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Lansing Ladies, 1891

Miss Helen L. House, 207 Scott Street, Joliet, Illinois
Miss Em. T. Schaefer, 24 Lane Place, Chicago
Miss Fan Kimble, Lansing, Iowa
Carrie and Amelia Pape, Lansing, Iowa

September 3, 1891
Photographer: Mr. J.R. McGarrity, Lansing, Iowa

-Fan Kimble was enumerated on the 1895 Iowa State census in Lansing, age 17, born in Ohio. Her father was John A. (a dry goods merchant) and her mother Emma.
-Carrie & Amelia Pape were enumerated on the 1880 US census in Lansing, living with their mother Mary L. (a widow). Caroline (Carrie) was age 17 and Amelia was age 12.

~contributed by Sharyl Ferrall


Ariel Mulholland

Dean of the service mothers in the toy factory is Mrs. Len Mulholland, 57, of Lansing, who has one son in the navy and four in the army. She sands toys.
~source: newspaper clipping ca1940s.
~contributed by Errin Wilker, who writes: "I'm guessing that she worked at Lansing Toywood Products."
~1940 census: first name Ariel
~Oak Hill cemetery records: 1887-1982, maiden name Inmn, 1st name Ariel

Walter Bailey family

Bailey family L-R: Herbert, Mary Jane, Mrs. Sophia Bailey and husband Walter J.

~scrapbook clipping, undated, unknown newspaper ~contributed by Errin Wilker
~notes: Walter J. Bailey, his wife Sophia and children Mildred (age 17), Herbert (age 13) and Mary J. (age 11) are enumerated on the 1940 U.S. census. The children in this photo appear to be a little older than in the census; so the photo is likely ca1944/45. This timeperiod is in keeping with dates on many of the clippings in the scrapbook. A clipping of a photo of the family home on Front St., Lansing, was with the family photo, but the image on that clipping was too faint to be scanned.


Lansing Fish Day Queen & her attendants

Shown being crowned queen at the Venetian Night pageant held in connection with Lansing's Fish Day is Dixie Irons of New Albin. Paul Schneider of Lansing, committee head, is affixing the crown. Attendants to her highness are, Jean Ann Middendorf, next to the queen, and Margaret Snitker, runners-up in the polling, both of Lansing.
~ Allamakee Journal clipping, Lansing, mid-late 1940s ~ contributed by Errin Wilker


Married in 1910

The three oldest married couples in Lansing, Iowa, are all dressed up in the garb of another era in preparation for Lansing's Centennial Celebration June 29 and 30 and July 1 and 2. From the left are Mr. and Mrs. Louise Reppee, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Love and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller. All were married in 1910.
~La Crosse Tribune, La Crosse, WI, June 1967 ~clipping & photo contributed by Cindy (Maust) Smith; scanned and transcribed by Errin Wilker


Dick Gee

Lansing Man Honored by Conservation Commission

Dick Gee of Lansing, now retired after 40 years of service to the Iowa Conservation Commission, received two plaques in recognition of his faithful service to the ICC. Presenting the citations recently were ICC Deputy Director Bill Brabham, left, and John Brophy, right, a member of the State Conservation Commission.
~Allamakee Journal, Lansing, IA, 1977 ~contributed by Errin Wilker
Note: Richard 'Dick' Gee was a WWII veteran, he died August 11, 1981

Gene Sweeney

Gene R. Sweeney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sweeney of Lansing, has been promoted to chief electric transmission design engineer in the engineering department at headquarters of Illinois Power Company. Sweeney had been supervisor of site development at the Clinton Power Station, now under construction. Sweeney joined Illinois Power Company in November of 1966 as an assistant electrical engineer in the Galesburg Service Area, was promoted to service area engineer in Galesburg in 1969, and in January of 1971 he was promoted to electric standards engineer at headquarters. In October of 1972 he was named site coordination engineer in the company’s construction department at Clinton. Gene received his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering in February of 1964 from the University of Iowa, and he received his master’s degree in nuclear engineering from the University of Illinois in 1977. He is a registered professional engineer in Illinois. He and his wife, Barbara, have three daughters and a son. Illinois Power Company headquarters are in Decatur, Illinois.
~Allamakee Journal, Oct. 1978 ~contributed by Errin Wilker


