The following information was transcribed by Elaine Rathmann, of Davenport, Iowa. Footnote details provided at the end of the entries.

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Friday, September 1: Mr. Roland, Principal of Jackson School died at 11 A. M. His death was very sudden; he was down town Wed.

Saturday, September 2: Gen'l Teachers Meeting at 4 P. M. held at High School. Service held at Roland's before taking body to Bloomfield for burial. O.W.M. and Ice-Cream after banking hours.

Labor Day - Monday, September 4: Went down town with Mrs. Bond and children to view parade which consisted mainly of Button Workers, 2000 strong. (Men and women.)

Spent the afternoon and evening working for my school. Hard storm in the afternoon, which delayed but did not prevent the balloon ascension at the Fair Grounds.

Tuesday, September 5: School again. Holding the Fort at Jackson with 58 strong. Seating capacity 54. Attended Association Meeting at church in evening. Heard Dr. Roland in a very dry discourse. Dr. and Mrs. Roland our guests during Meetings.

Wednesday, September 6: Rain and wind storm spoiled attendance at meeting this evening.                                                 

Thursday, September 7 Transferred 10 youngsters to Washington. Dr. and Mrs. Roland left for Davenport this evening.

Saturday, September 9: Mrs. Bond and I went driving. Dandy behaves beautifully. [1] Fine day. O.W.M. and I talk on the subject of "Friendship."[2]

Friday, September 15: Carl died at 7:45 this morning, after an 18 months illness.[3] His brave fight for life was of no avail and he too has joined the "caravan" which moves to that mysterious realm where each shall take his chamber in the silent halls of Death.

Saturday, September 16: "The sun rose bright o'erhead. Nothing in Nature's aspect intimated, That a noble soul was dead."

Sunday, September 17: Drove with Mrs. Moynahan to Illinois City where Carl's funeral services were conducted and burial made in the Illinois City Cemetary. Many went from here. Floral offerings beautiful. Shall never forget the crude services in this little country church, for the one who was such a tried and true friend these many years. "But oh for the touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice that is still."

Warm for this time of year.

Thursday, September 19: Mrs. Reeder took me for a delightful ride in their new auto. From 3:45 to 5:15.

Friday, September 22: Mrs. Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Whipple of Nabrara Neb. here for supper.

Saturday, September 23: Bought new fall coat (blue) and also dress. O. W. here for short time this evening. A year ago tonight (Friday) Carl spent the evening bringing Bunte's and gum. Dear old C. J. He never appeared on the scenes without some kind of an offering.

Sunday, September 24: B.Y.P.U. meeting took the form of a Memorial Service for Carl.[4] Mr. Horst told of his conversion and subsequent Christian life, Matthew Westrate spoke of him as a business man, Miss Shoemaker of his social life closing with the words "I am proud to be called a friend of Carl's." Mr. Smith a tribute to his exemplary Christian life in the church and outside. A number of others expressed their high opinion of him as a friend and Christian gentleman.

Carl well never again be seen in the church he loved so well, but his cheery smile, kind word and handclasp will not soon be forgotten.

Monday, September 25:Home Coming Week. Parker Carnival Co. in town Lincoln Beechy of Chicago renown makes two flights in his Aeroplane Tues. and Wed. Many visitors form surrounding small towns.

Friday, September 29: Went with the Stockers to the Commercial Club rooms where we had a fine view of the shows on the Haymarket. Could see every performance of the Aerial show. Later went to the Muscatine Bank where we watched the people on the "Merry-go-round" and "Ferris Wheel."

Saturday, October 14: General Teachers Meeting at the High School. Dr. H. L. Husted gave a talk on contagious diseases, Jessie Stinen sang and Sadie Gaines had a piano solo. From 10:15 to 11 each department held its own meeting. Miss Braunwarth in charge of the Primary.

