Manson Semi-Weekly Press

March 7, 1878

INJUNCTION! The injuctionists had to swallow their own pill. Joe Yates, of Swamp Land Swindle Notoriety did not hold the winning card this time. The injunction smelled very strong of perjury—candidates for reform, etc.

Below we give the decree of the court, Hon. Ed. R. Duffie presiding, dissolving the injunction restraining the board of sub-directors from building a school house in Manson. It was dissolved almost on sight. No long and exhaustive arguments were necessary to convince his Honor that the petition for injunction was not based fair and equitable grounds.

Here is the decree: In Circuit Court, Calhoun Co., Iowa. J. L. Brown, Cyrus Whittlesey, A. D. Moore and J. Yates vs. E. B. Hogoboom, Enoch Skinner, Henry Moses, Moses Slauson, E. S. Brooks, James Tirtlot and George Allisson.

In Chambers, before Hon. Ed. R. Duffie, Judge of the 14th Judicial District of Iowa, at Pocahontas Center, Iowa, February 28th, 1878.

And now, on this 28th day of February, 1878, at the hour of 2 o’clock p.m. the time and place stated in the annexed notice, the motion to recall the writ of injunction heretofore issued herein, came on for hearing before me; the plaintiffs, Brown and Moore, appearing in person and the defendants, by their attorney, J. D. Springer.

After hearing the evidence and arguments, said motion is sustained, and said injunction is dissolved.

/s/ Ed. R. Duffie, District Judge, 14th Judicial District of Iowa.

Mr. A. Cady has moved the house he purchased of C. A. Whittlesey, into town, and will occupy it as a dwelling as soon as finished.

Still they come.

Oscar Grant has moved his family into town, and Mr. T. E. Peterson will do the same as soon as Mr. Stafford moves out.

All persons wanting to secure seats and tuition for their children should make arrangements as soon as Thursday, March 7, as the school will positively commence March 11. /s/ O. W. Catlin.

City Election.
The city election passed off very quietly. The following officers were elected: Mayor, B. F. Freeburger; Recorder, Ed. Ebersole; Treasurer, B. F. Young; Street Commissioner, H. R. Feathers; Trustees, Dr. H. Young, J. Hallahan, B. F. Walton, S. M. Thomas, C. Ebersole.

Subscriptions received since last report: Geo. Peak, $1.50; Wm. Carmichael, $1.50; Peter Windell, 90 cents.

W. H. Buswell expects to put him up a new house before long. New House—Mr. McBeth has the stone and sand on the ground for a new house on Seneca street.

Mr. J. C. Blair, of Newell was in the city last week, looking over the Malden & Clarke hardware stock with a view to purchasing.

John Rockwell, of Rockwell City was in town Friday after lumber.

Good Enough.—The school house contractor, S. N. Earl, Esq., has filed his bond for the faithful completion of the contract; the balance of the funds have been voted to finish the building; and the site located east of Main street just where it ought to be, those loud mouthed harpies to the contrary notwithstanding.

Sailed in.—Sheriff Chase looked the city over Monday, attending to official business.

March 14, 1878

School Reports:

Lincoln Center--Report of Lincoln Center School for month ending February 22, 1878:


Report of school in District No. 3, for the term commencing December 10 and ending March 5, Mrs. L. E. BROOKS, Teacher


Returned--CY. WHITTLESEY has returned from his trip to eastern Iowa, looking hearty as ever. It seems to agree with him to leave behind the turmoil and strife of school house politics, and sell cattle for awhile.

Small Pox. A case of small pox is reported in a Swede family over in Johnson township, Webster county. We hope the rumor is without foundation as this country has had about all the contagious diseases it can stand.

Rev. YOUKER filled the pulpit here Sunday.

It is said that Mr. WALTON, of Brown Walton & Co., will build a house in the spring.

We learn that T. E. MALDEN, intends to build a dwelling house early in the spring.

