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Old Garnavillo Cemetery

photo taken by S. Ferrall, Oct 7, 2010

Garnavillo Township
Section 18 SE/SW

Old Garnavillo cemetery, established in 1844, is on property owned by the town of Garnavillo, west of, and behind the current St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church. There is no sign identifying the cemetery. No burial records of this cemetery are known to exist and many of the gravestones have been lost to time and the elements. A plat of known graves can be found at the Garnavillo Historical Society. The new Garnavillo cemetery can be seen from this cemetery.

Birdseye view of the Old Garnavillo cemetery

1) Source of the original burial list is unknown, it was contributed to Clayton co. IAGenWeb by Charlene Barnhart - that list contained no dates
2) Garnavillo Historical Society survey, ca1970's
3) National Archives records, military records, census records, obituaries, death certificates and gravestone inscriptions - researched by S. Ferrall

Many gravestone photos have been contributed for this cemetery. View gravestone photos for the Old Garnavillo cemetery

Obituaries for some of the people buried in this cemetery have been transcribed. See the Obituary Index (opens new window).

Attempts are being made by the town council to obtain information about the old cemetery west of St. Paul's church, so that a new Plat may be made and the grounds leveled.

The original plat which must have been made soon after the town was settled has been destroyed or lost, and no definite information can be had as to whom is buried in the cemetery. Many of the tombstones were loose and fell over or were removed.

The land is owned by the town and those who wished to be buried there had only to gain permission.

~Guttenberg Press, Garnavillo section, June 22, 1939

Burials as compiled from the sources listed above:


Alitz, Doriam; d/o W. & M. Alitz
Angier, Charles W.; d. 08/19/1860; aged 13y 7m; s/o C.C. & C. Angier
Angier, Elvira J.; d. 05/01/1857; aged 23y 3m 16d; w/o G.L. Angier
Appleman, John; 06/10/1848 in Mystic, CT - 05/12/1859 in Clermont, IA
Armor, E.J.A.
Armor, Francis K.; d. 07/23/1856; aged 9y 10m; s/o James & Hester Armor
Armor, John M.; d. 07/23/1856 aged 7y 3m 5d; s/o James & Hester Armor

