The following information was transcribed by Elaine Rathmann, of Davenport, Iowa. Footnote details provided at the end of the entries.

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Sunday, January 7: First Sunday of 1912. "Each day is a white page to be written. Write it beautifully and the book of the year will be beautiful." Attended church A. M. and P. M. also B.Y.P.U. Wrote lengthy letter to A.B.N.

20 degrees below.

Tuesday, January 9: Farther Lights Meeting at Hattie Link's.                                                             

Wednesday, January 10: Concert at U. B. church. "Song of the Soul" and several other selections very pleasing.

"Old Winter's a gay Musician.
His music's very shrill.
He whistles o'er the moorland,
He pipes upon the hill."


Thursday, January 11: Annual church meeting. Chicken supper. Not many present on account of cold weather. Coldest day of year. 24 degrees below zero. [15]

Tuesday, January 16: Altiora Meeting. Plans made for cake and bread sale, Jan. 27th.                               

Wednesday January 17: Black Scarf Club met with Edna Francis.[16] Session very nice. Musical-selections from Victrola and Pianola, also from Quartette. Refreshments of apples, stuffed dates and cheese. Mascot-Dix. Flower-violets. Song-Barnyard Rag. All members rec'd belated Xmas presents. Mine is book, "Beauty and the Beast."

Friday, January 19: End of Semester. Does not seem possible year is half over. Will rejoice when other half is gone! Went to hear Kaffri Boys Choir with Edna Francis. 5 boys and lady-an interesting talker-comprise the company. The boys are wonderfully well trained and have beautiful voices, especially one-a Hottentot-who gives promise of being a remarkable singer.

Saturday, January 20: Went to Basket Ball game with crowd of girls. M.H.S. played Abington H.S. Walk away for Muscatine. Score 98-4.

Sunday, January 21:

"And so the shadows fall apart
And so the west winds play.
And all the windows of my heart
I open to the day."

Went calling on East Hill with Anna Scott.                                                                                           

Saturday, January 27: Altiora Cake Sale at Neidigs Book Store. Cleared about $10. Cold. Victrola from Hirts with some very pretty records.

Monday, January 27: Helped serve at Baraca Oyster supper. Saw some pretty colored slides of the Holy Land shown by Rev. Smith after supper.

Tuesday, January 30: Mrs. Bond and Mrs. Spangler here to listen to Victrola. Mrs. S. leaves Thurs. for Fort Wm. Canada.

Saturday, February 3: Dorothy Bond had Birthday Party. Helped entertain children-12 present.Very cold.

Friday, February 9: Mrs. Bond, kids and I went to A-Muse-U and then to the Lyric. Cold.                               

Monday, February 12: Lincoln's Birthday. Attended stereopticon lecture by Rev. Smith on "Abraham Lincoln."

Tuesday, February 13: Farther Lights Meeting at Smiths. Colored People and their Education was subject. Read paper on Booker Washington. Helped serve--chocolate, sandwiches, cocoanut kisses. Snowy-consequently small attendance.

Friday, February 26: Heard Florence Nyens new Pianola. Warm, like spring.

"Every year hath its winter.
Every year hath its rain.
But a day is always coming,
When the birds go north again."                                                                                                         

Saturday, February 17: Mr. Parchert, Carl's father, died today. He has been in poor health for some time. Beautiful day. A-Muse-U in evening with Jessie K.

Monday, February 19: High School Class play, "An American Citizen." Fine. Went with "Black Scarf" members.

Thursday, February 22: George's Birthday. Big "blow out" at school in his honor. 88 visitors at Jackson. Mothers Meeting afterward addressed by Rev. Smith.

Friday, February 23: Basket Ball Game at "Y". Burlington and M.H.S. Black Scarf club had Ice-cream at Len's afterward.

Saturday, February 24: Called on Bessie Coyner and Hawleys'. Warm, but bad walking.                                              

Monday, February 26: Heard lecture at "Y" by Nat Brigham on "Grand Canyon" Ariz. Beautiful colored slides. No school on acct. of blizzard.

