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List of Clinton Teachers for '45-'46 School Year

SOURCE: Clinton Herald 30 August 1945

Classes Begin Tuesday Morning in Public Schools.

The complete roster of teachers in the Clinton independent school district for the 1945-46 term was announced today by J. R. Mounce, superintendent of schools.  The fall term will begin next Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Directors and supervisors are:

Miss Marjorie Graybill, director of vocal music at Junior and Senior high schools; Miss Elizabeth Benedict, supervisor of art; Miss Kathryn Hetzel, director of orchestras; Miss Millicent V. Johnson, school nurse; Miss Alice V. McCarthy, supervisor of vocal music, elementary schools; R. O. Stoskopf, director of bands, and Max H. Lynn, physical education and athletic director.

Teachers and the schools in which they will teach are:

Clinton High School

F. N. Johnston, principal; Miss Mercedes Abraham, algebra; Miss Gladys N. Arnold, Miss Eunice Blackburn, Miss Mary East, English; Miss Mary L. Albro, commercial; Miss Lois Bair, Miss Edith A. Bach, Miss Edith L. Birlett, government, economics; Miss Josephine Brown, social science; Miss Eleanor Davidson, Miss Margaret Davis, Miss Corinne Forsee, Miss Marie Raun, Miss Helen Stoddard, history; Miss Ruth Ebersole, Leo E. Herkelmann and Leslie Fishwild, mathematics.

Miss Mabel Foster, cafeteria director and clothing; Miss Edna Bibby, librarian; Miss Beatrice Hansen, English and speech; Miss Marie Hartmann, English and Spanish; J. W. Horton, machine shop; Miss Nellie F. Jones, English and psychology; Howard Judd, boys' physical education; Miss Margaret Keyes and Miss Isabelle Streib, home economics; K. B. Lorenz, chemistry, general science physiology.

Miss Loretta Mattocks, social science; Miss Harriet Mathisen, commercial; Walter B. McMahon, vocation supervision and industrial arts; Mrs. Ferne A. Meeker, matron; Edward C. Mickey, biology; Edward R. Rashke, industrial arts and boys' physical education; Thomas Robbins, physics; Merle A. Romey, Industrial arts and related science; Miss Dorothy Seeser, girls' physical education; Paul B. Sharar, guidance and aeronautics.

Junior High School

Olen Higbee, principal; Miss Miriam Blakely, hygiene and social science; Miss Lillian Doyle, Mrs. Claramae Goltman, Miss Ruth Struck, mathematics; Miss Ruth Gosnell, Miss Evelyn Mauer, Miss Winifred Perry, social science; Miss Marie Kauphusman, Miss Pearle Maxwell, English; Miss Nellie McCarthy, art; Miss Helen Niblo, mathematics and social science.

Mrs. Lucill Lowe, Miss Ingeborg Raun, English and dramatics; Carter Rains, Robert Runnels, industrial arts; Miss Virginia Ramsay, girls' physical education; F. H. LePrevost, boys' physical education; Mrs. Lucille Shadwick, clothing; Miss Margaret Williamson, foods and social science; Miss Marie Woodruff, general science.

Franklin School

Miss Ethel M. Holmes, principal; Miss Marian H. Clark, kindergarten; Miss Lilly M. Biel, first grade; Miss Grace Dannatt, second grade; Miss Evelyn McDuff, third grade; Miss Fern Hartsough, Miss Eleanor Hill, fourth grade; Mrs. Luella B. Miller, fifth grade; Miss Jean Sutherland, sixth grade.

Hawthorne School

J. R. Ingraham, principal; Miss Catherine E. Christy, first grade; Miss Mabel E. Jensen, second grade; Miss Marie N Hoegh, third grade; Mrs. Adelia Ross, fourth grade; Miss Rosalind Dunlap, fifth grade; Miss Patricia Traeder, sixth grade, and Miss Lois Miller, kindergarten.

Irving School

Miss Ethel C. Dunn, principal; Miss Anna Kennedy, kindergarten; Mrs. Faye Fredricksen and Miss Florence E. Johnson, first grade; Miss Alma Domsalla, second grade; Miss Grace Kleinsmith, third grade; Mrs. Florence L. Ives, fourth grade; Mrs. Dorothy Benishek, fifth grade; Miss Esther M. Jensen, sixth grade.

Jefferson School

Olen Higbee, principal; Miss Jean Lollich, kindergarten; Miss Helen Ingraham and Miss Myra Biel, first grade; Myrtle Paulsen and Miss Annette Fulmer, second grade; Miss Hazel Paulsen and Miss Marie L. Sanger, third grade; Miss Florence Walker, fourth grade; Miss Elizabeth Dickey and Miss Lydia Thiedeman, fifth grade; and Miss Charlotte Foged and Miss Agnes Noonan, sixth grade.

Kirkwood School

J. R.Ingraham, principal; Miss Lois Miller, kindergarten; Miss Maxine Bednar, first grade; Miss Anna Marie Clausen, second grade; Miss mary LaTourette, third grade; Miss Eleanor Woods, fourth grade, and Miss Marie G. Dall, fifth grade.

Lincoln School

Miss Christina E. Nielson, principal; Miss Jean Kleeberger, kindergarten; Miss Margaret D. Harris, first grade; Miss Lorraine Munson, second grade; Miss Elaine M.Motzkus, third grade; Mrs. Virginia L. Treichler, fourth grade; Mrs. Isla Dorsey, fifth grade, and Miss Lydia F. Bigbee, sixth grade.

Longfellow School

Miss Katherine McDonnell, principal; Miss Lola Purcell, kindergarten; Miss Selma Enberg and Mrs. Gladys Jackson, first grade; Miss Marjorie Mayer, first and second grades; Miss Genevieve Johnson and Miss Ruth Ann Kloster, second grade; Miss Mary Cunningham and Miss Hazel McMahon, third grade; Miss Laura Paulsen and Miss Lucile MacAllister, fourth grade; Miss Matilda Dickey and Miss Lillian Olson, fifth grade, and Miss Dorothy Sites and Miss Marcella Godfrey, sixth grade.

Roosevelt School

Miss Dora Smith, kindergarten; Miss Arly Glendenning, first grade; Mrs. Frances Greenlee, second grade; Miss Esther Logue, third grade; Miss Helen Judge, fourth grade; Miss Imogene Hasselman, fifth grade and Miss Alice Stocker, sixth grade.