What's New In Osceola County Iowa

What's New in Osceola County Iowa


Mar 25-May 1 Over 2000 Entries Added to Ocheyedan Cemetery on Iowa Gravestone Photo Project. Thank you to Rita Brockshus for the IGPP additions!
30 Jan Added List of Present Churches with More Info
17 Jan Added Pictures of Railroad Depots to Photos
16 Jan Added Population of Towns and Townships 1920-1940 to History
10 Jan Added Sibley Businessmen 1891 to History


5 Aug Added Venenga to Veteran Cemetery Burials
8 Jul Added 1982 Boys Sectional Basketball Tournament to Schools
5 Jul Added 4-H Hall of Fame to Organizations
23 Feb Updated Harris Methodist Episcopal to Churches
19 Feb Added 1912 Towns, Businesses, People to History
18 Feb Added Ocheyedan Methodist Episcopal to Churches
15 Feb Added 1921 Graduates of Rural Schools to Schools
15 FebAdded 1969 Graduates from Ashton to Schools


19 Nov Added Link for 1930 Plats to Maps
19 Nov Added Map of Iowa Railroad Routes to Maps
15 Nov Added Grand and Petit Jury Lists 1905, 1926, 1936, 1942, 1944 to History
21 Aug Added Beginning History of Osceola County     And How it Got it's Name
7 July Added Towns of Osceola County
30 May Added Veteran Buried In Iowa Vet Cemetery
26 May Added Burials 2012-2022 to Ocheyedan Cemetery
26 May Added Additional Burials thru 2012 to Ocheyedan Cemetery
21 May Added 1900-1921 Records to Births
27 JanAdded Tornado of 1895 to History
24 JanAdded Sibley Graduates 1906 to Schools
24 JanAdded Sibley Graduates 1893 to Schools
24 JanAdded Sibley Graduates 1898 to Schools
24 JanAdded Country School Graduates 1901 to Schools
24 JanAdded Catholic School Graduates 1906 to Schools


23 Aug Added Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn Graduates 2021 to Schools
29 May Added Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn Graduates 1989-2014 to Schools
10 May Added Cpl. Jans H. Hulzebos to Military
10 May Added Cpl. Eldert J. Beek to Military
26 Mar Added Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn Graduates 2015-2020 to School
26 Mar Added Hartley-Melvin Graduates 1981-1988 to Schools
20 March Added Plat Maps to Holman Cemetery
16 March Added Melvin Graduates 1920-1980 to Schools


21 AugAdded Ashton to Schools
29 JunAdded Mennonites to History


5 NovAdded Medical Directory 1876
23 SepAdded Postcards from Collection of David Shedlock to Photos
Added Over 40 entries in GPP
22 AprAdded Sibley Legion to Organizations
22 AprAdded Sibley Legion Auxillary to Organizations
11 MarAdded Century Farms to Land
24 JanAdded County Schools and Teachers 1893 to Schools
24 JanAdded Sibley Public School 1894 to Schools


24 MayAdded 1900 Birth Records to Vital Records
23 MarAdded 5 Legion Posts, 1 Legion Auxiliary, and 23 Local Veterans to Military
12 MarAdded Sibley-Ocheyedan Graduates 2005-2015 to Schools
14 FebAdded Sibley-Ocheyedan Graduates 1995-2004 to Schools
19 JanAdded Eldert Beek to Korean War Casualties in Military


27 OctAdded Goewey to Cemeteries
23 Sep Added Hope Church to Cemeteries
23 Sep Added North Sibley to Cemeteries
12 Sep Added Birth Records 1904-1906 to Vital Records
12 SepAdded Marriage and Death Records that were Hidden to Vital Records
28 AugAdded Sibley-Ocheyedan Graduates 1985-1994 to Schools
4 AprAdded Fairview Transcript to Cemeteries
15 Jan Added Sibley School Graduates 1929-1984 to Schools


14 NovAdded 1892 Schools and Teachers
14 SepAdded Land Office Records
27 JulAdded Ocheyedan township to 1880 Census
18 JunAdded Baker Township to 1880 Census
29 AprAdded List of all Churches
9 Mar Added New Military Page and Korean Casualty
1 MarUpdated Vietnam War Casualties Added missing Names
18 Jan.Added Volume II Past and Present of O'Brien and Osceola Counties. 1914


18 Dec Added Volume I Past and Present of O'Brien and Osceola Counties 1914
6 Dec Added Naturalization Records 1872-1919
23 Oct Added History of Zion Lutheran to Churches
25 Jul Added More Names to Holman Cemetery
28 Mar Revised and Updated References Page
13 Jan Added Listing of Graves to Wilson Cemetery
13 Jan Added Listing of Graves to Zion Cemetery


25 Oct Added Ocheyedan School and Graduates 1907-1985 to Schools
7 Oct Redesigned Immigration Pages
30 Sep Can you identify the Couple in the photo?
30 Sep Can you identify this family?
29 Sep Redesigned Church Pages
27 Sep Redesigned School Pages
13 Sep Redesigned Cemetery Pages
11 Jul Added Baker Township Town of Melvin to 1940 Census
3 Jul Added Allison Township to 1940 Census
20 Jun Redesigned Military Records
20 Jun Added Records for 6th Iowa Vol infantry Civil War
21 May Redesigning of Osceola County begins.
21 May Kris becomes new County Coordinator for Osceola County.

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