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Monona City Cemetery
aka Monona Eastside cemetery

Surnames N-O-P-Q

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Monona City cemetery - photo taken by Sharyl Ferrall

Located in Monona twp., Section 12
The cemetery consists of the Original cemetery, 1st Addition, East Addition & I.O.O.F. Addition

Birdseye photo of Monona City cemetery - from Bing Maps
Photo is from Bing maps

Note! This burial list & information was compiled by Sharyl Ferrall from obituaries, gravestone photos, WPA graves registration, SSDI records, census records, veteran burial records, Clayton co. Death Certificates, newspaper articles & the 2017 Monona City Cemetery Association records provided by Jym Montgomery. It will be updated as additional burials are found. You can help - do you know of a burial in the Monona City cemetery that isn't listed? Dates? Corrections?

*The WPA records were transcribed by Phyllis Montour and have been merged into the burial list.
*Richard O'Brien has contributed names, dates & other info. from the Allamakee county Death Records (ACDR), Veterans Affairs records (VAR) and Waukon Standard obits (WS). Some of the ACDR give funeral home - they are abreviated as follows:
Schultz Funeral home =SFH
Martin Funeral home =MFH

*Gravestone photos have been contributed for this cemetery by many people, with hundreds taken by Jym Montgomery.
View gravestone photos for the Monona city cemetery

*Obituaries have been contributed for some of the people in Monona City cemetery. Do you have one to share?
Clayton co. Obituary Board Index & Allamakee co. Obituary Board Index

