Pardons, Suspensions, Commutations and Remissions
Cerro Gordo County 1 Jan 1909 - 31 Dec 1910

Suspensions of County Jail Sentences
Baack, Fred11 Oct 1910Cerro Gordo County. Convicted at the April Term, 1910, and sentenced to a term of six months in the County Jail for the offense of breaking and entering a dwelling house in the daytime. Clemency was recommended by J. F. Clyde, Trial Judge; J. C. Robinson, County Attorney, and W. A. Holdren, Acting Sheriff. Suspension was granted on the 11th day of October, 1910.

Miller, H. G.27 Feb 1909Cerro Gordo Couunty. Term 5 years. Suspended Dec. 22, 1906. Resotored Feb. 27, 1909.

Final Discharges Recommended by Board of Parole
Mizner, Will 24 Feb 1910Cerro Gordo County. Paroled Nov. 2, 1908. Discharged Feb. 24, 1910.

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Source: The Governor. Report by the Governor of Iowa of Pardons, Suspensions and Commutations of Sentence and Remissions of Fines From January 1, 1909 to December 31, 1910. Des Moines, Iowa. Emory H. English, State Printer. 1911.
Transcribed for Cerro Gordo County IAGenWeb by Jennifer Gunderson (Mar 2021).