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Military Warrants Index
1850 - 1860

Land Patent
U.S. Department of the Interior
Bureau of Land Management
General Land Office Records (GLO)

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Land Patent
These indices are "military bounty land warrants" issued for Fayette county, Iowa lands. See who received the land warrant and for what reason, and if the warrant recipient sold or trade the land and to whom.

Military Warrant:
From 1788 to 1855 the United States granted military bounty land warrants as a reward for military service. These patents were issued in various denominations and based upon the rank and length of service. They were often assigned to heirs or other individuals.
A Adams-Austin
B Babst-Barney 1 Barney 2; Barney 3; Barney 4; Barney 5; Barney 6; Barnhart-Bowen; Bowens-Bynes
C-D Cady-Clark; Clark-Curtis; Dailey-David; Davies-Dykins
E-H Easley-Ewing; Fairly-Fussell; Gass-GundersonHackett-Higby; Higginson-Huse
I-M Impson-Jones; Kanoyer-Koon; Lacy-Lymes; Manchester-Myers
N-R Neeley-Null; Obenchain-Owen; Paign-Pulver; Quivey; Ramsey-Ryan
S-U  Sacrider-Swartz; Tamer-Turner; Umbarger-Utler
V-Z Valentine-Voshell; Wade-Woodward; Yandes; Zimmerman

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