Exec: friend, Charles A Smith
LESLIE, Daniel     16 May 1873 Pg.45

(will on file in office of Clerk of Circuit Court), read 3 Oct 1872, (see Book 7, p 389, Probate Records).

LIGHT, Jacob Elgin 23 Jun 1875 17 Oct 1876 Pg. 126
  Wife, Mary Magdalena. Ch: Mary Ann Engler, Magdalena Wohllieter, Frances Wonder, Rosina Spaler, Jacob, Albert. Wit: M C Knapp, Mrs K R Knapp.
  of Eden Twp. 19 Dec 1862 27 May 1867 Pg. 9
LINDSAY, Alexander, Sr

Ch: Robert, Christena, John, Alexander and William. Gr dau Margaret Jane Lindsay. Wit: Milo M Glathery, James Bell, Exec: George Burnside.

LINSTRUM, William Fremont Twp. 04 Jul 1864   Pg. 201

d. 20 Apr 1880; Wf, Catharine. Louis Linstrum, son and sole heir of Catharine Linstrum. Wit: S B Zeigler, Wm Watenpaugh. Exec: wife, Catharine.

LYNCH, Matthew Waucoma 20 Oct 1866 07 Jan 1867 Pg. 8
  Wf, Catherine. Ch: Thomas, John, Mary Burns and Catherine. Wit: Patrick Lynch, Charles Lynch, Peter Eagen. Exec: Patrick Lynch.
McGUIRE, John Fremont Twp. 01 Sept 1877 06 May 1878 Pg. 153
  Wf, Bridget; son, Bernard; granddau, Margaret McGuire. Wit: Rev Thomas Murtaugh, John Egan. Adm: Bernard McGuire
McKINNEY, David of Oelwein 09 Feb 1875 18 May 1877 Pg 135
  d 5 July 1875, Wf, Emmans. Wit: B U Bennett, C Thoman. Exec: wf, Emmans
MANCHESTER, Jeremiah Putman Aug 1873   Pg. 178

Wife, Tryphena Ann. Ch: Helen Dorman, William B, Jabez, youngest son-Myron D, Sarah Jane Pettit and Miranda G Moser. Wit: Wm B Manchester, Jabez S Manchester. Exec: Franklin Kidder, William B Manchester.

MARTIN, C. N. Jefferson Twp. 09 Apr 1875 25 Oct 1875 Pg. 99
  Wf, Amanda. Ch: John H, Martin, William O, Samuel G, Henry R, Elizabeth Hess. Exec: wf, Amanda
MATHIAS, Mary Windsor Twp 20 Sept 1869 29 Jan 1871 Pg. 30
  Heirs: Daniel W Wilbur, William Mathis. Wit: James Graham, Adaline A Graham.
MATHIS, William Windsor Twp. 15 Jun 1868 02 Dec 1878 Pg. 167
  Wife, Hannah. Son, William Wallace Mathis. Wit: Joseph Hobson, Chas W Hodgkinson. Exec: wf, Hannah.
MATTISON, Truman Jefferson Twp. 08 Mar 1879 01 Dec 1879 Pg. 179
  Wife, Mary A. Wit: Chas A Hancock, Benj H Bennett. Exec: wf, Mary A.
MEYERS, Casper Auburn Twp. 19 Nov 1869 12 Feb 1873 Pg. 52
  Wf, Elizabeth. Ch: Casper Henry, Katherine, Dinah, John F. Wit: H H Kunnen?, J P of Fayette Co; Andrew G Kramer
MILLER, Sarah Auburn 14 Feb 1876 16 Oct 1876 Pg. 130
  Ch: Mary Jane Peirce, Margaret Peck, Eliza Richardson, Sarah Ann Miller, Rebecca Ann Good, George W, Henry, Andrew J, Isaac and Geo W. Wit: S K Rosier, W H Canfield. Exec: Henry Miller.
MILLIGAN, William West Union Twp. 31 Mar 1866 05 May 1879 Pg. 169
  d 25 Dec 1878. Wife, Margaret Milligan. Ch: Mary, wf of James Abernathy; John Whitfield Milligan; Elizabeth Margaret Milligan. Wit: H A Hawkins, Wm A Whitney, B Morse. Exec: son, John, Whitfield Milligan, Wm A Whitney, Benjamin Morse.
MOTT, Joseph   08 Jan 1880 03 May 1880 Pg. 194
  died 9 Jan 1880. Wife, Sarah J. Ch: Ada D, William A, Menzo, George H, Emma M, Rosa E. Wit: D W Twitchell, Harrison Butler, H J Tupper, Oscar W Rogers.
MUNCY, John Bethel 06 Jul 1875 25 Oct 1875 Pg. 101
  Wf, Margaret. Ch: James R, Levi F, John W, Mary E Helm. Wit: Margaret Morton, Emma D Woodward, G W Chamberlain. Exec: wf, Margaret.
NEFZGER, Magdalena   19 Jun 1872 13 May 1878 Pg. 157

maiden name Shaub?Heirs: children of her son Jacob. Wit: to translation from German: G Baumbach, pastor; F Putz; George Fritz; Adam Reisner.

NEWCOMB, Theodore West Union 17 Nov 1873 07 May 1878 Pg. 148
  Wf, Mary. Ch: Jefferson, Rebecca Close, Sarah Smith, Mary and children of dau Maria Stewart deceased. Wit: Joseph Hobson, William Cowle. Exec: son-in-law, D L Smith.
NICHOLS, Dependence M.     28 Jun 1871 Pg. 27
  Died 25 Mar 1870. Wife, Eunice. Ch: Benjamin T, Elizabeth Jane Ingalls, Clarissy. Wit: J B Moor, Charles Hoyt, R M Weidt. Exec: Benj T Nichols.
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