The following information was transcribed by Elaine Rathmann, of Davenport, Iowa. Footnote details provided at the end of the entries.

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Wednesday, January 1: Finished writing Christmas letters, took walk with J.K. from 4:30 to 5:30. New Year's Party at Ethelyn Salisbury's, in honor of her birthday. Guessing games, and charades. Home at 11. Beautiful weather.

Sunday, January 7: Great change. Cold and snow.                                                                                     

Monday, January 12: Special Revival Services at our church. Prof. Linton leads singing. F.S. [23] afterward.                                                                                     

Saturday, January 25: Winneger Bros. at Opera House. Quite good. Beautiful weather.                                                                                                            

Friday, February 7: Central College Glee Club at church. We entertained 2 of the boys. Carl Cade and Robt. Williams.                                   

Friday, February 28: Concert at M.E. church given by German Cong. Church to raise money for new pipe organ.

Tuesday, March 4: D.A. Meeting at Rice's. 60 present. Anna Scott had charge of program 'Easter Party.'

Sunday, March 8: Another chapter ended. There have been so many in my life that this is nothing new. Suffice it to say that I am rather relieved. Adieu, adieu kind friend, adieu!

Wednesday, March 21: Mrs. Barney Schmidt died at Bellvue Hospital today. Hemorrhage of the brain. Unexpected death.

Tuesday, March 25: Was invited to the Magnus for dinner today.                                                                                       

Monday, March 30: Spring Vacation begins today. Warm.                                                                                                                  

Tuesday, April 1: B.Y.P.U. Rally at Davenport. 15 delegates from Muscy. Anna Scott and I went up on Interurban, had dinner at Petersons. Attended afternoon session at Baptist church. Had supper at church and took in evening service until 8:45 when we left to catch 9 o'clock Interurban for home. Beautiful day.

Friday, April 11 : Arbor Day. Cold. Open house until 2. Program and Mother's meet. Following. Spring is coming. Hurrah! Slow but sure. Aunt Julia came to live with us [24].

Sunday, April 20: "But the tender grace of the day that is dead can never come back to me." Words and Acts of a Past now often we would recall if possible. To think and act well in the Future is the only reparation for mistakes of the Past.

Saturday, May 3: School Board Meet. Last night placed me in III Jackson, a vacancy left by Anna Prosser's resignation to be married. We'll see what happens.

Monday, May 19: Altioras meet at Club House. Rainy night but 15 attend. 2 Course lunch served by Hostesses-Jesse Kopp, Elizabeth Cockerham, Minnie Kuhn and self.

Wednesday, June 4: Alumni Reception at H.S.                                                                                                                  

Friday, June 6: School out. Hurrah! First hot day.                                                                                                                  

Tuesday, June 24: Baptist excursion to Davenport. Long delay in starting. Reached D. about 2. Started home at 8:30 reaching home about 11:30. 800 on board.

Thursday, June 26: Chautauqua begins at Weed Park with Symphony Orchestra.                                                                                                                  

Tuesday, July 1: Delta Alpha held picnic at Weed Park. Had dinner at Prossers. Anna and I went to Chautauqua in evening

Wednesday, July 2: Fred E. Baker on "The Lucky Number." Had supper with some Methodist girls. In the evening went driving with F.S, 5 Mile Drive.

Friday, July 4: Jess and I went to Chautauqua in afternoon and again at night. Hot. Close of Cautauqua.

Sunday, July 6 : Rev. Bauden of India at our church. "The light that shines fartherest shines brightest nearest home." F.S. and I walk home.

Tuesday, July 8: Went driving. River road. Beautiful evening.                                                                                                                  

Tuesday, July 15: Driving up river road. Moon almost full. Fine evening.                                                                                                                   

Thursday, July 17 : Prospect Park overlooking Mississippi. Beautiful moon. Lectures on Chiropractics.

Sunday, July 20: After church took walk. Goodbye, F.S. I must leave you tho' it breaks my heart to go. Hurray! My trip is all planned.