Tuesday, October 17: Went to Altiora and made invitations for Mothers Day to be held Oct. 20 at school. Invites are tinted autumn leaves and quite pretty.

Wednesday, October 18: Went with bunch of girls to the A.-Muse-U. "Two Orphans" and the "Star" scene.

Friday, October 20: "Mothers Day" at school. Had about 3 dozen visitors in my room. At 4 o'clock a program was given in Miss Foley's room lasting an hour. Dr. Little spoke and there were several musical numbers.

In the evening went to Miss Barker's where I met a few of the new High School teachers who were invited to spend the evening at a Kensington. Ice-Cream and frou-frous.

Saturday, October 21: Went to the A-Muse-U in the P.M. with the Bonds. In the evening went to see Mrs. Kern.

Tuesday, October 24: Miss Hale entertained the Geneva Club.[5] 14 present. Spent very pleasant evening. Won 1st prize in guessing contest. Delicious refreshments.

Wednesday, October 25: Went to the A-Muse-U with Jessie Kopp.[6]                                             

Tuesday, October 31: Went to Halloween M. E. Social with Edna Francis. Spooks of all kinds and costumes. Had fortune told by a gypsy who said I would be married in 2 years to someone I have never met. Wish he would soon appear. I'm curious. Fine program and all Halloween stunts, with apples and pop corn as refreshments!

Wednesday, November 1: Went to the A-Muse-U with Jessie. Good pictures.                          

Thursday, November 9: Started at 6:30 in the rain for Des Moines to attend State Teachers Convention. Reached there at 12, enrolled at Savery Hotel-Hdqts-and then to Cargill Hotel where Jessie Althaus, Anna P. and self had engaged room.[7] In P.M. ate dinner at Pure Food Restaurant. Attended Primary Round Table at Plymouth Church. In the evening heard Henry's Band at the Coliseum.

Friday, November 10: Pleasant and cold. Breakfast at the Dairy Lunch Room-then to Coliseum. In the P.M. we shopped at Younker's and Anna P. and I went to call on Mrs. Drucker. She seemed very glad to see us. Met Helen Warren at her office and we 4 had supper at Olsons. In the evening heard the Messiah at the Coliseum-400 trained voices-4 soloists and St. Paul Orchestra.

Saturday, November 11: Heard Prof. Barnes of Philadelphia on "Training the Lower Nerve Centers." Then Sarah Louise Arnold on "Jane and her teachers." At 11:20 Booker T. Washington began his address. Could not wait for this as our train left at 12. Reached home at 6:30 and found a young blizzard in charge of affairs here. Mama had arrived on the Firefly from Davenport and had a good fire when I arrived.

"I cannot find a truer word
Nor fonder to caress you.
No song or poem I have heard
Is sweeter than "God bless you."

Monday, November 13: Farther Lights [8] annual supper at the church. Very good supper. Miss Wren, one of the H.S. teachers went with me.

Wednesday, November 15: Mrs. Link entertained D.A.'s for Mary Brown who leaves Friday for Davenport to live. [9] About 40 present. Very pleasant time.

Friday, November 17: Rainy, snowy, blowy and generally disagreeable. Anna Scott gave me a Harrison Fisher girl, framed.[10] Mabel sent dandy Birthday letter. [11] Mama: pink and white chrysanthemums, comb and brush and a fine Birthday supper including Birthday cake. She gave me also a Birthday Book.

Saturday, November 18: Teachers meeting at the High School. In the P.M. shopped with Anna Scott.

I. S. Pepper spoke on "Law Making at Washington." Miss Critz sang and Mrs. St. John, also. In the P.M. shopped with Anna Scott. Stores are showing Xmas goods.

Monday, November 27: Attended concert at H. Schmidt's. Misses Ruth Benkert and Maud Marshall contributed numbers; the former has a very fine mezzo-soprano voice, the latter is a popular reader. There were new numbers on the pianola, also.