Charlie Rouster

Charlie Rouster displays plaque from Lansing Softball Association given to him last week at the conclusion of the mid-summer softball tourney here. Plaque reads…"To Charlie Rouster…In appreciation of your hard work and dedication shown the Lansing Softball Association in the maintenance of our field." Charlie also received a cash gift of $205 from the ballplayers. An active senior citizen, Mr. Rouster will celebrate his 76th birthday at the end of this month.
~Allamakee Journal
, hand-dated 1978 ~contributed by Errin Wilker
~Note: Charles Rouster, 1902-1983, is buried in Oak Hill cemetery, Lansing. Obituary


Richard Henderscheit

Newly appointed county attorney for Allamakee county, Richard Heiderscheit of Lansing, assumed his duties Thursday, Feb. 1 at the courthouse. A native of New Albin, Heiderscheit practiced law for two years in Howard county before returning to Allamakee county a year and a half ago. He has his own law firm in Lansing. The county attorney’s office will be open every weekday morning and Monday aftemoons, with the possibility of extended hours if an assistant is appointed. Heiderscheit served as assistant under former county attorney John Bauercamper, of Waukon, who resigned last month to devote more time to his private practice.
~newspaper clipping, Feb. 1979 ~contributed by Errin Wilker


Tade Bechtel

Tade Bechtel, who retired from barbering in 1971, is one of Lansing’s most active senior citizens, and in the minds of the town’s youngsters he’s one of our most important seniors. Tade’s hobby is fixing bicycles, which he has been doing for several years now in the basement of his home. He works on bikes of all descriptions, and in these days of costly car travel Tade’s skills have been sought by more than a few grown-ups too.
~Allamakee Journal, hand-dated 1980 ~contributed by Errin Wilker


Cyril Murphy, Al Schultz, Fat Mulholland & Harvey Halverson

Al Schultz held a party at the Lansing Garage Thursday night in appreciation of his former boss, Cyril Murphy, left, and partners and employees. Al also marked his 40th year with the firm, of which he is co-owner. Also in the photo are longtime garage mechanic Fats Mulholland, second from right, and Harvey Halverson.

~Allamakee Journal, undated, early 1980's ~contributed by Errin Wilker
Cyril Murphy, 1901-1995
Alvin 'Al' Schultz, 1915-2007, buried in Oak Hill cemetery. Obituary.
Everett 'Fat' Mulholland, 1915-1993, buried in Oak Hill cemetery. Obituary
Harvey Halverson, 1922-2011, buried in Gethsemane cemetery. Obituary

Carl & Alice Slindee

The Riv Aire Lounge was the setting for a party last Thursday evening in honor of Carl Slindee, who retired on March 31st after 42 years of service with the Lansing Company, Inc. Present were many of Carl’s former co-workers as well as many Lansing Co. employees of today. The guests enjoyed a delicious Swiss steak-chicken dinner and many selections from the Riv Aire’s salad bar. Carl received money purses from fellow Lansing Co. employees and from the company’s president, John Brophy. Carl began work on a part-time basis in 1932 at Lansing Co., sorting shells, hauling coal and doing odd jobs. In August of 1937 he became full-time with the firm, and his association with Lansing Co. was interrupted only when Carl served in the Army from 1942 to 1946, with overseas duty in the South Pacific theater. Returning in February of 1946, Carl soon took over as foreman of the carding room, later working in maintenance and other areas of the company. He was married in June of 1946 to Alice Pfiffner. They are the parents of four children, Dean, Marie, Mrs. William (Diane) Habjan and Brian. In his spare time this fall Carl may revive his interest in a sport he once enjoyed before it got mired in regulations—duck hunting.