Monday, July 21 : Farther Lights picnic supper at Manlove's. Fine time.                                                                                                                   

Tuesday, July 22 : Started at 7:45 for Chicago. Reached there at 1:30. Mad chase from LaSalle St. Station after blue coat. Finally located on Michigan Ave. Olive Inn Cafe. White City in eve. Had fortune told.

Wednesday, July 23: Seigel and Cooper. The Fair Rothschild, dinner at "The Fair" Art Institute in P.M. Supper at Olive Inn. McVickers "The Blindmen of Virtue." Mich. Ave. beautiful at night.

Thursday, July 24 : Rothschild and Seigels. Lincoln Park and Zoo. Dinner at R's at 2:00. P.M made rush for N. Western Depot in taxi. Reached Williams Bay at 5:30, the Camp at 6:30. Camping in Tent 62 for night. Attended Training School Graduation Exercises in Auditorium [25]

Friday, July 25: Rented skiff with Jess for week. Grand row. Fished for $1 bill. Had skiff on Lake 3 times. In even. Went to Auditorium to see "Helpers Stunts."

Saturday, July 26: Went for row in A.M. around Conference Point. Were nearly swamped. High waves and strong current. In P.M. had swim in Lake. Fine.

Sunday, July 27: Preaching in Auditorium at 10:30 by Campbell White. In the afternoon walked to Uihliens then to William's Bay for Ice Cream. After supper attended Vesper Service in Auditorium. Music at Headquarters. Had "call down" from Crab Apple. Reported at Headquarters that we were making racket at 5 A.M. Stuff.

Monday, July 28: Took walk up Shore Path after breakfast. Took swim and had good row. In P.M. went to Uihleins again. Beautiful summer residence of Milwaukee Brewer. As no one is staying there explored fascinating paths. In the even. went to Holiday Home with some Camp people. Good performance by kiddies first, then by our crowd. Some forlorn looking youngsters over 80 in all. Come from tenements in Chicago.

Tuesday, July 29: Went rowing in A.M. Miss Jones moves into Tent. She is from Chicago and very nice. Bathing in P.M. following walk to Observatory with about 75 others. Great telescope on display with largest lens in world. Used every clear night in year. Had grand row after supper. Took Miss Jones.

Wednesday, July 30: Had a Musicale in Headquarters. Miss J. both sings and plays and fortunately had her music with her. Then we went for our final row. At 3:20 P.M. went by Launch to Williams Bay. Miss Headley accompanied us. Had supper and then went to Milwaukee Depot when at 7 we set sail for Muscy. Reached home at 11:45. Folks surprised to see me.

Thursday July 31: Good to be home again. F.S. after Prayer Meeting.                                                                                                                   

Friday, August 1 : J. K. and I visit A-Muse-U. Very good. Anything looks fine today. Home is a dandy place after all.

Sunday, August 3 : Visited Prospect Point with F.S. Beautiful evening.                                                                                                                   

Tuesday, August 5 : Mrs. Magnus entertains in "farewell" for Stella Ames. Delicious supper. Attended D. A. meeting at Weed Park afterward.

Wednesday August 6 : Went to Weed Park to Band Concert given by K.C's. Went with F.S. Watched dancing. Walked to Kecklerville, took car in.

Saturday, August 9 : Last night of "Country Circus." Took walk with F.S. Chocolates.                                                                                                                   

Sunday, August 10 : Mooned on porch after B.Y.P.U. Clinton and Jess drop in for short while. Cookies a la porch.

Tuesday, August 12: Went rowing on slough with F.S. Beautiful evening with moon. Monkey shines.*

Thursday, August 14: Went to Davenport, on Interurban. Home at 6:00. Mrs. Roland spent evening. Good by forever. All the tomorrows shall be as today.

Friday, August 15: Went with Addie Washburn to attend Hazel Keath's Recital. The latter has just returned from a year's study in Chicago.