Mrs. L. W. WILSON, of Fort Dodge, sister of the editor (CYRUS D. AUYER) of this paper, is visiting in the city.

FRED J. ERVIN, of the Press office, is on the sick list, and Mr. A. W. ERVIN is here in his absence.

A. E. ALLEE moves into his new house, in the west part of town, and CHARLES NICHOLSON takes the rooms vacated by Mr. ALLEE.

JOE MALDEN says that the largest car load of lumber ever brought to this town was received by them last week, containing 12,999 feet.

FRANK JACKSON, of Daysville, Ogle County, Illinois, was the reigning belle at the masquerade sociable, last week. ROB. GLOVER was the lucky escort.

New Paper--We learn that T. B. HOTCHKISS is about to start a paper in Manson to be called the Post. It is to be printed in Pomeroy.

Star--Mr. PEELER is fixing up a silver star for the new town marshal, as per order of a number of the admiring friends of that officer.

Sold out--The bankrupt hardware stock of Malden & Clarke has been disposed of by the receiver to Mr. JOEL C. BLAIR, of Newell, who will remove it to that city.

A small army--Mr. CATLIN has about fifty-five scholars enrolled at his private school, with an average daily attendance of fifty. The term is to last two months.

New Marshal--The council at its meeting lat Monday evening, by a vote of four to one, elected BEN. HOBBS Town Marshal. The other vote was for T. C. GREGG, and was given by Mr. WALTON.

Street lamp--SETH THOMAS of the Manson House, has ornamented his corner with a street lamp, which reflected light upon the muddy crossing and credit on Seth’s spirit of enterprise.

March 21-28, 1878

J. B. SMITH has a new house in course of erection.

Mr. McBETH has commenced work on the foundation for his house.

H. J. GRISWOLD is about to add to the size of his house.

The Circuit Court, Judge WEAVER presiding will convene at Rockwell City, April 15.

H. J. GRISWOLD has a few choice tracts of land to rent. See notice elsewhere in this paper.

A. CALHOON, county superintendent of schools, and S. N. EARL, school house contractor, were in town today.

Mr. CHARLES LOCKIE, of Pomeroy, is distributing quite a number of Singer Sewing Machines over this county.

Married--At the residence of the brides parents, in Sherman township, Calhoun county, Iowa, on Sunday, March 24, by S. N. EARL, Esq., Mr. THEODORE B. LeMOIN, of Summit county, Ohio, to Miss ADDIE M. SKINNER.

We omitted to mention in our last issue, that Dr. H. YOUNG had just received a well preserved Indian skull, and several rich specimens of silver quartz from JACK GLOVER, of Austin, Nevada. It will pay you to call at the drug store and see them.

S. N. EARL, Esq. starts tonight for Dubuque, for the purchase of a full line of school house material. Thus it transpires that it is not being built in the interest of Manson builders and lumber men, as was reported by the opponents of schools.

Gone--H. E. POWERS, who has resided among us for some time past, folded his tent and left for the west one morning last week. Mr. Powers is a very pleasant and agreeable gentleman, and will be greatly missed by his friends in Manson.


Wedding cake--We omitted to acknowledge last week the receipt of some very choice wedding cake, from Mrs. H. J. GRISWOLD, on the occasion of the marriage of her sister. Thanks.

WM. GOULD, who has been sick so long, is very low at present. He is having a very hard struggle. It is to be hoped that he will speedily recover, as Calhoun county cannot afford to loose (sic) such farmers as Mr. G.

C. E. SHAMAN is up from Peosta for a few days.

Mrs. W. C. MOODY still continues in feeble health.

ENOCH SKINNER’s office is now known as the city hall.

GEO. BANKS stepped off the end of the Second street sidewalk and sprained his ankle.

On account of sickness, Mr. EARL, the school house contractor, did not leave for Dubuque Tuesday evening, but will probably get away tonight.

C. C. CARPENTER has been appointed one of the state Railroad Commissioners.

What will HOTCHKISS do for a Congressional candidate now.

