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Monona City Cemetery
aka Monona Eastside cemetery

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Monona City cemetery - photo taken by Sharyl Ferrall

Located in Monona twp., Section 12
The cemetery consists of the Original cemetery, 1st Addition, East Addition & I.O.O.F. Addition

Birdseye photo of Monona City cemetery - from Bing Maps
Photo is from Bing maps

Note! This burial list & information was compiled by Sharyl Ferrall from obituaries, gravestone photos, WPA graves registration, SSDI records, census records, veteran burial records, Clayton co. Death Certificates, newspaper articles & the 2017 Monona City Cemetery Association records provided by Jym Montgomery. It will be updated as additional burials are found. You can help - do you know of a burial in the Monona City cemetery that isn't listed? Dates? Corrections?

*The WPA records were transcribed by Phyllis Montour and have been merged into the burial list.
*Richard O'Brien has contributed names, dates & other info. from the Allamakee county Death Records (ACDR), Veterans Affairs records (VAR) and Waukon Standard obits (WS). Some of the ACDR give funeral home - they are abreviated as follows:
Schultz Funeral home =SFH
Martin Funeral home =MFH

*Gravestone photos have been contributed for this cemetery by many people, with hundreds taken by Jym Montgomery.
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*Obituaries have been contributed for some of the people in Monona City cemetery. Do you have one to share?
Clayton co. Obituary Board Index & Allamakee co. Obituary Board Index

Name Birth Death Additional information
Radloff, Esther nee Klutzbach 02/06/1903 08/20/1982 w/o 1st Lester Kurth, 2nd Elmer
Radloff, Elmer August 10/28/1897 03/10/1988 2nd h/o Esther; s/o Charles & Wilhemina (Klinkenberg)
Radloff, Jacquelyn Kay 'Jacque' nee Wiethorn 12/28/1948 08/09/2019 I.O.O.F. XII-16; w/o Loren; d/o Wilbert & Gretchen (Henderson)
Radloff, Loren Elmer 03/27/1947 01/13/1997 h/o Jacquelyn; s/o Elmer J. & Delpha (Deal); Army Nat'l Guard veteran
Radspinner, Margery nee Hazlett 1853 1895 buried in Hazlett lot
Radspinner, Veitus H.   06/16/1855 s/o J & C
Randall, Elizabeth Lewis nee Overley 12/05/1828 05/19/1907 w/o R.W.
Randall, Mary Zimmerman nee Gregg 10/28/1827 02/20/1898 1st h/ John Zimmerman, 2nd h/ R.W. Randall; born in Canada
Randall, Robert William 'R.W.' 03/04/1825 02/14/1913 wives Elizabeth & Mary; Co. K, 1st IA Cav.
Rash, Geneva A. nee Johnson 09/17/1894 09/27/1979 2nd w/o Kenneth; d/o Chris & Johanna (Gunderson); d. Postville; SFH; ACDR
Rash, Kenneth W. 06/19/1892 12/05/1972 h/o 1st Norma, 2nd Geneva; s/o Lindly & Leota (Briggs); d. Postville hosp.; SFH; ACDR
Rash, Norma Evelyn nee Eggleston 08/02/1893 02/13/1926 1st w/o Kenneth; d/o Thomas & Alice
Rathman, Ella 12/11/1859 10/27/1874 d/o Chas. F. & Elizabeth (Gay)
Recbaw, Emma E.   04/14/1887 age 33
Redding, Ellen 11/03/1846 08/18/1857 d/o Louis & Nancy; ssa Hiram McCartney, her half-brother
Redding, Nancy McCartney nee Egbert 06/24/1818 07/10/1890 w/o 1st Wm. McCartney, 2nd Louis Redding; ssa Lena Wellman
Reeg, Betty nee Siegele 11/11/1930 10/05/2018 Lot 196 east side; w/o Carlyle; d/o Alfred F. & Alice H. (Carlson)
Reeg, Carlyle Vincent 08/07/1932 01/30/2016 Lot 76, east side; h/o Betty; s/o Wm John & Edna G. (Ernst)
Reeg, Steven Carlyle 12/02/1956 08/20/2015 h/o Jolene Berg; s/o Carlyle & Betty
Reidel, John G. 09/01/1856 02/18/1946 h/o Mary K.; s/o Charles & Catherine (Hoch)
Reidel, Mary Katherine nee Sautter 1861 03/08/1920 w/o John
Reinke, Alice Minnie 03/10/1905 06/04/1954 d/o Herman & Mahala (Hauschen)
Reinke, Gordon Carl 12/05/1911 12/04/1992 h/o Irene; s/o Charles & Floretta (Westfall)
Reinke, Harold Carl 07/25/1902 06/11/1985 U.S. Navy, WWII
Reinke, Irene Ruth nee Marfilius 04/05/1919 03/08/1994 w/o Gordon; d/o William & Esther (Debes)
Renshaw, Amanda L. nee 12/17/1858 06/06/1953 w/o L.L.; d/o Guy & Lucinda (Ellsworth); died in Toledo, OH
Renshaw, Carelton 08/23/1893 10/08/1915 s/o L.L. & Amanda
Renshaw, David Leslie 01/09/1889 04/01/1914 s/o L.L. & Amanda
Renshaw, Kingsley MD 07/23/1891 05/??/1976 s/o L.L. & Amanda; h/o Betty; practiced in Toledo, OH
Renshaw, Leslie Lamont MD 03/05/1856 03/31/1912 h/o Amanda Kinsley; s/o Dr. L.S. & unkn. Renshaw
Reque, Sheryl Lynn 12/24/1953 03/19/1954 d/o Mr. & Mrs. David Reque
Rice, Edward L. 1843 1925  
Rice, Ella M. 08/12/1852 07/13/1932 d/o Lucius; d. Algona, Kossuth co. IA General Hosp. (Kossuth co. IA Death cert.)
