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Whats New


  Humboldt County Vets Buried at Iowa Veterans Cemetery(Oct) Humboldt Veteran Burials
  Humboldt County Births Project 1909-1921 (Apr) Humboldt Births 1909-1921 Project
  1896 Patrons Directory (Apr) 1896 Patrons Directory
  Thor Residents Married in Wright County (Mar) Thor/Wright Marriages
2021 Swiss Cemetery, Renwick (Mar) Swiss Cemetery
2020 From Switzerland to Renwick-a pioneer history (Oct) Glarus to Renwick
  Church page updated with more than a dozen photos (Sep) Church Index
  Hardy Church History*New (Sep) Hardy Church History
  Humboldt County Inventors/Inventions 1870-1900 (Sep) Inventions 1870-1900
2019 7 New Postcards added to Postcard Project (Oct) Postcard Index
  Church page updated  (Apr) Church Index
  4th Qtr-1859 Land Grants (Mar) 4th Quarter 1859 Land Grants
  3rd Qtr-1859 Land Grants (Mar) 3rd Quarter 1859 Land Grants
  Humboldt County Postcards from David Shedlock (Mar) Postcard Index
2018 Union Cemetery, Humboldt (Oct)  PDF 207 pages Union Cemetery Humboldt
  Elmwood Cemetery, Renwick (Oct) repost Elmwood Cemetery
  1896 Township Maps and Patrons Directory (May) 1896 Township Maps and Patrons Directory
  Telephone Office Photos and Line Map (Apr) Telephone Offices
  1913 Humboldt County Telephone with Livermore Numbers (Apr) 1913 Phone Book & Livermore PDF
  1928 Humboldt Telephone Directory Surname Index (Apr) 1928 Telephone Directory
  Humboldt County Telephone Index (Apr) Telephone Index
  Humboldt 4H Hall of Fame 2002-2017 (Apr) 4H Hall of Fame
  Gilmore History 2 (Apr) Gilmore History 2
  Ottosen Bank Vault  (Apr) Ottosen Bank Vault
  Humboldt Gravestone Photo Project Index Updated (Mar) Humboldt GPP Index
2017 Our Saviour Lutheran Church History (Apr) Our Saviour Lutheran, Humboldt
  LuVerne HS Class of 1959 and LuVerne School History (Apr) LuVerne Class of '59  and LuVerne School History
  Humboldt County Births 1904-1906 (Apr) Humboldt Births 1904-1906
  Humboldt Gravestone Photo Project Index Updated (Mar) Humboldt GPP Index
  Fantastic online newspaper link for Livermore! (Apr) Newspapers Index
2016 Humboldt Gravestone Photo Project Index Updated (Sep) Humboldt GPP Index
  Humboldt College History (Sep) Humboldt College History
  Humboldt High School Alumni 1888-1912 (Sep) Humboldt HS Alumni 1888-1912
  Humboldt GPP Index Updated (May) Humboldt GPP Index
  Humboldt Deaths, 1921 and 1939 added (May) Humboldt County Deaths 1921-1939
2015 4 Church Histories on Church Index (Oct) Humboldt Churches
  Land Grants, 1859 3rd qtr, complete (Apr) Land Records 1859 3rd Quarter
  Land Grants, 1859 2nd qtr PDF files are complete (Mar) Land Records 1859 2nd Quarter



2014 Marriage Index from Microfilm Records(Oct), incomplete

Hawkeye Heritage Marriages


Humboldt Deaths 1922-1938 (Oct), 3 more years added

Humboldt County Deaths 1922-1938

  Land Grants, 1859 2nd Qtr complete index, partial pdfs Land Records Index
  Land Grants, 1858 complete, 1859 1st Quarter-complete Land Records Index
  Photo Album, 1 additional page plus many new photos Photo Album Index

Headstone Index/Humboldt GPP (Feb)

GPP Index




2013 1857 Land Grants Complete/Addition to 1856 (SepOct) Land Grant Index
  Humboldt Deaths 1922-1935(Sep) 11 more pages! Humboldt County Deaths
  Several photo and history additions to Churches Churches
  Renwick Newspapers-Searchable Index (Apr) Renwick News
2012 Humboldt Deaths 1922-1935 (Dec) Humboldt County Deaths
  News Articles added to Humboldt Independent (May/Oct) Independent Direct Link
  Humboldt County Land Grants-1850-1856 Land Grant Index
  New Search engine from Freefind  
  Civil War Records and Headstone Photos Documents Board
2011 World War I-Wonderful data from Joe Conroy!! World War I Index Page
2010 Vietnam War Casualties from Humboldt (Sep) Vietnam War Casualties
  Additions to nearly every page in Schools (Sep) Humboldt County Schools
2009 George Grimsehl Journal (1915-1923) (May) Grimsehl Journal
  Biography of Chris Johnson-Denmark (Apr) Chris Johnson Bio
  Civil War Veterans Living in Humboldt-1885 (Apr) 1885 Civil War Residents
  Added news articles from Humboldt Independent (Apr) Humboldt Independent
  Congressional Hearing-Humboldt PO Robbery (Apr) Post Office Robbery
  Congressional Hearing-Pension Claim-Civil War (Apr) Pension Hearing
  Livermore Businesses-New Addition as of April Livermore Businesses
  Military Tidbits-New page for bits & pieces (Apr) Military Tidbits
  1913 Class Booklet-Sch. Dist No. 3 (Apr) 1913 Class Booklet
  3 Part Dakota City History/GAR History (Apr) Bottom of Independent Index
2008 Korean War Casualties from Iowa (Dec7) Korean War Casualties
  World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing (Dec6) World War II Casualties
  1952 Rutland Schools Yearbook-complete (Oct12) 1952 Rutland Rocket
  1885 Rutland Township, Iowa State Census (5/04) 1885 Rutland Census
  List of Pensioners 1883 & new Military Index (5/04) Pensioners  Military Index
  Humboldt Schools is now online (4/30) Schools Index
  Added 10 historical news articles (4/27) Humboldt Independent News
  Fabulous new photo album begun-ongoing (4/25) Humboldt Photo Album
  County Supervisors Meetings, 1880s (Apr) Supervisor's Meetings
  Moved the entire site to IAGenWeb server.  Rearranged and miscellaneous additions made (Apr)  
2007 Transcription of lot owners Union, Humboldt (Sept) Union, Humboldt, Sec. 1 Owners
  Created New Cemetery Page with all new links (Sept) New Cemetery Index
  New "What's" New Page created  (August) Here
  1870 Humboldt County Census Household
Head Index  (January)
1870 HH Index
2006 Church Index Page created (August) Churches
  Lutheran Cookbook Thank you Connie Wallukait (July) Lutheran Cookbook
  Added Von Post Office Information (May31) Von Post Office
  Miscellaneous County Marriages (May) Misc. County Marriages
  Civil War Veterans Living in Humboldt County  (April) Civil War Veterans

1860 Humboldt County Census Household Head Index, Dakotah, Humboldt and Lott's Creek Townships (April)

1860 HH Index

Select Twps.

  Early Thor Marriages (April) Early Thor Marriages
  Diary of Elisabeth Blaisdell Added  (AprKDJ) Actual Diary
  Miscellaneous Items under that heading on the home page (April) Miscellaneous Items
  Biographies (March) Biographies
  Rev. Stephen H. Taft Speech Taft Speech



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