Delayed Birth Records date from 1850-1939 and contain information from the application for birth certificates by affidavit.

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Last Name First Name Middle Name Gender Date of Birth Place of Birth   Father Mother
Yockstick Clarence Roy M 11 Jan 1889 Waverly    John Yockstick Augusta Jomasek
Yokom Earl Wallace M 08 Mar 1885 Waverly    Alvin Wallace Yokom Mary Rachel Turner
Youmans Frieda Fay F 18 Jun 1903 Waverly    John V Youmans Minnie Buhman
Youmans Harold Harmon M 05 Jun 1902 Plainfield    John Youmans Rose Or Rosanna Mishler
Youmans Isabelle Kathryn F 27 Nov 1912 Horton    John V Youmans Minnie Buhman
Young Anna J F 17 Feb 1881 Polk Township    John P Young Sara Fritcher
Young Chauncey Lewis M 06 Nov 1875 Waverly    Horace Seaman Young Anna B Wynne
Young Lottie Pearl F 25 Jul 1883 Sumner    James Young Ellen Triplett
Young Loy Wayne M 21 Jan 1923 Sumner    Loy R Young Alice Emma Kroblin
Young Mira Maud F 14 Jul 1877 Bremer    John Perry Young Sarah L Fritcher
Yungtum Fred Henry M 28 Jan 1924 Sumner    Fred Frank Yungtum Mildred Thomas
Yungtum James Robert M 07 Feb 1932 Sumner    Charles Yungtum Mildred Fern Thomas

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Delayed Birth Records