Rice, Lucius 03/19/1820 06/29/1864 h/o Mary; b. Mendon, VT
Rice, Mary A. 04/26/1821 01/05/1886 w/o Lucius; b. Rutland, VT
Rich, infant son 12/06/1922 12/06/1922 2 hrs.; s/o M.J. & Adill (Lovell); ACDR (cert #3205)
Richards, Martha J. 12/18/1843 02/22/1899 w/o John
Richardson, Mary Mathilda nee Topel 11/04/1921 11/08/1974 w/o Ted; d/o Clarence & Annie (Sudol); Note: she does not have a gravestone
Richardson, Robert 07/05/1947 07/05/1947 s/o Ted & Mary
Richardson, Ted 11/15/1918 04/23/1974 h/o Mary M.; U.S. Army, WWII
Richardson, William Edward 08/14/1952 08/16/1952 s/o Ted & Mary
Ricks, Lucy A. 1838 03/25/1886  
Riddiough, Nellie Marietta nee Smith 05/28/1863 1943 d/o Charles Smith; 1st h/ Alvin S. Olmsted (d. 1918), 2nd h/ Robert Fagan (d. 1929), 3rd h/ John Riddiough (d. 1940)
Riedel, Ernest Paul 1911 1981 h/o Laura; PFC U.S. Army, WWII
Riedel, Laura E. 1915 1983 w/o Ernest
Riedesel, F. Clark 1905 06/03/1953 1st h/o Dorothy
Riedesel, Dorothy nee Franco 06/16/1909 05/17/1993 1st h/ F. Clark Reidesel, 2nd h/ Fred S. Otis (d. 8/31/1981); d/o Fred & Bessie (Kessler); see also entry for Dorothy Otis
Rife, Arthur J. 1856 05/12/1908  
Riley, James M. 1830 1880 h/o Nancy Oberly; Co. E, 27 IA Inf.; military gravestone
Riley, James Marton 06/29/1843 03/25/1920 h/o Nancy Biggs; died in St. Joseph, Buchanan co., MO., buried in Monona 3/28/20; Co. ?, 79th Indiana Inf. (census, Missouri Death Records & Iowa G.A.R. records)
Riley, Mary A. 1864 1894  
Riley, Mathew H.   11/17/1856 age 22
Riley, Nancy Jane nee Briggs 05/21/1842 10/04/1919 w/o James M.; d/o John & Lydia (Gobel); died in St. Joseph, Buchanan co., MO., buried in Monona 10/6/19 (census, Missouri Death Records)
Rittenhouse, Harley S. 1874 1960 h/o Verna
Rittenhouse, Kelley S. 1911 09/09/1993 s/o Harley & Verna
Rittenhouse, Parks 1909 1968  
Rittenhouse, Verna E. nee Parks 1882 1966 w/o Harley
Roethler, Rodena Marie Bernhard nee Drallmeier 03/30/1920 03/08/2016 Lot 224 east side, cremains; w/o 1st Gordon Bernhard (d. 1968), 2nd Wm Roethler (d. 1999); d/o Elmer & Anna (Lenth); Note: buried w/1st husband
Rolland, Alberta Sophia nee Henkes 1911 10/24/2004 shares a gravestone w/daughter Jeanette Schmidt
Rollinson, Hulda 1856 1931 w/o William
Rollinson, John 1837 01/10/1878  
Rose, Cletus Alan 02/10/1944 10/21/2009 h/o 1st Elaine Eadie, 2nd Victoria (Gohde) Hafke; s/o Harold & Dorothy
Rose, Dorothy Dell nee Carwick 06/04/1913 07/04/1999 w/o Harold; d/o Edward & Lottie (Gross)
Rose, Gilbert Charles 07/12/1904 08/08/1980 h/o Helen
Rose, Helen Wilhelmine Johanna nee Bentien 10/31/1903 12/18/1985 w/o Gilbert; d/o Ernest F. & Katherine (Lamker)
Rose, Harold Charles 03/15/1913 01/04/1979 h/o Dorothy; s/o Dell & Sarah (Cowell)
Rose, John C. 1856 1923  
Rose, Mary Ellen 05/26/1859 11/15/1956 d/o Wm T. & Eliz. (Artist); DCDR
Rose, Samuel 'Sam' 08/23/1861 10/21/1939  
Ross, Hanna W. 1886 1969  
Ross, R. Dufferin 1873 1967  
Ross, Richard   1868 age 66
Roth, Amelia Margaret nee Heins 03/04/1875 04/27/1954 w/o Edward; DCDR; died at her sister, Mrs. Carl Lubbers' home in Dubuque
Roth, Edward 'Ed' 1872 1948 h/o Amelia
Roth, Velma Fredricka Ida 11/16/1904 11/01/1924 d/o Ed & Amelia
Row, Mary nee Everingham 04/26/1825 01/17/1853 1st w/o John Row; d/o Jacob & Margaret (Dell)
Rowland, Augusta nee Weber 1868 1963 w/o John; d/o Herman & Louisa (Moritz)
Rowland, Cameron John 'John' 1862 04/??/1935 h/o Augusta; s/o Elmore & Lucinda
Rowland, Elmore 1826 07/15/1884 h/o Lucinda
Rowland, Lucinda nee Peckham 1829 1919 w/o Elmore
Ruckhaber, Abbott Wallace 09/05/1906 02/07/1917 s/o Frederich & Jessie; died of appendicitis
Ruckhaber, Albert Merwyn 'Ole' 02/11/1917 06/25/1997 s/o Frederich & Jessie; U.S. Army, WWII; d. Waukon; SFH, ACDR
Ruckhaber, Emma 08/29/1906 10/18/1906 d/o F.W. & Jessie
Ruckhaber, Frederick William 'Bill' 09/13/1871 02/29/1960 h/o Jessie
Ruckhaber, Jessie Victoria nee May 0827/1875 06/16/1937 w/o Frederich; d/o Thomas T. & Rosetta (Pomeroy)
Ruckhaber, Robert R. 'Bill' 02/28/1915 10/04/1977 s/o William and Jessie; I.O.O.F. section; d. Waukon hosp.; SFH; ACDR; Pfc U.S. Army, WWII
Rupp, infant 05/24/1867 05/24/1867 infant of John S. & Elizabeth
Rupp, Elizabeth nee Sutter 06/10/1838 12/09/1915 w/o John S.; d/o John SR & Elizabeth (Kaiser)
Rupp, Elizabeth   08/26/1861 age 4y 4m 14d; d/o J.G. & M.A.
