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1875 - 1975

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Aerial View of St. John Church School and Rectory, Arcadia, Iowa 1
Photo of St. John’s Church, Arcadia, Iowa. Built in 1918. 2
Dedication 3
Preface 5
History of St. John's Parish, Arcadia, Iowa 13
Photos of Parishoners 30
The Parishioners that built our church 35
Frrst and most recent marriages and baptisms 41
Priests from St. John’s Parish 42
Brothers From St. John’s Parish 44
Sisters From St. John’s Parish 44
Origin and History of Sisters of St. Francis 52
History and Development of St. John’s School 52
Grade School Class Photos 55
Grade School Class Photos - Grade 5, 4, 3 56
Grade School Class Photos - Grade 2, 1 57
Our Grade School Teachers 65
St. John’s Sports Activities 68
Kuemper High School, Carroll, Iowa - Teachers and Class Photos 70
History of High School 72
Members of Our Parish Eighty-Four Years or More 78
Edward & Helena Bolke Schroeder 79
Alphonse & Mayme Scherbring Schweers 79
Anniversaries Celebrated 80
Some of Our Senior Citizens of the Parish 88
Organizations of the Church 100
In Memorium (of those who died in the Armed Service) 103
Legionnaires from St. John’s Parish - 1975 104
First Communions list of classes from 1890-1974 110
Graduations from 1913 or 1914 to 1955 121
Photos of Priests and Sisters 131
History of Arcadia 141
Life Among the Early Settlers 144
Census of Arcadia Township for 1874 145
Early Farming 145
Breaking the Prairie 145
(Town council records) Taken from the Town Meeting Minutes 146
List of Mayors 146
The first telephone office 146
Verein Hall and The American Legion Hall 147
Photos of various businesses in early Arcadia 153
Arcadia - Carroll County, Iowa, Plat. 155
Newspaper article: $1,055 taken at Arcadia postoffice 156
Photos from around town 157
Freight train were derailed Sunday October 7, 1956 157
Photo of Nativity Scene, Tornado damage (5 photos), Freight Train Derailed 158
Photos of youth sports and organizations 165
The Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Arcadia, Iowa 168
The Presbyterian Church of Arcadia 169
Wedding Pictures 174
Family Pictures 177
Various Farming photos:  
Louis Schroeder 195
Tony Grote and sons Anthony, Arnold, Walter, Michael and Leo 195
Dentlingers at hay baling time 195
Threshing at Joe Lampe farm east of Arcadia 195
Joe Glass threshing crew 195
J.H. Kohorst and his Mighty Michigan 195
Henry Terlisner, Leo Wegman, Henry F. Olberding, Joe Lengeling 195
Kaywood the barber and his new car 195
Various Automobile Photos:  
H.F. Eike Farm 196
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Schroeder 196
Joe Schweers and Cy Diers 196
Mr. and Mrs. Clem Mueggenberg 196
Father Bob and Loren Leiting and Tony Sanders facing camera 196
Matilda Dentlinger’s 196
Ruth Diers 196
Frank Schrad and Barnie Schroeder 203
Mrs. Anton Hoelscher with children 203
Anna Vonnahme 203
Helena Schroeder and Philomena Schroeder 203
Herman and Alphonse Schweers 203
Barney Haverkamp (shingling at 86 yrs.) and Jay Quinn 203
Frank Schlerman’s 95th birthday 203
Hoelscher Bros - Henry, Frank, Clem, Joe 203
1932. Irwin Hinners, Loretta Hinners, Tony Grote, Hildegarde Grote, Alfred Hinners 203
Frank & Anna Hinners (seated), Alfred, Loretta & Irwin Hinners 204
Father Stork and Barney Haverkamp 204
Joseph Thieman 204
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gerken & Mrs. Ed Schroeder (Gerken’s 55th Anniversary) 204
Helery F. Eike 204
Mr. and Mrs. Barney Leiting 204
Herma Leiting Sr 204
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hinners and Father [Ahmann], 25th Anniversary 204
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. Hank Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schroeder and Bernard Schroeder 204
Mr. and Mrs. John Vonnahme 204
Various Photos - Some Military:  
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lampman 1947 205
Patricia, James, Paul and John Jr Schroeder 205
Ben Haverkamp & Frank Fitzhenry 205
Ed Noethe 205
Frank Pille and Joe Lehrter 205
Jerry Berg 205
Terry Wiese 205
Robert Schweers 205
Larry Wolterman and Allen Vonnahme 205
Photos of Horses:  
Leroy, Roland and Ralph Niehaus 206
Orville and Ivan Schroeder 206
Dale Schweers 206
John Schroeder Sr and horses 206
Clem and John Schrad 206
Don Staples 206
Herman Leiting 206
Peter Schmitz 206
Photos of:  
Lenus Terlisner, Frank Enenbach and Oliver Enenbach 213
Louis Schroeder in the middle 213
Vincent, Bob and Milo Wolterman with tiling machine 213
Corn picking on Wilbert Vonnahme farm (1944) 213
Windmill of years ago on the John and Ed Noethe farm 213
Iowa Buttermakers: Frank Noethe of Arcadia and Matt Wagner of Halbur 213
Phillip Redig and his father, Anton 213
