Delayed Birth Records date from 1850-1939 and contain information from the application for birth certificates by affidavit.

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Last Name First Name Middle Name Gender Date of Birth Place of Birth   Father Mother
Oberdiear Charles Ira M 14 Feb 1879 Plainfield    Frank Aba Oberdiear Emma Smith
Oberdiear Frances Izora F 06 Mar 1893 Plainfield    Frank Abraham Oberdiear Emma Rhoda Smith
Oberdiear Jennie Mae F 17 Mar 1885 Plainfield    Frank A Oberdiear Emma R Smith
Oberhen Rosa Anna F 18 Sep 1916 Waverly    Heinrich Or Henry Oberhen Maria Or Marie Boeschling
O'Connell Earl Orval M 03 Jul 1900 Le Roy Township    Thomas O'Connell Sophia Kellner
O'Connell Nora
F 07 Jun 1885 Frederika Township    Michael O'Connell Hannah Collins
Odell Marjorie Annabelle F 04 Jun 1900 Waverly    Ernest C Odell Cora E Murray
Ohl Bonnie June F 30 Jun 1932 Bremer    Ora Ohl Irma Duffield
Ohl Norma Jean F 13 Dec 1935 Franklin Township    Marvin Raymond Ohl Edna Hazel Manross
Ohlendorf Karl Henry M 18 Feb 1896 Bremer    Henry William Ohlendorf Wilhelmine Knief
Older Rollo
M 24 Oct 1883 Waverly    Charles Older Ellen Scott
Olds Addie Louise F 17 May 1889 Buck Creek    Alonzo Gilbert Olds Jennie Flint Brooks
Olds Dorothy May F 21 Jan 1902 Tripoli    Edson B Olds Isabelle Smith
Olds Merrill Paul M 22 Jul 1917 Buck Creek    Golding Olds Louise Hunembeller
Olds Richard Henry M 22 Sep 1930 Sumner    Arthur F Olds Fronie Kalishka
Olejniczak Edna C F 07 Nov 1923 Franklin Township    Joseph Olejniczak Margaret Henchel
Oleson Ardith Bernice F 27 Oct 1922 Plainfield    August B Oleson Lena B Huber
Oltragge Hulda L F 18 Sep 1889 Jefferson Township    John Oltragge Mary Stuge
Oltrogge Emma Dorothy F 29 Jun 1892 Maxfield Township    Conrad Oltrogge Sophie Blasberg
Oltrogge George Henry M 19 Jun 1905 Maxfield Township    Albert Oltrogge Carolina Niemeier
Oltrogge Hilda
F 08 Apr 1894 Maxfield Township    William Oltrogge Mary Steege
Oltrogge Lucille Florence F 08 Feb 1919 Maxfield Township    John W Oltrogge Hulda L Oltrogge
Oltrogge Rosalie Rosa F 22 Jun 1893 Waverly    John Henry Oltrogge Emilie Kaufmann
Oltrogge Victor C M 04 Feb 1905 Tripoli    Fred C Oltrogge Anna Luerrsen
Oltrogge Walter Herman M 05 Feb 1904 Waverly    Edward Conrad Oltrogge Elizabeth Liebau
Ong Alice Farris F 31 Mar 1891 Jefferson Township    J G Farris Anna Hunter
Ong Jerry Nelson M 19 Apr 1908 Waverly    William Nilsee Ong Susie Farris
Ong Stella Virginia F 08 May 1913 Waverly    William Walace Ong Susie Farris
Or Harold Frederick M 22 Jan 1898 Sumner    Gottlieb Böhm Laura Zahn
Orcutt Ada Isabelle F 10 Jan 1917 Polk Township    B W Orcutt Louise Turner
Orcutt Clarissa Belle F 13 Oct 1872 Polk Township    John D Orcutt Hannah Bossom
Ormston Thomas Elmer M 23 Apr 1872 Warren Township    Thomas Ormston Elizabeth Ann James
O'Rourke Verda Jean F 10 Jan 1927 Frederika Township    Harry R O O'Rourke Ruby Whitman
Orvis Alma Esther F 16 Feb 1879 Sumner    Sereno Norton Orvis Annie Lowe
Orvis Sereno Norton M 10 Oct 1884 Sumner    Sereno N Orvis Annie Lowe
Osborn Nelson Roy M 21 Jun 1897 Sumner    Amos Edward Osborn Ida Bell Davis
Osincup Frank Willard M 04 Oct 1895 Waverly    Frank Asbury Osincup Alma May Chamberlin
Osincup Herbert Conklin M 24 Apr 1918 Waverly    Lynn Chamberlin Osincup Elsie May Conklin
Osincup Paul Willard M 20 May 1914 Waverly    Lynn Chamberlin Osincup Elsie May Conklin
Otto Cornelia Estella F 01 Sep 1882 Tripoli    August Henry Otto Barbara Schaller
Otto Gustav John M 17 Sep 1904 Waverly    John Keutzer Bertha Drews
Otto Renetta
F 29 May 1915 Maxfield Township    Henry Conrad Otto Emma Thoms

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