~Allamakee Journal, April 1978 ~contributed by Errin Wilker
~Note: Carl Slindee, 1912-1985, and Alice (Pfiffner) Slindee, 1918-1993, are buried in Oak Hill cemetery, Lansing. Carl's Obituary


Levi Sweat

Levi Sweat has been one of Lansing's most ardent anglers for a long time. What you probably didn’t know is that he has been a builder of beautiful fiberglass and graphite fishing rods for the past few years. Since retiring a couple of years ago, Levi has built a large number of rods. And he has repaired a lot of them, too. To create a top quality fiberglass fishing pole requires a mixture of patience, careful attention to detail, and most important of all, pride in one’s work. Levi buys the rod, called a blank, and with that he starts his project, placing the ferrules, line guides, tip and cork handle. In some cases he makes the handles quite fancy.
~Allamakee Journal, hand-dated 1979 ~contributed by Errin Wilker


Merritt Long

Lansing's Merritt Long, back only a few days from three months in Florida, doesn't appear to be bothered by the new-fallen snow here.
~Allamakee Journal, April 1979 ~contributed by Errin Wilker
~Note: Merritt Long, 1905-1986, is buried in Oak Hill cemetery, Lansing.


Fred Hogan & Charlie Hartman

Lansing's Fred Hogan, standing, and his uncle Charlie Hartman.
~Allamakee Journal, Sept. 1978 ~contributed by Errin Wilker


Lansing area twins

Twins Reunion at Cassville, Wis. the weekend of July 7 and 8. Representing the Lansing area were, on the left Joanne and Jeanne Mullarkey of Prairie du Chien,Wis., winners in age group 21 and up; standing in the center Willard and Harold Fritz, rural Lansing, oldest twins present; and on the right Geneva Johnson of Lansing and Jeanette Rohde of Caledonia; Minnesota.

~Allamakee Journal, July 1979 ~contributed by Errin Wilker
~see below for more photos of twins Willard & Harold Fritz


1980 Lansing City Council

The Lansing City Council held its first meeting of 1980 Monday night. Shown in photo are Councilmen Ken Hanson, Bob Kious, Mayor Ted Millard, and Councilmen John Spinner, Frank Mauss and Charles Verdon.
~Allamakee Journal, Jan. 1980 ~contributed by Errin Wilker


Mattie Magnusson & family

L-R: son Arthur, daughter Elsie Irons, Mattie Magnusson, son Horace and daughter Jean Rabenberg

A surprise party was held in honor of Mattie Magnusson's 90th birthday on Sunday, March 29. Five generations of her family and several close friends joined her for a buffet dinner at Clancy's.

Those who were in attendance at the birthday buffet for Mattie Magnusson on Sunday were: Jerry and Carol Hughes, Pensacola, Florida; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Magnusson, Suzanne, Robin and Steve, Dayton, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. David Woosley, Robbie and Justin of Minneapolis; Gail and Chris Sickinger, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. John Schulz and Eli, Caledonia, Minn.; Judy Perry, and Robby and Richie Gonzales, Holmen, Wis.; Betty, Eddie and Jackie Walz, Glen Haven, Wis,; Jerry, Nancy and Jessie Irons, Stoddard, Wis.; Tom Magnusson, Dakota, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Rabenberg, Lodi, Wis.; George and Babe Ferguson and baby, John Adam, Fairmont, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Tieskoetter and Jo Beth, Calmar; Linda Rethwisch, Onalaska, Wis.; and from Lansing: Mr. and Mrs. Horace Magnusson, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Irons, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Magnusson and Carl, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Magnusson, Arthur Magnusson, and Vernie Fest, Joanne Kehr and Frances Richie.

Mrs. Magnusson’s birthday was celebrated socially on Sunday, but her actual natal date was Tuesday, March 31, and on that day she and her daughter, Elsie Irons, walked to the top of Mt. Hosmer. Congratulations to a very spry and nice lady.

~Allamakee Journal, Lansing, IA, April 1981 ~contributed by Errin Wilker
~Note: Mattie Magnusson, 1891-1982, is buried in Oak Hill cemetery, Lansing


Fritz Twins, Harold and Willard, To Celebrate Their 90th Birthdays

Standing: Harold W.
Seated: Willard H.

An open house will be held in honor of the 90th birthdays of Harold and Willard Fritz. The event will be held Saturday, December 8, from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of First Presbyterian Church in Waukon. Harold and Willard were born December 10, 1911. The celebration is being hosted by their families. Everyone is welcome to attend. They request no gifts.

~Lansing or Waukon newspaper clipping, 2001 ~contributed by Errin Wilker
Harold William Fritz died 6/26/2009 & is buried in the Lansing Ridge cemetery. Obituary & photo
Willard Henry Fritz died 5/13/2005 & is buried in the Lansing Ridge cemetery. Obituary


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