Rupp, Emma C. nee Lenth 1867 10/??/1962 w/o John Q.
Rupp, John George 1808 05/07/1870 h/o Mary B.
Rupp, J. George 03/20/1863 01/12/1941 s/o J.G. & Mary B.; died at the Clayton Co. Home; ssa Matilda Milliman
Rupp, John Quintain 'Quint' 09/18/1858 11/10/1935 h/o Emma; s/o Sebastian & Elizabeth
Rupp, John Sebastian 03/25/1832 08/03/1891 h/o Elizabeth
Rupp, Mary Barbara nee Seitz 06/06/1822 03/24/1902 w/o J.C.
Rush, Louisa 1810 07/26/1896  
Russell, -- 1821 1896 "Grandma"
Russell, Bruce 11/20/1891 01/09/1981 h/o Charlotte; s/o Frank & Nona (Kough); 2nd Lt U.S. Army, WWI
Russell, Charles Washington 'Wash' 05/31/1866 05/08/1928 2nd h/o Nettie; s/o Ben & Hattie (Pierce); ACDR
Russell, Charlotte nee Schmitt 01/11/1897 12/19/1988 w/o Bruce; d/o John & Emma (Gebhart)
Russell, George Washington 04/07/1845 12/04/1907 h/o Margaret Tapper (died & buried 1944 in Lewiston, ID); s/o Isaac & Nancy (Tewksbury); died at his home in Independence, IA
Russell, Isaac 1879 1947 h/o Violet
Russell, Mamie 1876 1904 see Mamie Snow entry below
Russell, Nettie Roseltha Davis nee Vaughan 10/31/1868 08/29/1929 1st husb. Jay Davis (d. bef 1892), 2nd husb. Charles W.; d/o C.R. & Sarah (McGoon)
Russell, Violet 1896 1969 w/o Isaac
Russell, Wilson Henry 01/08/1857 10/24/1917 h/o Lizzie A. Hopkins
Russett, Darlene J. 1932 08/20/1998 w/o Ronald
Russett, Ronald Harlan 1928 11/03/1972 h/o Darlene
Reyes, Courtny M. 08/23/1995 11/15/1995 d/o Roy Jr. & Jill (Denk)
Sabbann, Anna Marie nee Buck 05/19/1865 1945 w/o John; d/o August
Sabbann, Ewald 04/01/1886 10/01/1950 h/o Hilma
Sabbann, Hilma Elizabeth nee Klings 03/31/1889 12/04/1973 w/o Ewald; d/o Fred & Bertha (Palas)
Sabbann, John F. 12/09/1862 02/23/1935 h/o Anna; s/o Gustav & Marie (Gussmer)
Sabbann, Melinda 06/20/1893 12/01/1989 d/o John & Anna
Saeugling, Adela J. nee Miller 1899 1956 w/o Realto; d/o William
Saeugling, Kenneth W. 1925 1937 s/o Realto & Adela
Saeugling, Realto 1896 04/??/1969 h/o Adela; s/o Frank
Saleressig, Gail   04/29/2000 age 91; from Columbus, IN
Sass, Edward Charles 07/18/1933 05/24/2004 h/o Linda; s/o Wm. C. & Marie M. (Schmitt); U.S. Army MP 1955-57
Sass, George SR 07/20/1858 10/01/1927 h/o Louisa; s/o George & Dorothea (Reusch)
Sass, Louisa Marie Dorothea nee Sueltor 01/08/1863 03/03/1939 w/o George
Sass, William C. 08/30/1888 01/12/1965 h/o Marie; s/o George & Louise
Saueressig, Edwin F.W. 1903 12/27/1996 h/o Gail
Saueressig, Gail T. nee McGoon 09/14/1908 04/29/2000 w/o Edwin; d/o Gifford & Winnie (Oliver)
Sautter, Charles A. 04/14/1914 08/22/1941 unmarried; s/o William & Gladys; died of injuries when train ran over him
Sautter, Fred Martin 1922 1968 1st h/o Violet
Sautter, George William 02/16/1916 03/23/1947 h/o Katherine Spaulding; s/o William & Gladys
Sautter, Gladys M. nee Oliver 1894 1961 w/o William
Sautter, Terry L. Jr. 'T.J.' 02/03/1977 01/01/1986 s/o Terry & Loretta (Ambrose); grandson of Fred & Violet
Sautter - Anderson, Violet Marie nee Gohde 02/29/1924 12/25/2012 w/o 1st Fred; 2nd Edwin 'Ted' Anderson (d. 1997, bur. Gods Acre cem. Clermont); d/o Albert & Mary A. (Hendrickson); Note! Her obit states she is buried in Gods Acre, but the DOD has not been inscribed on her gravestone in that cem.; it is inscribed on the stone in Monona City cem.