Orville and Ivan Schroeder 213
Vic Tomka and Dennis Sanders - 1963 214
Milfred, Vincent, Marvin and David Collison 214
Mrs. Peters House, the Gross home now 214
Vernon Kohorst home 214
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schroeder and family 214
This tool shed standing on the Vernon Kohorst farm was part of St. John’s school. It was moved to the then J.H. Kohorst place in 1918. 214
Home of Alphonse Schweers 214
These two cottonwood trees were planted by Augustine Staiert to mark his property 214
Joe Schweers 215
Margaret Hannasch, Hank Peters, Mrs. Hank Peters, Loretta Diers, Moses Schroeder, Albert Hannasch, Leo Timmerman, Art Diers 215
Joe Kohorst, Leo Timmerman, Neil Reiman, Phil Redig 215
Don Badding 215
Mass servers of St. John’s Parish 1915. Ed Noethe, Joe Olberding, Frank Terlisner, John Lutiwitz, Art Terlisner, Carl Bolke, Clarence Stangl, Louie Niehaus, John Noethe, Mike Stangl, Leo Niehaus, Rev. Schulte 215
Ron Sundrup high school graduation, Dennis Sundrup first communion 215
Art, Vince, Leo and Al Schweers altar boys 1929 215
Arden and Arvid Reiman 215
Randy Schmitz and Jeff Wiebers, First Communion 1962 215
Loren Leiting First Communion, Tony Sanders 215
4-H Club 1938 216
Sewing Class (about 1924) 216
Herman Leiting - age 12 216
John Andersen & Keith Schroeder 216
Loren Dentlinger 216
Loren, Glen, Robert Leiting 216
Rudolph Redig, Bill Buchholz, Philip Redig, Mary Redig, Elizabeth Redig, Elenore Buchholz, Mrs. Anton Redig, Katherine Redig, Jacob Redig, Anna Redig, Cecelia Redig, O’Connell girl, Mary Buchholz, Agnes Buchholz, Margaret Redig 216
Bob, Karen and Ron Sundrup 216
Vic & Shirley Schroeder 217
Jim Berg 217
Mary Jo & Roselyn Badding 217
Marian Schmitz & Clair Schmitz and the Gibbon twins 217
Photos of people: 222
Charlotte Ocken, Janice Heinrichs, Marie Irlbeck, Berniece Lampman, Jeaneane Leiting, Ruth Nieland, Marlene Henkenius 222
Leo, Mike, Luella, MaryAnn, Tony, Arnold Grote 222
RoseMarie, Georgian and Gregory Schweers 222
Aloysius & Lawrence Dentlinger 222
Leroy, Arlene, Maryann Niehaus 222
Gladys Vonnahme, Lois Schrad, Ruth Diers, Delores Heinrichs, Connie Leiting, Vera Vonnahme, Helen Jane Collison, Berniece Leiting, Marian Schmitz, Ruth Ann Schroeder, Charlotte Schweers, Norma Berg, Donna Mae Duffy, Lola Mae Oswald, Virginia Beckman 222
Mr. and Mrs. Don Berg 222
Vera Vonnahme, Norma Wolterman, Marian Schmitz, Helen Leiting, Connie Leiting, Gladys Vonnahme 222
Orville Duffy, Don Diers, Leroy Vonnahme 222
Marian Schmitz, Ruth Diers, Phyllis Sexton, Connie Leiting 222
Darrell, Dan, Jim, Jaynee, Julie Henkenius 223
Alan, Oran, Arden Kohorst 223
Joan & Bruce Leiting 223
Bill, Doug, Barb Diers 223
Carol Berg 223
Peter Schmitz 223
LeeAnn Leiting 223
Butch Schmitz 223
Kim, Shelia, Cindy Martens, Barbie, Terri, Christie & Pat Sundrup 223
Bill, Calvin Badding, David Staiert, Doug Staiert, Joe Badding 223
Bob Schweers’ birthday party 224
Jean Schweers’ birthday party 224
Boys of the eighth grade of 1953 - Skip day at Peony Park in Omaha 224
Kathy Badding’s birthday party 1957 224
Diane Sundrup’s birthday party 224
Birthday party for Sue Diers 1965 224
Dale Schweers’ birthday party 224
Den “3” Cub Scouts - Joe Schweers, David Redig, Alan Glass, Brent Wiese, Russell Wolterman and Ricky Lussman 224
Alan Glass’ birthday party 1968 224
John Berning’s birthday party 225
Joel, Lee & Marie Dentlinger 225
Tom Berg’s 1st Birthday 225
Carol Staples & Joan Mueggenberg 225
Albert Irlbeck family 225
Schroeder & Hannasch girls 225
Lewis & Leo Schmitz 225
Louis Schroeder’s kids 225
Ethel Freeze, Marian Leiting, Norma Wolterman, Gene Leiting, Bob Wolterman, Earl Leichti 225
Lola Dentlinger with her beanstalk 225
Cubs Lost. Dave Diers, Tom Berg 225
Bowling League 1973-74 226
St. John’s Cleaning Crew 226
These ladies have gotten together at Christmas time every year for 18 years - Maxine Jahde, Mary Jo Berning, Vera Booth, Alice Schmitz, Marian Schmitz, Gladys Steinkamp 226
Group photo of First Aid Class 226
Shirley Wolterman modeling Mrs. Louis Schroeder’s wedding dress 226
Jennifer Berg 226
Photo (no caption) 226
Charles Duffy 227
Phil Redig 227
Leona Vonnahme’s birthday 227
Labor Day Celebrations history 227
American Legion Honor Guard 227
Julie, Jim & Jaynee Henkenius, LeAnn, Doug Leiting, Darrell Henkenius, Linda Leiting 227
Motorcycles - Lance Howe, Shawn Schmitz. First Family - LeAnn Leiting, Nancy Andersen, Linda Leiting, John Andersen 227
John Berning, Jim Berning, Curt Schweers 227
4 photos, no captions 228
Local Markets May 1918 228
Town Ordinances 228
Bits and Pieces 229
Our Committees 230
List of Parishioners and Their Children 236

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