Delayed Birth Records date from 1850-1939 and contain information from the application for birth certificates by affidavit.

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Last Name First Name Middle Name Gender Date of Birth Place of Birth   Father Mother
Ida Agnes Emilie F 12 May 1910 Bremer    Christopher A Sophia Brandt
Ihde Marion Lucille F 16 Jul 1920 Polk Township    Edwin Ihde Ruth Shipp
Illian James Frank M 20 Jan 1936 Waverly    Glenn Bernard Illian Lila Mae Merritt
Ingersoll Agnes Leotta F 18 May 1886 Waverly    Nicholas Orrin Ingersoll Reinette Keith
Ingham Ethel Jane F 06 Aug 1919 Waverly    Lynn L Ingham Alice Lane
Ingham Leslie Glenn M 04 Feb 1890 Horton    Winnie Belmond Ingham Edith Genevieve Foster
Ingham Lynn Leland M 04 Apr 1891 Waverly    Winnie Ingham Edith Foster
Irene La Donna F 26 May 1917 Tripoli    Herman John Krueger Arlene Laura Brown
Ivens John
M 30 Mar 1929 Bremer    Henry Johannes Ivens Johanna Snuiverink

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Delayed Birth Records