Saturday, August 16: F.S. came up after supper. Short walk and chocolates.                                                                                                                  

Sunday, August 17: Hot. A.K. came in P.M. Took short walk after B.Y.P.U. All night pour down.                                                                                                                   

Wednesday, August 20 : B.Y.P.U. picnic at Weed Park. Good supper. Games following. Home on car with F.S.                                                                                                                   

Thursday, August 21: After P.M. F.S. and I took short walk.                                                                                                                   

Saturday, August 23: Grand drive with Dandy around Five Mile Drive and out Ia. City road. Started at 6:00 and home at 9:30. Pop corn.

Sunday, August 24: Walked after B.Y.P.U.                                                                                                                   

Wednesday, August 27: S.S. Picnic at Weed Park. Beautiful day. Everyone seemed to have a terrific time. F.S. and I last to leave. Looked at scenery from "Point."

Thursday, August 28: F.S. after P.M. Impromptu concert. Finished at Dentist's. Hurrah!                                                                                                                   

Saturday, August 20: J.K. and I went to "Freckles" at Opera House. Very good! F.S. chocolates and photo in evening.

Sunday, August 31: Went driving with Arthur K. (thru Butterville) in afternoon [26].Jessie K. and Clinton W. called in evening and we talked picnic. Music by Quartette.

Monday, September 1: Labor Day. The "Quartette" tried to catch 3:00 o'clock Interurban for Sherfy's Crossing but missed it by 1/2 block owing to the Bass' late arrival on scenes. The Soprano and Alto spent some time at the Princess, meeting the Bass and Tenor in time for the 4:30. Snap photo of the Bunch. Those pigs! Good supper. 7:30 Interurban home.

Data-Lecture by J.K. on the value of "Always on Time". Sprint over 6th to see Interurban round the corner when we were within hailing distance. Pictures at Princess N.G. Ice-Cream A.G. Pigs enjoy ham sandwiches. We didn't get a smell of them. Oh those pickles! which I left at home.

Wednesday, September 3: D.A. meeting at Westrates. About 50 present including Elsie Hubacher who is spending her vacation here. Chance meeting with F.S. and short walk.

Saturday, September 6: Snap shots of picnic. O ye little fishes! Sick cat expression for mine. First teachers meet of year at H.S. Edith A. Jessie and I went to A-Muse-U in evening.

Monday, September 8: School begins. Like Grade III Jackson. 36 pupils. F.S. attends brother's wedding Sept. 10 at Cedar Falls.

Monday Sept. 15: Farther Lights met here. Miss Bingham composer favors audience with readings and her own musical compositions chiefly children's songs. J.C. and wafers.

Tuesday, September 16: A-Muse-U with Miss Cockerham. "Robert of Sicily" showing.                                                                                                                  

Friday, September 19: F.S. tells of trip to Cedar Falls and then to Lansing, Ia, where his youngest brother lives. Some good views with his new camera.

Sunday, September 21: Church in evening with F.S. (U.B.) Short service.                                                                                                                   

Tuesday, September 23: Meeting of Officers and Teachers of S.S. at church. F.S. afterward.                                                                                                                  

Saturday, September 26: J.K. and Dandy. Fine drive around town and out Park Lane. Beautiful afternoon.

Sunday, September 27: M.E. church in evening with F.S.                                                                                                                   

Wednesday, October 8: Rainy. F.S. and I played checkers.                                                                                                                   

Friday, October 10: The "Titanic" great topic of conversation and interest. Reading circle composed of F.S. and M.E.

Sunday, October 12: Led B.Y.P.U. Walked after church. Beautiful evening.                                                                                                                   

Tuesday, October 14: Marshmallow Roast at Club House. Good time. Full moon and warm. Played games outside. Walked home over 4th street Bridge with F.S.

Sunday November 2: Beautiful weather in P.M. attended services at West Hill Chapel with F.S. Rev. Sangston Chapel Car Evangelist held interesting meeting. Walked home and F.S. staid to supper. B.Y.P.U. and church in evening.

Sunday, November 9: Heart to heart talk with F.S.                                                                       

Tuesday, November 11: Welsh Concert at church. Fine singing.                                                                        

Thursday, November 13: Miss Kennedy and I visit schools in Davenport--Madison and Grant. Dinner at Petersons. Mushrooms. Home on 7:45 Interurban.