Around--J. F. PARKER and THEO. DUNN, of Pomeroy, were in town Tuesday afternoon.

OSCAR GRANT made a business trip to Pomeroy Tuesday. Rev.

YOUKER will preach next Sunday in the congregational church.

Closed--The school in the Wise district, taught by Miss ANNA BROCK, of this city, closed last week.

On a visit--A brother-in-law of OSCAR GRANT, from Millford, Delaware, has been visiting here this week, and thinks Manson is quite a place.

Moved--JAMES LOVE packed up his worldly stores last Tuesday and moved his family and household goods to Fort Dodge. Sorry to have you go, Jim.

P. R. BALDWIN and daughter were visiting with Mr. and Mrs. C. M. HALSTEAD yesterday. Mr. Baldwin is the “boss” farm implement man of Fort Dodge.

Progressing--Work on Mr. McBETH’s new house is progressing somewhat slowly, but there is enough to show that he intends having a comfortable home.

New House--We are informed that J. D. SOUTH intends building a new house on the south side of the railroad track.

Died--At his home, two miles south east of Manson, Wednesday, March 27, of cancer of the liver, Mr. WILLIAM GOULD, aged 44 years.

Done his duty--Assessor GRISWOLD has posted a list of his inhabitants of Manson liable to military duty, by which 37 of our citizens are declared in proper shape for war. Now whoop it up to Mexico.

Mrs. E. V. FOWLER returned during the early part of the week, from a visit to her daughter, Mrs. C. E. SEAMAN, at Peoria. We believe, however that she extended her visit farther east and secured a large and well selected stock of millinery and ladies furnishing goods for the spring trade.

Farm for sale. Apply to W. TYSON, Manson, Iowa.

April 5-12, 1878

Rev. WHITFIELD occupies the pulpit next Sabbath.

Sick. JOHN CHRISTMAS was reported on the sick list the fore part of the week, but is again on duty.

JOHN JONES, of Sherman township, is the happy father of a ten pound boy which arrived at this place Sunday morning.

Mr. LEWIS, the enterprising loan and tax-paying agent of Rockwell City, is preparing to build a wing to his already cozy and convenient residence. Mr. L. is a gentleman who is bound to have things comfortable.

Indicted. We are informed that JOSEPH NIMICK, of Pocahontas Center, has been indicted for keeping a gaming house. Cause, allowing the county supervisors and others to play 'wet games' of Euchre, Seven-up, Pedro, etc.

Again. General KILPTRICK is to deliver another lecture in Fort Dodge soon, the subject this time being "The Irish Soldier."

Joined the church. Last Sunday an addition of two members was made by the Congregational society of this place, by the admission of Mr. JOHN WISE and Mrs. C. EBERSOLE.

Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of Calhoun County, Iowa. April Term, 1878. Board of Supervisors of Calhoun county, Iowa, met in regular session at the Auditor's office in Rockwell City April 1st, 1878. Board called to order by the chairman at 1 o'clock, p.m. Members present, THOMAS MILLER, JOHN SOMMERVILLE, and W. H. FITCH.

Second Day: The following school fund mortgages were on motion approved: T. W. SMITH in amount of $70; ROMA MARANVILLE in amount of $50; JOHN SMITH in amount of $100; E. B. CLAY in amount of $240; WINSLOW HOLMES in amount of $200.

On motion the assessment of R. BABCOCK, of Twin Lakes Township, for the year 1878 was reduced $100. Clerk's fee bill in amount of $150.68 as costs in case of State vs. GEORGE C. JOHNSON was on motion allowed. Clerk's fee bill in amount of $15.00 as additional fees in case of State vs. PARRIOTT, was on motion allowed. The official bond of J. H. GILBERT, clerk of Reading township, was approved on condition that the sureties as now on said bond, qualify to property statement of not less than $800 within twenty days from this date. The petition of JAMES McCLURE and others, asking the board of Supervisors to create and organize a new civil township out of township 86, range 32, was presented. After having examined said petition, and being duly satisfied that the requisite number of electors reside in the territory therein named, and that the convenience of the citizens require it, therefore, it is hereby ordered by the Board of Supervisors of Calhoun county, Iowa, that all of township 86, range 32, in said county, be, and the same is hereby created and organized into a new civil township, the same to be known as the township of Union.