Name Birth Death Additional information
Nagel, Francis Elba 10/13/1920 06/09/1984 h/o Melva; s/o Elba & Nellie; U.S. Army, WWII
Nagel, Linda Lou   05/04/1952 d/o Francis & Melva
Nagel, Melva nee Sawvell   05/11/2011 w/o Francis; buried same lot but has no stone
Nagel, Nellie nee Land 08/12/1895   w/o Elba; d/o William & Cora (Perkins)
Neill, Amarilla nee Whitney   08/20/1897 w/o William; d/o John & Lanissa
Neill, Harriet L. nee Wakeman 12/25/1850 01/15/1895 w/o James Joseph (died 7/2/1920 in N.D.)
Neill, Joseph 03/04/1795 12/17/1859 h/o 1st Margretta McClotchy (d. 1844 in Ireland prior to his immigration), 2nd Emily Johnson (d. 1898, bur. Giard cemetery); died of Typhoid fever
Neill, William 04/28/1828 06/06/1890 h/o Amarilla; s/o Joseph & Margretta
Neill, Willie 11/26/1870 02/27/1876  
Nelings, Dorathea W. 09/18/1840 03/24/1928  
Nelings, Sarah E. nee Jack 10/21/1843 08/23/1933 w/o William H.
Nelings, William H. 07/25/1840 02/22/1920 h/o Sarah E.; Sergt., Co. E 27th IA Inf.
Nelson, Carl 11/19/1896 11/30/1985 h/o Carrie; s/o Christian & Hilga (Torgerson); U.S. Army, WWI
Nelson, Carrie Francis nee Everett 12/12/1905 04/15/1989 w/o Carl; d/o Harvey & Susan (Rogers)
Nelson, Martin 03/31/1888 03/03/1966 s/o Christian & Hilda (Torgeson); U.S. Army 3rd Div., WWI
Neubauer, Dorothea 1854 1925 w/o Henry
Neubauer, Henry 1850 1928 h/o Dorothea
Newcomb, Alexander 1902 1904 s/o Dwight C. & Mary
Newcomb, Clyde Eugene 10/28/1900 09/29/1923 s/o Dwight C. & Mary; died at Webster City, IA
Newcomb, Dwight C. SR 1873 1960 h/o Mary
Newcomb, Dwight C. JR 1899 1929 s/o Dwight C. & Mary D.; may be cenotaph, drowned, body may not have been recovered
Newcomb, Elizabeth 1917 1917 d/o Dwight & Mary
Newcomb, Everett C. 1907 - s/o Dwight & Mary; has a stone in the Newcomb family lot, no DOD engraved, he is probably not buried in this cemetery
Newcomb, Mary nee Howe 1877 1952 w/o Dwight C. SR
Newcomb, Randolph 1915 1916 s/o Dwight C. & Mary
Nichols, Ella R. nee Smith 08/21/1838 05/07/1930 w/o Marvin
Nichols, Marvin Willis 05/30/1833 07/23/1907 h/o Ella
Norden, Gertrude RN 02/09/1898 09/15/1987 d/o William & Mary (Heinen)
Norton, Arthur C. 07/30/1849 - h/o Laura
Norton, Elbert Dewitt 1871 12/19/1893  
Norton, Laura Ann nee Whatey 1845 11/22/1906 w/o Arthur C.
Nuehring, Frederick Henry 06/06/1921 03/11/1992 h/o Vivian; s/o John H. & Alice (Kruse)
Nuehring, Ronald Dale 1957 1987 s/o Frederick & Vivian; U.S. Army 1974-1977
Nuehring, Vivian nee Canoe 05/18/1925 12/13/2019 I.O.O.F. XIII-7; w/o Fredrick H.; d/o Ray & Lucille (Ricketts)
Nussbaum, Jerry Lee 06/17/1970 06/23/1996 U.S. Army veteran
Oathout, Mary F. nee Ruegnitz 09/09/1858 09/06/1934 w/o Orlando; d/o Carl & Mary (Meder); she died in California
Oathout, Orlando D. 09/01/1839 04/10/1904 h/o Mary; s/o Solomon H. & Eliza (Abbott)
Oelke, Arno 1877 1958 ssa Frances
Oelke, Frances nee Hauschen 02/20/1879 12/23/1948 w/o Arno H.
Oelrich, Addie   1916 unmarried; d/o William; Alert! Until confirmed otherwise, burial in this cemetery is assumed. Obit only says burial in Monona.
Olds, Catherine M. nee Cesario 03/03/1916 12/09/1990 w/o Eric
Olds, Eric Theodore 10/09/1914 01/17/1999 h/o Catherine; s/o Floyd J. & Bertha; b. Syracuse, N.Y.
Oliver, Alfred 1795 12/22/1864 age 70
