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Fayette County Century Farms


Owner at Time of Award (1976) City Origin date Original Owner Relationship
Surname Given Name
Aanes Lyle Clermont 15 Jun 1854 Aaron Olson Great Grandfather
Anderson Burnell & Ora (Fischer) Clermont 1854 Hiram Hammond Great Grandfather of Ora (Fisher) Anderson
Appelmann Douglas & Margie Clermont 15 Jun 1855 Gustavus A. Appelmann Great Grandfather
Beerman Gerald Delwin West Union 23 Jun 1855 John George Schlatter Great Great Grandfather
Burington Bessie Chapman Arlington 26 Oct 1859 William B. Manchester Grandfather
Cannon Mr. & Mrs. Clarence E. West Union 1855 William A. Cannon Great Grandfather
Crawford Earl H. & James V. Arlington 28 May 1851  Benjamin Brooks, Jr. Great Grandfather
Davis C. James Wadena 1854  Oakley Davies Great Grandfather
Downer Harold Aurora 1855  Henry Downer Grandfather
Egan Dan J. Fairbank 08 Dec 1857  Patrick Egan Great Grandfather
Evenson Harley A. Dover 1855  Mathias Joseph Wolf Great Grandfather
Grimes Jon West Union 23 Jun 1857  Richard T. Wilbur, Jr. Great Great Grandfather
Johnson Derrel R. & Kathleen (Hoffman) Arlington 20 Oct 1853  Charles Hoffman Great Grandfather
Johnson Derrel R. & Kathleen (Hoffman) Arlington 22 Oct 1853  Charles Hoffman Great Grandfather
Kerr C. Keith & Verta Clermont Twp. 09 Mar 1854  Thomas Henderson, Sr.  
Kittelson Clarence B. & Helen Clermont 21 Dec 1852  Hans Kittelson & Galles K. Haldis Great grand parents
Kleppe Leslie Arthur Dover Twp. 01 Aug 1851  Nels Evanson Great Grandfather
Koehler Edward G. Hawkeye 08 May 1854  Nicholas Koehler Great Grandfather
Kuehner Leonard Atkinson 27 Feb 1858  Nicholas Kuehner Great Grandfather
Kuennen Daniel & Kathryn Waucoma 1855  Gerhard Kuennen Great Great Grandfather
Leach Milton D. Westgate 11 Dec 1854  Samuel S. Leech Great Grandfather
Leyh Philip Sumner 1855  Matthias Leyh Grandfather
Lynch J. Leo Waucoma 01 Aug 1855  Matthew Lynch Great Grandfather
Martins Donald & Mary Fairbank 15 Jun 1854  James Teague  
Meyer Cletus J. & Agnes A. Waucoma 1856  Harman Meyers Great Grandfather
Miller Wayne Earl Oelwein 15 Jun 1855  John Steggall Great Grandfather
Nelson Almir & Alice Clermont 1852 Andrew Martin Great Grandfather
Oelrich Donald T. Lamont 10 Mar 1856 Bradford Talcott Great Uncle
Ogle Joseph Jerome Wadena 02 Dec 1858 Joseph & Sarah Ogle Great Grandparents
Petersen Elvin B. & Mary I. Sumner 27 Jun 1855 George Michael Burkhart Great Grandfather
Reid Mrs. (Floyd) Dola Oelwein 23 Apr 1857 Charles & Peter W. Hough Grandfather
Richards Lee Arlington 30 May 1854 James Richards Great Grandfather
Rowland Alice M. Hawkeye 21 Mar 1851 John G.Miller Grandfather
Scallan James Lowell Waucoma 04 Apr 1855 James & Joseph Scallan Grandfather (Joseph)
Schmidt Gerald E. & Nora Jefferson 14 Feb 1857 Frederick J. Schmidt Great Great Grandfather
Schuchmann Clarence E. & Lois A. Hawkeye 31 Oct 1855 Thomas Swale Great Grandfather
Seedorff Sara Fairfield 1 Mar 1852 Reuben Perkins Grandfather
Strong Mr. & Mrs. Duane A. Elgin 1859 Charles W. Strong & his sister Amanda F. Briggs Great Grandfather & Great Great Aunt
Watson Dale K. Putnam 15 Apr 1855 John Gundlech Great Grandfather
Wilson Mrs. James H. (Lissettia C.) Wadena 02 Feb 1852 Christopher Wilson Father-in-law

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