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Monona City Cemetery
aka Monona Eastside cemetery

Surnames A-B

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Monona City cemetery - photo taken by Sharyl Ferrall

Located in Monona twp., Section 12
The cemetery consists of the Original cemetery, 1st Addition, East Addition & I.O.O.F. Addition

Birdseye photo of Monona City cemetery - from Bing Maps
Photo is from Bing maps

Note! This burial list & information was compiled by Sharyl Ferrall from obituaries, gravestone photos, WPA graves registration, SSDI records, census records, veteran burial records, Clayton co. Death Certificates, newspaper articles & the 2017 Monona City Cemetery Association records provided by Jym Montgomery. It will be updated as additional burials are found. You can help - do you know of a burial in the Monona City cemetery that isn't listed? Dates? Corrections?

*The WPA records were transcribed by Phyllis Montour and have been merged into the burial list.
*Richard O'Brien has contributed names, dates & other info. from the Allamakee county Death Records (ACDR), Veterans Affairs records (VAR) and Waukon Standard obits (WS). Some of the ACDR give funeral home - they are abreviated as follows:
Schultz Funeral home =SFH
Martin Funeral home =MFH

*Gravestone photos have been contributed for this cemetery by many people, with hundreds taken by Jym Montgomery.
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*Obituaries have been contributed for some of the people in Monona City cemetery. Do you have one to share?
Clayton co. Obituary Board Index & Allamakee co. Obituary Board Index

Name Birth Death Additional information
Abel, Anna Margaret nee Sultow 08/01/1878 02/15/1970 w/o Ferdinand; d/o Paul V. & Anna (Jeddeloch); ACDR
Abel, Edward Henry 'Ed' 01/03/1869 11/01/1943 h/o 1st Matilda, 2nd Anna Gruenwald (d. 1934, bur. Guttenberg); s/o H.H. & Augusta (Oppermann)
Abel, Ferdinand George 07/08/1876 10/20/1942 h/o Anna; s/o Henry & Augusta (Oppermann)
Abel, Irene J. nee Forde, adoped Nelson 02/07/1907 04/04/1999 w/o Lynas; d/o Erick & Christina (Thorson) Forde, adopted by Olaus & Anna (Osmundson) Nelson; d. La Crosse, WI
Abel, Lynas O. 1899 07/21/1977 h/o Irene; s/o Ferdinand & Anna
Abel, Matilda Sophia Dorothea nee Gruenwald 08/13/1868 03/01/1909 1st w/o Edward; Note: her obit gives burial in the Lutheran cemetery, but she has a gravestone in the city cemetery
Acuff, Frank 1877 1957  
Acuff, Lou 1887 1965  
Addis, Frank D. 03/11/1869 12/03/1907 h/o Lucille Dull; buried in Dull family lot
Aird, Lillian M. 'Lillie' nee Fett 06/02/1897 08/21/1978 w/o William J.; d/o Frederick & Emma (Schlitter); d. Harpers Ferry; ACDR
Aird, Minnie L. nee Hulse / Huse 1861 11/25/1915 w/o Robert; ACDR
Aird, Robert 12/05/1855 12/15/1926 h/o Minnie L.
Aird, William John 'Bill' 08/24/1895 02/06/1997 h/o Lillian M.; s/o Robert & Minnie; d. Waukon, IA
Allert, Bobby Dean 05/04/1934 04/22/2009 s/o Earl & Clara
Allert, Clara Elfreda nee Hefner 08/12/1902 05/10/1991 w/o Earl; d/o Peter & Edna (Stafford); d. Prairie du Chien, WI
Allert, Earl Glenn 06/09/1902 07/28/1997 h/o Clara; s/o Edw. & Clara (Schiff); d. Waukon; ACDR
Allert, John W. 1878 03/26/1972 I.O.O.F. section; h/o Sophia; s/o William & Maria (?Polvis)
Allert, Russell Edward 10/09/1926 11/13/2006 s/o Earl & Clara; U.S. Army, Korea
Allert, Sophia A. nee Ulrich 1882 1965 I.O.O.F. section; w/o John; d/o William & Matilda (Schneider)
Alexander, Carl   1915 age 18y; native of Bohemia; obit implies burial here, possibly in Whittle plot
Ames, Austin   05/18/1978 age 80; h/o Helen
Amundson, Beulah Dorothy nee Oelberg 01/26/1923 09/12/2012 w/o G. Norman; d/o Albert & Emma (Leppert)
Amundson, Goodwin Norman 01/04/1916 09/10/1994 h/o Beulah; s/o Albert & Ella (Helgerson); U.S. Army, WWII
Anderson, Amelia B. 1843 1921  
Anderson, Andrew   07/0?/1911 obit: "found dead in his chair" at home of Oliver Alitz; he was a bachelor "about 66 years of age"
Anderson, Charles John 03/07/1843 07/05/1910 h/o Christiana
Anderson, Charles A. 'Charley' 01/29/1874 11/??/1915 h/o Lulu; s/o John & Mary; died at Mason City, IA
Anderson, Christiana nee Peterson 1851 1911 w/o Charles
Anderson, Emma nee Sande 12/29/1895 11/23/1972 d/o Haakons & Anna (Grinde); d. Postville hospital; SFH; ACDR
Anderson, Enoch S. 09/18/1895 01/08/1986 h/o Leona; s/o John & Louise (Larson); U.S. Army, WWI
Anderson, Gwendolyn J. 1933 1992  
Anderson, John 1840 1932  
Anderson, John A. 1865 1922 s/o John & Mary
Anderson, Leona nee Baade 1897 02/20/1990 w/o Enoch S.