Oliver, Allie   1890  
Oliver, Belva   1887  
Oliver, Clarence Justin 06/07/1883 11/29/1957 h/o Mae; s/o William & Minnie (Randall)
Oliver, Herbert   1864  
Oliver, Mae nee Scheffert 1886 1963 w/o Clarence
Oliver, Martha A.   10/14/1878 age 20
Oliver, Mary M. 1832 09/02/1923 w/o Ransler P.
Oliver, Minnie nee Randall 1863 05/28/1939 w/o William
Oliver, Ransler P. 03/23/1833 07/30/1910 w/o Mary M.; s/o Alfred & ? (Wormwood)
Oliver, Robert R. 1881 1949 s/o Wm. & Minnie
Oliver, Silva C.   08/26/1870  
Oliver, William 1862 03/??/1942 h/o Minnie
Olmstead, Adaliene M. 'Ada' nee McCormac 01/06/1854 01/04/1937 w/o Pineas Page JR
Olmstead, Alvin Soule 10/04/1857 09/17/1918 h/o Nellie; s/o Bradley & Louisa
Olmsted, B.H.   10/15/1872 48y; ssa Louisa E.
Olmsted, Bradley     s/o B.H. & L.E.
Olmsted, Bradley 04/11/1894 01/10/1895 s/ o Alvin & Nellie
Olmsted, Charlotte Edna nee Koether 06/09/1896 06/05/1980 w/o David; d/o George & Anna (Wickersheim)
Olmsted David Neill 04/02/1890 08/24/1974 h/o Charlotte; s/o Pinease Page JR & Ada; U.S. Army 04/1918-03/1919
Olmsted, Eunice 02/05/1845 08/12/1864 or 1884 d/o P.P. & Hannah
Olmsted, Florence 06/25/1901 09/18/1901 d/o Alvin & Nellie
Olmsted, Garner A.     s/o B.H. & L.E.
Olmsted, Hannah nee Rowe 10/27/1814 06/08/1891 "First white woman settler, 1840"; w/o Phineas P.
Olmsted, Hannah 04/10/1851 12/16/18?? d/o P.P. & Hannah
Olmsted, Herbert 06/21/1899 09/25/1900 s/o Alvin & Nellie
Olmsted, L.G.   1856 age 61
Olmsted, Louisa 09/06/1888 09/07/1888 d/o Alvin & Nellie
Olmsted, Louisa E.   12/07/1880 age 52; w/o B.H.
Olmsted, Nellie M. nee Smith 05/28/1866 11/21/1948 w/o Alvin
Olmsted, Olive May   09/20/1890 age 7y; d/o P. & A. (Pineas Page JR & Adaliene)
Olmsted, Philip LeGrand 07/25/1935 05/28/2014  
Olmsted, Phineas Page 03/27/1815 11/25/1894 "Born Fairfax, Virginia, First settler of Monona, 1840"; h/o Hannah
Olmsted, Phineas Page JR 1854 07/16/1902 h/o Adaliene
Olmsted, Polly E.   10/16/1882 age 81
Olmsted, Polly S.   08/30/1858 2y 3m 5d; d/o B.H. & L.E.
Olmsted, Stowel 06/22/1897 09/08/1897 s/o Alvin & Nellie
Orr, Creighton James 'Creight' 04/26/1885 04/23/1975 h/o Jean M.; s/o Frank M. & Emma
Orr, Emma nee Fuller 1890 1984 w/o Leighton
Orr, Emma Lois nee Topliff 08/14/1859 11/09/1931 w/o Frank M.; d/o Chas. & Emily (Reed)
Orr, Frank M. 04/09/1861 07/25/1932 h/o Emma L.; s/o James & Margeret (Ellison)
Orr, Harold Topliff 06/26/1893 02/08/1976 h/o Hazel; ACDR; U.S. Army, WWI
Orr, Hazel Mildred Elizabeth nee Kean 11/06/1893 04/21/1982 w/o Harold; d/o Andrew & Elizabeth (Mahany); d. Postville; SFH; ACDR
Orr, Jean Margaret nee McClellan 07/08/1887 12/20/1959 w/o Creighton; d/o Percival & Anna (Fair)
Orr, Leighton Frank 09/06/1889 07/06/1946 h/o Emma; s/o F.M. & Emma; d. Chicago, IL
Ostrander, Eugene T.   1871  
Otis, Charlotte nee Hubacher 1906 1971 1st w/o Frederic
Otis, Clara L.C. nee Curtis 03/24/1878 04/05/1962 w/o Irving (divorced); d/o Harvey & Clara (Olmsted); died at Independence, IA
Otis, Dorothy H. Reidesel   05/17/1993 age 83y; died in E. Aurora, N.Y.; buried w/1st husband - see Dorothy Reidesel
Otis, Frederic Selwyn 05/04/1905 09/02/1981 h/o 1st Charlotte, 2nd Dorothy Franco; s/o Irving J. (d. 1959, bur. CA) & Clara (Curtis); died in Hastings, Neb.; Major, U.S.A., WWII
