It is Named for the First Soldier of Sibley to Die in the Service-The Officers

The George Mudge post of the American Legion was formally organized in Sibley Monday evening.

George Mudge, forwhomthe post is named, was a Sibley high school pupil, one of the first young men in the county to enlist and the first to die in the service. He contracted pneumonia soon after entering the army of died in a western assembly camp.

Some fifty-five ex-servicemen met in the Commercial club roooms and effected a formal organization by the selection of the following officers:
Commander-O.K. Parrott
ViceCommander-Leo Gallagher
Adjutant-Clifford Hanon
Finance Officer-L.D. Garberson
Master at Arms-Chet Tregilgus
Chaplain-Walter Carey

An executive committee was chosen and committees were appointed on membership, bylaws and meeting place.

An application has been made to the national organization for a charter.

Due notice will be given members of the next meeting.

A dance is contemplated in the near future to raise funds to put the post on its financial feet. The order will need a lot of things to start with, a meeting place and some furniture among them. Perhaps so e of the members have in the back of their mindsa vision of a Community house in which the social life of Sibley may find a center. A few months ago we were all saying the soldiers might have anything they desired. They certainly have not done anything to forfeit the good will and esteem of their fellow Americans.

From Osceola County Tribune November 20,1919

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