Wilton and Moscow, Iowa, 1976
Published by Bicentennial Committee
Editor - Curtis Frymoyer

This Bicentennial history represents the work of many people. In the truest sense, its writing has been a community endeavor.

Very special recognition must go to Frances and Curtis Frymoyer, however. Theirs has been the task of editing and compiling the contributions of others, seeking out and selecting the book's illustratons, of checking historical accuracy, and, in some instances, of writing history segments of their own to insure that no imporant part of the Wilton area's heritage would be overlooked.

The community owes a debt of gratitude to these two people. Without their dedication, and their unselfish expenditure of time and energy, this book would not exist.


The Wilton Prairie1
The Early History of Wilton3
Wilton - The Railroad Town 9
Wilton in 1867 16
Wilton 1885 Business Institutions 19
Post Offices in Wilton-Moscow Area 20
The Temperance Movement in Wilton 22
The Wilton College24
The Wilton Entertainment32
The Wilton Camp Meeting37
History of the Wilton Fire Department43
The Wilton Fair47
Trotting Horses and the Wilton Fair55
Wilton Telephone History58

Schools of Wilton Township62
Cedar County Country Schools in Wilton Area65
Our First High School and History of Wilton Public School 70
Wilton Athletics 78
Speech and Drama at Wilton High School 92
Music in Wilton Schools 94
Driving to School With Horse and Buggy 96
The Silent Movies in Wilton
An Old Time 4th of July
Firewood 100
Perry Nelson, Pioneer Air Mail Pilot101
Wilton Libraries 105
Wilton Bands 108
Recollection of Wilton and Vicinity 111
Looking Backward 121
Wilton Seen by a Child 124
Remember When? 129
History of Businesses Includes:  
The Old Plug 134
Fred Maurer’s Cash Store 134
Maurer’s Store 137
Lamp’s Store 140
A Customer Remembers Lamp’s Store 141
J. H. Wacker and Co. Implement Business 142
The Maurer Garage 145
Random Notes on the Quality Hardware Building 147
Eastern Iowa Light and Power Cooperative 151
Lauser’s Variety Store 152
Wilton Banks 153
White Pigeon Mutual Insurance Association 154
The Griffith Furniture Store 154
The Candy Kitchen –Three Generations of Greeks 155
Putting Up Ice for the Candy Kitchen 157
The S-R Advocate News 157
Daut’s Jewelry 157
The Potter, Karl J. Christiansen 158
Peeks’ Electric 158
Kenneth R. Grunder, Contractor & Specialties 159
A History of Wilton Milk Products Company1934 – 1976 159
Duffe Oil Company 159
The Star Drug Store 160
Economy Lumber Co. 161
Grunder Hi-Way Furniture 162
Caffery Electrical Contracting 162
Wilton Locker Plant 162
Harold (Bill) Grunder and Sons, Inc. 163
Advertisements In The 1907 Fair Book and Premium List 163
Advertisements In The 1916 Wilton Fair Book 164
Businesses from 1919 Telephone Directory 165
Wilton Businesses in 1928 166
Wilton Area Businesses - 1976 167
Peace United Methodist Church 169
Sugar Creek Presbyterian Church 171
The Wilton Bible Fellowship 172
St. Mary's Catholic Church 1943-1976 172
History of Wilton Lutheran Church 173
First United Presbyterian Church 175
Grace United Church of Christ 176
Trinity Church Of Christ, Moscow 177
Lutheran Day School 178
Wilton United Methodist Church History 179
History of Organizations Includes:  
The History of the Wilton “BPW” 181
Wilton Rainbow Assembly No. 95 182
Wilton Garden Club 183
Purity Chapter No. 365 184
American Legion Post, Unit #584 185
American Legion Auxiliary, Unit #584 185
The Wilton Progressive Club 188
Grace Noll Crowell Book Club 189
Camp Fire Girls 191
Boy Scout Troop 151 191
The Wilton Lions Club 191
N.N.C. History 192
History of Wilton Woman’s Club 193
Seroco Club 194
Tri-County Playcasters 194
Wilton Chamber of Commerce 196
Long Live Our Wilton citizens! 196
Wilton Bicentennial Quilt 196
Other Bicentennial Creations 197
A History of Moscow 197
POEM - Traces: This First Town 208

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