Anderson, Lulu Ana nee Green 03/15/1872 04/14/1943 w/o Charles; d/o William
Anderson, Margaret E.   07/18/1872 22y 3m 21d; w/o Joseph
Anderson, Margaret Ruth 'Peggy' Brown nee Wagner 02/21/1950 10/02/2006 1st h/ Joel Brown, 2nd h/ John Anderson
Anderson, Nancy Josephine nee Mista 04/14/1936 03/03/2019 Lot 150 Eastside section; cremaina; w/o Wayne
Anderson, Rosa B. 08/11/1870 08/28/1904 w/o A.N.; Death notice: "...whose remains were brought here for burial" ~Elkader Argus 8/31/1904, Monona column
Anderson, Violet M. Sautter nee Gohde 02/29/1924 12/25/2012 see entry for Violet M. Sautter - Anderson
Anderson, Wayne E. 01/15/1932 08/01/2019 Lot 150 Eastside; cremains; h/o Nancy; s/o Enoch S. & Leona; U.S. Army 1953-1955
Annis, Artimita   08/22/1870 age 52; w/o Almerson
Arnold, H. J. 1814 01/10/1884  
Arnold, Lovina 1854 07/18/1915  
Arnold, Ruth A. 1816 10/01/1874  
Arnold, Samuel M. 1849 06/16/1930  
Atwood, Charles N.   06/27/1870 52y 6m; h/o Lucretia
Atwood, Charlotte U. Harriet nee Lang 1847 05/25/1880 32y; 2nd w/o Soloman
Atwood, Friend N. 09/16/1868 08/02/1944 h/o Laura; s/o Soloman & Charlotte
Atwood, Laura nee Gile     w/o Friend; Note: burial in this cemetery should be confirmed
Atwood, Lucretia   04/12/1882 50y 1m 14d; w/o Charles
Atwood, Mary nee Parker / Parks   04/13/1866 42y; 1st w/o Solomon
Atwood, Oscar Parker 06/1?/1855 04/21/1918 h/o Lou; s/o Solomon & Mary; died in Seattle
Atwood, Solomon   04/10/1881 61y 7m 6d; h/o 1st Mary, 2nd Charlotte
Atwood, Thomas   03/12/1870 55y
Ayers, Bernice   11/05/1945  
Baade, Alta nee Thies 1895 08/11/1950 w/o Arthur; d/o Charles & Linda C. (Meyer)
Baade, Amanda C. nee Klingeman 03/26/1893 01/29/1991 w/o Henry J.; d/o Fred & Dora (Boller); d. Postville; ACDR
Baade, Anna M. 'Doris' nee Krambeer 01/11/1852 0314/1876 1st w/o John G.; d/o J.J. & Johanna (Schultz)
Baade, Arthur August Fred 01/??/1883 07/02/1954 h/o Alta; s/o John & Marie
Baade, Douglas 'Doug' 1940 - 2nd h/o Julie
Baade, George John 09/03/1892 01/27/1971 s/o John & Maria; Pvt., Iowa, US Army, WWI veteran
Baade, Hallet 11/12/1915 12/09/1969 s/o Arthur & Alta; never married
Baade, Henry John 1880 1948 h/o Amanda C.