April 12-26, 1878

MALDEN's house is up and nearly enclosed. Ditto WALTON's.

C. M. HALSTEAD and wife are spending a week in Fort Dodge with friends.

WM. TYSON is off on a trip to the south part of Webster county, in pursuit of business, health and pleasure.

Mrs. INGHAM, of Muskegon, Mich., sister of Mrs. SEAMAN, of this city, is here on a visit to numerous friends.

A Mr. MERRILL and daughter, of Boston, relatives of Mrs. GEORGE R. ALLISON, visited this city during the first of the week, and passed on west yesterday morning, accompanied by Mr. Allison.

Boss, Pro Tem. SAM WAY of Newell is attending to the depot business this week, during Mr. HALSTEAD's absence, and he goes at it in a way that shows he understands the duties of the place.

Is Going to Try It. J. W. TODD, a brother-in-law of A. E. ALLEE, who was here last week, was quite well pleased with the business outlook of Manson, and will make a strenuous endeavor to locate here as soon as he can arrange his matters at his present home, which will be, we understand, at no distant day, as the profession of law needs a representative here.

Gone. Dr. A. J. HOGG, for the past six months a resident physician, and a son in-law of W. C. MOODY, left for the Upper Missouri and Yellowstone region last Tuesday evening. Dr. Hogg was a very pleasant gentleman, and one whom those who knew him best were least willing to part company with. We wish him abundant success.

Judge WEAVER and attorneys WRIGHT, MESERVEY, SPRINGER, BOTSFORD, and DOLLIVER, stopped off here on their way to Pocahontas Center to attend the circuit court of that county.

Bully For Our Side. Postmaster GLOVER informs us that the Manson post office will be made a money order office on July 1st. This will supply a want long felt by our business men. In the absence of banking privileges a money order office is the next best thing. Change of Venue. Mr. DEAN, the defendant in the Pocahontas county contested election case, took a change of venue at the last term of Court, from Pocahontas to Calhoun county. We are of the opinion that Mr. Dean has committed a very judicious act in thus taking the case away from the terrorizing influences of Billy McEWEN and his mortgages.

Called. R. H. DOLLIVER, of the firm of Dolliver Brothers, Attorneys, Fort Dodge, made our den a pleasant call while in the city on a tour of inspection today. Mr. Dolliver is a very pleasant gentleman, and can hardly fail of attaining a position in the front rank of the army of Blackstone. Mr. D. also informs us that one of the firm will be in this city every Saturday, and perhaps both Friday and Saturday, of every week hereafter, and will always be ready to come on call of parties needing their services.

April 26-May 3, 1878

OLIVER TYSON, of Lehigh, and R. H. DOLLIVER, of Fort Dodge are in the city. Painted.

JAMES GLOVER's residence has been freshened up by a new coat of paint.

Departed. DUDLEY ROCKWELL has gone to Redwood Falls, Minn., where he expects to locate permanently.

CHARLES GRANT's fine stallion may be found at the livery barn of H. J. GRISWOLD. Don't fail to go in and see him.

Letter List. Letters remaining unclaimed in the post office at Manson, Iowa, for the week ending April 29, 1878: ALVA MORSE, SEVRIN SANDBERG. Persons calling for the above please say "advertised," and give date of this list. JAMES GLOVER, P.-M.

Returned. Dr. A. J. HOGG, who left Manson last week Wednesday, was telegraphed at Yankton, D.T., of the death of Mrs. W. C. MOODY, and took the first train for Manson. The Doctor engaged passage via steamer from Yankton to Bismarck, but intended to visit the famous Yellowstone region. As will be seen by his card elsewhere in this paper, Dr. Hogg has determined to settle permanently in this city.