Saturday, November 13: Went to church and listened to Victrola. Incidentally marked contest card. F.S. managed Victrola.

Sunday, November 16: Celebrated Birthday with oysters. Mama gave me blue crepe kimona and goods for another. [27]. Anna K. sent pearl beads. Anna Scott-2 handkerchiefs. Mabel birthday letter and Jessie very pretty tatted handkerchief. Went to Mulford Mission with F.S. in eve.

Wednesday, November 19: West Hill Chapel with F.S. Very warm for this time of year. Doors and windows open.

Friday, November 21: Miscellaneous Shower for Hazel Reynolds held at Mrs. Mark Coyner's. About 65 present. Mae Kent and Dorothy Guthrie hostesses.

Sunday, November 23: Walked over Bridge with F.S. as far as Fourth (street?) Slough Bridge and home. F.S. staid for supper and spent evening. Did not go to church or B.Y.P.U.

Tuesday, November 25: Tom Thumb Wedding at church [28]. Very cute performance and crowded house netting Farther Lights about $38. About 50 children ranging in age from 2 1/2 to 11 years.

Wednesday, November 26: Thanksgiving Program at school. Circulating affair. F.S. here. Went to A-Muse-U.

Thursday, November 27: Thanksgiving Day. Mama and I attended church in A. M. Chicken dinner. Mrs. Stocker here and 4 of us played Rook. Prayer Meeting in evening. F.S. and I take walk afterwards.

Tuesday, December 2: Delta Alpha Meeting at Miss Headley's. Christmas program.                                                                        

Wednesday, December 3: Took walk with F.S. Hear Christmas music in churches.                                                                        

Friday, December 5: A-Muse-U with F.S. Pictures quite good.                                                                        

Saturday, December 6: Xmas shopping. Gloomy and wet.                                                                        

Tuesday, December 16: Emma Steen and Miss Headley hold "Farewell" for Florence Westrate at Headley's. Kensington.

Friday, December 19: Xmas program at school. Santa and program quite good.                                                                        

Monday, December 22: Decoration Committee met at church and arranged snow scene for Cantata Xmas night.

Wednesday, December 24: Finished decorating at church, also Xmas shopping. In evening F.S. and I delivered some Xmas presents. F.S. gave me beautiful LaValliere (La Valhere or La Vatliere.) 4 lb. box of Chocolates for family from same. Snowy.

Thursday, December 25: Mrs. Wymer here for Turkey dinner. Jess K. and I went to A-Muse-U in afternoon. Xmas exercises at church in evening. F.S. afterward. Was not very pleasant. F.S. always kind and forbearing. From "Great Expectations-" Dickens, "That's the way you know me, Sir. Ever forgiving and ever affable." That's F.S.[29] Xmas gifts.

  • Jabot-Miss Franklin
  • Jabot-Miss Stocker
  • Correspondence Cards-Anna Scott.
  • Nightgown-Anna Kern
  • Apron-Jess. K.
  • Apron- Jess. Althaus
  • Apron-Anna Young
  • Address Book-Mrs. Jepson
  • Candy-Mrs. Clark
  • Candy-O.W. Mull
  • Candy-Fred [30]
  • Stationary-Mildred and Jo Stirlen
  • Womans' Home Com-Aunt Julia
  • Silk Crepe Corset Cover-Jo [31]
  • Rose Box-Mabel
  • Fancy Work Bag-Edith Althaus

Sunday, December 28: Chas. Sheldon spoke at our church in A.M. and at Congregational in evening. Fine. In afternoon Pepper Memorial held at Methodist Church. Pepper died in Clinton Dec. 23.

Monday, December 29: Made favors for Altiora Banquet at Cronins. Cute little baskets in red and green.

Tuesday, December 30: In A.M. finished baskets at Cronins. In evening the banquet held at Y.W. rooms. Decorations-red and green. Fine eats. After supper went with Stirlens to A-Muse-U. Then to Ratcliffs for "Farewell" surprise for Mrs. Westrate. Caserolls parting gift. Refreshments of ice-cream and wafers.

Wednesday, December 31: Business Meet. at church. F.S. and I left early and watched Old Year out.