This church was dedicated July 19, 1899, by Dr. Seely S. Lewis, now Bishop Lewis. The building and lots cost three thousand dollars, the whole amount being donated. Rev. D. M. Simpson was the first pastor, and the official board consisted of the following: Messrs. Hamilton, Mothorp, Winterfield, Forbes and others of whom there is no record at the present time.

Rev. Thomas Burley had charge for one year and was followed by Rev. Echart, who served the charge very acceptably for two years. The next year Rev. Whiting was sent and served as pastor two years. Then came Rev. Peterson, who served with success for two years and was followed by Rev. Charles Richards, who also remained two years. Rev. Richards left Harris to attend school at Garret and was succeeded by Rev. Tower, who came at conference time and staved about six months. He then returned to the East and the vacancy was filled by Rev. Moody. At the expiration of Rev. Moody's term, Rev. W. N. Bump, the present pastor, was sent to Harris. During the last year a much needed shed for horses has been completed, and a basement is now being planned.

The church has made a steady growth during these years. The membership numbers about ninety. The Sunday school has an enrollment of about two hundred with an average attendance of about one hundred. The church is progressive and is ministering to a large community.

The present official board consists of the following persons: Board of stewards, R. J. Robertson, Dr. C. C. Cady, J. E. Melick, A. T. Winterfield, Charles Gibson and Wilson Forbes. The recording steward and secretary is A. C. Wettasted. The board of trustees is composed of L. J. Hagerty, C. A. Barnes, R. J. Robertson, C. C. Cady, A. T. Winterfield, R. Halverson, Arthur Haminton, J. E. Melick, Charles Gibson, J. E. Renn and Robert Jordan. The president of the Ladies' Aid Society is Mrs. George Baur. The Sunday school superintendent is Charles Gibson, assisted by Will McCauley. The secretary and treasurer is Adolph Wettestad.

The church is growing in importance, and receives the loyal support of many of the leading citizens of the town. The church building is centrally located and adds much to the attractive appearance of the town.

From the 1914 Past and Present of O'Brien and Osceola Counties

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