Rockwell City High School

Rockwell City Girls' Basketball, 1915-1916

In no particular order: Naomi Bass, Mina Engelman, Evelyn Maulsby, Arra Gidel, Bernice Radley, Edna Parsons, Jenette Medd, Gladys Ferguson. Gladys is in the back row, second from the right, the girl to the right of Gladys might be Miss Miller.

Rockwell City Boy's Basketball, 1916-1917

In no particular order: Paul Mundy, Jesse Schwarck, Clinton Rendels, Merrill Norton, Corril Kuhnes, Ralph Yepson and George Huff. Corril Kuhnes is fifth from the left.

Rockwell City High School, 1917

Middle row, 6th from left: Nina Engleman

Back row, 3rd from left: Gladys Ferguson