Beckman, Anna Maria nee Dierker; 01/09/1824 - 01/21/1908, w/o J.F.
Beckman, Ferdinand E.; 1863-1870; s/o J.F. & A.M.
Beckman, Jobst F.; 03/25/1804 - 07/01/1879, ssa Anna Maria, Ferdinand & Marie E.
Bell, Lizzie A.; d. 01/30/1872 aged 18d; d/o J.H. & L.A.
Benjegerdes, Frederick, d. 11/07/1871, aged 48y 5m 23d; Notes
Benjegerdes, Johan D., d. 04/05/1881, aged 16y 1m 25d, s/o Frederick & Wilhelmane; Notes
Benjegerdes, Katharina Maria; d. 03/15/1872 aged 22y 5m 2d; w/o J.D.
Bierbaum, Anna M.M.; 05/25/1871 - 09/09/1871; d/o J.C. & F.M.
Bierbaum, August H.; 06/15/1874 - 06/26/1874; s/o J.C. & F.M.
Bierbaum, Catherine; 10/18/1855 - 11/22/1855; d/o G.H. & M.M.C.
Bierbaum, Catherine Elizabeth; 02/25/1798 - 03/17/1880; w/o Johann H.
Bierbaum, Elise; 05/01/1870 - 08/10/1870; d/o G.H. & M.M.C.
Bierbaum, Florence; d. 08/29/1877; d/o J.C. & F.M.
Bierbaum, Johann Hinrich; d. 01/03/1874 aged 75y 7m 11d
Bierbaum, Jobst C.; 09/22/1865 - 06/16/1869 aged 3y 8m 18d; s/o J.C. & Maria
Bierbaum, John F.; 01/20/1870 - 01/24/1870; s/o J.C. & Maria
Bierbaum, Ludwig H.; 02/03/1856 - 08/05/1876; s/o J.C. & F.M.
Bierbaum, S. Justine; 09/16/1837 - 03/02/1871; w/o John F. (he's buried in Garnavillo City cemetery)
Bierbaum, William H.; 05/25/1857 - 08/03/1872; s/o J.C. & F.M.
Bishop, Alfred Rev.; d. Nov. 1854 aged 38y 10m 10d; pastor of the M.E. church; Additional info. (opens new window)
Bitter, Jacob 'Jake'; Co. B 6th Iowa Cavalry. Notes
Blakeney, James A.; d. 03/02/1851 aged 51y
Blietz, Carl; 1826-1887; "Father"
Blietz, Caroline; 1826-1877; "Mother"
Blume, Joachim 'John'; 10/16/1830 - 01/14/1887; "Father"
Blume, Louisa; 03/11/1833 - 11/25/1911; "Mother"
Blunk, Sophia; 06/29/1849 - 04/15/1902; 1st w/o William; suicide by hanging
Blunk, Wilhelmina Schafe nee Weedow; 11/29/1850 - 04/17/1909; w/o 1st Henry Schafe, 2nd William Blunk
Blunk, William; 02/20/1842 - 03/08/1916; h/o 1st Sophia, 2nd Wilhelmina; suicide by hanging
Bond, Anna H. (may be d/o John & Hannah)
Bond, Hannah nee Walcraft; 10/25/1835 - 05/04/1878, w/o John
Bond, John, 04/11/1827 - 07/06/1906, h/o Hannah
Brandt, W.A. Friedrich; died 04/30/1871, aged 1y 4m 8d; s/o W. & M.
Breitsprecher, Alfred; died 07/02/1916; drowned in Pony Creek
Breitsprecher, Bertha; 02/20/1875 - 04/28/1878
Breitsprecher, Mary; 12/15/1848 - 06/20/1903
Brewster, Sarah E.; 11/07/1858 - 04/26/1861; d/o W.F. & H.E.; all of the Brewster inscriptions are on the same stone
Brewster, infant son; 05/28/1861 - 06/07/1861; s/o W.F. & H.E.
Brewster, infant son; 03/11/1862; s/o W.F. & H.E.
Brewster, (illegible); 05/12/1860 - 05/11/1861; child/o W.F. & H.E.
Brewster, (illegible); 07/16/1863 - 1865?; child/o W.F. & H.E.
Brock, John S.; 02/14/1823 - 08/20/1897; h/o Sarah
Brock, Salanda M.; 03/26/1858 - 02/11/1859; d/o John & Sarah
Brock, Sarah A. nee Crawford; 04/22/1830 - 03/17/1918; w/o John S.; Note: obit does not specify which Garnavillo cemetery, but it is very likely she is buried w/husband & infant dau.
Brown, James Emmett; 07/20/1851-01/11/1912; s/o Alonzo & Maria; obit=survived by sister Jessie Brown and 2 daughters, one in CA & the other in Rockford, IL (McGregor News, 1/31/1912, pg 4, col 2)
Brown, Jessie; died Sept. 1918; d/o Alonzo & Maria
Brown, Maria nee Crosby; 08/16/1824 - 03/22/1901; w/o Alonzo
Bruggemann, Diederich; died 10/16/1882, aged 58y 11m
Bruggemann, Dorothea; 01/06/1828 - 11/20/1893
Buhlman, (?L.W.); stone broken & partially missing in 1974
Burghardt, George H.; 1864 - 1948; h/o Myra
Burghardt, Marie E.; 12/04/1909 - 06/03/1994
Burghardt, Myra nee Bond; 10/01/1865 - 03/19/1933; d/o John & Hanna (Walcroft) Bond
Burghardt, Walter George; 09/23/1901 - 06/18/1911; s/o George H. & Myra
Butts, Nancy P.; 04/11/1838 - 05/17/1916

Carter, Aschsar M. nee Sackett; died 09/21/1855; aged 27y; w/o Samuel W.
Chesnut, Phebe; died 04/11/1863, aged 47y 4m 6d; w/o A.A.
Christ, Sarah A. nee Bond; 04/23/1862 - 01/24/1892; w/o Lawrence Christ; ssa John & Anna Bond
Claus, Louis; 1837 - 06/14/1910; died at home of his daughter Mrs. Fred Carrier
Cooley, Andrew Sutherland; 07/11/1804-1890, h/o Salome
Cooley, Peter S.; 10/??/1843 - 08/15/1873; s/o Andrew & Salome; Private, Co. E 27th Iowa Infantry, G.A.R.; died as a result of wounds received in the Civil War
Cooley, Salome nee Warren; 1809-1895, w/o Andrew S.
Cooley, Verne Alton; died 08/05/1881 aged 1y 3m, s/o R.R. & S.A. Cooley (Robert Reed Cooley & Stella Alfresine Owen)
Coonfare, Elizabeth; 1863 - 05/21/1953
Coonfare, Miles; 11/04/1885 - 05/07/1940
Coonfare, Realto William; 06/08/1919 - 02/28/1921, s/o Wesley & Geneva nee Schultz(per 1920 U.S. census); Note: Obit says only Garnavillo cemetery, it is possible he's buried in the city cemetery
Coonfare, Wesley William; 1891 - 03/16/1925; h/o Geneva (divorced ca1922)
Coonfare, William; 1855 - 1921; ssa Elizabeth & Wesley
Crosby, Caroline C. nee Gibbs; 1831 - 1909; w/o James O.
Crosby, Edward; 1871 - 1886
Crosby, Fred; 1854 - 1862
Crosby, James; 1852 - 1879
Crosby, James O.; 1828 - 1921; h/o Caroline
Crosby, Zilah; 05/17/1819-10/1900; w/o Nathan; Note: burial here is assumed, she does not appear on Sexton records for the new cemetery & her step-son James O. & daughter Maria Brown are buried in the old cemetery. See obit & Clayton co. death records, both records are on this website.

