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1. John W. SCOTT, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Atlantic, Ia., was born in 1843 in Clermont County, Ohio. His father's family were North Carolina people, and his mother, who maiden name was HENDERSON, a native of Virginia. His grandmother on his father's side was a Kentuckian, her maiden name being MORGAN. In 1856 the subject of this sketch came to Iowa with his parents, they locating in the southeastern part of the state. At the outbreak of the war in '61 Mr. SCOTT enlisted in a volunteer company from Bloomfield on April 20th of that year. The company was part of the Second Iowa Infantry. Mr. SCOTT served through the war with his company, serving successively as sergeant, first lieutenant, second lieutenant, and captain, and the company being mustered out July 19, 1865, he returned to Bloomfield and began the study of law. In 1867 he was admitted to the bar and in 1868, with his wife, he came to Audubon county, living there until 1874 when they came to Cass county. They have lived in Cass county since with the exception of a short time spent in South Dakota.

John W. SCOTT is a man who possessess the respect of all his fellows. He has been a life-long Republican and an aggressive advocate of the principles of that party. At the Republican State convention in Des Moines last summer he was chosen as one of the electors from this congressional district an honor to which his long service for the party entitled him. A forceful character, ever fighting with all the strength in him for what he believes right, John W. SCOTT is one of Cass county's strongest citizens, and is ever an earnest advocate of anything which promises good for town, county, state, or nation.

2. Ralph E. RUTH, attorney, Anita, Iowa, was born on January 17, 1879, at Monon, Indiana, and in 1902 was graduated from the Northern Indiana Law school at Valparaiso, Ind. He practiced at Monon, Indiana, for a time and on December 7, 1903, located in Anita, where he is enjoying an increasing business in the practice of his profession. He is an able lawyer and genial gentleman and the future looms up bright for him.

3. Walter E. HAYNES, attorney, Anita, Iowa, was born near Elmwood, Illinois, May 18, 1891, and came with his parents to Iowa when five years old, they locating on a farm near Creston. He commenced writing insurance whn he was sixteen years old. In 1890 he began studying law in the office of Copenheiper & Allen, at Creston. He located at Lorimer, Iowa, in May, 1891, and engaged in the real estate and insurance business, continuing there until 1895, when he returned to Creston and completed his law studies in the office of Wisdom & Wright, being admitted to practice in 1897. In September, 1897, he located at Anita, where he engaged in the practice of law. He has attained considerable rank as a lawyer and has a growing list of clients, gained by strict attention to business. He is assisted in his office work by his wife, who is an expert stenographer and who also possessess a good knowledge of the practice of law.

NOTE: Apparent error in the original: a photo is labelled #6 above, but there is no #6 in the biographical text below. Presumably #6 is James E. Bruce and due to a typesetter's error the number was omitted from the text.
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4. W. C. BRYANT, attorney, Griswold, Iowa, was born on a farm in Wappello County, Iowa, June 25, 1865, and spent his early life working on the farm, attending the common schools during the Winter months until he was eighteen years of age, applying himself diligently at whatever task was assigned to him. At the age of eighteen years he had sufficiently advanced to enter upon the profession of teaching . He taught in the common schools of Wapello and Davis counties for some time. He took a scientific course in college, together with normal school, finishing his teaching career at Massena, Iowa, as principal of the school of that place. He attended the law department of Drake University , at Des Moines, and graduated in 1894, since which time he has been in the active practive [sic practice] of law at Griswold, Iowa, and as county attorney for Cass County. He has been twice elected to the office, being a candidate for the office of county attorney. All that he has done and all that he has accomplished is the result of his own efforts.

5. L. R. TEMPLE, Attorney, Massena, Ia., was born in Atlantic, Iowa, July 17, 1872, his parents being the late Judge Henry TEMPLE and wife. He graduated from the Atlantic High School in 1890, studied law in the office of Phelps & Temple, and was admitted to the bar in 1898. He practiced in Massena until 1901. He was deputy clerk of the District Court of Cass County for two years. Wes [sic Was] married in 1900, and returning to Massena in 1903 resumed the practice of law there. He was elected Mayor of Massena at the 1904 election. He is active in public affairs and is among the ablest of the younger lawyers of the county. He has a pleasing personality and has made many friends in and out of his profession.

James E. BRUCE, Attorney-at-Law, Atlantic and Anita, Iowa, in one of the successful lawyers of the Cass County bar and enjoys a large and lucrative practice. His complete sketch will be found in the Bankers' page of this publication, together with his picture.

Curtis B. CLOVIS, Attorney, Griswold, Iowa, was born August 22, 1874, in Dallas County, Iowa, and lived at Dallas Center until he was six years old when he came to Cass County with his parents, they locating at Griswold. In 1884 the family moved to Atlantic and lived there two years, returning to Griswold in 1886. Curtis B. atended [sic attended] the Griswold public schools and graduated when 15 years of age. He then entered Simpson College and completed the junior year, taking the literary course. In 1895 he engaged in the implement business with his brother and continued therein until 1897, when he entered the Iowa College of Law at Des Moines, graduating in May, 1898, and was admitted to the bar. He opened an office at Oakland, Iowa, in June and remained there a year, then returned to Griswold and has been in the practice and in the real estate business ever since. He was nominated by the Republicans this year for clerk of the district court. He is personally, professsionally and politically popular, and is one of the rising young men of the county.


From: Exposition Souvenir Album, published by Democrat Publishing Company, Atlantic, Iowa, 1904.
Transcribed by Brenda Magee, July, 2012.

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