Sautter, William I. 'Will' 1865 1955 h/o Gladys
Sawvell, Alonzo George 10/07/1887 03/30/1977 h/o Ida; U.S. Army, WWI
Sawvell, Beverly Jean nee Gress 03/02/1937 04/29/1998 w/o Earl; d/o Lester & Loraine (Wilker, Bothel)
Sawvell, Earl Duane 11/23/1933 06/26/2017 h/o Beverly; s/o Alonzo & Ida
Sawvell, Ida nee Kuehne 05/23/1904 05/08/1984 w/o Alonzo; SFH; ACDR
Sawyer, John B.   09/21/1856? WPA record=age 60y. Notes: John B Sawyer's LW&T (ancestry.com) is dated 8/26/1856, his age 40y & named his wife Mary Ann, brother William B. & children: Ashley, Cornelia, George & Charity. The 1850 U.S. census enumerates John B. & family living in Farmer twp. Defiance co. OH. He is age 34y. The gravestone appears to give age at death as 49y ?m & 13d.
Sawyer, Wm. B.   12/08/1876 66y 10m 4d; note: WPA record, it may be the same as William S. below
Sawyer, William S.   12/08/1875 age 66y 10m 14d; Note: may be same as Wm. B. above, conflicts should be resolved
Schad, Eleanor 1847 1936 w/o William S.
Schad, William S. 1824 05/07/1893 h/o Eleanor; Mexican War veteran
Scheffert, Alvin August 08/18/1899 04/06/1931 h/o Hazel Rose; s/o Ed & Mathilda; killed by a railroad agent while robbing the Luana creamery
Scheffert, Edward H. 12/03/1870 06/11/1959 h/o Mathilda; s/o John & Augusta (Meder)
Scheffert, Elmer 01/17/1901 06/29/1949 1st h/o Florence Johanningmeier (d. 1961, bur. w/2nd husb. Robt Schnepp in Cedar Rapids, IA); s/o Ed & Mathilda
Scheffert, Irwin John 10/18/1885 07/24/1945 h/o Olivia; s/o John & Mary; d. Finley hospital, Dubuque; Note: 1st name spelled Erwin in obit
Scheffert, John 1852 1924 h/o Mary
Scheffert, Mabel A. 1892 1933  
Scheffert, Marietta Caroline nee Henkes 1916 10/01/1946 w/o Virgil; d/o Monroe
Scheffert, Mary nee Verhota 1864 1938 w/o John
Scheffert, Matilda nee Abel 04/16/1871 02/26/1926 w/o Edward
Scheffert, Olivia Kathrine nee Heitmann 10/30/1887 06/22/1939 w/o Irwin; d/o John & Myra (Meyer)
Scheffert, Virgil I. 05/21/1909 04/03/1977 h/o Marietta; s/o Irwin & Olivia; Note: obit in the 4/20/77 issue of the Clayton County Register gives burial in St. John's Lutheran cemetery, Luana, although he shares a gravestone with his wife in the Monona cem.
Scherlin, Emma Jane nee Rose 03/31/1867 06/30/1935  
Schierholtz, Amanda Laura nee Wirkler 05/24/1888 03/15/1971 w/o Elzer W.
Schierholz, Elizabeth nee Dickman 1856 1938 w/o Herman
Schierholtz, Elzer William 02/23/1885 01/26/1939 h/o Amanda; s/o Herman & Elizabeth
Schierholtz, Herman W. 1849 1935 h/o Elizabeth
Schierholtz, Mary 1870 04/04/1911  
Schiff, Amanda Alberta 'Manda' nee Topel 12/29/1897 10/30/1933 3rd w/o Emil; d/o August & Henrietta (Voss)
Schiff, Emil L. 1870 1946 h/o 1st & 2nd Maude (see note for Maude), 3rd Amanda; s/o Louis & Marie (Meier)
Schiff, Maude nee Downing 10/16/1877 12/06/1918 w/o Emil; d/o John W. & Mary (Bonzer); Notes: divorced in 1903 - per Elkader Register 9/10/1903; remarried 12/29/1903 & remained married until her death - per great-granddaughter Tammy Linnabery
Schiff, Roland Hale 11/18/1928 01/28/1933 s/o B. & M. ie: Burnell & Meta (Hayes); died of burns
Schlein, Burton P. 'Pete' 01/31/1922 02/15/2008 h/o Margie
Schlein, Conrad John 02/19/1888 09/28/1970 h/o Rose; s/o Peter & Dorothea (Bauhman)
Schlein, Jack Conrad 'Jackie' 08/29/1949 07/05/1963 s/o William & Martina; killed in farm accident
Schlein, Margie May nee Levenhagen 05/21/1929 04/29/2009 w/o Burton 'Pete'
Schlein, Martina E. 06/06/1922 07/19/2016 w/o Wm. C.
Schlein, Rose S. nee Klotzbach 1884 1968 w/o Conrad
Schlein, William Conrad 08/28/1919 03/28/1993 h/o Martina; s/o Conrad & Rose
Schlitter, Albert A. 07/25/1874 12/22/1961 h/o Elizabeth L.