Miss JENNIE HALSTEAD, of Fort Dodge, sister of C. M. HALSTEAD, station agent, is spending a few days in the city.

Gunsmith. WILL PRAY, who a short time ago bought the gun shop on Fifth street, between Market and Williams street, is business in a minute. We have known him for several years, and can vouch for the success of any job he undertakes.

We forgot to mention last Friday that the peach trees on the farm of W. H. DAVIDSON, southeast of town were in full bloom, making a pleasant spectacle for northwestern Iowa.

Died. At her home in Manson, Iowa, April 28, 1878, JANE M. MOODY, beloved wife of W. C. MOODY, in the 64th year of her age. The deceased was a native of New Jersey, but the greater part of her life was spent in the West. She was a devoted wife and tender mother. She was a firm believer in the grand truths of spiritualism, and departed this life without the shadow of a doubt as to the immortality of the soul. The change called death had no terror for her--she knew that the loved ones gone before waited on the other side.

A standard weight daughter arrived at the residence of CYRUS WHITTLESEY this afternoon.

J. M. DAVIS has rented his farm to C. W. WOOD, of Bremer county, Iowa.

Correction--We learn by private letter from Mr. JOLLEY, attorney for the State in the case of State vs. REESE, that Mr. GREGG only settled $13.40 of the costs, and that Reese settled the balance of $10. This settlement was brought about through the influence of the court and the sheriff. We are much obliged to Mr. Jolley for this statement, as we did not intend any injustice to any one in the case.

May 3-17, 1878

JOHNHN DETRICH and family, of Webster City, were in the city on Monday, the guests of ADAM KRUTZ.

Boy. JOBE SMITH is the latest Manson father, the child being a bouncing boy of the standard weight. FRANK YOUNG has just repainted the interior of his drug store, and it looks as bright as a new dollar.

Home. Miss ANNA BROCK returned home Tuesday evening from Fort Dodge, where she has been visiting for several weeks past.

Mrs. J. H. ROCKWELL, Miss HATTIE ROCKWELL, and Miss NELLIE PIERCE were in the city over last night, en route from Fort Dodge to Rockwell City.

Letter List. Letters remaining unclaimed in the post office at Manson, Iowa for the week ending May 6th, 1878: KUPHART JAMES. Persons calling for the above please say "advertised," and give date of this list. JAMES GLOVER, P-M.

Mr. CATLIN closed his private school in this place last Saturday. He will teach this summer in the Stafford district in Center township.

N. P. GRAVES and family have returned after a protracted absence in the eastern part of the State, in pursuit of business and pleasure.

New Painter. EDWARD J. HATCH from Dixon, Ills., a painter by trade, arrived in this city on Wednesday morning, and will open a paint shop, and hold himself in readiness to do a first-class job of anything in the painting line. He may be found for the present at the office of H. J. GRISWOLD.

Our wounded are all on the mend, and Dr. CARROLL is beginning to enjoy a slight respite from his arduous labors occasioned by the late storm.

The BLOMBURG Brothers have purchased the blacksmith shop and business of H.

L. PATTERSON, and are building a small house near the residence of Mr. DUNN.

Mr. HENRY HANSON, the book-keeper for Morrill & Son, has been unwell for several days—seems to be threatened with scarlet fever.

Notice in Probate. To whom it may concern: You and each of you are hereby notified to appear at the courthouse in Calhoun county, Iowa, on the second day of the next term thereof to-wit: on the 5th day of November, 1878 at 10 o'clock a.m., to attend the probate of an instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of WILLIAM GOULD, late of Calhoun County, Iowa, deceased; at which time and place you will appear and show cause if any, why said will should not be admitted into probate. In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed the seal of said office, this 29th day of April, 1878. H. H. HUTCHINSON, Clerk of Circuit Court.