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Picture:Early Wilton Bakery Delivery Wagon - Courtesy of Mrs. Gene Meisinger
From the Wilton Review, Oct. 29, 1885 - "Mr. Farrier has take his bakery wagon off the road." The indentity of the "Modern Bakery" wagon is not known, but this is known to be a Wilton picture.

Wilton 1885 Business Institutions

Transcribed by Sarah Boye, December 4, 2015

1. Roller flouring mill owned by a stock company of townsmen. Manager - A.S. Lawrence, head miller - L.S. Myers and assistant Geo. S. Black.
2. The Apiarian Supply Co. o fWilton owned by a home joint stock company. President, Dr. A.A. Cooling; Vice President, Clarence Walker; Secretary, R. Ryerson; Treasurer, D.E. Michaels.
3. Wallace and McLean machine shop and iron working in connection with R.M. Huey's wagon shop.
4. Wacker Bros. on Cherry St., wagon making and general repairing.
5. Lilly Lake Creamery run by S.G. Kelley.
6. Three furniture establishments each manufacturing to order.
7. The City Bakery owned by T.D. Farrier.
8. The City Meat Market owned by Smith and Bannick.
9. S.H. Wise, Photographer.
10. Four boots and shoe stores - D. Ruff; I. Windus and Son; J.H. Weih; C.M. Dietrich; and C. Thompson.
11. Three harness makers - J.E. Smith; W.J. Breckon; and George Reeves.
12. Electrician and jeweler, S.C. Dickenson (in Star Drug Store).
13. Broom factory on 4th St. - Messrs. Van Epps and Stutler. Three men make 5 to 6 dozen brooms a day.
14. C.B. Strong - Groceries & Dry Goods. George Nicolaus and John W. Davis, clerks.
15. H.W. Scott - Groceries & Dry Goods. W.S. Minster and George P. Arnell, clerks.
16. C.C. Bacon & Co. - mercantile firm. F. Bacon & Chas. Bacon manager, John E. Bacon, George Porter and Willie Reisinger, clerks.
17. Weaver and Woodhouse Dry Goods and Groceries. Miss Junietta Pratt, clerk.
18. J.T. Moynahan - Groceries.
19. Fred Maurer Dry Goods and Groceries, Mrs. Fred Maurer and John Maurer, clerks.

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