Overly, Martin 1803 1878 h/o Nancy
Owen, Charles Gilbert 08/09/1862 04/07/1938 h/o Viola; s/o Alonzo & Janetta (Barnes)
Owen, Viola Mae nee Dull 1871 1938 w/o Charles
Owens, Delores Mae nee Wilkins 1923 1999  
Palas, Alice J. nee Schlitter 12/13/1928 10/05/2012 w/o Valdean; d/o William & Laura (Hensel); cremains
Palas, Bernard Hinrich 'Ben' 08/25/1886 08/25/1971 h/o Louisa C.; s/o John & Caroline (Voss); SFH; ACDR
Palas, Ethel nee Honn 07/30/1904 01/04/1986 w/o Harley; d/o Henry & Dorothea (Schroeder)
Palas, Harley John 01/29/1906 06/26/1985 h/o Ethel; s/o Louis & Marie (Lenth)
Palas, Louise Caroline 'Louisa' nee Glawe 11/13/1888 11/07/1973 w/o Ben; d/o Theodore & Louise (Taake); d. Postville hosp.; SFH; ACDR
Palas, Valdean H. 1931 1996 h/o Alice
Palmer, Charles 03/05/1874 10/25/1874 s/o W.D. & S.
Pape, Edward W. 1888 1954 h/o Florence
Pape, Florence Lou nee Hupfer 12/08/1892 01/30/1981 w/o Edward; d/o Henry W. & Minnie (Waalk); d. Postville; SFH; ACDR
Pape, Gaylord Grant 04/03/1930 10/06/1964 h/o Beverly M. Ellenbolt; s/o Grant & Martha (Pape) Pape; struck by a car Oct 3 while herding cattle across Hwy. 18-52, near his home; died in Rochester MN hospital
Pape, Jeanette F. 1916 2007 d/o Edward & Florence
Pape, Susan Lynn 08/18/1964 08/08/1964 age 3 hrs; d/o Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Pape
Parker, Harriet H. nee Strickland 02/??/1834 03/27/1902 68y 1m 4d; w/o James; died in Pipestone, MN
Parker, James   05/03/1881 70y 7m 27d; h/o Harriet
Parrish, Martin W. 06/23/1874 05/04/1923 h/o Eluma? T. (Howorth) Lane; s/o F.J. & Jennie (Phillips); Spanish-American War, Co. I, 2nd Mo. Inf.
Patrick, --- 1819 04/01/1889  
Paul, Lucy A.   05/19/1865 w/o N.I. or N.S.; Note: age 48, b. N.J. on 1860 census, Giard
Peglow, Clara 04/24/1890 08/16/1951  
Peglow, Fay nee Gilbert 03/18/1891 06/03/1964 w/o Fred J.; I.O.O.F. section
Peglow, Fred J. 03/19/1892 05/30/1970 h/o Fay
Peglow, Gilbert F. "Bud" 06/30/1918 04/11/2009 h/o Jacquelyn; died in Orange City, FL; US Navy Veteran, WWII
Peglow, Herman 12/19/1848 02/17/1919  
Peglow, Jacquelyn R. nee McWin 08/08/1923 05/02/2001 w/o Gilbert
Peglow, Mathilda 09/15/1861 04/09/1926  
Peglow, Pamela J. 03/08/1946 10/03/2013 died in Deltona, FL
Peters, Dayton William 12/10/1921 11/22/2007 s/o Harry & Frieda; U.S. Army WWII
Peters, Elmer Herman 09/18/1901 07/11/1936 h/o Ruby Levenhagen (see entry for Ruby Topel); s/o Mike & Emma
Peters, Emma A. nee Moritz 01/20/1870 08/15/1955 w/o Michael; d/o Wm & Marie (Stiehle)
Peters, Frieda R. nee Hertrampf 1901 1959 w/o Harry; d/o William
Peters, Harry J. 1895 1964 h/o Frieda
Peters, Jason Michael 10/05/1928 05/20/1934 s/o Harry & Frieda
Peters, Kenneth R. 1933 2002 s/o Ray & Minnie
Peters, Michael 'Mike' 04/10/1894 07/20/1944 h/o Emma; s/o George
Peters, Minnie B. 1903 2002 w/o Ray
Peters, Ray W. 1896 1972 h/o Minnie
Peters, Robert Elmer 07/16/1929 03/31/2006 h/o Yvonne; s/o Elmer & Ruby (Levenhagen); Cpl U.S. Army, Korea
Peters, S. Yvonne nee Riley 02/06/1937 09/03/2002 w/o Robert
Peterson, Marguerite Elaine nee Ferguson 11/21/1914 12/28/2001 w/o Leon L.; d/o Herbert & Sarah (Dull); dates are from SSDI (her gravestone has only 1914 engraved), last residence was Anamosa, Jones co. IA; her burial in this cemetery should be independently verified