Wednesday, February 28: Black Scarf Club attended Helen Tappe's Recital at Presbyterian Church. She was assisted by the Will sisters, pianist and violinist. Everyone pleased with Recital.

Friday, March 1: Reception at Y. W. for February members. Program and refreshments. Nice time. Another snow storm.

Monday, March 4: Election Day. Snowy. Socialists defeated except in 4th Ward. Citizens ticket a howling success.

Tuesday, March 5: Prepared article on Karl Witte for reading at Teacher's Meeting March 9th.

Wednesday, March 6: B. S. Club instead of meeting with A. P. filed into the A-Muse-U at 9:15 and were entertained by John Bunny and others until 10:15.

Friday, March 8: Went with Jessie Kopp to A-Muse-U and Lyric.                                                            

Saturday, March 9: Hurray! The Gen'l Teachers Meeting is over for another month! Also my article on Karl Witte. Could crow, I'm so relieved! This world is a place of peace once more.

Monday, March 11: Went to A-Muse-U with Jessie Kopp.                                                                           

Tuesday, March 12: Baptist Y. P. Rally held here. Supper at church. Dr. Earl delivered address and Rev. Smith gave illustrated lecture on Holy Land. Last Sunday Rev. Smith resigned to accept pastorate at Waterloo.

Friday, March 15,: Another blizzard last night. Visited schools yesterday-Miss Althaus in forenoon and Miss Erb in afternoon.

Jessie Stirlen died at 2 P.M. today of Typhoid Fever. Had been sick only one week.

Monday, March 18: Jessie's funeral service at Baptist church. Many turned away. Beautiful flowers. Helen Tappe sang. All teachers attended. School dismissed for P.M.

Saturday, March 22: Jessie Kopp and I went to Davenport to shop. Bought white serge coat and 2 dresses, also a string of gold beads which has been pet wish of mine for some time. Had supper at Schaeffer's Cafe. Home at 9 P.M.

Friday, March 29: Musical Union Concert at Opera House. Mama and I went. Helen Tappe assisted. Good concert. Beautiful night.

Monday, April 1: First day of vacation. Hurray! No April Fool about this fact. Went with Mrs. Bina, Mrs. Elson and Jessie Kopp to the A-Muse-U and Lyric in the evening.

Wednesday, April 3: Went to Post-Nuptial shower given for Ella Altenbernd at their new home on East Hill. About 35 present-some very pretty presents.

Thursday, April 4: Shopped and A-Muse-U with Mrs. Bond and Jessie. Went to Y. W. for supper in honor of the Write girls and only Geneva crowd of 1911 present. Heard Miss Inga Peterson returned. Japanese missionary at our church in evening.

Friday, April 5: Called on Nell Hanley who is spending a couple of days of her vacation on the hill. Nell is as jolly and full of fun as ever.

Saturday, April 6: This entry should be decorated with black crepe in commemoration of Dix, dearly beloved bright eyed Dixie who had to be chloroformed this A. M. She had been sick for two days and rather than see her suffer I sent her to the Happy Hunting Ground. I think of all her dear loving ways. I can't keep from crying, for Dix and I were the best of pals.

School election last night. Mr. McIntyre elected city Supt. Miss Braunwarth Prin. Of Jackson to fill his place. Great surprise.

Tuesday, April 9: Delta Alpha Meeting at Hazel Reynolds' on East Hill.                                                                           

Wednesday, April 10: Concert at church. Helen Tappe, Maud Marshall and Orchestra. Good.                                                             

Saturday, April 13: Gen'l Teachers Meeting at Library. Spent P. M. down town with Jessie Kopp. Henry Geisler gave very interesting talk on "The Road to Thrift".

Friday, April 19: Mother's Day. Three visitors in room I. Rev. Carroll talked at 3 o'clock to a very slim attendance.

Saturday, April 20: Mrs. Bond, Inez and self went to Davenport. Bought pretty white serge coat and white slippers. Inez had picture taken. Went to Elite and then to Shaffer's Cafe for supper. Asparagus on toast, escalloped potatoes, and egg sandwich. Tasted good to me.