Thursday, November 30: Thanksgiving Day. Attended church in the A.M., preaching by Rev. Grigsby in the Congregational church. Miss Wren here for dinner. Goose, escalloped oysters, mashed potatoes, salad, dressing, gravy, pumpkin pie, fruit. Flowers-yellow and white chrysanthemums given me at school by Nanna Oliver. Beautiful day.

Saturday, December 2: Miss Wren comes here to room. Pleasant card from Mrs. Schmidt saying Anna N. quite ill.

Monday, December 4: Jessie Kopp and I went to the A-Muse-U "An Old Sweetheart of Mine." Series of pictures quite good.

Tuesday, December 5: Attended County Fair at Hershey Bank given by M. E. Young People. Moving Pictures good. Also Carnival Show. Sounds quite like street carnival.

Wednesday, December 6: Anna K's birthday gift--black silk hose-arrived today. The Quartette met at Anna Prosser's and pretended to read the "Cricket on the Hearth" but did not get very far [12].

Saturday, December 9: Jessie Kopp and I attended Nerrel's sale. Bought Toilet Set and Mesh Purse at great bargain. Lots of fun. Rainy and warm.

Monday, December 11: Miss Wren and I attended Farther Lights Meeting at Mrs. Oscar Brandts. Beautiful weather.

Wednesday, December 13: The Quartette met here. Kensington's Musical and Social Session combined. Dix is chosen Mascot. [13] Name not yet selected. Served candy.

Thursday, December 21: Elected Treas. Of B.Y.P.U.                                                                

Friday, December 22: Xmas tree and treat for school children. Helped fill candy boxes at Samuels in evening. Mama's Birthday.                     

Saturday, December 23: Went up to Hanley's with a Xmas package. The pkg. was given I. H. N. "In His Name" who a year ago was making many glad with gifts given from a heart filled with the Xmas spirit. I suppose he is very happy"at this Xmas tide but there are lonely hearts here who grieve over the "vacant chair."

Sunday, December 24: Beautiful warm weather. In the afternoon Mama and I took a walk. In the evening we went to our church where the Xmas service was colored stereopticon pictures and music from the Baraca Victrola. [14] Very nice. Attended a Midnight Service at the Episcopal church with Ed and Ellen Stocker. Did not get home until 2 A. M. "Oh little town of Bethlehem, How still we see thee lie..."

Monday, Christmas Day: Beautiful weather. Went to the P.O. and White's in the morning and to Stockers in the afternoon. Mama and I had a quiet Xmas dinner and chatted gaily or tried to across the lovely pink roses Ed Stocker sent, each trying to make the other enjoy the spread. List of things received:

  • Crocked bag (white) from Jr.
  • Silk scarf (lavender and white)-Anna Kern.
  • Jabot-Anna Scott.
  • Book-Anna Prosser.
  • 2 Nighties-Mama
  • 2 Calendars
  • 3 Handkerchiefs
  • Frill and collar (lace)
  • Ribbon Holder
  • Dressing Jacket-Jessie A.
  • 2 Books

Tuesday, December 26: What a Mosaic our lives are. No one sees the pattern but God himself. To us how jumbled the colors, how puzzling the figures. What a combination of light and dark, sunshine and shadow. Only He has the key to the riddle and will someday show us the pattern of our lives worked out-no two alike. Every day adds a fresh bit, now a splash of crimson, here dull gray, again the delicate lavender and pink of some kindness rec'd or given. We ourselves largely determine what the day's picture will be.

Wednesday, December 27: Miss Wren and I went to the Presbyterian Church. They held their Xmas entertainment tonight and it was very good. Cold and snowy.

Thursday, December 28: Anna Prosser, Jo and Mildred Stirlen called on Mr. and Mrs. McIntyre. Bliss Perry says speaking of poetry: "Here is the gateway to the house beautiful. Close your eyes and recall some lines you have learned. Immediately, the iron gates are open and the pipes of Pan are playing."