Dierker, Marie E.; 02/20/1790 - 10/15/1872; ssa Jobst & Anna Maria Beckman

Ehrnsberger, Alois or Aulwes; born ca1826 - died aft 1880; Corporal, Co. K, 17th Missouri Inf., Volunteers
Espolt, Christine nee Schuldtz; 09/21/1825 - 06/12/1865; w/o Louis
Espolt, Louis; 01/05/1827 - 08/07/1911; h/o Christina; German Army veteran, enlisting for 3 yrs. in 1848

Fascher, Carl; 05/15/1863 - 03/11/1934; h/o Minna
Fascher, Mina; 09/26/1869 - 09/07/1950; ssa Carl
Fascher, Otto Karl
Forbes, Benjamin F.; died 08/28/1857; Masonic symbol on tombstone
Friedlein, Ada J.; 1896 - 1987; ssa Herman
Friedlein, George; April 1922 - May 1922; "Our Little One"
Friedlein, Herman J.; 1894 - 1979; Veteran
Fritz, Christopher Daniel; 12/25/1825 - 07/01/1888; h/o Maria; Corporal, Co. D, 27th Iowa Inf.
Fritz, Maria Sophia nee Sievers; 11/10/1828 - 11/11/1900; w/o Daniel

Gilbert, George Noble; died 01/11/1862, aged 4y 21d; s/o J.L. & E.B.
Gilbert, Harriet R.; died 02/05/1862; aged 9y 6m 2d; d/o J.L. & E.B.
Gilbert, Lydia A.; died 07/15/1863; aged 41y 2m 25d; w/o L.R. Gilbert
Gilbert, Marcella M.; died 08/08/1855, aged 10y 11m 8d; d/o J.L. & E.B.
Gilbert, Marietta A.; died 1862; d/o J.L. & E.B.
Gilbert, Ruth, d. 04/27/1851?, aged 71y 6m ?d
Gillett, Emma M. nee Castle; died 03/15/1875; w/o J.W.
Gillett, George; died 09/08/1856, aged 4y 11m 13d; s/o John W. & Emma
Gillett, James; died 09/16/1856, aged 8m 9d; s/o John W. & Emma
Gillett, John M.; died 08/29/1856, aged 2y 2m 29d; s/o John W. & Emma
Gillett, Martha Elizabeth; died 01/16/1859, aged 1y 7m; d/o John W. & Emma
Gillett, Sarah A.F.; died 08/05/1875; d/o J.W. & Emma; ssa Emma
Graham, Mary; died 09/11/1856; d/o S.R. & Catherine
Goerges, Carl; 09/11/1843 - 03/25/1927; h/o 1st Elizabeth Mueller, 2nd Maria; died in Minneapolis; veteran German-Austrian & German-French wars prior to emigrating
Goerges, Maria nee Krambeer; 05/22/1857 - 03/25/1895; 2nd w/o Carl
Goerges, Maria; 11/17/1882 - 05/21/1934; d/o Carl & Maria; Note! Burial place is not verified. Obit & Death Cert. both give Garnavillo as burial site. She does not appear on the city cemetery sexton records & parents buried in the old cemetery.

Hamann, Fred; 07/07/1831 - 05/30/1898; ssa & h/o Sophia
Hamann, Sophia Christine nee Seidel; 03/02/1841 - 05/02/1907; w/o Fred
Hamilton, Patrick; Private, Co. E., 27th IA Vol.; Note: he no longer has a gravestone, an article in the Garnavillo news column of the Elkader Weekly Register, 6/3/1886, states that his grave was decorated at the Memorial Day ceremonies

Heiler, William / John; ca1820/22-1868; h/o Sophia Muller/Müller (she remarried to John Puhlmann, d. 1905 & bur. New Albin, Allamakee county, IA); Private, Co. D, 27th Iowa; Note: although the military gravestone is engraved Jno Heiller, he is found in tax, census, military & other records as Wilhelm or William; an article in the Garnavillo news column of the Elkader Weekly Register, 6/3/1886, states that his grave was decorated at the Memorial Day ceremonies

Hellers, Catharina Eliza; b. Sch----hausen Hanover 1814 & died 10/09/1864
Henry, Bertha M.; 06/25/1867 - 07/02/1894
Heye, Allen E.; 1840 - 12/??/1855
Heye, Catherina; died 08/??/1851
Heye, John C. - see Kruger
Heye, Wilhelm; died 07/??/1851
Hill, Elizabeth nee Hoffman; 1817 - 1898; w/o William
Hill, Henry; 1856 - 1892; s/o William & Elizabeth
Hill, William; 1818 - 1913; h/o Elizabeth
Holland, Elizabeth; 10/13/1789 - 01/21/1870
Horstmann, August C.; 06/17/1865-11/18/1919; h/o Amelia
Horstmann, Amelia M. nee Breitsprecher; 05/06/1873 - 02/14/1962; w/o August; d/o Henry & Mary (Mueller) Breitsprecher
Horstman, Hilda; 06/14/1899 - 04/08/1901