Schlitter, Carlton Frederick 05/26/1912 10/26/1987 h/o Mardella; s/o Albert & Elizabeth (Schmitt); d. Waukon; SFH; ACDR
Schlitter, Cornelia nee Kaiser 08/17/1899 03/18/1975 w/o Eldred
Schlitter, David D. 1917 2002 "Brother"; ssa Marjorie; s/o Emil & Lulu
Schlitter, DeLilla Mahulda nee Bollman 08/13/1906 04/13/1982 w/o Lester; d/o Charles & Etta M. (Deal); d. Waukon; SFH; ACDR
Schlitter, Donald John 'Donnie' 06/18/1919 09/23/2002 h/o Pauline; s/o John & Mabel
Schlitter, Eldred S.   08/04/1999 97y; h/o Cornelia
Schlitter, Elizabeth L. nee Schmidt 1878 08/13/1939 w/o Albert
Schlitter, Emil 10/21/1882 06/28/1965 h/o Lulu M.; s/o Adolph & Caroline; d. Prairie du Chien, WI (Wisconsin Death Index)
Schlitter, Esther Mable nee Benzing 07/16/1908 08/04/1989 w/o Herbert
Schlitter, Gaylord Adolph 03/04/1913 08/08/1996 h/o Viola; s/o Theodore & Nettie
Schlitter, Herbert Ludwig Adolf 05/15/1906 10/27/1985 h/o Esther; s/o Wm & Emma (Jarms); d. Waukon; SFH; ACDR
Schlitter, Joseph Everett 1908 01/11/1984 h/o Lillian; s/o Theodore & Nettie
Schlitter, John Benjamin 01/30/1881 12/31/1955 h/o Mabel; s/o Adolph & Caroline (Ziezo)
Schlitter, Lester Emmett 03/06/1911 1985 h/o DeLillia; s/o William & Emma (Jarms)
Schlitter, Lillian nee Helgerson 03/12/1924 11/08/1996 w/o Joseph
Schlitter, Lulu Minnie nee Hensel 01/08/1893 08/11/1986 w/o Emil; d/o Herman & Emma (Genz); d. Waukon hosp.; SFH; ACDR
Schlitter, Mabel A. nee Henkes 1892 08/27/1933 w/o John B.
Schlitter, Mardella Henrietta Louise nee Kruse 01/15/1916 07/24/1998 w/o Carlton
Schlitter, Marjorie Mae 06/15/1925 11/26/2012 "Sister"; ssa David; d/o Emil & Lulu
Schlitter, Melvin Calvin 11/17/1924 06/18/1984 h/o Lorraine Sudol (divorced); s/o John & Mabel (Henkes); U.S. Army, Tec-4, WWII veteran
Schlitter, Nettie Alice Grace nee Sutter 10/19/1880 10/08/1952 w/o Theodore; d/o John B. & Mary (Plank)
Schlitter, Pauline Adeline nee Hertrampf 10/30/1921 11/03/2011 w/o Donald; d/o Frank & Anna (Mielke)
Schlitter, Robert H. 'Bob' 10/16/1926 02/17/2012 h/o Ruth A.; s/o William & Laura (Hensel)
Schlitter, Robert LeRoy 05/21/1945 06/23/1945 s/o Joseph E. & Lillian
Schlitter, Ruth Ann nee Swenson 01/11/1929 05/20/2017 w/o Robert H.; d/o Lloyd & Cora (Leppert); died in Oelwein, Fayette co. IA
Schlitter, Theodore Otto 10/01/1872 04/14/1961 h/o Nettie Alice; s/o Adolph & Caroline (Zieso)
Schlitter, Victoria Rose 1951 1952 d/o Melvin & Lorraine; DCDR; Alert! The death cert. is in error, she is buried in St. Patrick Catholic cemetery, Monona & has a gravestone there. Her obituary also gives St. Patrick as burial place. See her entry on the St. Patrick burial list, this website, for more info.
Schlitter, Viola Dorothy nee Debes 08/30/1921 12/18/2002 w/o Gaylord; d/o Harry & Mary (Dill)
Schlitter, Wilma Jenny 11/14/1903 03/26/1977 I.O.O.F. addition; w/o Eldred Sutter (04/09/1902-08/04/1999 in Prairie Du Chien, WI; his 1st w/ Caroline Ida Keiser 8/18/1899-3/18/1975 in LaCrosse, WI); d. Postville hospital; SFH; ACDR
Schmidt, Jeanette nee Rolland 1930 09/09/1952 w/o Lyle; d/o Alberta Rolland
Schmidt, Jill Aileen   06/25/1997 infant d/o Bill & Leann
Schmiechen, Kendra Ann 09/11/1983 09/11/2017 d/o Jim Schmiechen & Annette (Heins) Ferrari; granddaughter of Luther Heins (he's buried in Monona City cem.), she was from Knoxville, Tennessee & her obit was printed in the Knoxville News Sentinel 8/16/2017; inurnment of partial cremains March 2019 in Lot 135 Eastside section
Schmitt, Charlotte nee Kishman 1875 07/25/1939 w/o Frank; I.O.O.F. addition
Schmitt, Emma 1871 1948 w/o John H.
