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Clinton County is located on the Mississippi River at the eastern most tip of Iowa. It is bordered to the north by Jackson county, to the west by Jones and Cedar counties and to the south by Scott county. Across the river to the east are CarrollWhiteside andRock Island counties in Illinois.

Iowa was originally part of the Louisiana Purchase and was a part of the District of Louisiana in 1804. In 1807, Iowa was included in the Territory of Illinois and, in 1812, part of the Territory of Missouri.

After 1821, Iowa was unattached to any territory until it became part of Michigan Territory in 1834. In 1836, Iowa became part of Wisconsin Territory until 1838, when it was finally established as the Territory of Iowa.

On the 11th of January, 1840, the Territorial Legislature organized the county of Clinton and made Camanche the county seat. By this time, Elijah Buell had settled Lyons and J. M. Bartlett had founded New York, which was re-named Clinton.

Our Mission

We are a part of the IAGenWeb Project which is part of the USGenWeb Project.

Our main goal is to bring some of the genealogical and historical information available in Clinton County to you in a way that helps you learn more about your ancestors and, hopefully, causes you to be curious enough to want to learn even more.

This is a volunteer effort to promote genealogical research and to promote records preservation and availability by providing online access to records and information.

Please keep in mind that All the work here is done by Wonderful volunteers. If you have time or information to share, we would love to hear from you.




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We are a bunch of volunteers who enjoy making copies or transcriptions of old documents and stuff and putting them on the internet.

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