Baade, Jane Rhonda 08/10/1947 02/06/1969 d/o Theodore & Ruth
Baade, Johann George 'John' 01/03/1843 11/02/1929 "Father"; 1st w/ Anna Doris, 2nd w/ Marie; CW veteran, Co B, 21st IA Infantry
Baade, Julie Ann Goins nee Hook 10/27/1946 09/30/2011 1st h/ Walter R. Goins, 2nd h/ Douglas S. Baade; Veteran US Marine Corps 1968/69
Baade, Maria J. nee Hoth 03/04/1855 03/23/1944 "Mother"; 2nd w/o John G.; d/o Fred & Karoline (Mueller)
Baade, Marie Rosella nee Hupfer 12/10/1901 12/23/1989 w/o George John; d/o Edward & Clara (Schmitt)
Baade, Robert 1917 1943 "Son"
Baade, Ruth D. nee Paulsen 1916 1999 w/o Theodore H.
Baade, Theodore Henry 07/11/1914 04/15/1971 h/o Ruth; s/o Henry & Amanda; Veteran of WWII
Baade, William C. 03/05/1888 07/24/1944 "Father"; s/o John G.
Bacon, baby - - no other info.
Bacon, Donald Harry 07/20/1934 06/17/2006 h/o Jean; cremains
Bacon, Fadora Jane 'Dora' nee Baughman 03/31/1861 02/07/1940 w/o Francis A.; d/o John & Susanna (Heddington); ACDR: YOB 1860
Bacon, Francis A. 'Frank' 10/08/1850 01/25/1918  
Bacon, Harriet nee Schroeder 01/31/1912 05/24/1987 w/o Lloyd
Bacon, Harry Arthur 08/27/1899 11/24/1973 s/o Frank & Dora
Bacon, Jean E. nee Christofferson     w/o Donald
Bacon, Linda K. nee Fritz     w/o Ralph
Bacon, Lloyd Alonza 04/09/1902 08/28/1988 h/o Harriet; s/o Frank & Dora
Bacon, Ralph E.     h/o Linda; Veteran
Bacon, Ralph H. 05/30/1885 07/05/1907 s/o Frank & Dora
Bacon, William Francis 'Bill' 01/26/1931 07/29/2003 h/o Minerva Thorson (d. 1975, bur. East Clermont Luth. cem.); s/o Lloyd & Harriet; U.S. Marine Corps, Korean war; cremains spread privately in May 2017
Baker, Daniel F.   09/27/1869 ?y ?m 26d; s/o S.H. & L.A.
Baker, Lloyd A. 04/09/1902 08/28/1998 h/o Harriett Schroeder
Baker, Loisa   1874 age 62
Baker, Ralph F. 05/30/1885 07/05/1907  
Baker, Simon   1878 age 80
Balekos, George C. SR 1893 1979 2nd h/o Scella
Balekos, George William 'Junior' 06/06/1931 06/12/2018 h/o Loretta; s/o George & Scella; U.S. Army, Korea
Balekos, Loretta Marie nee Busness 12/20/1933 03/23/2016 Lot 87 east side; w/o George W.; d/o Carl & Selina (Leiran)
Balekos, Scella E. Pettinger nee Oliver 01/25/1897 12/05/1971 1st h/ Wm. Pettinger (d. 1917, bur. this cem.), 2nd h/ George C. Balekos; d/o William & Minnie (Randall)
Ballard, Harriett L. nee Ulrich 05/28/1893 02/19/1984 w/o John W.; died in Cedar Rapids, Linn co. IA
Ballard, John Wesley 03/06/1886 07/26/1969 h/o Harriett; died in Cedar Rapids, Linn co. IA
Barker, Harriet E. nee Cassaday 1888 1925 w/o D. Earl Barker
Barnes, Archimedes 'Medes'   03/12/1874 43y 5m 9d; h/o Lydia; s/o Isaac & Harriet (Churchill)
Barnes, Bertie / Berty   10/24/1867 s/o M.H. & S.E. (Milo & Sarah)
Barnes, Harriett nee Churchill 09/16/1809 03/02/1896 w/o Isaac; no dates on the gravestone; dates are from her obituary
Barnes, H. Florence   08/02/1887 age 16; d/o J.H. & H.A. Barnes; ssa Lucille (Barnes) Egloff
Barnes, Hiram   02/18/1863 17y 5m 18d; s/o Isaac & Harriet (Churchill)
