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1876 Centennial Gazetteer & Directory







Centennial 1776-1876 Gazetteer and Directory of Clinton County, Iowa containing a history of the county, and of the cities of Clinton and Lyons; a commercial review; a business directory of Clinton; a business directory of Lyons City.

A complete alphabetical directory of farmers and land owners of the county.

A classified business directory.

Record of City and County Officers, Schools, Churches, Benevolent and Literary Societies. Also including a Street Directory of Clinton and Lyons, to which is added Historical and Descripive Sketches of the various Towns and Villages in the County.

Compiled and Published by F. E. Owen; Lyons, Iowa: J. C. Hopkins, Printer, Advertiser Office. 1876


In presenting this, our first Directory of Clinton County, we claim for it the following: First, That the Farmers' Directory is as complete and reliable as personal canvass and careful search can make it. Secondly, The Directories of Clinton and Lyons contain the exact business and resident address of all mercantile and profession persons as furnished by themselves. Thirdly, The Classified Directory gives all the business men in the entire county, under proper headings.

The printing has been done by Mr. J. C. Hopkins, of Lyons, and furnishes a good exhibit of the typographical skill which has been attained in our city.

Our most cordial thanks are extended to the merchants of Clinton, Lyons, and the county generally, for the liberal patronage bestowed on the work. F. E. Owen


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