Plymouth County
Elkhorn Pioneer Cemetery

aka Quorn Cemetery, Plymouth County, Iowa

The town of Quorn was founded near Kingsley, Iowa, in the 1880’s. It was hoped that the town would become a railroad stop, but when the railroad chose nearby Kingsley instead, Quorn soon disappeared.  Today only the cemetery remains to remind us of the location.

This is a Pioneer Cemetery located in Elkhorn Township, Plymouth County, Iowa. History records that some of the graves were moved from an area closer to the west fork branch of the Little Sioux River, to avoid loosing loved ones burials to it’s waters due to ground erosion in that cemetery. As a result this cemetery’s name has been controversial through the years since the early graves were moved away from the flood area. Thus this cemetery is referred at times by both names—Pioneer and Quorn. Today the sign reads, “Elkhorn Pioneer Cemetery,” which was also formerly known by the locals as “Quorn Cemetery.”

The Quorn Cemetery was canvassed and the records compiled by an interim genealogy class at Westmar College, LeMars, Iowa, in January, 1974. Instructor of the class was: Dr. Mark Minor. (These records are listed below along with updates since 1974. The recent update finds were located in published obituaries and/or Plymouth County Court House Death records.)

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Elkhorn Pioneer Cemetery, "Quorn"

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As Obituaries & Death Records are posted to this website, they will also be linked to the names on this List.