Jans, Andreas; 1862 - 1863; s/o Wilhelm & Dorothea
Jans, August; 06/15/1865 - 03/09/1867; ssa Heinrich
Jans, Heinrich; 10/03/1854 - 03/11/1867; ssa August
Jans, Wilhelm; 1860 - 1863; s/o Wilhem & Dorothea
Jennings, Sally S.; b. 05/12/1791 in New Canaan, Conn., d. Garnavillo 10/07/1871; Note: has 2 gravestones in the cemetery
Jerome, Clara C.; died 08/1852; d/o J.G. & E.M.; ssa Julia
Jerome, Julia E.; died 08/1852; d/o J.G. & E.M.; ssa Clara
Jerome, Mary; age 1y
Johanningmeier, father; 04/04/1842 - 05/12/1874
Johanningmeier, mother; 10/24/1836 - 11/10/1911
Johanningmeier, baby; 08/19/1873 - 08/19/1873

Kahlstorf, Fred; 06/29/1878 - 06/30/1878
Kahlstorf, Fredena - see Fredena Swarz below
Kahlstorf, Johann W.; died 08/23/1882, aged 21y 11m 8d
Kahlstorf, Johim / Joachim; 02/01/1853 - ?; ssa Maria, Johnnie, Fred & Fredena
Kahlstorf, Johnnie; 09/25/1886 - 10/16/1886
Kahlstorf, Maria; 09/01/1856 - 03/06/1888; w/o Johim
Kaiser, Friederich; died 03/13/1863, aged 10m 22d, s/o John G. & Helena
Kaiser, John D.; 05/09/1861 - 02/24/1872
Keeler, Orrin; died 09/02/1854, aged 36y; G.A.R. marker (note: his death predates CW, marker may indicate previous war)
Keeler, Alvira E. nee Clark; w/o Orrin, born Ferrisburgh, VT; 12/18/1824 - 06/30/1855, died Clayton Iowa
Keeler, Celia T.; died 12/14/1848; d/o Orrin & Alvira
King, Egbert; died 09/02/1867, aged 51y 7m 8d (Egbert & Robert may be the same man, gravestone is inscribed Egbert)
King, Fanny E.; died 10/27/1865, aged 7y 6m; d/o Robert & Rebecca
King, Francis Trunky; s/o Edward & Anna King
King, Jimmie; died 09/22/1864, aged 1m 10d; s/o M. & M. King
King, Margaret; died 10/28/1864, aged 30y; w/o Matthew
King, Margaret H.; died 05/07/1863, aged 8y 5m; d/o J.M. & Rosannah King
King, Martha Ann; died 02/25/1858, aged 2m 21d; d/o J.M. & Rosannah King
King, Rebecca; w/o Robert
King, Robert; died 09/02/1867, aged 51y 7m 8d (Egbert & Robert may be the same man)
Klough, Johann; died 10/17/1881, aged 64y 10d
Klough, Maria; 1830-10/23/1897; w/o Johann; died in Manley, IA
Klough, Maria K.; died 05/03/1876, aged 13y 6m 15d
Kluss, Fredericke Mary Elizabeth nee Duman; 01/04/1824 - 03/30/1905; w/o John
Kluss / Klusz, Johann; 1823? - 1867
Kluss / Klusz, Sophia; 1852 - 1860; d/o Johann & Fredrika
Kluss, Sophia M.F.; 1867 - 1946
Knight, Abel; died 11/27/1852, aged 76y
Knight, Betsey; died 02/01/1857; aged 72y
Knight, Lucius; died 07/10/1852, aged 34y
Koehn / Kuehn, Gustave; died 06/25/1901; s/o F. Koehn; Note: death notice in the Elkader Register, Garnavillo column, gives burial in the "old" cemetery and the CCDR Vol A, pg 17 gives burial in "Garnavillo cemetery"
Knight, Willard; died 03/15/1879, aged 65y 10m; ssa Abel, Betsy & Lucius
Kregel, Alvina; age 4y; d/o H.C. & Sophia; Source: Sophia Hespe Kregel Jahnke's obituary
Kregel, (E. or F.) William; died 1854; s/o H. & A. Kregel
Kregel, Henry Conrad; 1804 - 03/10/1870; 1st husb. of Sophia Hespe, who later married Wm. Jahnke & is buried in the Garnavillo City cemetery
Kregel, infant; died 09/??/1852; aged 1m 13s; s/o J.D. & L.
Kregel, John Henry; 08/20/1853 - 06/29/1871; s/o J.D. & L.
Kregel, Margretta Louise; 10/09/1859 - 09/18/1861; d/o J.D. & Louise
Kregel, M. Margaret; died 11/??/1856, aged 6y; d/o H. & A.
Kruger, Catharina M.; 06/18/1875 - 03/19/1883
Kruger, Emilie; 03/17/1872 - 03/11/1883
Kruger, Maria; 11/09/1843 - 04/10/1897; "Mother"
Kruger, John C. Heye; 04/03/1805 - 07/03/1883; "Grandpa" (surname may be Heye)
Kruger, William; 08/21/1828 - 04/02/1898; "Father"
Kruger, William G.; 01/06/1863 - 03/20/1864

