Pardons, Suspensions, Commutations and Remissions
Cerro Gordo County 1 Jan 1915 - 31 Dec 1916

Chirikos, Louis23 Oct 1916Cerro Gordo County. Committed to the penitentiary at Fort Madison on the 6th day of January, 1914, for the term of his natural life, for the crime of murder in the first degree. Notice was published, as required by law, and the application for pardon was referred to the Board of Parole for investigation and recommendation. The Board of Parole recommended that a pardon be granted, basing such recommendation upon the conclusion that the evidence was insufficient to convict of murder in the first degree. Pardon was granted on the 23rd day of October, 1916.

Wuestenberg, Herbert28 Sep 1916Cerro Gordo County. Term 5 years. Suspended April 1914. Restored Sept. 28, 1916

Final Discharges Recommended by Board of Parole
Blaine, Steve02 Dec 1915Cerro Gordo County. Paroled Nov. 16, 1914. Discharged Dec. 2, 1915.
Clausen, John B.16 Aug 1915Cerro Gordo County. Paroled June 13, 1914. Discharged Aug. 16, 1915.
Georgis, Peter C.27 Mar 1916Cerro Gordo County. Paroled Mar. 11, 1915. Discharged Mar. 27, 1916.
Little, Lizzie28 Apr 1915Cerro Gordo County. Paroled March 12, 1914. Discharged April 28, 1915.
Myuskovich, Walter04 May 1916Cerro Gordo County. Paroled Mar. 29, 1915. Discharged May 4, 1916.
Reason, J. T.25 Jan 1916Cerro Gordo County. Paroled Dec. 10, 1914. Discharged Jan. 25, 1916.

Rush, Grant12 Mar 1915Cerro Gordo County. Committed to the Penitentiary at Fort Madison on the 18th day of March, 1909, to serve a term of ten years, for the crime of larceny in the night-time. Upon recommendation of the Board of Parole, sentence was commuted to a term of six years solid time in said Penitentiary. Commutation was executed on the 12th day of March, 1915.

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Source: The Governor. Report by the Governor of Iowa of Pardons, Suspensions and Commutations of Sentence and Remissions of Fines From January 1, 1915 to December 31, 1916. Des Moines. The State of Iowa. 1917.
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