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Territorial Iowa was deeply interested in education for it 1839 the legislative assembly, in compliance with Governor Lucas' request, created a common school system for all youths from five to twenty-one, which schools, supported by public tax, should operate not less than three months a year.  Likewise the state early showed it interest for in 1854 the pattern of rural township, village, town, and city schools was established.  This system, established for a horse and buggy economy, has changed rapidly. In 1949, the state made possible better educational opportunities by the merging of these eight thousand districts into larger units called community districts.  There are now 347 districts with high schools in Iowa, more than 134, had fewer than 200 students. In 2004 Iowa had 20 high schools with fewer than 100 students.  In addition, 24 of 371 districts do not maintain a high school and send their 9-12 students to other districts.

In the winter of 1857-58, Eliza Knowles taught a school at Lott's Creek and at Glen Farm in Corinth Township, Peter McClennon taught the children of nearby pioneers.  In 1858 the office of county superintendent was created with George W. Mann as the first occupant.  He was followed by F. W. Hanchett, Dearman Williams, G. D. Coyle, Eber Stone, E. C. Miles, A. D. Bicknell, Julius Stevens, L. J. Anderson and J. A. Marvin.  In 1883, Superintendent John McLeod, reported that seventy-nine rural and three town schools, Dakota City, Livermore and Humboldt.  The only graded school being Humboldt.  There were thirty-one men and one-hundred twenty-one women teachers, with an enrollment of two thousand ninety-eight pupils.

County Superintendents

Loren Hezzelwood 1890-1896

O. S. Opheim 1896 - 1900

Clarence Messer 1900 - 1928

Thomas Johnson 1928 - 1936

Frances Messer 1936


In 1900 a teachers' library was established, and was financed mainly by teacher contributions was for many years unique in the state.

Today the school districts are organized into four districts; Boone Valley Community School District, Twin Rivers Community School District, Gilmore City-Bradgate Community District, and Humboldt Community School District.  

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