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1. James B. ROCKAFELLOW, Attorney at Law, Atlantic, Iowa, was born January 29, 1851, on a farm near Fairview, in Fulton County, Illinois. At the age of six his parents moved to Galva, Illinois, where he attended the public schools and graduated from the Galva High School. He worked on a farm two years, then attended and graduated from the law department of the Northwestern University in the class of 1875. In 1875 he came to Atlantic and was admitted to the bar, and was elected City Solicitor in 1878. From 1881 to 1884 he resided at Harlan, Iowa, and was engaged in the drug business. In January, 1885, he returned to Atlantic, where he has since been continuously engaged in the practice of law. He represents as local attorney the United States Express Company, the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry., the Western Union Telegraph Co., and for six years has been the referee in bankruptcy for the U.S. District Court for the southern district of Iowa, his district covering Cass, Shelby and Audubon Counties.

2. L. L. DeLANO, Attorney, Atlantic, Iowa, came to Indianola, Iowa, in March, 1866, and in the fall of that year took up a course of study in the law offices of Bryan & Maxwell and in March, 1868, was admitted to the bar in the District Court of Warren County, Iowa, Judge MAXWELL presiding. Located in Lewis, then the county seat of Cass County, in Oct., 1868, having formed a partnership with R.G. PHELPS in the practice of the law. Remained in Lewis until the vote was taken to removed the sounty [sic county] seat to Atlantic, and then moved to Atlantic and has continued the practice of law ever since.

3. James C. BRYANT, Attorney at Law, Griswold, Iowa, was born in Wayne County, Iowa, May 1, 1855, and lived in that county until he was twenty-one years of age, working on a farm and attending and later teaching school. He graduated from the North Missouri Normal School at Kirksville, Missouri, and continued teaching until he was twenty-seven years of age. He read law in the meantime and afterwards finished his reading with L. L. DeLANO, of Atlantic, and in 1882 was admitted to practice under the old system by Judge REID. He then engaged in the commercial business in Griswold, in which he continued foR about a year. He began the practice of law at Griswold, May 1, 1885, and has been continuously in the practice since with the exception of the four years he was postmaster at Griswold under the Cleveland administration. Eight years ago he formed a partnership with his brother, W.C. BRYANT, which still continues. He has been Mayor of Griswold three times, has served in the City Council and is now its attorney. He was the Democratic candidate for Clerk of the Courts in 1892. He has been a Mason twenty-five years. He is prominent in all public affairs and the firm has a large and growing practice.

4. B. A. GOODSPEED, Attorney, Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Princeton, Illinois, October 11, 1870, and came with his parents to Victoria Township, in Cass County, Iowa, in 1874. In 1884 he came to Atlantic and herded cattle and did odd jobs in and around the city. In 1888 he entered a barber shop in Atlantic, blacked shoes and dusted the patrons, and finally learned the trade. In the spring of 1890 he went to Odgen, Utah, and then returned to Stuart, Iowa, where he engaged in the barber business, and continued there until he entered the law department of the Iowa State University in 1893. He graduated in 1896 and the same year was admitted to the bar and has since practiced his profession in Atlantic. He was elected City Attorney in 1896 and in 1898, and is now the Republican candidate for County Attorney of Cass County. He is a hustler in and out of his profession and stands for a better and bigger Atlantic and all good things.

5. Camden A. MEREDITH, of the law firm of DeLANO & MEREDITH, Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Wayne County, Iowa, December 10, 1863, and lived there until 1887. When old enough he attended the Collegiate Institute at Fort Edwards, N.Y. and afterwards graduated from the law department of the Iowa State University. He came to Atlantic immediately after his graduation and began the practice of his profession. In 1892 he formed a partnership with L. L. DeLANO, which still continues. He was nominated by the Republicans and elected County Attorney in 1896 and re-elected in 1898. He has also been City Attorney. He is a member of the M.W.A., and is an exemplary citizen in all things.

6. A. H. F. ZEIGLER, Anita, Iowa, was born at Williamsport, Pennsylvania, February 28, 1853. He studied law and was admitted to practice in 1876. Not content, however, he entered and graduated from the Michigan Law School in 1898. In 1878 he came west, locating at Des Moines, where he was in the newspaper business for some time, and then went to Anita, Iowa, in 1896, engaging in the practice of his profession in company with Mr. James E. BRUCE, and is consulting attorney for the bank of which Mr. BRUCE is President. Mr. ZEIGLER is among the number who believe that Anita is the best town in the county and when shoulders go to the wheel his is among the first.

7. George E. PENNELL's parents were Maine people, but he was born in Meridan, Connecticut, May 25, 1853. He lived in Maine until he was 24 years of age, when he came to Atlantic, in 1877, and has lived here ever since. He attended school in Maine, was graduated from the Western University at Middletown, Connecticut, and studied law and was admitted to the bar in Portland, Maine, in 1874. He practiced law two years before coming to Atlantic, but he has not been engaged in active practice here for some years. He has been Secretary and Manager of several loan and building associations and has also been their consulting attorney. He has held the usual offices and is a member of the Masonic bodies from the Blue Lodge to the Consistory. He is aggressive and progressive in his citizenship.

8. H. M. BOORMAN, Attorney at Law, Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Grant County, Wisconsin, January 3, 1857. He was raised on a farm and secured a common school education. He taught school one year. In 1881 he came to Atlantic. In 1883 he was chosen Assistant Cashier of the Atlantic National Bank and in 1887 was advanced to the position of Cashier. While in the bank he studied law and was admitted to the bar after an examination by the Supreme Court in May, 1889. Since 1890 he has been active in the practice of his profession and few practioners enjoy a better clientage. He has been retained in thirty-seven cases against railroads during the past year, with no case yet disposed of against his clients. He is attorney for the Atlantic National Bank and a member of the Knights of Pythias. As an orator he has an extended reputation and is in demand at public gatherings at home and abroad. He is public spirited and enterprising and for recreation operates a large cattle ranch in Nebraska.


From: Exposition Souvenir Album, published by Democrat Publishing Company, Atlantic, Iowa, 1904.
Transcribed by Brenda Magee, July, 2012.

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