Lane / Lain, Patrick 'Pat'; 03/22/1849 - 07/17/1917; h/o Emily Catherine Coogan; s/o John E. & Mary (Conway); died at the County Home (death notice, Garnavillo Tribune, spells surname as Lain; Iowa Death Records as Lane)
Lenon, Asa; died 09/18/1862, aged 36y 5m 10d
Lenon, Lillian; 06/27/1859 - 09/02/1919

Marquardt, Wilhelmine; 12/18/1830 - 07/02/1882; w/o Joh. Marquardt
Marting, Catherine E.; died 10/05/1860; d/o Gerhard H. & Philomine
Marting, Gerhard H.; died 01/12/1894; aged 70y 3m 12d
Marting, J.C.M.
Marting, Johann C.
Marting, J. Hermann
Marting, Wilhelmina; died 03/22/1905; aged 74y
Martins, Anna; 1833 - 04/03/1904; aged 71y; w/o John
Martins, Bertha; 12/??/1836 - 12/??/1871
Martins, John; 1833 - 1875; h/o Anna
Martins, William; 1871 - 1942
McCallum Audila E.
McCraney Abbe L.
McCraney, infant son; s/o O.& M.E.
Meier, Anna M.
Meier, Frederick; died 10/15/1860, aged 1y ?m; s/o Christian & Elizabeth
Meier, Henry
Meier, Ludwig
Meier, Wilhelmine; died 10/11/1860, aged 2y; d/o Christian & Elizabeth
Meyer, A. Caroline
Meyer, Christian H.; 02/12/1863 - 01/16/1878
Meyer, D.A.E. - veteran
Meyer, Frederick
Meyer, Maria; 02/01/1831 - 10/28/1858
Mueller, Christine M.; 10/??/1819 - 06/03/1879; w/o Charles 'Carl' (d. 1896, bur. East Side cem. Elkader)
Murdock, Caroline 'Carry'; 1855 - 1861; d/o Samuel & Louisa; died of diphtheria
Murdock, Eleanor; 1775 - ? (bet 1870 & 1880); w/o Samuel SR
Murdock, Ellen E.; 1847 - ca 1851; d/o Samuel & Louisa
Murdock, infant son; s/o Samuel & Louisa
Murdock, Laura; 1856 - 1863; d/o Samuel & Louisa; died of scarlet fever
Murdock, Samuel SR; 1770 - 1866; f/o Judge Samuel JR
Murdock, Samuel JR (Judge Murdock); 03/13/1817 - 01/26/1897; h/o Louisa Partch / Patch

Nietert, William H.
Nietert, Caroline D.
Nietert, John F.

Obermoeller, P.H.; Note: may be same as Peter H.
Obermoeller, Anna Augusta nee Wiedemann; 06/05/1832 - 09/17/1909
Obermoeller, August; 10/24/1859 - 06/06/1944; "Father"; h/o Katherine
Obermoeller, F. William; 08/06/1890 - 06/18/1919; s/o August & Katherine
Obermoeller, Katherine nee Greiman; 04/10/1864 - 10/31/1945; "Mother"; w/o August
Obermoeller, Louisa; died 1864
Obermoeller / Obermiller, Louisa; died 12/??/1879; Note: Burial here is likely, but not confirmed - 1880 mortality schedule, Garnavillo, names her as Louisa Obermiller, died Dec. 1879. The 1870 U.S. census, Garnavillo, enumerated her as the 3 y/o d/o Peter & Augusta Obermiller
Obermoeller, Louise Marie; died 12/23/1900; aged 3y 5m 26d; d/o August & Katherine; Note: her obit spells surname as Obermiller
Obermoeller, Mina / Minnie; 07/08/1894 - 04/16/1923; d/o August & Katherine; Death Certificate: died of epilepsy
Obermoeller, Peter H.; 08/05/1887-04/27/1907; eldest s/o August & Katherine; Note: his death notice spelled surname as Obermiller
Obermoeller, Wilhelm
Oelckers, Christoph; 02/02/1798 - 05/11/1872, aged 74y 2m 10d
Oelckers, Meta Margaretha; 01/15/1800 - 04/08/1868; w/o Christoph
Oelkers, Christ; died 02/20/1883, aged 55y; ssa Harmon & Margaret
Oelkers, Harmon H.; died 08/29/1892, aged 69y 28d
Oelkers, Margaret M.; died 12/10/1903, aged 64y 5m 28d
Otting, Margarethe Sophia
Otting, Herman F.
Otting, Sophia M.; 06/16/1874 - 07/21/1875; d/o J.F. & F.; ssa Maria A.
Otting, Maria A.; 03/22/1873 - 03/22/1873; d/o J.F. & F.; ssa Sophia

