Pardons, Commutations and Remissions
Cerro Gordo County 14 Jan 1902 - 1 Jan 1904

Beckwith, Alfred L.16 Jun 1902Cerro Gordo county. Committed to the Industrial School for Boys, February 9, 1897, for the offense of larceny. Sentence suspended June 16, 1902, on the recommendation of Superintendent Miles and of the Board of Control on condition that he accompany his father, who was removing to the territory of Oklahoma.
Lawrence, Fred A.15 Nov 1902Cerro Gordo county. Committed to the penitentiary November 13, 1900, for a term of twenty years for the offense of rape. The showing made in support of the application for clemency in this case raises a very grave doubt as to whether the crime was committed. In response to inquiry the county attorney wrote as follows: "If Mr. Lawrence has really repented of the offense that he committed and he can be furnished a proper place to work at once, and he will discontinue the use of intoxicating liquors and cigarettes and lead a proper life, I should not oppose granting a parole." Judge Clyde, who pronounced sentence, wrote as follows: "Mr. Telford is on the ground and can make investigation as to facts. If he learns of enough facts to warrant him in recommending parole in this case, I will feel much disposed to second his action." It being shown that the defendant could at once secure a lucrative position, sentence was suspended November 15, 1902.
Martin, Drew13 Oct 1902Cerro Gordo county. Convicted at the December term, 1901, of the district court of the offense of maintaining a nuisance and sentenced to pay a fine of $400, and in default of payment of said fine, to be imprisoned in the county jail for one hundred days. The defendant was committed under this sentence July 30, 1902. Clemency was recommended by the county attorney and by a petition signed by sixty-seven representative citizens who were familiar with all of the circumstances in the case. That part of the sentence requiring his imprisonment in the county jail was suspended October 13, 1902.

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Source: The Governor. Report by the Governor of Iowa of Pardons, Suspensions and Commutations of Sentence and Remissions of Fines From January 14, 1902 to January 1, 1904. Des Moines, Iowa. Bernard Murphy, State Printer. 1908.
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