Philipp, Eileen Anna Maria nee Schroeder 07/16/1916 11/22/2016 w/o Henry W.; d/o Henry & Cordula (Tewes)
Philipp, Henry William 09/10/1907 01/16/1987 h/o Eileen; s/o Henry F. & Louisa (Esch)
Pierce, Sarah A.   01/26/1866 age 22
Pittinger, William Davis 1890 11/23/1917 1st h/o Scella Oliver (see Scella Balekos); died of typhoid fever
Pixler, Alta M. nee Bruer / Brewer 1872 02/??/1937 w/o Joseph; Note: her husband's obit spells maiden name Bruer, her obit names brother F.W. Brewer
Pixler, Gerald H. 1897 02/24/1958 h/o Lorene
Pixler, Glen Roy 12/09/1918 01/08/1990 h/o Vera; s/o Roy & Erma (Lubbers)
Pixler, Jason H. 12/25/1924 08/26/1934 s/o Gerald & Lorene; died in West Union, Fayette co. IA
Pixler, Joseph M. 10/11/1866 11/01/1956 h/o Alta; s/o John & Chloe J. (Stull)
Pixler, Lorene M. nee Gilster 07/02/1902 05/30/1989 w/o Gerald; d/o Fred & Louise (Baade); died in Dubuque, Dubuque co. IA
Pixler, Vera nee Schave 1924 2011 w/o Glen
Plaehn, Glenn 1910 1978 ssa Harriett
Plaehn, Harriett F. nee Schmitt 1912 08/28/2003 w/o Glenn
Plank, Henry   1855 Memorial plaque "In Memory of Henry Plank & 5 neighborhood children who died in a typhoid epidemic, April-August 1855. And Rev. John Plank who brought 6 seedling arbor vines from Ohio, 1856 & planted one at each grave"
Plozel, Eugene Joseph 02/17/1932 08/18/1992 h/o Wanda; s/o Joseph & Mayme; U.S. Army veteran
Plozel, Joseph 'Joe' 1878 04/12/1963 h/o Mayme; s/o Thomas & Mary
Plozel, Mayme M. nee Lestina 02/10/1889 04/13/1956 w/o Joe; d/o Frank & Anna (Blaha)
Plozel, Wanda Jean nee Petersen 12/09/1933 04/24/2005 w/o Eugene
Plumb, Seth A. 1848 09/26/1871  
Polley, Daniel W.   04/06/1863 or 1865 s/o Elder M. & H.C.; Co. E 27th IA Inf.
Polley, Hannah C. nee Ireland 08/14/1821 08/21/1891 b. Newport, ME; w/o Rev. Moses
Polley, Rev. Moses 02/14/1816 01/10/1898 "Born in Dunham, ME. Settled in Iowa, 1857"; h/o Hannah C.
Polzel, Eugene "Buck"   1992 age 60; h/o Wanda
Pomeroy, Harry E. 09/11/1870 01/29/1961 h/o Polly; s/o Alvin & Betsy (Fox); d. I.O.O.F. home [?Mason City]
Pomeroy, Polly C. 1867 1954  
Possehl, Elsie Fredericka Pauline 09/01/1894 08/19/1975 d/o Frank & Sophia; d. Postville Hosp.; SFH; ACDR
Possehl, Frank 11/15/1862 10/05/1945 h/o Sophia
Possehl, Frederick 1864 11/22/1907  
Possehl, Sophia E.R. nee Hagensick 11/21/1867 08/29/1959 w/o Frank
Prunkard, Gary J. 1942 2011 h/o Karen
Prunkard, Karen K. nee Koth     w/o Gary
Pufahl, Emil H. 1871 09/24/1915 Reinterred to Oakland cemetery, 1920 addition, Waukon, IA in 1966.
Purington, Grant 1888 11/07/1962 h/o Oda
Purington, Herman Nathaniel 12/01/1908 07/18/1975 h/o Irene L. (Kendall); s/o Grant & Oda/Celia; U.S. Army, WWII
Purington, Oda nee Hissey 12/04/1887 06/02/1939 w/o Grant; d/o Oliver; Note: her obit gives Oda as first name, others call her Celia
Purington, Roy Melvin 06/13/1922 07/01/1956 h/o Grace Ford; s/o Grant & Celia/Oda; drowned while fishing; 169th Inf. WWII
Quamme, Edward Nicholas 06/16/1886 04/23/1958 h/o Selma; s/o Hans & Caroline (Reppin); b. N. Dakota
Quamme, Selma M. nee Thies 04/10/1891 04/29/1987 w/o Edward; d/o Charles & Linda C. (Meyer); d. Waterloo, IA


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