Panncke, Edward; 05/22/1872 - 09/30/1872; ssa Henry
Panncke, Henry; 10/15/1880 - 08/01/1882; ssa Edward
Pearson, Gertrude; d. 08/16/1859, aged 2y 9m; 2nd d/o George W. & Maria (Weber)
Pearson, Louisa (nee Bockmer), d. 12/23/1855, aged 21y 3m 26d, w/o R.M. Pearson (Richard M.)
Pearson, Mary S., d. 06/23/1855, aged 3y 5m 13d, d/o Geo. W. & Maria A. (Weber)
Piehl, Heinrich
Piehl, Elizabeth
Pomroy, wife & son of J.H.; no dates or given names for either are on their shared gravestone
Predmore, Alexander
Predmore, Moses
Predmore, Moses (REV); born Newark, New Jersey; died 12/21/1860
Pupke, Andreas; 04/13/1807 - 07/30/1890; ssa Mary
Pupke, Anna Maria Ilsebein 'Mary' nee Budde; 03/15/1815 - 11/15/1889; w/o Andreas/Andrew; 1st marriage to Mr. Droge
Pupke, Frank J.; 04/22/1860 - 02/23/1871; s/o Andreas & Maria

Read, Elizabeth; died 10/20/1867; aged 72y; w/o Robert R.
Read, Robert R.; died 04/01/1864; aged 73y; G.A.R. marker at his grave is in error (he didn't served in the CW), he served in the Black Hawk war under Gen. Dodge
Redhead, Ann nee Rowe; died 08/26/1861; age 30y
Redhead, George Rowe; died 03/20/1860; s/o George & Ann; age 1y
Redhead, George Robert; died 09/04/1861; s/o George & Ann; age 2m
Reed, David M. Captain; died 03/21/1869; aged 37y; h/o 1st Veshti, 2nd Melvina; A.A. Surgeon U.S.M.
Reed, Melvina A. nee Forbes; 09/09/1842 - 03/08/1923; w/o David M.; died in St. Paul, MN
Reed, Thomas Moore; died 09/16/1860; aged 3y 11m 14d; eldest s/o D.M. & Vashti V.; died of Diphtheria; Note: burial here is presumed, but not verified
Reed, Veshti / Vesta V.; ca1837 - 09/0?/1860; 1st w/o David M.; died 2 wks after her son Thomas; died of Diphtheria; Note: burial her is presumed, but not verified
Rehfeldt, Maria
Reihl, Wm. - veteran
Roe, Charlotta E.; died 05/15/1862 aged ?yrs 7m 12d; d/o J.R. & J.A.
Roeben, Johannah L.A.; 08/12/1864 - 05/28/1905
Roeben, John F.; 04/24/1868 - 04/15/1937
Rogers, Henry C.; died 06/01/1851, aged 3y, s/o Alvah C. & Maria A.; ssa Stella
Rogers, Stella V.; died 04/10/1859, aged 3y & 9m; d/o Alvah C. & Maria A.; ssa Henry
Rogers, Mariah
Rohde, Anna; d/o Reimer & Margretha
Rohde, Reimer Heinrich; 03/03/1834-11/03/1908; h/o Margretha Nickols (d. 1907, bur. Woodland cemetery, Des Moines); Note: he was enumerated 1900 as inmade at County Poor farm, died at home of his son in Gladbrook, IA; he shares a gravestone with Anna & Willie, there are no dates on the stone
Rohde, William 'Willie'; died 2/16/1884; age 18y; s/o Reimer & Margretha; Note: death date per obituary
Rowe, Amma; died 10/10/1875, aged 72y 11m 18d; "widow of Robert Rowe, wife of Thomas Scudder"
Rowe, Robert
Rueter, Frederich
Rueter, Henry
Rueter, Lucy
Rueter, F.H.
Rueter, Wilhelmina
Rueter, John F.