Schmitt, Frank Anton 06/10/1872 04/09/1945 h/o Charlotte; s/o William; I.O.O.F. addition
Schmitt, Henry C. 1869 1948 h/o Matilda
Schmitt, John H. 1866 03/??/1954 h/o Emma
Schmitt, Matilda 1875 1938 w/o Henry
Schmitt, Myron F. 1905 12/??/1978 h/o Veda; s/o Harry
Schmitt, Veda nee LaRiviere 1894 11/??/1978 w/o Myron; d/o Judson LaRiviere
Schmitt, William E. 10/04/1903 08/01/1922 s/o John & Emma; drowned in Wellman's Pond
Schnuelle, Lela Ida Henrietta nee Harnack 10/10/1910 07/10/2000 w/o Bill
Schnuelle, William 'Bill' Fred 08/09/1905 10/26/1986 h/o Lela
Scholl, Elma I. nee Smith 1901 1969 w/o Ernest
Scholl, Ernest A. 'Ernie' 1894 03/??/1932 h/o Elma; Veteran
Schoulte, Ralph J. 1938 12/25/1954 s/o Oliver & Lydia
Schroeder, Albert C. 1880 1964 h/o Mayme
Schroeder, Cordula Marie nee Tewes 02/19/1888 08/16/1959 w/o Henry; d/o Wm & Anna (Kurdelmeyer)
Schroeder, Donald Duane 05/25/1904 10/07/1910  
Schroeder, Florence Elizabeth nee Evans 03/28/1910 09/26/1994 w/o Henry J.; d/o Willis & Grace (Casaday)
Schroeder, Florence L. 1921 03/22/2015  
Schroeder, Henry John 06/17/1885 03/02/1966 h/o Cordula; s/o John H. & Mary
Schroeder, Henry John 10/29/1895 02/12/1985 h/o Florence; s/o John & Mary (Leithold); d. Waukon; SFH; ACDR; WWI veteran
Schroeder, John Henry 12/07/1849 12/14/1923 h/o Marie; s/o Rudolph H. & Wilhelmina
Schroeder, Katherine 'Katie' 1883 12/2?/1932 d/o John & Marie
Schroeder, Larry Edward 05/01/1944 12/29/2015 h/o Anna Gunderson; s/o Harold & Florence (Hamann); Veteran
Schroeder, Marie Katherine nee Tuecke 04/25/1855 02/26/1937 w/o Henry J.; d/o John & Maria
Schroeder, Mayme nee Ulish 04/19/1886 10/30/1971 w/o Albert
Schroeder, Rose Katherine nee Holly 04/13/1888 12/??/1979 w/o William H.; d/o John & Mary (Lestina)
Schroeder, William H. 1882 1970 h/o Rose K.
Schultz, Carl John 07/10/1889 12/01/1966 Father; h/o Margaret E.
Schultz, Carl Marvin 03/09/1928 10/10/1966 h/o Elizabeth Fish (she's buried with surname Kepler); s/o Carl J. & Margaret
Schultz, Margaret E. nee Meier 02/04/1902 04/26/1972 w/o Carl J.
Schultz, Mary Lou 07/14/1931 02/26/2002 d/o Carl J. & Margaret E.
Schultz, Randy Lee 'Schultzie' 06/14/1957 06/06/2019 I.O.O.F. section XIV; h/o Laurie Shelton; s/o Carl Marvin & Elizabeth
Schutte, Linda Sue nee Amundson 08/08/1957 02/27/1976 w/o Marlin P. (buried St. Paul's, Monona); d/o Norman & Beulah
Schweer, Howard C. 1917 1942  
Scott, Archebald   03/20/1881 69y 8m 28d; h/o Julia A. Gregg
Scott, Charlotte A.   03/27/1863 age 35y 11m 17d; w/o John T.H. Scott
Scott, Sierra M.   04/09/1870 9y 22d; d/o A. & J.A.
[Sebastian, Donnie]     Note! See entry for Donnie (Buckman) Jenkins, this cemetery
Sebastian, Minnie W. Buckman nee Koth 09/06/1859 07/03/1916 w/o 1st Wm. Buckman, 2nd Charles Sebastian
Seeland, Anna Marie nee Hamann 07/22/1899 03/28/1986 w/o Arthur; d/o Otto & Anna (Neubauer); d. Postville hosp.; SFH; ACDR
Seeland, Arthur Louis Wilhelm 07/03/1897 10/01/1989 h/o Anna; s/o John & Helene
Seeland, Helene C.F. 'Lena' nee Wendt 02/07/1867 05/20/1938 w/o John; d/o Dietrich
Seeland, John 10/29/1855 10/19/1943 h/o Helene; s/o Carl
Seeland, Leslie D. 1894 1974 s/o John & Helene
Seeland, Lucy L. nee Hamann 09/04/1894 11/13/1985 d/o Otto & Anna (Niebauer); d. Postville hosp.; SFH; ACDR
Seitz, Anna Marie nee Dieferbach 12/31/1831 02/20/1910 w/o Adam
Seitz, Helen 1902 1990 ssa Clara Muth; Note: Helen was raised by her uncle & aunt Gustav & Anna Muth, Clara's parents
Seitz, John Adam 12/27/1827 11/14/1916 h/o Anna M.
Sekretarski, Leon Eugene 06/08/1933 12/14/1933 s/o Leo & Alma (Kuester); Conflict: obit=burial Monona City cem., Death Cert.=burial Monona Catholic cem.
Seymour, L. Everett   03/16/1866 age 35
Sheffert, Marian K. nee Reidel 03/21/1911 01/30/2009 w/o Orlando F.; d/o John & Abbie (Koth)
Sheffert, Orlando Ferdinand 'Olie' 07/22/1903 02/11/1959 h/o Marian; s/o E.H. & Matilda (Abel)
Shepherd, Ethel nee Siglin 07/12/1894 11/18/1961 w/o Robert M.
