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Engledow Cemetery
Section 9, Cedar Township, Mt. Auburn, Benton County, Iowa
Photo of Cemetery

Transcribed by Mark R. Engledow, 2001.
"Other than a couple stones for people who may still be alive, every
stone, marked and unmarked, readable and unreadable, is on this list"

Letters and numbers rendered unreadable by erosion or cracks in the stone are replaced with asterisks.
yr = years; mn = months; dy = days

E to W
S to N
 Last Name  First Name DOB DOD Epitaph  Researcher's Notes  Gravestone Photo project Obit

Row 1
Showalter John W 1852 1885   Eroded    
  Hart       GAR might be listed in the 1880 Veterans    
            Small block -- child? Eroded    
            Small obelisk    
  Kemp Charles M 1882 1971        
    Lucy       Child?    
    Lydia   Feb 6 1864   Eroded -- more details, obscured SAME
    Lucy   Feb 23 1864 24dy  
Row 2 IDA Bell   Sep 2 1879 11mn 1dy
  Myers Soporona E.   Mar 1* 1870 20yr 7mn
Wife of NL Myers
  Rogers Nathan R Mar 15 1847 May 1 1886        
  Rogers Clark W 1878 1879        
  Wallace Margaret Leticia Jan 9 1843 Jun 5 1892 I would not live always no
Welcome the tomb
Daughter of James & Eliza SAME
    James Aug 22 1819 Mar 20 1876    
    Eliza A July 20 1820 Sep 17 1904  
    Bruce       Born Nov. 17, 1840    
Row 3 AMC         Just initials    
Row 4 Rogers Marcia E Oct 18 1872 Nov 29 1892     PHOTO  
  Rogers Cleora Apr 23 1847 Nov 24 1920        
  Clark Addie M   Oct 22 1898 45yr 4mn 2dy
Wife of W Clark
Row 5           Eroded -- child?    
Row 6         FATHER      
  Hackett Nancy   Jun 27 18** 11yr 6mn 27dy North side SAME
    Infant   Sep 8 1887 Son of Wm & ME (Bobst?) East side  
  Hackett George   Sep 8 1885 84yr *mn 1*dy South side  
    Sandra   June 20 18** Wife of George Hackett West side  
    Nancy     MOTHER      
          Our Darling      
Row 7 Lane Lloyd L Dec 8 1921 Jan 1 1984 Pvt US Army      
  Lane Darlene R 1925 1984        
  Miller Mabel O 1889 1974     PHOTO  
  Lane William C 1889 1968     PHOTO  
            Small stone    
  Lane Buela May 1913 1918        
            Medium stone    
  Lane Vera Olive 1908 1909        
  Lane Charlotte Mar 13 1868 Jun 10 1943     PHOTO  
  Lane Thomas J May 30 1854 Oct 6 1940        
            Small stone    
  Lane Hester   Jan 3 1880 58yr 4mn 24dy
Wife of James Lane
    James   Jun 19 1905 81yr 10mn 14dy  
Inscription for Hester & James Lane: Our beloved parents from Heaven's Grace
Their voices now are stilled
And though their bodies slumber here
Their souls are safe in Heaven
    Daniel H   Dec 7 1859 7mn 7dy
Son of D* & SV Thomas
    Samuel R   Aug 11 1856 1mn 1 dy   SAME
    Nancy M   Sep 29, 185* 1yr 5mn *0dy  
  Pearsoll Amanda C Jan 13 1850 Apr 9 1921   Nee Engledow PHOTO  
   Harris Esther May Apr 15 1879 Nov 20 1898 At Rest
Daughter of Levi & Amanda Harris
Row 8 Weekley Viola Gray 1868 1956   Same stone. Other than being the plot next to her first husband David Engledow, I don't know why Viola Gray is on this stone. Lawrence is almost certainly buried elsewhere. PHOTO  
  Weekley Lovena 1893 1963 WWI  
  Weekley Lawrence 1894 19__    
  Engledow David R   Aug 4 1900 51yr 5mn 19dy Tablet-shaped stone PHOTO OBIT
  Engledow Malinda   Apr 23 1879 78yr   PHOTO  
  Engledow William R   Nov 19 1879 81yr 11mn 13dy   PHOTO  
  WRE         Just initials    
    Sarah J   Sep 25 1856 1yr 3 dy      
    Francis M(N?)   Jan 30 1856 18yr 11mn
Son of W & M Engledow
  EE         Just initials    
  MAE         Just initials    
    John W   Jul 8 1877 27yr 2mn 20dy   PHOTO  
  FME         Just initials    
  Engledow Emanuel   Apr 23, 1899 73yr 3mn
Stone podium with open Bible on top PHOTO OBIT
  Engledow Mary A   Dec 7 1905 78yr
Mary's will called for a stone, "not to exceed $35" and identical to David Engledow's -- her lawyer requested permission to spend $100 to purchase one identical to Emanuel's as well as a replacement for Emanuel's decrepit original stone. PHOTO OBIT
  Engledow Hiram C 1856 1928   His death-certificate and obituary say he died in 1932; his headstone says 1928. I don't know why. PHOTO OBIT
  Engledow Bertha   Sep 9 1881 3yr 3mn   SAME
  Engledow Clarence A   Aug 22 1881 1yr 4mn  
  Engledow Emma D 1884 1891     PHOTO  
  Engledow Martha E 1858 1942 GAR   PHOTO  
  Goodell Malinda C 1853 1928     PHOTO  
  Goodell Iolas E May 23 1878 Jun 9 1912 May He Rest In Peace   PHOTO  
Row 9   Anna M     4mn
Daughter of Johna & Frank Gestort
    Sarah   Feb 23 1860 27yr 6mn 11dy
Wife of Elias Bishop
  Goodman Infant   Mar 12 1869 * Broken off and reset in cement -- other details buried    
          40yr 2mn 13dy Top portion broken off and missing    
  Gingrich Abraham       Broken and reset in cement    
  Gingrich Catherine   Nov 17 1887 88yr 2mn 15dy