Sackett, Benjamin; 08/29/1799 - 11/16/1885; h/o Thalia
Sackett, Henry Hine; died 10/11/1859; aged 1y 5m 21d; s/o Henry & Marilla
Sackett, Mary E.; died 10/12/1855; aged ?
Sackett, Sarah R.; died 07/04/1856; aged 22y
Sackett, Thalia M.; 07/14/1801 - 10/18/1885; w/o Benjamin
Schaal, Karl; 01/03/1863 - 03/31/1886
Schafer, Mabel; 1901 - 01/29/1902; age 1y 1m; d/o Fred & Martha (Rehburg)
Schierholz, Adelheid 'Anna' A. nee Tangeman; 10/30/1818 - 07/11/1891, aged 72y 8m 1d; w/o Herman H.
Schierholz, Herman Henry - 10/25/1805 - 08/07/1897; Note: no existing grave marker
Schmidt, August; 1872 - 1890
Schmidt, Karl 'Carl' Joacham Christian; 04/24/1843 - 11/17/1915; h/o Carolina; 1863-1870 served in the German Army
Schmidt, Caroline nee Gless; 03/01/1843 - 03/20/1911; w/o Karl
Schmidt, Fredericka A.
Schmidt, Friedericka nee Gruel; 1839-1926; w/o Michael
Schmidt, Michael; 1836-10/24/1907; h/o Friedericka
Schmidt, Peter L.
Schmidt, William; 1872 - 1886
Schulte, Johann Gerhardt; 04/06/1819 - 07/22/1861, aged 42y 3m 16d; Notes
Schulte, Katharinna M.; 12/??/1802 - 07/??/1887; ssa John H.
Schulte, John H.; 04/16/1806 - 09/01/1874
Schultz, Herman A.; h/o Elizabeth
Schultz, Elizabeth; 02/23/1860 - 06/17/1904; w/o Herman
Schultz, Henry
Schroeder, Sophia Margretha Dorothea
Schroeder, Joh H.
Schroeder, Jochim
Schroeder, J.S.
Schumacher, Herman
Schumacher, Anna B.
Scott, Dewitt C.; Private, Co. C, 3rd Iowa Cavalry
Scott, Glint - veteran
Scudder, Amma - see Amma Rowe above
Scudder, Thomas; died 04/01/1878; aged 76y 1m & 23d; h/o Nancy
Scudder, Nancy Blue; died 02/20/1860; aged 57y 3m; w/o Thomas
Seidel, Fred; 11/25/1879-02/0?/1939; s/o John
Shaw, Jane
Smart, son; died 03/??/1879; aged "abt 3y"; s/o George & Frances; Note! burial here is assumed from his obituary
Smart, H.G.; 07/09/1805 - 01/19/1893; h/o Emily
Smart, Emily A. nee Guild; 01/29/1813 - 01/21/1870; w/o H.G.
Smart, George H.; 1837 - 1901; h/o Frances
Smart, Frances M. nee Barnes; 1848 - 1927; w/o George
Smith, Catherine
Steeman, infant daughter; 12/12/1917 - 12/14/1917; 2d old d/o Henry & Etta
Steeman, Etta nee Schmock; 06/01/1894 - 12/17/1917; w/o Henry; died of pneumonia following childbirth in Britt, IA
Steemann, Louisa; 1898- Oct. 1918; age 21y 10m; d/o Mathias & Wilhelmina
Steemann, Mathias 'Matt'; 03/28/1860 - 06/12/1926; h/o Minnie; s/o John & Maria (Rhode) Steeman
Steemann, Wilhelmina 'Minnie'; 1864-1938; w/o Mathias
Stevens, Fanny E.; died 07/29/1852, aged 1y 16d, d/o Wm. H. & M.E.
Stevens, Mariette 'Mary' E. nee Clark; 07/30/1912 - 01/12/1889; w/o Wm. H.
Stevens, Wm. H.; died 1880; h/o Mariette
Strickler, Sarah E.; 1898 - 1977; "Mother"
Swarz, Fredena Hamann nee Kahlstorf; 09/03/1888 - 09/25/1919; 1st husb. Christ Hamann (divorced), 2nd husb. John Swarz who murdered her; d/o Joachim. Obit

Tackman, Charles M.
Tangeman, Amiel
Tangeman, Andres
Tangeman, Andrew J.; died 04/08/1861; aged 8 days; s/o John G. & M.
Tangeman, Anna C.; w/o A.J. Tangeman; died 03/17/1877, aged 18y 11
Tangeman, August B.; died 09/20/1867, aged 2y 28d; s/o John G. & M.
Tangeman, Elizabeth Jane 'Lizzie' nee Schierholz; 10/20/1850 - 03/04/1933; w/o Henry; d/o Herman & Anna (Tangeman); died at County Home
Tangeman, Henry Herman 'Hy'; 09/12/1850 - 12/15/1918; h/o Elizabeth; s/o Albert & unkn.
Tangeman, Wilhelmiene; 04/02/1831 - 09/04/1863
Tielber, Charlotte; 1865 - 1940; "Mutter"; w/o Gustav
Tielber, Gustav F.L.; 01/30/1861 - 09/08/1902; h/o Charlotte
Thoma, Paulus; 1801 - 1882; ssa Elisabeth
Thoma, Elisabeth; 1804 - 1862
Torrey, (?Benjamin); War of 1812; Note: he no longer has a gravestone, an article in the Garnavillo news column of the Elkader Weekly Register, 6/3/1886, states that his grave was decorated at the Memorial Day ceremonies, the article did not give his 1st name.
Tucke, John

