Pardons, Suspensions, Commutations and Remissions
Cerro Gordo County 1 Jan 1911 - 31 Dec 1912

Crow, Virgil13 Jun 1912Cerro Gordo County. Convicted at the April term, 1911, of the offense of assault to commit murder and sentenced to imprisonment for an indeterminate term in the reformatory. This suspension was granted upon the recommendation of the Board of Parole to permit the said Virgil Crow to go to his father in Green Top, Missouri. Suspension was issued on the 13th day of June, 1912.
Landram, James06 May 1912Cerro Gordo County. Convicted at the September term, 1911, of the offense of forgery and sentenced to imprisonment or a term of one year in the county jail. This suspension was granted upon recommendation of the county attorney, clerk of the district court, county auditor. county recorder, mayor of Mason City, sheriff, chief of police and a great many citizens of Mason City. Suspended on the 6th day of May, 1912.

Baack, Fred27 Feb 1912Cerro Gordo County. Term 6 mos. co. jail. Suspended Oct. 11, 1910. Restored Feb. 27, 1912.

Final Discharges Recommended by Board of Parole
Shindal, Lester26 Aug 1911Cerro Gordo County. Paroled May 17, 1910. Discharged Aug. 26, 1911.
Scott, Floyd08 May 1912Cerro Gordo County. Paroled Oct. 30, 1909. Discharged May 8, 1912.
Phillips, E. N.26 Oct 1912Cerro Gordo County. Paroled May 26, 1910. Discharged Oct. 26, 1912.

Remission of Fines to Release Property From Judgment
Sherwood, Tom10 Jun 1912Cerro Gordo County. On the 18th day of April, 1905, the district court, in and for Cerro Gordo county, imposed a fine upon Tom Sherwood for the offense of maintaining a liquor nuisance. This fine was remitted in so far as said fine is in any way a lien upon property described in said remission. Granted on the 10th day of June, 1912.

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Source: The Governor. Report by the Governor of Iowa of Pardons, Suspensions and Commutations of Sentence and Remissions of Fines From January 1, 1911 to December 31, 1912. Des Moines, Iowa. Robert Henderson, State Printer. 1913.
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