Sacred to the memory of Our Mother
Fancier than the rest of the stones    
Row 10 Weisert Lola Ethel 1902 1972     SAME
    Clifford W 1901 1975    
  Weisert Ronald Dean 1940 1941 Son of Clifford & Ethel Weisert      
  Weisert John F 1867 1933     SAME
    Clara 1883 1945   nee Westcott OBIT
  Weisert Harry F Nov 24 1916 Apr 24 1993 CPL US Marine Corps WWII      
  Preston Koroline 1883 1919 Mother      
  Preston Ralph M 1904 1988        
  Preston Lawrence L Oct 14 1918 Nov 3 1951 Tec4 ORD Dept World War II      
Row 11 IEG              
  Dawes Wm F         SAME
            Unmarked stone    
  Weisert Wm F 1862 1934     PHOTO  
  Weisert John C Nov 26 1830 Apr 18 1907 I Know That My Redeemer Lives   SAME
    Rosin Feb 16 1843 Feb 2 1924  
  Walther Christine J 1847 1926 Mother   SAME
    Frederich G 1843 1928 Father  
  Walther Carl C   May 27 1892 17dy
Son of F & C Walther
Row 12 Thomas Anna C 1857 1931 Mother   SAME
    Josiah S 1856 1936 Father  
  Thomas Albert 1889 1966        
            Unreadable sandstone    
    Emma N   Mar 14 1892 12yr 5mn 23dy
Daughter of JS & AC Thomas
  Day Henry A     GAR  [ Co. C 5th Inf. ] Probably top & Bottom half of the same stone, broken off and reset side-by-side in cement. No other details readable.    
  Day Thomas G     Co. G 13th Inf. -
kld. in action Atlanta, GA,
Aug. 25, 1864, buried
Marietta National Cem. ]
T G Day, sec. J, site 9712 )
Row 13 on my map worked out to be the driveway where family-lore says one or more nameless hobos are buried in unmarked graves.
Row 14 Westcott Joseph W Apr 5 1920 Oct 30 1971 Tec5 1561 Engineer Co. World War II      
  Westcott Elva 1893 1963        
  Westcott William P 1886 1958        
  Westcott Daisy 1915 1918        
  Westcott Inez Fay 1920 1924        
  Westcott Elmer E Sep 17 1929 Oct 8 1945        
  Westcott Ralph J 1926 1950 American Legion World War II    
  Westcott Ross E 1932 1955 American Legion      
  Westcott Jake A 1892 1976 Medallion: A bird holding chainlinks labeled FLT in an arc over the letters I00F and 496 under that. I00F: Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Dove: Peace. FLT: Friendship, Love, and Truth. Lodge number 496. SAME
    Alma E 1894 1961  
Row 15 Stocks Roy 1916 1994     SAME
    Iola 1910 1992    
  Westcott Levetta M May 13 1913 May 9 1986     SAME
    Everett D 1894 1975    
    Everett D Apr 9 1894 May 8 1975 PFC US Army World War I Government-issued stone -- Everett has 2 stones    
  Westcott Clarence Morton May 13 1913 May 9 1986        
  Westcott Fred 1890 1950     SAME
    Nellie 1888 1935    
  Westcott Mary I 1857 1929 Mother   SAME
    John A 1857 1917 Father  
    Bertha Jul 1877 Feb 1896 Daughter of JH & MI Westcott East side SAME
    Ettie Jun 1879 Aug 1880   North side  
    Ettie       Eroded    
            Small unreadable obelisk    
  Westcoatt Mark L     Co B 57 PA Inf -- GAR      
  Amburn Anna J     Wife of William Amburn Broken & reset in cement    
  Amburn William     Sgt. Co. G 13 Iowa Inf -- GAR      
  Amburn Clara E 1876 1954        
  Westcott Dora Jul 11 1877 Jul 23 1894   East side SAME
    Louisa Mar 11 1852 Feb 26 1892 Wife of E.D. Westcott West side  
    Dora       Small eroded stone    
  Westcott Elizabeth Jul 18 1888 Dec 20 1976 Mother   SAME
    Dora Rose Jul 13 1911 Sep 7 1911 Daughter  
Westcott Dallas F 1879 1975 Beloved Father      
Family-lore holds that every person here has a connection to the Engledow family. I haven't, yet, found that to be the case -- no connection to the Weiserts or, other than my mother's sister marrying a Westcott, no connection to them, either. So far as I know, the Engledow family hasn't owned the cemetery in 100 years or more -- the last mention I have on it, Mary Engledow's obituary from 1905, says the family "used to" own it, and at the time the farm itself was in the hands of her daughter Amanda (nee Engledow, formerly Harris) and (her husband) Pearsoll.

Until I get a hold of the cemetery records, this is as complete as it's going to be. Other than a couple stones for people who may still be alive, every stone, marked and unmarked, readable and unreadable, is on this list. Most of the stones with weather-obscured details are too fragile to rub or expose to chemicals/powders/whatnot -- if anyone knows how to read those w/o causing any further damage, drop me an e-mail and I'll give it a try next summer. Some, though, are far beyond any hope.

Does anyone know who has the records? In the Recorder's office, they said that the trustees for Cedar township might have them, but I don't know who they are. -- MRE

   [Italicized comments are FYI by Mark R Engledow.]

Transcribed by Mark R Engledow.
Copyright © 2001 by Mark R Engledow.
All Rights Reserved.

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