Barnes, Isaac 08/06/1800 12/08/1885 h/o Harriet; no dates on the gravestone, dates are from his obituary
Barnes, James H. 08/01/1840 02/16/1918 h/o Harriet Hunt; s/o Isaac & Harriet (Churchill); Civil War veteran
Barnes, Lydia Jane 1832 05/30/1895 63y, 1m 22d; w/o Archimedes 'Medes'
Barney, Mary A. nee Gordon 1806 1871 w/o Joseph; buried Emery family plot
Bartz, Ann Janis nee Larson - - w/o David
Bartz, David Allan 01/15/1953 05/11/2009 h/o Ann J.; s/o Arnold & Delores (McLeish); SSGT U.S. Air Force
Baskerville, Edith Leona nee Hillis 06/27/1921 08/01/2019 Eastside section 2A; w/o William; d/o Lee & Ruby (Pettit)
Baskerville, Mae Elizabeth nee Hupfer 11/06/1894 04/28/1991 w/o Wendell H.; d/o Henry & Minnie (Waalk); d. Waukon hosp.; SFH; ACDR
Baskerville, Wendell Henry 10/06/1888 09/29/1985 h/o Mae; s/o Lorenzo & Alice (McClaren); U.S. Army, WWI veteran
Baskerville, William Page 'Will' 1922 2010 h/o Edith; s/o Wendell & Mae; U.S. Navy veteran
Baxter, Gerald Wayne 'Jerry' 09/08/1926 10/01/1999 h/o Gretta; s/o Carlos & Vernis (Heinke); US Air Force veteran, Korean War
Baxter, Gretta Mae nee Canoe 11/10/1928 12/14/2018 Lot XIII-8, Section I.O.O.F.; w/o Gerald; d/o Ray & Lucille (Barker); cremains
Beatty, John 10/08/1805 03/09/1882  
Beatty, Thomas   10/17/1868 ssa John
Beck, Martha   06/08/1867 21y 2m 26d; youngest d/o Levi & Ann A.
Begalske, Donna Jean nee Bade - - w/o Walter
Begalske, Walter Albert 'Gus' 01/29/1925 11/18/2012 h/o Donna; s/o Gustav W. & Ella H. (Ungerer); U.S. Army 1945-1946, was acting Sergeant Major of Itazuke Army Air Base, Japan following the Japanese surrender
Belden, Clarence Russell 03/04/1876 08/19/1961 h/o Mabel; s/o George & Mary; d. Fayette, IA
Belden, Mabel A. nee Doland 09/09/1883 10/22/1962 w/o Clarence; d. Fayette, IA
Bell, George H. 1852 1923  
Bell, Jennie 1861 1952  
Bender, Anna   11/21/1865 age 23
Bender, Wealthy May   1869  
Bennetts, John C. 07/29/1868 12/06/1942 h/o Rilla; s/o William & Margaret
Bennetts, Rilla E. nee Harding 02/22/1876 01/08/1970 w/o John; ACDR; Note: gravestone = DOB 1877
Bentien, August H. 1882 01/??/1925 Postville Herald reported that he died after receiving a vaccination for smallpox
Bentien, Christina nee Carlson 01/24/1846 09/10/1940 w/o Heinrich C.; d/o Magni 'Carl' & Kathrine (Hucken)
Bentien, Ernest Frederick 05/30/1873 11/29/1929 h/o Katharine; s/o Henry & Christina; died St. Joseph hosp., Cresco, Howard co. IA
Bentien, Harlin Keith 01/26/1927 11/24/2020 h/o Imogene; s/o Linford & Thelma (Henderson)
Bentien, Heinrich Christian 'Henry' 08/05/1843 10/17/1923 h/o Christina; s/o John
Bentien, Imogene R. nee Kuthe - - w/o Harlin
Bentien, Katharine nee Lamker 1877 1952 w/o Ernest
Bentien, Linford J.   07/01/1974 age 72y; h/o Thelma
Bentien, Thelma Clair nee Henderson 12/10/1907 12/13/1987 w/o Linford J.; d/o Clarence & Jessie (Stafford); d. Postville; SFH; ACDR
Berghahn, Albert   02/17/1887 3y 9d; s/o P. & S.