Shepherd, Mary L. nee Kettelkamp 10/12/1934 02/13/2014 w/o Ralph H.; d/o Enoch & Elsie (Norden)
Sherbonda, Alice L. nee Collins 08/26/1902 12/28/1973 w/o Leslie; d/o Wm. & Mary (Plein); d. Waukon hosp.; ACDR
Sherbonda, Donald Dean 12/09/1941 02/18/1964 s/o Hermie & Effie
Sherbonda, Effie nee Fish 12/16/1906 10/31/1977 w/o Hermie; d/o George & Dora
Sherbonda, Hermie 11/30/1898 1982 h/o Effie; s/o Manuel & Laura (Mitchell)
Sherbonda, Leslie L. 05/05/1894 06/26/1965 h/o Alice L.; s/o Manuel & Laura (Mitchell); Btry A, 337th Field Artillary, WWI
Sherman, Alice M. nee Murphy 07/29/1853 02/14/1945 2nd w/o Theodore; d/o Edward & Mathilda (French)
Sherman, Alonso W.   09/02/1863 age 31
Sherman, Blanche 09/24/1886 09/??/1975 d/o Theodore & Alice; long-time educator & librarian in Monona
Sherman, Frank Theodore 09/23/1877 05/18/1914 h/o Mate; s/o Alice & Theodore
Sherman, Frank B.     best guess: s/o F. W. & M.?; gravestone is broken, dates can't be read
Sherman, Frederick W. Sr. 12/08/1806 01/02/1887 h/o Minerva
Sherman, Frederick W. Jr. 03/27/1837 10/23/1883 s/o Frederick & Minerva; G.A.R. marker
Sherman, Harriet nee Egbert   07/20/1872 age 23y 3m 20d; 1st w/o Theodore
Sherman, Matilda 'Mate' nee Jenkins     w/o Frank T.
Sherman, Minerva B. nee Severance   05/07/1858 w/o Frederick W.
Sherman, Theodore 09/16/1845 01/01/1930 h/o 1st Harriet, 2nd Alice; s/o Fredrick & Minerva; Co. L, 6th IA Cav.
Siglin, Daniel 12/17/1823 08/21/1901 h/o Elmira
Siglin, Elmira 01/26/1834 04/04/1904 w/o Daniel
Siglin, Frederick   12/13/1871 age 17y 8m; s/o Daniel & Elmira
Siglin, Fred S. 1868 1963 h/o Maude
Siglin, Maude nee Stratton 10/18/1870 11/21/1956 w/o Fred S.; d/o Charles & Hannah (Van Auken)
Siglin, Mildred
[Ora Mildred (Siglin) McLaughlin]
1900 1921 buried in Siglin lot, gravestone engraved 'Mildred'; see Ora Mildred McLaughlin entry, this cemetery for marital info. & parents
Siglin, Susan 07/08/1868 11/07/1895 d/o Daniel & Elmira
Siglin, William 03/27/1866 12/05/1894 h/o Agnes Brown; s/o Daniel & Elmira
Simcox, Charlie   09/09/1807 WPA record, death year needs to be verified, cannot be correct
Simcox, Philetus Raymond 02/18/1836 1868 age 32y; 1st h/o Melissa Purcell (see Melissa Skinner)
Sinclair, Donald G. 10/16/1845 04/06/1909 h/o 1st unkn.; 2nd Ella Rozell Pierce; Death certificate & obit give burial at Monona; served in Confederate army, Civil War, for 2 yrs.
Skinner, Melissa Jane Simcox nee Purcell 06/30/1841 08/27/1903 1st h/ P.R. Simcox, 2nd h/ Wm. H. Skinner; d/o Wm. & Mary A. (Wood)
Skinner, William Henry ca1826 ca1887/88 2nd h/o Melissa; DOB estimated from census records; DOD estimated - Melissa filed for widow pension 6/15/1888; Co. I, 147th IL Infantry
Skipworth, Ann nee Butts   Feb or Mar 1919 w/o William (d. 1930 & buried in Washington state); died in Montana
Skipworth, Millie Anna nee Scott   1903 age 87y/ may have been w/o John S.
Slitor, Abigail 'Abbie' nee Ross 03/14/1846 01/27/1903 1st w/o Edward; d/o Richard & Cyrena (Wilson)
Slitor, Edward F. 06/19/1842 12/08/1924 h/o 1st Abbie, 2nd Mary; s/o Truman & Jane; Co. K, 1st IA Cav.
Slitor, Jane S. nee VanZandt 1809 1902 w/o Truman
Slitor, Mae V. 08/31/1864 12/31/1927 d/o Richard & Sarah
Slitor, Mary M. nee Rupp 02/02/1855 02/03/1925 2nd w/o Edward; d/o John & Mary Barbara (Seitz); buried in Rupp lot
Slitor, Sarah C. nee Winter 08/26/1841 11/23/1925 w/o Richard
Slitor, Truman G. 1809 1891 h/o Jane
Smith, Betsy A. Buck 1826 1899  
Smith, Carl R. 1911 1979 h/o Marie
Smith, Eldon   08/04/1869 13y 5m 25d; s/o Rev. J.M. & E.
Smith, Elizabeth Esther nee Davis 04/15/1880 03/24/1982 2nd w/o Horace; d/o Melvin & Esther (Olmsted); d. in Postville; SFH; ACDR
Smith, Frederick     h/o Frederickia?; Co. E, 9th IA Inf
Smith, Homer E.   11/28/1878 h/o Mary; Co. C, 8th Vermont Inf.
Smith, Horace Hamilton 03/01/1865 10/28/1948 1st w/ Martha, 2nd w/ Elizabeth; s/o Joshua & Pamelia
Smith, Joshua D. 'Josh' 07/04/1834 01/13/1895 h/o Pamelia; s/o David & Susan
Smith, Leslie H. 07/22/1896 06/06/1918 U.S. Marine Corps, KIA World War I
Smith, Marie A. 1917 2000 w/o Carl
Smith, Marlys A. nee Hackbarth     w/o Robert
Smith, Martha A. nee Schneider 02/20/1870 11/18/1915 1st w/o Horace H.; d/o Heinrich & Martha (Bernhardt)
Smith, Pamelia H. nee Hamilton 03/21/1837 03/20/1921 w/o Joshua
Smith, Ralph H. 1893 1963 h/o Winnie
Smith, Robert J. 'Smitty' 08/04/1937 10/08/2016 h/o Marlys; s/o Carl & Marie (Roffman)
Smith, Winnie F. 04/13/1892 12/07/1975 w/o Ralph; DCDR
Smith, Zoe D. 03/27/1872 10/26/1940 d/o Joshua & Parmelia
Snell, Arabell 03/08/1852 11/14/1935 w/o G.H.
