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Monona City Cemetery Veteran Burials

Contributed by Jym Montgomery for Clayton co. IAGenWeb, with additional research by S. Ferrall (sf)

List is current through February 2020, as additional veteran burials are made. If you know of a veteran buried in the Monona City cemetery who does not appear here, or if an error is found, please contact the website coordinator.

Sources: Monona City cemetery records, gravestones, military records (Fold3), obituaries, biographies. The sources have been cross-referenced as much as possible.

-The military service of a few of the people on this list can't be confirmed at this time, but cemetery records indicate military service.
-Additional information on individuals may be found on the Monona City cemetery burial pages, in the military Honor Rolls, or elsewhere on this website. (links at the bottom of this page)

Veteran War, conflict or other service Comments
Allert, Russell Edward Korea  
Amundson, Goodwin Norman WWII  
Anderson, Charles Civil War  
Anderson, Enoch S. WWI  
Anderson, Wayne    
Baade, George John WWI  
Baade, Johann George 'John' Civil War  
Baade, Julie Ann Goins nee Hook Marine Corps 1968-1969  
Baade, Theodore Henry WWII  
Bacon, William Francis 'Bill' Korea  
Balekos, George William Korea  
Barnes, James H. Civil War  
Bartz, David Alan Air Force  
Baskerville, Wendell Henry WWI  
Baskerville, William Page 'Bill' Navy  
Baxter, Gerald Wayne 'Jerry' Korea  
Begalske, Walter A. 'Gus' Army 1945-1946  
Bernhard, Clarence 'Pete' Korea  
Bernhard, Gordon WWII  
Bernhard, Roger Lee Korea  
Bissell, John 'Jack' Air Force  
Bollman, Frederick L. Vietnam  
Bothel, John Civil War  
Bowles, James Mexican War  
Bowles, Thomas Carrington War of 1812  
Boyce, Robert M. Civil War  
Brainard, Leo M. WWII  
Brainard, Milo K. WWII  
Briar, Cecil A. WWI  
Brownson, Jason D. MD WWI  
Bruehahn, Walter A. WWI  
Bruehahn, Walter William Korea  
Butts, LeRoy A. Civil War  
Bywater, George Civil War  
Cahalan, Roger Francis WWII  
Cahoon, Elbert Anson WWII  
Campbell, Archibald S. 'Arch' WWI  
Campbell, Herbert J. WWI  
Casaday, Warren Civil War  
Christofferson, Leo James Korea  
Clawson, Howard Harold WWII  
Colby, Donald G. WWII  
Collins, Monteville E. 'Monte' unknown military service, if any, was prior to WWI; a brief death notice doesn't mention military service & no record found (sf)
Cooper, John R. 'Jack' Korea  
Curtis, Harvey S. Civil War  
Davis, Cerns Ora WWI  
Davis, Melvin Civil War  
Dickinson, Homer National Guard 2yrs pre-WWI  
Downing, John 'William' WWI  
Drahn, Lloyd Carl Earnest WWII  
Dull, Daniel J. Civil War  
Dull, David Russell WWI not confirmed; has a draft registration card, but no other record that he actually served - his or his wife's obits don't mention he was a vet, he also marked "NO" on the 1930 census question about being a veteran (sf)
Dull, Simon Banjonas Civil War  
Egbert, Lloyd WWI  
Erbe, Henry C. JR Korea  
Everall, Ben C. MD WWI  
Everall, Bruce MD WWI  
Everall, John E. Civil War  
Ewing, Gene W. Korea  
Ferguson, Kenneth E. Army  
Ferguson, Stanley L. Korea  
Ferguson, Virgil WWII  
Ferguson, Walter A. WWI  
Fields, Donald R. DVM Marine Corps 1945-1946  
Fisk, John Charles Army 1945-1947  
Fite, James R. WWII  
Fonda, James M. Civil War  
Friedlein, Floyd H. Korea  
Fuller, Ray Hall WWI  
Gehring, Betty nee Wirkler WWII WAVES  
Gehring, Lowell WWII, Korea, Vietnam  