V - also: see at bottom, stones with initials only
Voelker, Heinrich Johann Friedrick; 09/05/1878 - 0/01/1893; s/o Friedrick & Wilhelmina (Schievelbein); died of Brights disease; Note: burial here per newspaper death notice

Wahls, John Frederich; 06/20/1820 - 08/10/1904; h/o 1st unkn. (died in New Orleans), 2nd Mary; s/o John & Steina (Bolton) Wahls
Wahls, Louis
Wahls, Mary nee Jacobs; 01/13/1834 - 06/19/1919; 2nd w/o John; d/o E. & Mary (Easaulote) Jacobs
Walter, Emil; s/o Frederick & Anna (Schierholtz); died in infancy; parents buried in the Garnavillo City cemetery
Watson, William H.
Werges, Johann Ludwig
Wehrkamp, Mary
Wilker, Emilie M.; 08/15/1863 - 08/31/1863; her gravestone is next to Anna Maria Wilker's stone
Wilker, Anna Maria; 10/04/1841 - 08/24/1863
Willenbrock, Rebecca M.
Williams, Dudley R.W.; 04/14/1825 in Ledyard, CT - 12/30/1910 in Hub City, WI; h/o Alice Otis; s/o Erastus & Nancy
Williams, John H.; 10/01/1831 - 09/21/1850; s/o Erastus & Nancy; ssa Nancy & Sarah
Williams, Louisa; 12/28/1850 - 10/01/1852; d/o E.H. & H.L.
Williams, Nancy H. nee Hewitt; 06/23/1793 - 03/08/1876; w/o Erastus (died in CT); ssa John & Sarah
Williams, Sarah; 02/25/1837 - 09/21/1850; ssa Nancy & John
Williams, William; 11/01/1860 - 12/24/1861; s/o E.H. & H.L.
Wilson, Catherine nee Scudder; 1828 - 08/16/1894, aged 66y; 2nd w/o Thomas H.
Wilson, Mary A. nee Scudder; died 10/25/1853, aged 28y 1m 28d; 1st w/o Thomas H.
Wilson, Mary A.; died 02/10/1893; d/o Thomas & Catherine; Note! She was married at one time to unkn. Kingsley and had 2 y/o son Thomas as of 1880, but living w/her parents
Wilson, Thomas H. - died 02/02/1896; h/o Mary & Catherine; no gravestone is extant
Witte, Anne Maria; died 12/26/1861, aged 88y
Wood, Charlotte
Wood, Mary Infant
Worley, John H.


Unknown surnames:
unknown, Albert A.; died 10/03/1867; ssa Albert T.
unknown, Albert T.; died 10/17/1865; aged 5y 1m; ssa Albert A.
unknown, August; died 09/22/1866; aged 9m & 2d; s/o L.D. & Mary
unknown, Cora A.; died 09/25/1867?; aged 6y 9m
unknown, Jane; w/o (stone broken below these words)
Mcg??, A.L.


Small slabs with initials only:
J.H.B. - with G.E.B. slab - likely Bierbaum
G.E.B. - with J.H.B. slab - likely Bierbaum
F.V. (possibly F. Voelker)


1) Frederick Benjegerdes (given name Johann Frederick) was born 14 Apr 1823.  However, with the date of birth and death it doesn't come out to be 48 years, 5 months and 23 days.  I have the birth date from the church records in Garnavillo so don't know why it isn't correct.  He is my great, grandfather who married Henrietta Charlotte Wilhelmina Meier (her 2nd marriage). Their son is Johan D. (Diedrich) Benjegerdes for which date of birth and death agree with the age of 18 years, 1 month and 25 days. ~from Grace (Benjegerdes) Keir, November 2010

2) Johann Gerhardt Schulte b. April 6, 1819 and d. July 22, 1861 aged 42 years, 3 months and 16 days was the first husband of Henrietta Charlotte Wilhelmina Meier.  She had 5 children by J. Gerhardt who were half siblings of my grandfather, Fred W. Benjegerdes of Postville. ~from Grace (Benjegerdes) Keir, November 2010, Grace's email address can be found in the surname registry for Benjegerdes

3) Jacob Bitter / Bitters - His name appears on the Consolidated List of persons subject to do military duty, residence Garnavillo, June 1862 or 1863 (date difficult to read), he was a single man, a laborer, b. Germany. The records of Co. D, 27th Iowa Volunteer Infantry indicate that Jacob Bitter was rejected in Oct 1862 due to having consumption. In August 1863 he enlisted in the 8th Iowa Cavalry from Elkader. National Archives records indicate his gravestone was erected in 1886 in the Garnavillo cemetery. The order for the headstone reads Pvt. Co B, Regt 6th Iowa Cav., date of death on the order form is blank. Also ...an article in the Garnavillo news column of the Elkader Weekly Register, 6/3/1886, states that his grave was decorated at the Memorial Day ceremonies & indicates his service was in the Missouri Cavalry. Researchers should resolve his service to their satisfaction.


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