Name of Deceased Relationship / Notes Dates Age Cause Death
ANKRUM, Earl Son of Wm. L. & Julia Ankrum d. 20 Apr 1888 1yr, 7mo  
BEAN, Mable Dau of A.C. & M. Bean d. 21 Feb 1882 2yr, 2m, 6da  
BELLSON, M. dau of ---      
BLACK, Andrew GAR 1861-1865 d. 18 Oct 1899 69yr, 2m, 8da  
BLACK, Margaret J. Wife of Andrew 17 May 1847-19 Jan 1915    
BLACK, Samuel R. Son of A. & M.J. Black d. 27 Feb 1889 2yr, 3da  
BRUSTER, Robert Born in Liverpool, England d. 28 Jun 1881 8 months  
BULLIS, Charles Private, Co. H. IA 32nd Inf d. 29 Dec 1891 54yr, 6m, 23da Brights Disease
CHANDLER, Philip Born in Livermore, Maine? 03 Oct 1817-01 Jan 1890    
COOK, Clara E. Wife of A. O. Cook d. 10 Mar 1895 25yr, 11mo, 5da After childbirth
COOL, Mary Viola Dau of C. C. & C. Cool d. 18 Sep 1891 2yrs  
CORRELL, George W. Son of E. F. & M. Correll d. 29 Mar 1890 4yr, 2mo  
FIELDS, Josie Dau of J. L. & M. J. Fields d. 20 Feb 1882 6yr, 3mo, 10da  
FOLKEN, Johana Dau of J. D. & Amalea Folken d. 15 Apr 1886 3 months  
GILL, Iona L. Wife of Thos. W. Gill d. 25 Aug 1886 31yr, 4mo, 5da  
GOODRICH, Emmet Buried Elkhorn Township d. 06 Sep 1897 6mo, 2da  
GORDON, Raymond Son of Edward & Mary Gordon d. 12 Feb 1889 4yr, 8mo, 14da  
GRIEVE, Leslie Son of Wm. & Elizabeth Grieve d. 13 Feb 1884    
GRIEVES, James Infant son of Mr/Mrs James Grieves d. Aug 1889 20 months  
HAMMER, Pennington M. Son of S. L. & P. H. Hammer d. 27 May 1888 9yr, 7mo, 5da  
HEACOCK, Annie Dau of J. J. & Luella Heacock d. 03 Feb 1882 2yr, 11mo, 10da  
HIGDAY, Edward F.   d. 09 Jun 1889 59yr, 2mo, 15da  
HIGDAY, Esther Wife of Edward Higday 20 Sep 1827-04 Aug 1905    
HIGDAY, George S. Co. H, 37th Reg Wis Inf d. 25 Feb 1888 51yr, 10mo, 19da  
HIGDAY, Lois L.   d. 25 Dec 1886 46yr, 28da  
HOCKENBERRY, Ella S. Dau of Albert & Agnes S. d. 16 Feb 1889 5mo, 12da  
HOCKENBERRY, John Alva Son of Albert & Agnes S. d. 28 May 1896    
JUELFS, Nellie Eva Child of G. & L. V. Juelfs 26 Apr 1892-05 Oct 1894 2yr, 5mo  
KUHNHENN, Rosena Wife of Fred Kuhnhenn d. 02 Mar 1889 27yr, 2mo, 17da  
MANN, Rudolphus GAR -8 Indpt. Battery, Wisconsin L. Artillery (no stone)      
MARSHALL, Hattie E. Dau of M. L. & E. M. Marshall 10 Apr 1882 3yr, 11mo  
MARSHALL, John M. Son of M. L. & E. M. Marshall 12 Apr 1882 4 yr, 11mo  
MARSHALL, Martha J. Dau of M. L. & E. M. Marshall 06 Apr 1882 6yr, 5mo, 4da  
MAXWELL, Agnes Dau of John & Ester Maxwell 21 Jan 1886-14 Aug 1886    
MAXWELL, Chester A. Son of W. & M. A. Maxwell d. 24 May 1885 1yr, 2mo, 13da  
MAXWELL, Ester Wife of John Maxwell 24 Apr 1839-09 Jan 1887    
MAXWELL, John Husb of Ester Maxwell 30 Jun 1833-05 Apr 1909    
MAXWELL, Nancy Wife of David Maxwell 17 Feb 1799-14 Mar 1885    
MAXWELL, Robert   d. 13 Jan 1892 57 yr  
MAXWELL, Robert Son of W. & M. A. Maxwell d. 17 Mar 1882 21yr, 1mo  
MAXWELL, Rosie A. Dau of W. & M. A. Maxwell d. 23 Apr 1887 4 months  
MAXWELL, William O. Son of W. & M. A. Maxwell d. 17 Mar 1882 12yr, 2mo  
NORRIS, Sarah J. Wife of E. J. Norris d. 15 Jan 1890 34yr, 11mo  
NORTH, Sarah   19 Apr 1811-Apr 1877    
NORTH, Singleton   05 Jan 1804-08 Mar 1888    
OLSON, Hans P. Son of John & Sophia Olson d. 14 Feb 1885 3yr, 4mo, 3da  
OLSON, N. O. (small stone near the Hans P. Olson stone)      
OLSON, T. O. (small stone near the Hans P. Olson stone)      
PATTERSON, Ira L. Son of A. Z. & L. E. Patterson d. 10 Aug 1886 8mo, 15da  
PENNY, John N. Son of Mrs. Charles Bullis d. 29 Sep 1884 21yr, 5mo, 26da  
REED, G. (George) GAR d. Apr 1923   Old Resident
RICE, Jessey M. Son of A. S. & G.A.E. Rice d. 02 Mar 1890 3mo, 14da  
RINSON, Effie May Born in Quorn, Iowa d. 22 Aug 1881 3 months  
SCHNEIDER, Floyd E. Son of C. C. & A. T. Schneider d. 20 Feb 1888 1 year  
SHEARER, William no stone d. 26 Oct 1908    
SMITH, Albert "Bert" Father 1871-1905    
SMITH, Albert Jr. Son of Albert d. 1902    
SMITH, James Wilson Son of Albert & Minda 15 Apr 1896-11 Apr 1946 age 50  
SMITH, Martha Amanda "Minda" - Wife of Albert 1868-1951    
SOUTHWICK, Elzina C. Wife of L. B. Southwick d. 05 Jan 1885 45yr, 1mo, 23da  
SUMMERS, Henrietta   d. 30 Mar 1882 15 yrs  
SUMMERS, William   1830-17 Dec 1893   Old Resident
THURBER, George Byron   Sep 1850-15 Apr 1928    
THURBER, Ruby (Winters)   1853-1927    
TOOTHMAN, John Husb of Sarah d. 27 Jul 1897 63yr, 5mo, 25da  
TOOTHMAN, Sarah Wife of John d. 8 Dec 1884 52yr, 11mo  
TOOTHMAN, Treasia   19 Aug 1885-12 Feb 1889    
WARD, P. J. no stone      
WAYMAN, Eddie   1874-1888    
WAYMAN, Jacob   18 Feb 1850-03 May 1926    
WILLIAMSEN, male Buried Elkhorn Township d. 30 Jan 1891 5mos, 4da la grippe
WULF, Lena Wife of Joachim Wulf d. 10 Aug 1893 61yr, 1mo  

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