Gemmill, John Civil War  
Gericke, John F. Navy 1960-1963  
Gilbert, Harold L. WWI  
Gilson, Eugene L. WWII  
Gramlich, Milton A. Army 1952-1953  
Green, Donald Lee Navy  
Gunderson, Emmett A. WWII  
Haag, Donald Edwin WWII Navy; has a cenotaph in the cemetery, KIA 2/28/1942, body unrecovered
Haag, John P. WWII  
Hamann, Arthur John WWII not confirmed; no record found; his obit doesn't mention military service (sf)
Hamann, Milton E. Korea  
Hancock, Morrison Nathan Civil War  
Haskell, Leonard Civil War  
Hass, Fred Frank WWI  
Hass, Harlan F. WWII  
Hass, Otto Carl WWI  
Hastings, Oliver R. Civil War  
Haworth, John Civil War  
Hazlett, Irwin G. WWI  
Hemen, Henry L. Civil War  
Henderson, Clarence O. WWI unconfirmed, other than his 1918 draft registration & 1942 'old man's draft' registration, no record of service found; obit does not mention military
Henderson, Marlyn WWII unconfirmed, no record of service found; obit does not mention military
Henderson, Robert M. Vietnam  
Henkes, Alton George WWII  
Henning, Dale Edward Army 1955-1957  
Hemen, Henry Lawrence Civil War  
Herrmann, Harley L. WWII  
Hinman, Clark Warren Navy  
Hinman, Harry Hobert WWI  
Hinman, James Clifford Vietnam  
Holly, Clifford A. Korea Co. B 4th Sig. BN; died in Korea
Holly, James D. WWII  
Holly, John Junior Korea  
Honn, Ray Gould WWII  
Hook, Russell WWII  
Hoth, Rueben Arthur WWII  
Houg, Douglas Duane Vietnam KIA 11/28/1966
Howard, LeRoy Air Force  
Huff, Fred Civil War  
Hupfer, Herbert WWI  
Ihde, Elmer WWI  
Ihde, Eugene Army 1955-1957  
Ingles, William V. Civil War  
Irwin, William unknown no records found; his obit doesn't mention military service (sf)
James, Harold 'Joe' Army 1954-1956  
Johnson, Clyde B. WWII Killed 3/1/1945, buried in Holland reburied in Monona 4/14/1949
Johnson, James L. 'Jim' Vietnam  
Kaiser, Walter WWI  
Kammerer, David WWI  
Kammerer, Reuben Lloyd WWII  
Kettlekamp, Enoch G. MD WWI  
Kilcher, Paul F. Korea  
Kleifoth, Bernell WWII  
Klima, Joseph J. WWI  
Klima, Milton J. WWII  
Klinkel, Harold Cliffton WWI  
Klotzbach, Harrison B. 'Harry' WWI  
Klotzbach, Walter G. WWII  
Koth, Donald WWII Killed in the European theatre, 1/5/1944
Kottman, Raymond P. WWII  
Krambeer, Burnell WWII unconfirmed; no service record found
Krambeer, Gerald B. WWII  
Land, Keith Harlowe Korea KIA 5/28/1957
Leach, John Milton Civil War  
Leas, Allen Army 1945-1947  
Lestina, Charles H. Army  
Lestina, Raymond L. Army  
Liddle, Boyde N. Navy  
Littler, John J. (REV) Civil War  
Lord, Charles U.S. Regular army ca1838-1841  
Lucas, Clarence F. 1st Navy, 2nd Army Korea  
Madden, John Civil War WPA = buried St. Patrick cemetery, Monona; Monona City cemetery records show burial there. No gravestone found either cemetery; death notice in Monona Leader (8/4/1892) said funeral at "the Catholic Church", but burial place not mentioned
Marovets, Stanley B. Vietnam  
Martie, Alfred J. WWII  
Martie, Arnold P. WWII  
Marting, Orlando W. WWI  
McCann, Hadwin WWI  
McClelland, Percival W. Civil War  
McConkey, Jabez H. Civil War, Confederate Army  
McCune, Walter V. WWII  
McLaughlin, Gerald E. WWII  
Meinken, Henry WWI  
Melcher, Ivan E. Army 1945-1949 & 1950-1953 Korea  
Mielke, Leo A. WWI  
Mielke, Leo M. WWI  
Miller, Louis F. WWI  
Mitchell, Charles A. Mexican War  
Montgomery, John Civil War  
Montour, Leslie J. WWI  
Moreland, Francis E. Army 1932-34; WWII 1942-45  
Muller, John Henry Army 1955-57  
Nagel, Francis Elba WWII  