Berghahn, Jno.   03/16/1891 age 61y
Bernhard, Alice Geneva nee Olson 12/18/1913 02/10/1992 w/o Howard; d/o Knute & Anne (Wettelson); d. Cedar Rapids; SFH; ACDR
Bernhard, Clarence 'Pete' 09/03/1927 02/27/1996 h/o Idayne; s/o Clarence & Emma; U.S. Army Korea
Bernhard, Clarence G. 09/22/1882 08/10/1951 h/o Emma; s/o John & Mary (Hupfer); Note: obit gives DOB=1883
Bernhard, Emma S. nee Hardke 1889 10/??/1949 w/o Clarence
Bernhard, Gordon 06/06/19181918 1968 1st h/o Rodena; s/o Clarence & Emma; Veteran
Bernhard, Howard 02/21/1910 12/05/1987 h/o Alice; s/o Clarence & Emma
Bernhard, Idayne E. nee Plaht - - w/o Clarence
Bernhard, Jackie 1948 1956 s/o Gordon & Rodena
Bernhard, Janet Florence Sanders nee Kluesner     w/o 1st Jan A. Sanders, 2nd Roger Bernhard; d/o Cyril
Bernhard, John 1854 1919 h/o Mary
Bernhard, Mary E. nee Hupfer 1859 1932 w/o John
Bernhard, Rodena Marie nee Drallmeier 03/20/1920 03/08/2016 see Rodena Roethler
Bernhard, Roger Lee 1935 07/14/2016 Lot 91 Eastside; cremains inurned 08/07/2019; 2nd h/o Janet; s/o Howard & Alice; U.S. Army, Korea
Bernhard, Russie M. 1892 1961  
Bernhard, Willis L. 1890 1973  
Berns, Ethelyn Herrmann nee Kurth 09/07/1925 04/18/2016 Lot 162 east side; w/o 1st Harley Herrmann (d. 1991), 2nd Larry Berns; d/o Lester & Esther
Bingham, O.G.W. DR   12/11/1867 age 56
Birdsell, Leon Todd 04/09/1909 08/05/1965 h/o Vella; s/o Roy & Mae (Todd)
Birdsell, Vella nee Meyer 1912 2009 w/o Leon
Bishop, Daniel 1795 11/04/1877  
Bissell, Bradley 'Brad' 07/24/1956 01/31/2001 h/o Tori Schlitter; s/o John & Gale
Bissell, John W. "Jack" 09/30/1932 09/28/2007 h/o Gale Kurth; US Air Force veteran
Blaha, Anna Mary nee Schuette 1874 1957 w/o Frank V.
Blaha, Frank Victor 1869 1952 h/o Anna
Blaha, Marie L. 1909 1983 d/o Frank & Mary
Blaha, Ploma Frances 11/26/1912 06/21/2012 d/o Frank & Mary
Blietz, infant son   11/15/1912 s/o Hugo & Lydia
Blietz, Carlisle 'Carl' 12/10/1913 12/13/1913 s/o Hugo & Lydia; note: gravestone gives DOD 12/12/1913
Blietz, Charles Henry 07/01/1919 12/23/1979 h/o Marilyn; s/o Joseph & Ethel
Blietz, Ethel B. nee Snell 1885 1960 w/o Joseph H.
Blietz, Hugo G. 1883 1968 h/o Lydia
Blietz, Joseph H. 1877 1958 h/o Ethel
Blietz, Lydia Ellen 'Liddy' nee Scheffert 10/20/1891 11/14/1957 w/o Hugo; d/o John & Mary (Verhota)
Blietz, Mari L. nee Schultz     w/o Terry
Blietz, Marilyn Cherie nee Blackbourn 09/09/1928 03/13/2005 w/o Charles H.
Blietz, Terry Lee 01/18/1958 08/28/1983 h/o Mari; s/o Charles H. & Marilyn
Bloecher, Catharine nee Blaha   06/10/1935 age 68; w/o Jacob
Blumhagen, Bernadine Adele 'Bernie' nee Kugel 07/20/1932 01/13/2012 w/o Ronald; d/o Wm. & Amelia (Hamann)
Blumhagen, Ronald Claire 'Ron' 09/07/1931 09/23/1995 h/o Bernadine
Bohonek, Lillian Elizabeth nee ?Sheffert 10/04/1899 03/11/1931 1st w/o Ray; d/o John & Mary (Verhota); Note: obit says raised by her aunt Mary, but marriage record says parents are John & Mary
Bohonek, Mabel nee Bergdale 04/03/1902 01/22/1966 2nd w/o Ray; d/o Axel Bergdale
Bohonek, Raymond 'Ray' SR 02/06/1896 07/16/1981 h/o Lillian & Mabel; s/o Frank & (Kantor - unkn if her 1st or maiden name - info from Iowa Marriages, Family Search.org)
Bollman, Charles Ranson 09/16/1872 02/24/1957 h/o Etta M.
