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1. Ezra WILLARD, of the law firm of Willard & Willard, Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Wyoming County, New York, December 22, 1841, both of his parents being natives of Vermont. In his boyhood he moved to Elkhart, Indiana, and began the study of law while attending school at Notre Dame, Indiana, where he received his education, and with Albert HEATH for three years and was admitted in 1861. He enlisted in 1861 in Company C, 9th Infantry for three months service, at the end of which time he returned home and the company was reorganized, when he again enlisted and served until 1863, when he was discharged for disability, having been wounded at Shiloh. He enlisted as a private, was appointed Second Lieutenant, and after Shiloh was advanced to First Lieutenant and Adjutant of the regiment. After his discharge he returned to Elkhart, and in 1864 moved to Adel, Iowa. In 1876 he removed to Dallas, Texas, where he practiced his profession. In January, 1861, he came to Atlantic and has resided here ever since, practicing law and enjoying the respect and confidence of his associates and the public in an eminent degree. He is a Mason and a member of Sam Rice Post G.A.R. He has been the nominee of the democratic party for various positions of honor in county and state, and has been in demand yearly as an advocate of his party's principles.

2. Julian PHELPS, Attorney, Atlantic, Iowa, was born at South Hero, Vermont, April 4, 1838. He was fitted for college at an Academy in South Hero, Vermont, and entered the University of Vermont, at Burlington, in the fall of 1860. He enlisted in the Union army in the spring of 1864, was wounded in the battle of Cold Harbor, was sent to the hospital in Burlington, Vermont, for treatment, and graduated with his class. In October, 1866, he entered the Albany Law School and graduated in the summer of the following year. In the autumn of 1867 he came to Lewis, Iowa, and began the practice of law, in partnership with Judge Henry TEMPLE. He is a member of the Same Rice Post of the G.A.R. at Atlantic, Iowa. In the fall of 1894 he was elected to the Iowa State Senate and was the author of the bill known as the anti-cigarette bill. In the autumn of 1897 he was appointed as Consul of the United States at Crefeld, Germany, where he remained four years and then resigned.

3. W. A. FOLLET, Attorney-at-Law, Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Ottey, Marion County, Iowa, in 1869. He lived in Marion county until 1883, when he moved to Washington, Kansas, remaining there until 1890, when he came to Atlantic, where he has since resided. He attended college at Ottawa, Kansas, for two years, and studied law after coming to Atlantic with the late H.G. CURTIS. He was admitted to the bar in 1895 and then formed a partnership with H. G. CURTIS, which continued until the latter's death. Since that time he has been in partnership with Guy A. CURTIS, the son of H.G. CURTIS. He is representive of the C.B. & Q. Railroad's legal interests in this county. In politics Mr. FOLLETT is a staunch republican and had charge of the party's machinery in this county, as chairman of the County Central Committee for several terms. He is also City Attorney, to which place he was unanimously elected by the Council last spring. He is a member of the Library Board and has served on the School Board. He belongs to the aggressive and progressive citizenship of the city and county.

4. H. E. GRISWOLD, Atlantic, Ia., was born in Hancock county, Illinois, April 12, 1843. He studied law and graduated at Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1867, and soon after came to Lewis, then the County Seat of this county, and engaged in the practice of his profession, coming to Atlantic when the County Seat was moved from Lewis. In 1869 he was appointed deputy revenue collector and was re-appointed in 1875. He enlisted in 1862 in Company C, 118th Illinois Infantry and was mustered out in 1865. In 1879 he was elected State Commander of the G.A.R.. He is not now in active practice of the law, but devotes his time to soliciting life insurance.

5. Edward M. WILLARD, of the law firm of Willard & Willard, Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Adel, Iowa, May 24, 1865. He graduated from the Atlantic High school in June, 1884. After attending the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, He continued the study of law with his father, Hon. E. WILLARD, and in June, 1887, graduated from the law department of the Iowa State University. In 1888 he formed a partnership with his father, which still exists. He is a member of the Masonic, I.O.O.F., and M.W.A. orders and is active in all of them. He was elected a member of the Board of Education of the Ind. District of Atlantic in March, 1900, was re-elected in March, 1903, and has been the President of the Baord for two years. He takes a great interest in Atlantic's schools and in all that pertains to Atlantic's advancement.

6. Daniel M. REYNOLDS, Attorney, Atlantic, Iowa, was born near Port Jervis, Orange County, New York, May 23, 1855, and came with his people to West Liberty, Iowa, when a child. He attended the school of the town and afterwards attended the State University at Iowa City, taking the collegiate course and then the law course and graduating in 1881. He came to Atlantic in 1882 and has made it his home ever since, though absent for some years as counsel for the Green Bay Lumber Company. He has been admitted to practice before the Supreme Courts of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Montana, having specially prepared for this class of work. He is numbered among the safe counsellors and has, in an unostentatious way, built up quite an extended practice.

7. Thomas B. SWAN, Attorney, Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Oxford County, Maine, December 1, 1846, and lived there until about 1867, when he went to Androscoggin County, Maine, and in 1868 was admitted to the bar, remaining there until 1881, when he came to Polk County, Iowa, where he was admitted to practice in the Iowa courts and engaged in the practice until the fall of 1884, when he came to Atlantic, engaging in the practice here. He was elected to the office of County Attorney in the fall of 1890, making a phenomenal race in a historic campaign and carrying every voting precinct with possibly one exception. He is a K. of P. and Modern Woodman, and has been selected as chief legal advisor to the Iowa Trust and Savings Bank, of Atlantic, Iowa. He has been very successful in his practice and is among the strongest of the Cass County Bar. He is a progressive citizen and believes that nothing is too good for Atlantic.

8. Guy A. CURTIS, Atlantic, Iowa, son of H.G. CURTIS, deceased, was born in Pella, Iowa, December 23, 1872, and came with his parents to Atlantic in 1875. He studied law with his father and was admitted to the bar in the fall of 1896, and shortly afterward went to Cumberland, in this county, where he practiced for about two years and a half. He then returned to [Atlantic and] is a member of the Knights of Pythias. He is among the younger members of the legal profesion [sic profession], but has inherited and added to much of his father's well known legal ability. He is in line with all movements for the advancement of the material interests of the city, county and state.


From: Exposition Souvenir Album, published by Democrat Publishing Company, Atlantic, Iowa, 1904.
Transcribed by Brenda Magee, July, 2012.

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