Nelings, William H. Civil War  
Nelson, Carl WWI  
Nelson, Martin WWI  
Nichols, Nathan 'Nat' Civil War  
Nuehring, Ronald D. Army 1974-77  
Nussbaum, Jerry Army  
Oliver, Clarence WWI? not confirmed; his obit doesn't mention military service; has a WWI draft registration (Fold3), but nothing about actual service
Olmsted, David N. WWI  
Orr, Harold T. WWI  
Otis, Frederic S. WWII  
Parrish, Martin W. Sp-Am war  
Peglow, Gilbert F. WWII  
Peters, Dayton W. WWII  
Peters, Robert E. Korea  
Plozel, Eugene J. U.S. Army  
Polley, Daniel W. Civil War  
Purington, Herman N. WWII  
Purington, Roy Melvin WWII  
Radloff, Loren E. Army National Guard 1967-73  
Randall, Robert William Civil War  
Reinke, Harold C. WWII  
Renshaw, Kingsley MD WWI  
Richardson, Ted WWII  
Riedel, Ernest P. WWII  
Riley, James M. Civil War  
Riley, James Marton Civil War  
Ruchkaber, Albert WWII  
Ruckhaber, Robert R. WWII  
Russell, Bruce WWI  
Sass, Edward Charles Army 1955-57  
Sass, George unknown no records found; George SR is buried in the city cemetery, his son George is in St. Paul's Lutheran cemetery; no military info. for either of them (sf)
Sawvell, Alonzo G. WWI  
Schad, Willliam S. Mexican War  
Schlitter, Melvin C. WWII  
Scholl, Ernest A. WWI his obit says he was a "service man" but no other details; cemetery records = Army WWI 1918-1919
Schroeder, Henry John WWI  
Schroeder, Larry Edward Vietnam? service dates unknown; obit does not give details, only that burial was with military honors
Sherbonda, Leslie WWI  
Sherman, Frederick W. Civil War  
Sherman, Theodore Civil War  
Skinner, William H. Civil War  
Slitor, Edward Civil War  
Smith, Frederick 'Fritz' Civil War  
Smith, Homer Civil War  
Smith, Leslie H. WWI USMC; KIA 6/6/1918
Smith, Riley Civil War  
Steva, Dennis Lee Vietnam  
Stoehr, Harvey H. WWI  
Suddendorf, Lonny Dean Air Force 20-year career as a Fuels Supervisor; retired 1994
Surring, Ruel Edward WWI  
Surring, William F. Civil War  
Taylor, Claire H. WWII  
Thomas, Jay Merchant Marine Corps  
Thompson, LeRoy I. Korea  
Thompson, Walter O. WWI  
Tilson, Kenneth Vietnam  
Timmerman, Willis B. WWII  
Topel, Charles L. WWI  
Topel, Clarence A.E. WWI  
Tornowski, Robert WWII  
Trappe, Eugene Emmett U.S. Army  
Troester, Arthur LeRoy WWII  
Troester, Philip WWII  
Tucker, William N. Civil War  
Turner, John JR Civil War  
Turner, John SR War of 1812  
Vance, Thomas WWI  
Watkins, James Norton Civil War  
Watt, Eugene Illinois Army Nat'l Guard  
Wellman, William W. Civil War  
Wells,, Gordon Victor U.S. Navy, WWII  
Wickersham, Arthur W. WWII  
Wiedenmann, Charles P. WWI  
Wiedenmann, Matthaus G. 'Mathew' WWI  
Wiedenmann, Wesley William WWII  
Wiethorn, Bill Ray Army National Guard  
Wiethorn, Harry John WWI  
Wilcox / Wilcocks, Hiram Civil War  
Winters, Jacob War of 1812  
Wirkler, Donald E. WWII  
Wirkler, Robert Paul WWII  
Wold, Ronald A. Navy  
Woodmansee, Isaac unknown no records found; there is an Isaac Woodmansee, who served in the 12th IA Inf. during the CW, but the info. I can find has burial in South Dakota d. 1916. His gravestone in SD has G.A.R. engraved on the stone (Find a Grave). His son, Isaac E. Woodmansee (d. 1940) is buried in the Rossville I.O.O.F. cemetery but I don't know if he had military service (sf) Cemetery records = Army, Civil War, born 1825
Woodmansee, John W. Civil War  
Woodward, John W. Civil War  
Zittergruen, Louis Vietnam KIA 7/1/1970


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