Bollman, Etta Mabel nee Deal 1881 1961 w/o Charles
Bollman, Frederick Lloyd 03/16/1950 12/20/2012 s/o Larry & Helen; U.S. Army, Vietnam
Bollman, Helen Marie nee Krambeer 1909 09/18/1989 w/o Lawrence
Bollman, Lawrence Moody 09/02/1901 09/01/1992 h/o Helen; s/o Charles & Etta
Bollman, Ronald Lee 07/09/1931 04/03/1995  
Bonzer, Anna nee Pozar 1833 1872 w/o Mathias
Bonzer, Anna 1859 1889 d/o Mathias & Anna
Bonzer, Augusta nee Scheffert 07/19/1893 05/03/1969 see Augusta Cunningham
Bonzer, John 04/06/1865 03/01/1924 h/o Augusta; s/o Mathias & Anna
Bonzer, John Jr.   01/??/1933 age 18y; s/o John & Augusta
Bonzer, Mathias 1818 09/10/1892 age 74
Boots, Clarence Frederick 10/17/1903 02/13/1980 h/o Grace; s/o Sam & Augusta
Boots, Grace Louise nee Lang / Lange 11/18/1904 02/21/1974 w/o Clarence; d/o Henry
Bothel, Earl Francis JR 02/02/1943 11/01/1996 s/o Earl F. SR & Lorraine (Wilker)
Bothel, Frank R. 06/25/1882 10/03/1966 h/o Hattie P.; s/o John & Rachel (Mangus)
Bothel, George 1878 02/03/1934 h/o Lovina; s/o John & Rachel
Bothel, Harriet J. 1872 1936 w/o Marlin
Bothel, Hattie Pearl nee Oliver 1878 1952 w/o Frank; Note: gravestone=Pearl H.
Bothel, Irene E. 1880 1921  
Bothel, John 05/30/1826 10/29/1904 h/o Rachel; CW veteran
Bothel, Lovina nee Wirkler 10/21/1886 01/19/1935 w/o George; d/o Edward & Mary
Bothel, Marlin A. 1873 1950 h/o Harriet
Bothel, Mattie 03/25/1865 11/09/1930 d/o John & Rachel
Bothel, Rachel nee Mangues 01/01/1838 08/23/1925 w/o John
Bothel, Ruth M. 1904 1924 died of typhoid fever
Bothwell, Frances M. nee Humke 11/09/1903 01/08/1998 d/o George & Emma (Kurdelmeyer); d. in CA
Bowles, David D. 05/03/1833 01/12/1918 died in St. Louis
Bowles, James - - Mexican War veteran
Bowles, Jane nee Rogers 04/17/1795 04/18/1884 w/o Thomas C.
Bowles, Nancy J. 1839 06/21/1904  
Bowles, Rilla E. 01/14/1874 11/18/1928  
Bowles, Thomas Carrington 11/28/1795 04/08/1857 h/o Jane; 2 gravestones, one has a military marker; War of 1812 veteran
Boyce, Mary Jane nee Tapper 1841 1930 w/o Robert; d/o James & Ellen (Irwin); Note: from his obit: "She was the first white child born at Fort Atkinson, Ia., Miss Jane Tapper."
Boyce, Robert M. 08/23/1841 02/10/1925 h/o Mary; s/o Samuel & Betsy Ann (Hall); Co. H 16th U.S. Inf. (Civil War)
Boyce, Samuel   bef. 1846 1st h/o Betsy A. Hall (later Betsy Lord); Note: burial place not confirmed, he may be buried in/near Garnavillo
Boyles, Edward F. 1825 1885 "Father"
Boyles, Margaret Blaisdell 1850 1882  
Boyles, Nancy 1828 1872 "Mother"
Brainard, Anita L. nee Borcherding 08/01/1921 02/14/2003 w/o Milo K.
Brainard, Bryce Adam 10/29/1977 10/15/1992 s/o Marvin & Patricia (Ferguson)
Brainard, Grace   1998 w/o Leo M.; ashes
Brainard, Jamie Lyn 09/11/1978 12/09/1994 d/o Kevin & Janice
Brainard, Leo M. 12/24/1918 12/10/1948 h/o Grace; Pvt. Iowa, 3706 AAF Base Unit, WWII
Brainard, Milo Kreston 06/24/1915 02/23/1989 h/o Anita; US Army, WWII
Brainard, Shirley - - d/o Milo & Anita
Brandtman, Margaretha nee Walke 1871 1929 w/o William
Brandtman, Wilhelm F. 'William' 06/17/1869 08/20/1930 h/o Margaretha
Brase, Ella Wilhelmina Marie nee Sass 05/29/1891 05/06/1954 w/o Paul; d/o George (7/20/1858-10/1/1927 Germany)
Brase, Paul Louis 09/11/1894 11/06/1978 h/o Ella; s/o William & Georgina Dorthea (Endress); d. Waukon hospital; SFH; ACDR
Bratsberg, Gertrude 'Gertie' 12/06/1865 03/10/1903 d/o John & Ingeborg; died in Woonsocket, S.D.
