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Land and Property Directory

This Directory is a list of records showing the ownership as well as maps showing the location of our ancestors land. Here you will find plat maps, military warrants, deeds, patents, etc. If you have a record or news article about the land your family lived on and would like to share it with others, email it to me and I will add it here.
Military Warrants: Land warrants given for military service
Century Farms: 1851-1859  alphabetical by surname
Original Township Survey Maps
Fayette Land Entries, 1847-1854


1879 Proprietors Index and Plat Maps

  Eden Auburn Dover Clermont
  Bethel Windsor West Union Pleasant Valley
  Banks Center Westfield Illyria
  Fremont Harlan Smithfield Fairfield
  Oran Jefferson Scott Putnam
  Clermont Wadena West Auburn Maynard & Randalia
  West Union Manchester Lima, St. Lucas, Waucoma
  Brush Creek Centerville Elgin, Eastern Albany, Brainard, Alpha



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