Saturday, April 27: Went calling on High School teachers. Leola See's father died April 14, so the Black Scarf Club has disbanded.

Saturday, May 4: School Election last Eve. All teachers given a raise of $50. All including High School force re-elected. Jesse and I went driving starting at 1:30 and going up river road. Down town bumming in evening. Grand weather.

Sunday, May 5: Jessie and I took walk in P.M. Beautiful day.                                                      

Tuesday, May 6: Beautiful day. Mrs. Bond and I went driving after supper.                                                  

Wednesday, May 7: Half Holiday. Schools, stores and banks closed at noon for the Ball Game-opening of Ball Season. Jessie and I went! After game went to Weed Park for supper. Mama and Miss Wren went out at 4.

Thursday, May 8: Mrs. Bond, Jessie and I went to A-Muse-U to see first pictures of Titanic disaster.

Friday, May 9: Jessie and I went to Launch Club "Old Curiosity Shop."                                                  

Saturday, May 10: Last Gen'l Teachers' Meeting of the year at H. S. Music by Mrs. St. John and Mrs. Einhausen. Also violin solo by Carl Schmidt. Address by Rev. Graves of Congregational Church.

Sunday, May 12: Mothers Day. I am very glad the color of carnations for me was pink! Went to Congregational church in evening.

Monday, May 13: U. B. Young Peoples Meeting with Jessie on Oak St.                                        

Wednesday, May 15: First B.Y.P.U. Meet. of year at Weed Park. Fine supper and games, Good time. Although quite cold, there was a good crowd. Fire in Club House.

Sunday, May 19: Very lonesome for C.J. Just one year ago today I had a letter from him asking me to go driving in his new buggy.[17]

Tuesday, May 21: Golden Anniversary Concert (Schmidts) at Opera House. We (Kopps and Raffs) sat in Gallery. Wore new white coat, new hat, net dress and white slippers. Beautiful evening.

Thursday, May 30: Decoration Day. Took school children to parade on 3rd St. Afterwards Jessie and IHad car ride went to A-Muse-U and Basts.

Friday, May 31: Senior Class Play entitled "Esmeralda" at Opera House. Good play and crowded house. J. K. and I went together. Esmeralda a dreadful "stiff." Old Rogers (Leroy Houdek) fine.

Monday, June 3: Carnival Week. Went with Mrs. Bond.                                                          

Tuesday, June 4: Altiora picnic. Indoor picnic at "Y" instead of Slough as planned (because of rain.) Carnival afterward. Frances' German Cousin great fun.

Thursday, June 6: Mrs. Amlong entertains teachers at spread. Ice-cream, cake, salted almonds and lemonade. Alumni Reception at M.H.S. Beautiful evening and good crowd. Good program.

Friday, June 7: School closed at noon. Beautiful weather this Spring for teaching.                                                  

Friday, June 28: Mama and I had lovely drive-around Five Mile Drive and then about town. Dandy is a "beauty and a joy forever."

Saturday, June 29: Food Sale at Butz's by Tennis Club. Had charge from 1 to 5 P.M. Dr. Chaffer from Chicago to be entertainment.

Tuesday, July 2: Went to see Anna Kern who came from Los Angeles. Anna very thin and not at all well.

Thursday, July 4: Went to see Anna K. in A.M. then celebrated with Jessie K. with fire crackers and snakes. In the P.M., J. and I took supper to Weed Park. In evening took walk. Hottest of season thus far.

Wednesday, July 10: Went to Trinity Excursion with J. K. and Helen Berntheisel. Were at boat landing at 8 A.M. but boat did not come until 2:00 P.M. owing to storm of night before. Had dinner at Ahlfs and then fooled around until boat arrived. Delightful ride to Davenport. Reached there at 7 P.M. and left at 8. Had supper at Newport Cafe. Home at 11:30.