Bratsberg, Ingeborg / Isabella nee Johnson 1834 06/15/1910 w/o John
Bratsberg, John A. 1832 02/21/1885 born Norway; h/o Ingeborg
Breitsprecher, Alvin L. 1887 1968 h/o Alvina
Breitsprecher, Alvina A. 1890 1968 w/o Alvin
Breitsprecher, Craig A. - - living
Breitsprecher, Ilaverne A. nee Seeland 08/12/1925 03/05/2015 w/o Lloyd; d/o Arthur & Anna (Hamann)
Breitsprecher, Lloyd L. 03/12/1929 09/09/2014 h/o Ilaverne; s/o Louis & Alice (Strien)
Briar, Cecil Adelbert 11/02/1895 1978 h/o 1st Lura, 2nd Nora Perrott; s/o Joseph & Hattie; I.O.O.F. addition; Veteran, WWI
Briar, Hattie Viola nee Frink 03/12/1867 04/06/1965 w/o Joseph; b. Rossville, co. IA d. in Santa Monica, CA
Briar, Joseph A. 1870 1921 h/o Hattie
Briar, Lura Nell nee Ewing 09/05/1895 07/10/1965 w/o Cecil A.; I.O.O.F. addition
Briar, Robert William 11/02/1926 03/05/1929 s/o Cecil & Lura; died of tonsillitis
Broderick, Eleanor H. nee Aird 03/09/1887 02/29/1980 w/o Martin; d/o Robert & Minnie (Hulse); d. Waukon; MFH; ACDR
Broderick, Martin T. 07/15/1898 12/04/1965 h/o Eleanor
Brown, -- 1861 1930  
Brown, father 1827 1913 Father; stone has no first name
Brown, grandmother 1818 1893 Grandmother; stone has no first name
Brown, mother 1833 1877 Mother; stone has no first name
Brown, Elijah B. 12/06/1869 06/07/1926 h/o Leora; s/o William & unkn (Riley); locomotive ran over him
Brown, Gladys Marie Davis nee Flack 08/28/1906 12/08/1979 1st h/ Cerns Ora Davis (see his entry); 2nd h/ Darwin Ronald Brown (d. 12/01/1974); she's buried as Gladys Davis with Cerns
Brown, Leora Alice 'Ora' nee Siglin / Sygland 06/01/1873 11/13/1955 w/o 1st Elijah Brown, 2nd ?Jess Siglin, 3rd Charles Buckle; d/o Levi/Lee Sygland & Jennie Watts (1925 IA State census); died Los Angeles (CA Death index)
Brown, Martha E. 1863 1864  
Brown, Mary 1859 1958 w/o Wm R.