Snell, Cad E. 1875 1950 s/o G.H & Arabell
Snell, Charles 1817 04/29/1889  
Snell, G. Henry 01/27/1848 06/03/1915 h/o Arabell
Snell, William H. 1879 1957 s/o G.H. & Arabell
Snow, Mamie nee Russell 01/13/1876 01/05/1904 w/o Ray P.; d/o George W. & Margaret; died at Jesup, IA
Snyder, Jeanine Marie nee Melcher 01/21/1953 10/01/2007 w/o Gary W.; cremains buried w/parents Ivan & Donna (Havelick) on 3/30/2017
Snyder, Minnie nee Allert 1864 1947 d/o Christ & Mary (Wolfe)
Soule, Edward F.   11/07/1853 age 27
Splies, Cora Christine 08/15/1879 09/02/1969 d/o John & Wilhelmine
Splies, John H. 08/06/1852 07/06/1927 h/o Mina
Splies, Wilhelmine 'Mina / Minnie' nee Meyer 06/21/1859 04/11/1937 w/o John; d/o Ludwig & Anna (Werger)
Stafford, Emma A. 1864 10/20/1912  
Stadtmiller, Celia Dorothy nee Moritz 01/04/1874 01/03/1962 w/o Edward F.
Stadtmiller, Edward F. 1872 1936 h/o Celia D.
Stettler, Irwin 03/05/1905 09/17/1905 s/o W.W. & Nancy
Steva, Deborah J. nee Hall 04/06/1947 08/07/2013 w/o Dennis
Steva, Dennis Lee 07/18/1946 12/02/2010 h/o Deborah; s/o Don & Marjorie; d. in Peel, AR; US Army, Vietnam veteran
Steva, Derek William 12/03/1977 12/09/1994 s/o Dennis L. & Deborah J.; d. Postville; SFH; ACDR
Steva, Donald Norman 'Don' 09/05/1918 04/24/2008 h/o Marjorie; s/o William & Eva (Smock)
Steva, Eva Mae nee Smock 12/05/1895 06/18/1982 w/o William; d/o William H. & Veletta (Smith); d. in Postville; SFH; ACDR
Steva, Marjorie L. nee Orvis 11/03/1916 10/07/1980 w/o Donald; d/o John Gurney & Anna (Watters); DCDR
Steva, William F. 03/06/1881 07/19/1966 h/o Eva
Stiles, Miranda McClelland nee Wescott 11/04/1824 10/26/1913 1st h/ Elisha McClelland, 2nd h/ Timothy Stiles (d. 1879, bur. Postville cem)
Stoehr, Esther nee Wirkler 08/02/1897 09/15/1931 w/o Harvey; d/o Edward & Mary (Abel)
Stoehr, Harvey Henry 08/20/1896 10/31/1962 h/o Esther; s/o Rudolph & Sophie (Weihe); US Army, WWI
Strien, Fred   06/19/1969 h/o Mary
Strien, Mary nee Mista 02/09/1998 12/14/1987 w/o Fred; d/o John & Mary (Krivanek)
Strobridge, Chas.   1878 age 58
Stults, Ellen   1861  
Suddendorf, Arthur Frederick 12/25/1890 08/05/1938 h/o Martha; s/o Henry & Margaret (Wilker)
Suddendorf, Kenneth George 08/27/1919 07/09/1991 h/o Mardella; s/o Arthur & Martha
Suddendorf, Lonny Dean 01/14/1951 08/25/2019 Lot 161 Eastside; h/o Penny George (divorced); s/o Kenneth & Mardella; U.S. Air Force veteran Vietnam, Desert Storm, 20-year career; died in Abilene, TX
Suddendorf, Mardella Vera Marie nee Aulerich 10/08/1926 10/16/2018 w/o Kenneth; d/o Harold G. & Hilda M. (DeSotel)
Suddendorf, Martha Elizabeth nee Montour 04/08/1886 03/30/1967 w/o Arthur; d/o Edward & Katherine (Probst)
Suddendorf, Mary Lestina nee Schroeder 10/20/1883 03/29/1972 1st husb. Joseph Lestina (d. 1918), 2nd husb. George Suddendorf (d. 1948); d/o Ferdinand & Fredericka (Mueller)
Sullivan, Martha 1814 1895  
Surring, Albert 11/02/1867 02/02/1917 s/o Wm. & Augusta
Surring, Augusta Frederiecka nee Butler 09/05/1844 11/04/1923 w/o William
Surring, Frederich 1877 1965 s/o Wm. & Augusta
Surring, Pearl Adalene 09/12/1889 10/24/1900 d/o Wm. & Augusta
Surring, Ruel Edward 05/12/1894 02/15/1919 166th Depot Brigade, WWI veteran
Surring, William Frederick 1843 07/05/1926 h/o Augusta; Co. H, 16th WI Inf. & Co. G, 1st WI H.A.
Sutter, Alice nee Sherman   12/30/1872 25y; w/o L.S.; d/o F.W. & M.R.
Sutter, Clara Melissa 12/26/1875 09/27/1969 d/o John B. & Mary
Sutter, Elizabeth nee Kaiser 1802 1882 w/o John B. SR
Sutter, John B. Bunyon SR 04/19/1806 03/29/1898 h/o Elizabeth
Sutter, John Bunyon JR 1840 04/21/1921 h/o Mary; s/o John & Elizabeth
Sutter, John M.   08/22/1863 1y 10d
Sutter, Mary nee Plank 1841 1920 w/o John B. JR; d/o John & Elizabeth (Ebinger)


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