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Land & Property

Military Warrants

General Land Office Records

From 1788 to 1855 the United States granted military bounty land warrants as a reward for military service. These patents were issued in various denominations and based upon the rank and length of service. They were often assigned to heirs or other individuals.

Accession Names Date Doc# State Meridian Twp-Rng Aliquots Sec# County
MW-1133-126 Fields, Rachel **
West, Rachel
West, Enos
West Jonathan
West, Thomas
Downey, Jane
West, Mary
Harman, William
11 Aug 1851 27537 IA 5th OM 093N-008W SE1/4 18 Fayette
MW-1134-118 McClure, John B.
Cole, David **
15 Mar 1854 17016 IA 5th PM 092N-010W NW1/4SE1/4 20 Fayette
092N-010W N1/4SW1/4 20 Fayette
092N-010W SW1/4NW1/4 20 Fayette
MW-1134-186 Richards, Benjamin P.
Spurling, Henry B. **
Chapman, Sarah
Spirlin, Tapley
Spurling, Tapley
02 Jul 1855 27686 IA 5th PM 094N-009W NW1/4 24 Fayette
MW-1134-281 Richards, James R.
Holmes, George **
15 Jan 1856 27763 IA 5th PM 091N-007W SE1/4 7 Fayette


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