Brown, William R. 1856 1925 h/o Mary
Brownson, Elizabeth 'Betty'     w/o Palmer
Brownson, Emma Mary nee Aulerich 1885 03/??/1966 w/o Herbert C.; d/o George & Wilhemina (Klinge)
Brownson, Herbert Clarence 02/05/1884 03/09/1973 h/o Emma M.; s/o Freeman & Rachel (Datisman)
Brownson, Jason Daniel MD 11/19/1868 04/23/1929 h/o Minnie; s/o Freeman & Lana (Flanigan); Captain, U.S. Army Medical Corps, WWI
Brownson, Minnie nee Penman 1871 08/18/1945 w/o Jason
Brownson, Palmer H. 1924 2002 h/o Elizabeth; s/o Herbert & Emma
Bruehahn, Gladys E. nee Schroeder 11/08/1908 05/??/2000 w/o Walter A.; d/o William & Rose (Holly)
Bruehahn, Lois nee Suckow - - w/o Sockie
Bruehahn, Walter A. 07/16/1896 05/14/1989 h/o Gladys E.; s/o Wilhelm & Alvina (Voelzke); US Army, WWI
Bruehahn, Walter William 'Sockie' 09/06/1934 03/30/1999 h/o Lois; s/o Walter & Gladys; U.S. Navy, Korea
Bruns, Emma A. 11/15/1871 08/08/1924  
Bruns, Henry J. 02/29/1868 11/19/1941  
Buck, Betsy / Betty Ann Newkirk nee Smith 02/08/1826 02/13/1899 1st husb. Jacob Newkirk (d. Civil War), 2nd Samuel H. Buck (b. National cemetery w/his 1st 2 wives)
Buckman / Buckmann, Anna 12/01/1896 12/09/1896  
Buckman, Arnold Henry Frank 07/02/1898 02/12/1974 I.O.O.F. section; s/o William & Mary (Possehl); never married; d. Postville, IA hospital; SFH; ACDR
Buckman, Arthur William 01/17/1902 12/20/1974 s/o William & Mary (Possehl)
Buckman, Marian nee Otis 1882 01/2?/1920 w/o Herbert; d/o Col. Otis; died in Minneapolis
Buckman, William 1867 05/06/1911  
Buerger, Delores A. nee Kleinow 1923 2010 w/o Paige
Buerger, John William 10/13/1888 05/14/1971 h/o Sophia; s/o Paul F.; ACDR
Buerger, Margretta nee Mielke 12/26/1920 02/24/1991 w/o Paul F.; d/o Otte & Addie (Smith); d. Dubuque, IA; ACDR
Buerger, Paige John 10/01/1920 02/24/2008 h/o Delores; s/o John & Sophia; twin of Paul F.
Buerger, Paul Fred 10/01/1920 06/28/1993 h/o Margretta; s/o John & Sophia; twin of Paige
Buerger, Ronald P. 08/12/1940 07/15/1951 s/o Paul & Margretta
Buerger, Sophie nee Koehler 1896 12/25/1942 w/o John
Bundrick, Laura C. nee Harnack 12/30/1907 02/10/1997 w/o Carl; d/o William & Anna (Fisher); d. Cedar Falls, IA; Note: middle initial gravestone=C, obit=A
Burgess, Lydia Arnel nee Arnold 1842 06/22/1917 w/o William H.; died in Miami, AZ
Burgess, William Henry 1833 03/21/1910 h/o Lydia
Burnham, Horace Allen 04/13/1844 01/03/1925 h/o 1st Julia, 2nd Mary; s/o Joseph & Maria M. (Finley)
Burnham, Julia nee Flaten /or Thompson 06/07/1845 10/10/1906 1st w/o Horace; d/o Torger Larsen Flaten & Mari Eriksdatter Kleivsbraaten; Note: Julia & Horace's marriage record give maiden name as Thompson, which is likely americanized name
Burnham, Mary Jenkins nee Kascel     2nd w/o Horace; she is buried w/1st husband - see entry for Mary Jenkins
Busacker, Senda L. nee Debes 03/21/1890 07/21/1945 I.O.O.F. section; w/o Wm.; d/o August & Emma (Klein)
Busacker, Wilhelm Johann 'William' 1886 05/??/1966 I.O.O.F. section; h/o Senda
Bush, Julia 1838 1921  
Bush, Louise 1810 07/26/1896  
Butler, Alice N. nee Sherman 1847 01/??/1872 25y; w/o L.S. Butler (d. 1899, Sacramento, CA; lived 25y in Los Angeles, CA); d/o Fredrick & Minerva (Severance)
Butts, LeRoy A. 'L. A.' 1836 11/08/1916 h/o Mary; Co. K, 7th Ia. Cav.
Butts, Mary D. 1845 1915 w/o L.A.
Bywater, Caroline 'Carrie' 1895 09/04/1985 d/o George & Mary; died in Seattle, where she'd lived for many years
Bywater, George 06/05/1846 04/28/1921 h/o Mary A.; Co. E, 3rd WI Infantry
Bywater, Joseph K. 1853 1873  
Bywater, Leslie P. 10/12/1892 05/11/1947 s/o George & Mary; b. Allamakee co., d. El Dorado, AR in a car accident; Note: obit gives DOB 1892, gravestone 1893
Bywater, Mary Louise Smith nee Olmsted 04/28/1851 07/13/1912 w/o 1st H.E. Smith, 2nd William Bywater
Bywater, Mary Anna nee Peitzman 02/17/1859 01/31/1937 w/o George; d/o Henry & unkn Peitzman
Bywater, William L. 01/21/1841 05/28/1917 2nd h/o Mary L.


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