Monday, July 15: A.B.K. and O.W.M. in Davenport. Went up on boat, returned on train. O.W.M. good "sport" from reports. Black Hawk and Shutzen Parks. J.M.K. and I went driving. Beautiful evening.

Tuesday, July 16: Spent P.M. with A.B.K. In the evening went to Schoemakers (Ed's) to picnic. Good time.

Wednesday, July 24: Hot. Buffalo Bill in town. J. M. K. and I went to see the show in P.M. Had dinner at Bonds.

Thursday, July 25: Baptist Excursion to Davenport on W.G. Hill. About 700 on board. Fine day. Went to Aunt Frank's [Francis Raff] after shopping awhile. Aunt F. and Elizabeth (Francis' daughter) accompanied us home.

Friday, July 26: Took our suppers to Weed Park. Helen Berntheisel was also invited.                                                  

Saturday, July 27: Helen, Elizabeth, Jessie and I went to A-Muse-U then across Bridge and then to Basts for Ice-cream. Aunt Frank and Elizabeth left for Davenport on evening train.

Monday, July 29: Went to Trinity Excursion with M.D. Beautiful evening. Home at 12. Stopped at Ahlfs for Ice-cream.

Thursday, August 8: Went to Davenport on Firefly.[18] Mama, who came yesterday, met me at depot. Went to Aunt Frank's.

Friday, August 9: Herbert Snyder took me to Central Park in Helen's electric. Shopped. Bought dress at Petersens. Home on Firefly.

Monday, August 12: Committee Meeting at Altenbernds. Arranged for B.Y.P.U. rally. Watermelon. Rode home with Mac Schoemaker. August Altenbernd-Captain of Blues. Edie Raff-Captain of Reds.[19]

Thursday, August 15: Went to Davenport at 1:30 on the Interurban. Reached Davenport at 3:00. Shopped, had lunch at Krells. Home at 7:30 in time for P.M. Fine Time. Grand day.

Wednesday, August 21: Beautiful weather this month. J.K. and I went to A-Muse-U. In the evening attended Shower for Stella Grau, given by May Kent and Hattie Link at the latter's. House decorated in red hearts and cupids. Stella rec'd many pretty things. Delicious refreshments. Home at 11.

Thursday, August 22: Anna Prosser had party of girl friends for Flossie Marks, her college roommate. Kensington. Fine refreshments.

Saturday, August 24: Went to Davenport again on Interurban. Ice Cream at Mayers. Bought shoes and pink beads. Home at 7:30.

Wednesday, August 28: S. S. picnic at park. Went out for supper. Good crowd and fine time. Many new members of the Reds promised.

Saturday, August 31: First Teachers' Meet of year at H.S. Old friends greet one another. Many new ones enrolled. Scorcher.

Sunday, September 8: A scorcher. Rev. Meigs 1st Sunday in Muscy. Warm welcome. Anna K's last Sunday in town. Spent P.M. with her. B.Y.P.U.--Grand Membership Contest ended. Reds won out by 200 points. The Capt. feels hilarious.[20] Spread Tuesday night.

Monday, September 9: Dismissed school this P.M.- too warm for kiddies.                                                  

Tuesday, September 10: Watermelon spread at Club House. Blues good losers. Toasts afterward, then games. A.K.[21] a satellite.

Sunday, September 15: Anna K. left on Interurban for California. Went out to tracks with Mrs. Schmidt, George N. and W.E.M. at 10 A.M. Anna not a bit well this summer, in fact not for past year.

Monday, September 16: Farther Lights Meet. here. Anna Prosser, Mrs. Samuels and self entertained. 24 present. Ice Cream and cake. A.P. and I entertained with music.[22] Miss Roach and Marjory Meerdink led.

Tuesday, October 8: Altiora Masquerade Party. George and Martha Washington, Spanish Gypsy, Old Ladies, Two Gentlemen, Bridget, Black Dinah, etc. Games, refreshments etc.

Monday, October 15th: through Wednesday, October 17th, 1912. No school in P.M. Home Growers week in Muscy. Champ Clark spoke in tent erected on Haymarket Square Tues. P.M. Fine exhibit of farm produce on Avenue. (Steins.) Prizes awarded best productions.

Friday, October 18: Went to see "Officer 666", "One of the best and most enjoyable dramatic attractions offered the play-going public of Muscatine" was the presentation of the melodramatic farce.

Wednesday, October 30: Halloween party at Jessie's. Dressed as Gent. Many ghosts and maskers. Grand march and then unmasking. Games and refreshments.

Friday, November 1: Party of B.Y.P.U. went to Weyerhauser's near Flat Iron Point. Went in 2 hay racks. About 80 there. Spooks galore. Games, refreshments home at 12:30 A.K. thawed out until past 1:00.

Monday, November 11: A.K. and I talk "Friendship" on front porch. Beautiful weather, very warm for this time of year.

Sunday, November 17: My Birthday. Beautiful day. K.K. and I called on Mrs. Roland and Miss Hicok in P.M.

Mama gave me bedroom slippers and pink cake. Mabel a Birthday letter. Anna Scott, chrysanthemums. A.K. and I took walk after church.

Thursday, November 21: Visited schools in Davenport with Anna Fern Shinnabarger and Anna Pinser. Took 7:30 Interurban reached Davenport about 9:00. Took Central Park car and visited Madison School all morning. Dinner at Peterson's, then visited Grant School until 3. Shopped and had supper at Restaurant and came home on 6 o'clock Interurban reaching here at 7:30. Dandy time. Beautiful weather.

Friday, December 6: $50,000 fire. Roach and Musser Lumber Shed burns. Fire alarm at 6 P.M. Very spectacular. Light from fire seen in all towns near. Jess and I went down about 8. Big crowd. Burned for several days. Took in Monte Christo at A-Muse-U later.

Monday, December 9 to 15th: Drum meeting in progress here. Things begin to look Christmassy. 14th Perfectly lovely weather. Afternoon call from A.K.

Tuesday, December 17: B.Y.P.U. Business Meeting at church. Re-elected Treasurer.                                                  

Thursday, December 19: Julia B. married at 11 A. M. by congregational Minister. Colors-green and white. They will live in Davenport where Mr. Ohlson works. Congratulations and best wishes.                                                  

Friday, December 20: Christmas program at school. Word came from Supt. About 11 o'clock to dismiss in P.M. for the Christmas Holidays. This meant a very hurried getting ready decorating tree etc. Everything went off beautifully and there were about 18 visitors. In the evening 4 of us went to Orpheum to see Sarah Bernhardt in Moving Pictures as Queen Elizabeth.

Saturday, December 21: Muscatiners rec'd notice of Z. W. Hutchinson's death in California where he had gone for his health.

Wednesday, December 25: Perfectly grand weather. California weather everyone says. Delivered several packages in A.M. In the afternoon Mama and I went up to Prossers. In the evening Jessie K. and I went to Christmas entertainment at church. Call from A.K. about 6:30, also photo as Christmas gift.

Thursday, December 26: Mr. Hutchinson funeral from church this P.M. Beautiful flowers. Church crowded. Teachers attended in body.

Saturday, December 28: 2nd Annual Altiora Banquet at Y.W. Rooms. Decorations of red and green carnations and hand painted place cards. Personnel: 1. Anna Prosser, 2. Mary and 3. Helen Martin, 4. Verna Misch, 5. Frances B., 6. Ethelyn Salisbury, 7. Minnie Kuhn, 8. Anna Fern, 9. Helen Otto, 10. Ida Weaver, 11. Marie Reynolds, 12. Irma M. 13, Mildred Stirlen, 14. Edna Laflin, 15. Jessie K. and 16. self.

Monday, December 30: Princess and A-Muse-U. "Perhaps it's well we cannot see, What in the future lies, When knowledge may bring misery, Tis folly to be wise."

Tuesday, December 31 Watch Night Service at church. Supper at 6 (Oysters) Program from 9-10 and service of prayer and talk by Rev. Meigs after. Cannon booming, pistols and bells proclaimed the new year 1913.